Subject Does it begin again? I recently watched a movie on the Lifetime Network, listed as

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From: Pat Dellapiana, 07 Jul 92 Subject: Does it begin again? I recently watched a movie on the Lifetime Network, listed as something called, "To Save a Child" in the TV Guide. When it was shown, the opening credits identified it as "The Craft". I knew that this was the ABC pilot production, created as a possible series, and that it was anti-wiccan. I watched because I wanted to KNOW what I was objecting to. I sat dumbfounded - mute - unable to fathom the criminal nature of deception that pervaded the entire production. This appalling misrepresentation of a genuine spiritually-founded group is based upon a woman who is trying to rescue/keep her baby from a "coven" of child-abducting "witches" who want to "initiate" the newborn and raise it to be the "new high priest of all witches". For my part, I wasn't able to identify any particular activity that actually resembled the Wicca that I practice. What I WAS able to identify were snatches of Native American culture, even including the presentation of a shapechanging episode. In my opinion, the most damaging part of this film is its use of the same terminology that is commonly considered to belong to the Wiccan and/or to the Native American community (and, in fact, IS in use in both those communities). That use of terminology gives the production the SEMBLANCE of truth, and therein the greatest harm lies. We must notify the people who produce and encourage this kind of thing that any future airings of this obscenity and/or attempts on their part to revive the series idea will be met with our ORGANIZED disfavor. We have a right to be heard as a group, and individually. If we take our rights seriously, we can demand and RECEIVE equal time to either present the truth, or identify the deception. ABC has been made acutely aware of our intent, and it's time to inform the Lifetime network, since they have seen fit to show it twice now. The address and telephone number for Lifetime is: Lifetime 36-12 35th Avenue Astoria NY 11106 (718)482-4126 May the Goddess take notice of our defense... * SLMR 2.1a * Wisdom is knowing what to do with what you know.


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