PETITION TO STOP PETITION # 2493 Madelyn Murry O'Hare, an atheist whose effort successfull

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PETITION TO STOP PETITION # 2493 Madelyn Murry O'Hare, an atheist whose effort successfully eliminated Bible reading and prayer from all public schools fifteen years ago, has been granted a federal hearing in Washington, D.C., on the subject (F.C.C. The Petition R.M. # 2493) which would pave the way to stop the reading of the Gospel on the airways of America. She took her petition with 27,000 signatures to back her stand. If her attempt is successful, as her last one was, then all Sunday worship services being broadcast either by radio or television will be stopped. Many elderly people and shut-ins, as well as those recuperating from hospitalization or illness, depend on radio or Television to fulfill their worship needs every week. If there should be any controls on religious broadcasting it should be limited to the solicitation of funds by religious Evangelists. Madelyn is also campaigning to remove all Christmas programs, Christmas songs and carols from public schools. You can help this time! We need one million (1,000,000) signed letters. This should defeat Mrs. O'Hare by showing that there are still many Christians alive, well, and concerned in our county. This petition is #2493. Sign, cut out, and mail the form below. Please DO NOT sign as Mr. And Mrs., but sign individually. Let each adult sign one separately and send it in. Be sure to write "PETITION #2493" on the LOWER LEFT HAND CORNER OF THE ENVELOPE. This is very important. Please have this letter copied and send it to ten people who will share our concern. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date :___________________________ Federal Communications Commission 1919 M Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20054 Re: Petition #2493 Dear Commission Members: I am an American and proud of my heritage. I am also very much aware of the place religious faith has played in the freedom we, as Americans, now enjoy. Therefore, I protest any human effort to remove from radio or television any program designed to show faith in God or a Supreme Being, or to remove Christmas songs and carols from the public school system. Sincerely, ______________________________________ Name ______________________________________ Street ______________________________________ City State Zip


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