WHY I COMPILE THE X-HATE FILES 1.) Again, I am NOT anti-Christ or anti- Christian. I am si

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WHY I COMPILE THE X-HATE FILES 1.) Again, I am NOT anti-Christ or anti- Christian. I am simply anti-bigotry. And unfortunately, Fundamentalist/Evangelical/ Pentecostal/Born-Again Christianity has been responsible for the vast majority of attacks, not only against Earth Religions, but against anything that is NOT Born-Again Christianity. This includes such "mainstream" world religions as: *Judaism (although it is denied vigorously) *Islam *Buddhism *Catholicism *"Liberal"Christianity *Shinto *Atheism Any comparative religion textbook would group these religions into the category of "Acknowledged World Faiths". The BACs would call them all "Satanic Cults". 2.) Some of these texts also smack of sexism and racism, and the advocacy of a totalitarian Born Again Christian Theocracy. 3.) Many of these texts are aimed at the Law Enforcement wing of our government, and could be used as a rationale for Religious persecution. Not just Pagans, but every concerned person of good will should carefully read these files. A strategy of discrediting non-Evangelical Christian faiths will begin to emerge. "They came for the Wiccans, and I did not care, for I wasn't Wiccan. They came for the Moslem, and I didn't care, for I thought they all were terrorists, anyway. They came for the feminist, the anti-racist, the gay rights activist, and the civil libertarian, and I didn't care, for aren't they Commies anyway? THEN THEY CAME FOR ME." (my own paraphrase of Reinhold Niebuhr) It's up to all who love Freedom and the American Way to stand up for Freedom of Religion. This is why I continue to compile these files. And that's why I'll keep on doing it, until the hysteria stops. Michelle Chihacou Klein-Hass SysOp, Shaman's Soup BBS San Fernando Valley, CA.


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