(Author's warning against my better judgement, I am writing a post on this topic without s

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From: Brad Hicks Msg #201, 23-Oct-89 09:57pm (Author's warning: against my better judgement, I am writing a post on this topic without sleeping on it. My emotions are running at peak; I have not taken time to think this all out carefully. A more "Brad-like" post on this topic may follow later this week.) Oh, d--n, d--n, d--n. I *HURT* inside. I summarized the high points of this article to my wife, Kim (who as some of you will recall is herself a Christian) and her reaction was, "Brad, you've been predicting this for years. Why are you acting *surprised*?" I have in the past year almost been thrown out of both Acorn Coven and the AMER for being "too negative." The statements that made me "too negative": warning that I had seen in a dream that before four years were over: 1) Pagans would routinely be declared unfit parents and have their children taken away from them. (Naw, that could never happen, could it? It IS.) 2) Giving or selling "occult" materials or instruction to anyone under 21 (or perhaps 17) would become a felony. Occult shops would be routinely framed for violating this law. 3) There would be a series of high-publicity frame-up drug raids on Pagan networking groups and festivals, which would shut them down (Naw, they don't frame anybody, do they? They DID.) and, 4) Through some legal chicanery (probably including denial of 3rd-class permits) all of the Pagan newsletters and magazines would be shut down or litigated out of existence. I. Have. Been. Harrassed. Out. Of. Publicizing. My. Prophecies. For. Several. Months. Now. I WILL NOT BE SILENT ANY LONGER! I have waited LONG ENOUGH! I have no desire to defend these prophecies. Take them or leave them; 46 full moons from now we'll see who was right. But remember this: We have no legal fund. We have ten thousand $5 legal funds. Nobody has the money for mass mailings, or for media time, or for public relations consultants, or Public Service advertising, either. Why? First, because (and this is the sick joke about the New Federalist stuff) magical groups EVEN OF THE SAME TRADITION have seldom cooperated with each other on anything. Secondly, because everybody wants it run their way. And thirdly, because nobody trusts anybody else. I went public years ago, even though (even then!) I saw some of this coming--because I KNEW we could beat it, and I wanted to be "at the barricades." Now I'm not so sure. Here I am and here I make my stand for freedom--because there ain't anyplace on this puss-infected planet with ideals as Great, and as Strong, and as Pure, and as Powerful as the United States of America. If we can't win here, then Jack of Shadows is *RIGHT*, and we can't win anywhere, and we might as well all go back to hiding under our beds when the Priest knocks at the door. Cowards! Weeklings! Wimps! Is ANYTHING more important to you? Get out your wallets and checkbooks and dump a check on Circle, or on COG, or on the OTO, or on the Burke Defense Fund, or on CWR *RIGHT THIS MINUTE* ... (gasp for breath, arms waving hysterically, face red from anger) ... because it DOESN'T MATTER ANY MORE who's smarter, it DOESN'T MATTER ANY MORE if half the money is ripped off and half the rest is wasted, WE HAVE GOT TO HAVE IT, AND IT HAS GOT TO BE SPENT ON OUR MUTUAL DEFENSE NOW, NO MATTER *WHAT* IT COSTS. I take cold comfort from the fact it will be harder to throw me out of MagickNet than it was to smear me in Pagan APA for having uttered milder versions of these simple statements a year ago at Magical Weekend. You--yeah, you. You don't have your wallet out, do you? Rent's coming due, phone bill for MagickNet's coming due. Besides, you have personal bad feelings about all of those groups. You just know that you could do it better; you've got a meeting next week with a few other people to start The Big Networking Group that'll start the country. You don't get it, do you? BOOM. The hatecops are at YOUR door. That's what it'll take, won't it? ---------- I'm raving. I'm ranting. I should go to bed. I am firmly convinced that we are in this mess because there are 100,000 of "us" in the United States. And even more, because 95,000 of us (AT LEAST) are more harm than good. Because numbers like that are too big to not be obvious to the Witch Hunters--but 95% of us don't do a single, bloody thing to protect or build the Craft. They increase the size of the target without increasing its armor. They will tear down and destroy the Movement as we know it. The Craft will survive. Heck, the Wyrdfolk will survive (and the SMOFs will still rule it). If the Inquisitors couldn't kill the Craft and erase it from history, nothing can. Too bad it won't be anywhere near as scholarly. Anywhere near as accessible. Anywhere near as egalitarian. Anywhere near as fun. ---------- I do not speak from the head. I speak from the heart. Take it or leave it. This is what comes out of me now. You know what? Most of ME didn't believe it! I know why I'm so hurt inside--I really did, deep down in my patriotic, flag-waving Jeffersonian heart, really truly believe that it Couldn't Happen Here, even though in my mind I know otherwise. I am hurt because America has -- this time, where it really matters -- betrayed my ideals. --- Sirius 0.50


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