Religious Persecution WIN, WADL, and other efforts, have been compleatly ineffective in st

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From: Jack Ofshadows To: All Msg #91, 20-Oct-89 11:25am Subject: Religious Persecution WIN, WADL, and other efforts, have been compleatly ineffective in stemming the tide of Witch Hate in America. If anything, these efforts have given the persecutors a clearer focus on their targets. The rate of destruction of pagan religions is increasing. For every dollar raised by propagan groups, a million dollars is raised by the Witch Hunters. They are on TV hundreds of hours a week. They outnumber us 1000 to one. It is only in the current atmosphere of isolation and self importance that some pagans allow themselves to make believe they are accomplishing anything. The real fuel for the fire (sic), comes from the *secular* arena. Just as the late Commisioner Anslinger built his power base on antidrug hysteria key police officials are using tax dollars to build their own personal power bases using satanist media hype to their own advantage. Pagan Political Spokespersons can scream all they want, disrupt Witch Hunter's symposiums all they want, the police officials building empires of fear don't care. They get prime time media coverage on the 6 Oclock news almost daily, use government printing plants and tax dollars to publish their lies, are viewed by the public as heroic protectors of children, and they are winning the powerful positions they desire. They are getting their distorted, biased, and self glorifying, viewpoint into the minds of the population while Pagan Archivers continue to sit in the middle of piles of little scraps of newsprint. Public grandstands, by pagan spokespersons, identify more targets for hit lists. The desire to educate the police falls on deaf ears. They quest for power, not the truth. Powerhungry police have found a dispised, politically powerless minority (satanists) which they can make into a convienient boogieman, and use to get millions of dollars in appropriations and hundreds of thousands of hours of manpower (authority) given to them to stop "satanism." We are not only up against Cristian Evangical Fanatics, but also powerhungry police officials who have the backing of the Federal Government. We, who follow a venerable old tradition of remaining hidden, have evolved the best ways to avoid the authorities. We do not throw our existence and beliefs in their faces, we do not challange the authority of the Witch Hunters *directly*. We quietly wait for the current swing of the political pendulum to swing from the Fascist direction it is going towards now, back towards the liberal side, which allows us to breath easier, but still be on our guard. Pagans will not be arrested for being witches, when they come for them; that would make possible reversals of convictions due to the Freedom Of Religion clauses in the Constitution-it would give pagans a legally defensable position. Instead, they will be busted for drugs, and the Hunters will bring the "evidence" with them, just like they did to the O.T.O.. The police will say they "found" the heroin, and the "suspects" will say it's not theirs- a dialogue seen in trials of Pushers every day. It will be the word of a "satanist" against theirs- the suspect will loose. The only way for us to survive the comming pogom is to go as deeply underground as we can, ***and from that position of strenth, write letters, donate cash, and do magic***. But, my reading of these "spokespersons" is that their self importance knows no bounds and they already see themselves as Martyrs. Martyrs die very well, so they do so. The Goddess' Hidden Children are hard to catch, so the craft will survive.


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