Some books found in a moderately sized Christian bookstore (The Gathering, Reseda, CA) tha

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Some books found in a moderately sized Christian bookstore (The Gathering, Reseda, CA) that are anti-New Age, Occult or Pagan: Ankerberg, John and Weldon, John: FACTS ON THE NEW AGE MOVEMENT Library of Congress shelf # -none given- ISBN # 0-89081-711-1 Publisher:Harvest House/Anker Books series A thin book that provides an Evangelical Christian "Catechism" on the so called "New Age Conspiracy". Mostly a "refutation" based on doctrinal differences rather than a conspiracy book, it however has a few touches of the paranoia so rampant in some of the other books on this list. Carr, Joseph: THE LUCIFER CONNECTION Library of Congress shelf # 87-81608 ISBN # 0-910311-42-0 Publisher: Huntington House This is one of the many books that advance the theory that the entire New Age movement is a coherent, organized conspiracy to enthrone the Antichrist. This is the case with over half of the books on this list. Cumbey, Constance: THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW Library of Congress shelf # 83-80044 ISBN # 0-910311-03-X Publisher: Huntington House This is, with "The Beautiful Side Of Evil" the two "bibles" of the "New Age as Satanic Conspiracy" movement. It was published around the time that Benjamin Creme had first begun advertising that "The Christ is now here" in 1982. I was still a Messianic Jew at the time and was expecting the events in the Book of Revelation to happen any minute. The world-wide TV broadcast with "Maitreya the Christ" speaking in every language in use on the globe that Creme had predicted never happened, and upon reading this again after all these years and my falling out with the "Born-Again Christian/Messianic Jewish" movement it all seems so silly. Mrs. Cumbey had done "exhaustive research" reportedly on this book, which I think probably consisted of misreading Yelena P. Blavatsky (Blavatskaya) and Alice Bailey and making the assumption that EVERYONE in the New Age move- ment followed their sometimes spurious teachings. This is a mild book, however, compared to the twin tomes written by Texe Marris, which will be discussed later. Groothius, Douglas CONFRONTING THE NEW AGE Library of Congress shelf # 88-13016 ISBN # 0-8308-1223-7 Publisher: Intervarsity Press This is primarily meant as a doctrinal aid for "witnessing" or proselytizing, among the various stripes of New Agers and Crystal Weenies and Human Potential enthusiasts. It is not very strident or offensive, but rather makes the Christian case against things like divination, Magick, Reincarnation and Metempsychosis, Yoga and Visualization exercises in a reasonable manner. I disagree with all of it, but it is written in such a non-hysterical, logical way that I came away from it like I do when I agree to differ with someone after a cool, rational debate. Perhaps it doesn't even belong in this list. Larsen, Bob LARSEN'S BOOK OF CULTS Library of Congress shelf # 82-60018 ISBN # 0-8423-2104-7 Publisher: Tyndale The inquisitorial tone of this book is overwhelming and oppressive. Although Rev. Larsen doesn't indulge in the conspiracy mongering of a Texe Marris or a Constance Cumbey, he paints everything from ancient, organized religions like Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism to relatively new movements like "New Age" and human potential groups and so on with the same brush...Satanic Cults. Even such innocuous things as Martial Arts and the Society for Creative Anachronism are labeled cults. Do you think that Wiccan Paganism and Shamanic Paganism 'get off' here? Uh-uh. He rips through them as viciously as Cotton Mather did in Puritan Salem. And you know what happened there.... Marris, Texe DARK SECRETS OF THE NEW AGE Library of Congress shelf # 86-72066 ISBN # 0-89107-421-X and MYSTERY MARK OF THE NEW AGE Library of Congress shelf # 87-72956 Publisher (both books): Crossway Books/Good News Publications Hoo boy. This guy is off the wall, ceiling and floor, as my former Bible teacher Jake would put it. Mr. Marris (is it Rev. Marris? I forget...) takes the "New Age Satanic Conspiracy" ball and runs with it farther and faster towards left field than any- one I've read since Salem Kirban. (If you can find his books SATAN'S ANGELS EXPOSED! and SATAN'S MUSIC EXPOSED! in a Christian book store, read them once for the off-the-wall kookieness factor.) He ties the whole "Conspiracy" with the "antedeluvian" religion of Babylon that was presumed destroyed with the Great Flood and was the cause of it in the first place, according to him. He links up Benjamin Creme and his Tara Foundation with the Ordo Templi Orientis, the Golden Dawn, Judaism and the Qabala (yes this man is a RABID anti-Semite!) Wicca, Shamanism, and of course the "Hanoi Janes" of these conspiracy mongers, Marilyn Ferguson (author of THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY and editor of the actually extremely useful BRAIN- MIND BULLETIN) and Shirley Mac Laine. His "mystery mark" is none other than the triangle-within-a-circle that has been a symbol used in Christian iconography for millenia, and is now a trademark of Alcoholics Anonymous. Oh, didn't you know? They're part of the CONSPIRACY too! Spare me. Michaelson, Johanna THE BEAUTIFUL SIDE OF EVIL Library of Congress shelf # 82-82240 ISBN # 0-89081-322-1 Publisher: Harvest House This is the second most influential of the "New Age Satanic Conspiracy" books. This one is the story of the conversion of a graduate of Silva Mind Control and a dabbler in Yoga, Santeria, Espiritualisma, and Goddess knows what else, who now lectures on the "Satanic" origins of these practices. It ends with a "Sinners' Prayer," indicating that this is somehow meant for the unconverted, but sounds like so much preaching TO the converted. It is largely unsubstantial, and if it wasn't for Hal Lindsay's (author of THE LATE GREAT PLANET EARTH, among other books...his SATAN IS ALIVE AND WELL ON PLANET EARTH is the granddaddy of all the "New Age Satanic Conspiracy" books and available at practically any bookshop, Christian or secular) endorsement would probably not have gotten as popular as it is now. It's simply not lurid enough. Stratford, Lauren SATAN'S UNDERGROUND Library of Congress shelf # 87-81660 ISBN (Trade Paperback) # 0-89081-630-1 ISBN (Hardcover) # 0-89081-702-2 Publisher: Harvest House This book reads like transcripts to Geraldo Rivera's Satanism special. Ms. Stratford has been discredited from here to there and back again, and still her tale of growing up in the alleged "Satanic Worship Network" is taken as gospel by a lot of Born-Agains. Ms. Stratford was even interviewed as an expert on "Satanic Baby Breeding" on said special. It's lurid alright. The prose is comparable to a Weekly World News story, and is full of sex and drugs and orgies of sacrifice and drugs. Is this Christian pornography? You bet. Is it for real? Very doubtful. Does she hint around about a connection between her "Satanists" and Wiccan Paganism? But of course. No mention of the "New Age Satanic Conspiracy" though...amazing. Then again I only skimmed the thing. These are only nine books carried by a bookstore/giftshop that is rather small compared to the biggest one in the San Fernando Valley, Valley Book And Bible, and the even bigger ones in Orange County. There are in excess of fifty books out on the subject of the "New Age Satanic Conspiracy" alone, and even more on the subject of "Cults" and "Satan". Authors like Dr. Walter Martin and Rev. Bob Larsen have made this subject their life's work. There is a whole FidoNet Echo devoted to Christian "cult fighting" called Cult Watch. Those who are getting this factsheet through X-HATE6.ARC and are familiar with the X-Hate series (Christian Hate literature) know all this too well. The Los Angeles branch of the Cult Awareness Network defines the word "Cult" as an organization that uses brainwashing, mind control, fraud, and physical and/or mental violence to find and keep members. The various Christian "cult fighters" by and large believe that any group that doesn't adhere to the tenets of Evangelical Christianity is a "Cult". I am devoting a lot of time to letting people know that there is a big difference between these two positions, and that the latter assertions are a danger to the religious freedom on which this country was founded, and is guaranteed under the 1st Amendment to the Constitution. Anyone who wishes to discuss this further should write me at Box 2273, Van Nuys, CA 91404-2273. Another resource for information on Christian hate groups and hate literature is Cult Watch Response, Box 1842, Colorado Springs, CA 80901, attention Gerald Bliss. The X-Hate Archives are available through the former address by sending me three 5 1/4" double sided/double density diskettes and either a stamped, self-addressed diskette mailer that can hold three diskettes, $1.25 in stamps plus $1.00 cash, check or M.O. for the mailer, or $2.25. The disks will include all six of the X-Hate archives and the public domain program ARCE.COM by Vernon Buerg which will extract all the ASCII text files from the disks. Contents of each archive will take up one DS/DD floppy each (360K.) The program and the files are useable by MSDOS/PC-XT-AT Compatible computers, but once unpacked from the archives the files can be read by any computer that reads ASCII files, and can be transferred via modem or by computer-to-computer linkup through a null modem. Conversion programs to translate these text files into EBCDIC-readable format (used by IBM and other mainframes) are available everywhere. Thank you, Michelle Klein-Hass


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