St. Petersburg Times today, Dec 15, 1993 ---begin quote--- Within what students call a lar

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St. Petersburg Times today, Dec 15, 1993: ---begin quote--- Within what students call a largely conservative and Christian school population [at East Lake High School - a public school, btw] exists a group of about 20 young people who don't quite fit the mold. They dress in black and often wear pentacle necklaces. Most of them listen to alternative music, many are in the school's environmental club, and some dye their hair bizarre colors. They also happen to practice an ancient pagan religion called Wicca, or witchcraft. .......... Some of the Wiccan students have tried to make the faith more mainstream at the school. After seeing Christian students hold prayer meetings at school, the Wiccans tried to start a club of their own. They're yet to find a teacher to sponsor them. .......... More than 100 students are active in the school's Fellowship of Christian Students, which meets at the school some mornings for prayer. Its president, Warren Mainard, makes no secret of his feelings for the Wiccan students, some of whom he counts as friends: "I do believe that their religion is wrong. . . . I believe many of the people involved in Wicca are seeking attention and are really confused. Those are the people as Christians we need to be reaching out to." .......... [The Wiccan students] say the school is keeping tabs on their religious beliefs and reporting them to others. They also say that East Lake science teacher Lori Drummond, a practicing Wiccan, has been unfairly accused of recruiting them. Drummond is careful not to talk about her religion while at school, according to students, and declined to be interviewed for this article. ---end quote---


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