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Msg#: 3516 *BULLETIN BOARD* 08/25/88 17:58:00 (Read 1 Times) From: LES WILCOX To: NICK NATAS Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 3503 (ME!) The Black Pope I glad you refer to us as asses, I hope your not like the guy God had to use a dumb ass[donkey] to get through to him. And natas can do nothing unless God allows it. Thank You For Your letter! Jesus-Loves You!!! Les --- QuickBBS v2.03 * Origin: Software Exchange Harrah OK 405-391-7028 (1:147/24) Msg#: 3504 *BULLETIN BOARD* 08/26/88 23:38:12 (Read 3 Times) From: JAMES MACCURDY To: MICHELLE HASS Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 2665 (KING JAMES/WITCH-HUNTS) Thank you for your input. I was not aware of this technical point when I wrote the message, but it does tend to bear out the point of my message. James R. MacCurdy --- TBBS v2.0 * Origin: Cult Monitor LA (818)985-2701 (102/744) Msg#: 3514 *BULLETIN BOARD* 08/25/88 01:48:00 (Read 1 Times) From: DEREK MOORE To: MICHELLE HASS Subj: BORING HUMANIST PROPAGANDA "TEMPTAT After reading your message up to the latter part of August, I had to answer you. Does your 1st Amendment Rights let you do anything you want? You seem to defend the "Temptation" movie, and say any thing has a right to be said. That is bull. Some things don't need to be said, especially when children are concerned or involved. This echo should be open to children, but vulgar language and severe flaming are not allowed, because we think certain things shouldn't be said. As for the rest of your messages, the content is minimal. When is the movie review from you coming? Can't you spring for ten bucks. What make you think we want your opinion anyway? You act as if your opinion represents MCA. Legitimate Christians(ones who take Jesus Christ straight out of the Bible, believe He is Lord, and all his words are true) have legitimate gripes with the movie. My main gripe is that Jesus Christ is depicted on the cross as sinning. I said sinning. It is a sin for people to lust for one another, (Mat. 5:28, Gal.5:16,17 ; I Thess. 4:3-6 ; II Tim. 2:22) I could produce at least twice as many more scriptures, describing lust and fornication as being sin, when the acts aren't even physically committed. This brings us to the greater point. Did Jesus die on the cross in a state of unholiness? Was he lusting and sinning when he died? Was Jesus a worthy sacrifice that amounted to anything or was he just another man. The movie is a very deliberate, low down, sneaky, rotten, slimy, straight out of the pit attempt to mock Christianity. I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal savior. I believe the Bible. People who support the movie don't know lots of scriptures which are very pertinent. Of course if you don't believe the Bible, then you wouldn't have a problem with the movie. The teaching of this movie falls partly falls in line with various cults. Either they believe Jesus was just another man who could sin or they don't believe all the Bible. Some cults even have to write their own version to make it say what they want it to stay. Others even add books. Some say new angels inspired the variations from the Bible. It all goes back to the Holy Words ofthe Bible. Either you believe them or you don't. The Bible clearly states that believing that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven (John 14:6 ; Acts 4:10-12). Believe what you want. I'm sticking to the Bible and Jesus. I'll be in heaven. In the name of Jesus, I bind the evil spirits that are trying to control our lives. In the name of Jesus, I bind them from our families, finances, whatever we do, the people we see, the (so-called) good witches in this echo, our property, and every area of our lives. In the name of Jesus, I loose our ministering angels to go into to all the above mentioned areas and to do the Father's will for us. Father I ask In the name of Jesus, that you show us all your will and make us live in your love. Jesus Christ, Father, and Holy Spirit I love you. Msg#: 3728 *BULLETIN BOARD* 08/29/88 22:03:48 (Read 2 Times) From: JAMES MACCURDY To: MICHELLE HASS (Rcvd) Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 3682 (BORING HUMANIST PROPAGANDA "TEMP) You are quite right in saying that the First Amendment protects even those works that some people find offensive. In fact, that is its very purpose. It was created so that expression could not be suppressed merely because those with influence disagreed with it. To see this one only has to look as far as a U.S. history text and observe the events and legislation around the year 1776 -- and a mighty fine year it was! --James R. MacCurdy --- TBBS v2.0 * Origin: Cult Monitor LA (818)985-2701 (102/744) --- ConfMail V3.31 * Origin: ROCK ISLAND (on) LINE (1:147/3) Msg#: 3686 *BULLETIN BOARD* 08/28/88 13:55:31 (Read 0 Times) From: RON SUTHERLAND To: WHOM IT MAY CONCERN Subj: RITUAL CHILD ABUSE I am trying to find someone who can help me concerning a ritual child abuse case where four childrenc have been ritualy abused with the full knowledge of their fathers, in what is described by the children as occult or satanic in nature. Children carry markes of dedication to Satan they range in age from 4-12 much evidence can be made available to the right people Msg#: 3718 *BULLETIN BOARD* 08/27/88 21:49:00 (Read 0 Times) From: SCOTT ROBERTS To: MICHELLE HASS Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 3539 (RE: WITCHCRAFT) I never said they did not have the RIGHT by our CONSTITUTION to believe as they will, but according to the ** BIBLE **, witchcraft is WRONG/SIN/A GAINST THE BIBLE etc. even if they do not do human sacrifice. Human sacrifice is not what makes witchcraft wrong, it the following of the leader of witchcraft, who is, my friend, SATAN himself. --- TBBS v2.0 * Origin: CFC HQ - San Jose, Ca (408) 997-2790 (7000/1) Msg#: 3724 *BULLETIN BOARD* 08/29/88 10:32:30 (Read 0 Times) From: MICHELLE HASS To: SCOTT ROBERTS Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 3718 (RE: WITCHCRAFT) You seem not to understand. Wicca, the "Wise-Craft" is a distillation of a current of spiritual thinking that dates back to paleolithic times in Europe. It spins together fragments of the stone-age shamanic traditions of Europe with the folk beliefs of pre-Christian Eire, Britain, Cymri(Wales ), Scotland and Gaul, as well as some elements of the ancient Nordic and Greco-Roman religions. Wicca as it stands now is an attempt by modern people to reclaim these old ways, begun just after World War Two by Gardner, Saunders, and a host of others working separately but, amazingly, coming to similar conclusions. In the Americas, the various Wiccan societies have begun to draw also from that deep wellspring of knowledge that exists within the ancient Ways of the Native American peoples. I myself study with a woman who is recognized as a Shaman by the Chiricahua Apache (Teneh) people of the Naiche-Tosawi (Bedonkohe-Chihuicahui) band. I am not Wiccan, but I support my Pagan sisters and brothers in their path towards honoring Earth and Sky and the eternal Source that created them and All That Is. Or as my teacher says "We Teneh worship God in red-man's clothes, and the Wiccans worship God in Old Keltic clothes. It all comes back to God." You can tear this apart in any sort of theological way. True, I'm an unabashed pantheist, which I know from my years as a Messianic Jew is heresy to a Christian, but since the Christian Paradigm is not the Paradigm that I acknowledge for myself, this is immaterial. Neither those who are Shamanic Pagans (Those who follow the Tribal Ways of the Native Americans, Africans, Australians, Polynesians et al) nor Wiccans believe at all in the Christian world-view. This means they reject the Christian Satan just as they reject the Christian Jesus. THINK before you accuse a Pagan automatically of being a Satanist. Satanists are as Christian as you are. They follow the Christian World-view to a T, only they are Heretics that worship the Devil-figure rather than the God-figure. We are not Satanists, contrary to the views of several centuries of persecutors, from Torquemada to General Custer to the people who gave tuberculosis-infested blankets to Native American Children to the people who burnt healers and herbalists at the stake i n Europe and America. We exist, and we hold to our convictions as strongly as you hold to yours. I wish not to convert you to my beliefs, so keep your hands off mine. I wish you peace...MK-H Msg#: 3700 *BULLETIN BOARD* 08/25/88 22:24:00 (Read 0 Times) From: DAVID FRITZ To: PHILLIP HANSFORD Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 2598 ((R)RE: SATANISM, ET AL) One of these "hysterical" Christians is a guy by the name of Mike Warnke. He has written the Satan-sellers and has a number of comedy records out. He also runs a ministry which seeks to fight the influence of Satanism. What's interesting about him is that he used to be a Satanist high priest. Some of the stories he tells are rather gruesome, for instance he once presided over a gang rape. He's not hysterical atr all, merely trying to make amends for his past deeds and trying to bring a halt to the evil he once helped to spread. We don't make up our info about Satanism, it is obtained from former members and from former victims. If you have a different story to tell about Satanism then the one we've heard, please tell us. If Satan is not the prince of darkness, please show us. I'm interested in hearing some actual details about what Satanists do, rather than vague statements about what you do not do. I'm sure that you personally do not do these things. I'm not so sure that this will remain true for people who remain under their influence. I don't like believing evil of others, and am anxious to see if you can prove me wrong. --- ECHOscan v2.10 * Origin: The_Word_RBBS - 24hrs. of Eternal Joy - Liberty, Mo. (RBBS-PC Msg#: 3701 *BULLETIN BOARD* 08/25/88 22:26:00 (Read 0 Times) From: DAVID FRITZ To: ROWAN MOONSTONE Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 3700 (RE: (R)RE: SATANISM, ET AL) There have also been many police departments who have reported getting more and more concerned about Satanist activities. --- ECHOscan v2.10 * Origin: The_Word_RBBS - 24hrs. of Eternal Joy - Liberty, Mo. (RBBS-PC Msg#: 3702 *BULLETIN BOARD* 08/25/88 22:38:00 (Read 0 Times) From: DAVID FRITZ To: NICK NATAS Subj: (R)ME! My only comment is, is this a strange joke, or a real statement of beliefs? I truly hope it is a strange joke. As a Christian, I take Satan on every day. Sometimes I win, sometimes I don't. But God is willing to forgive my sins, and get me going again. But in reality, God has already won. Nothing you or I or Satan can do will change that. All Satan can do is make life miserable for us for a time. This is not the actions of someone great, but of someone small and spiteful, like a child that can't get its way. Someday I hope you learn what power is, and what love is. Love is not merely sex. Killing innocent people will start to pale in its pleasure, and you will need to do more and more. And all the while Satan laughs, because he cares no more for you or for anyone outside of himself, than an insect. It is not too late, you know. God still loves you. Christ died for you, as you are. And He can save you. He can give you eternal life. What can Satan possibly offer besides pleasures that progressively get more twisted and less real. Look at yourself and think. --- ECHOscan v2.10 * Origin: The_Word_RBBS - 24hrs. of Eternal Joy - Liberty, Mo. (RBBS-PC Msg#: 3725 *BULLETIN BOARD* 08/29/88 10:59:37 (Read 0 Times) From: MICHELLE HASS To: DAVID FRITZ Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 3700 ((R)RE: SATANISM, ET AL) As I have said time and time before, there is no statute of limitations on either rape or murder. I wonder how many "ex-Satanists" would change their tunes if they had to "tell it to the judge" in a Murder One case. MK-H From: Hugh Read To: All Msg #426, 26-Aug-88 07:06am Subject: Full Moon Journey Come with me down this ancient wisdom path In the Full Moon light The path is soft and white Great shadows bless us Crickets gently singing liquid light songs Open secret thoughts Silent bats flitting With healing wisdom Stir a deep mysterious Magick Force A wise owl whispers Strong blue notes of deep love We know we are safe A Presence of Beauty begins to stir The path opens into two Two paths branch out anew We find the cross-roads We join hands awaiting dark Hecate Power increases Wonder and terror grow With holy love Deeper and more healing than we have known And our hearts open With helpless pure wonder And our souls expand And we see Her, sparkling silver and black, Pulsating, growing Expanding into us Ecstatically one Each of us recieves what each of us needs The silent music Flows through and around us Filling us with bliss And when it is time, each of us withdraws Each follows a path Carrying ecstacy Bliss, wisdom, power Uniquely renewed out of this oneness This ancient union With Hecate-Mother Now and forever --- * Origin: FIRE OPAL - A Gem of an OPUS [Minneapolis, MN (612) 822-4812] (Opus 1:282/8) From: Hugh Read To: Judy Harrow Msg #494, 28-Aug-88 07:06pm Subject: Mother I wrote this to clear my head. I have a lot of respect for you and not a little love. You were the one who told me many months ago that out of the sixties came the idea that if you want to be a Witch and you can find no other way to do it, say, I am a Witch three times and think about it a lot. Beyond that, you are a compassionate woman with a background in psychology. The following poem asks a question that is very personal to me but may have some interest to others. How does one's feelings about his'r mother affect his'r feelings about the Great Mother. A lot of events are underlining the fact that this is a time of transitition for me. This poem is a part of that transition. What indeed will happen when she dies. I... Will I be alone Hecate...Hecate... Will I be alone Like Ramakrishna, I have wailed, "Mother!" "Set me free, Mother" Now she is 84. I still cry, "Free me!" Like Kali, she has tormented me Will she let me go Minerva...Minerva... Will she let me go Oh, Isis...oh, Nepthys...oh, Hecate... Will I be alone Oh, Most Ancient Mother Will you be with me Saraswati...Paravati...Durga... Oh, Divine Mother If with me...will I wail "Mother, let me go!" Will I like Ramakrishna wail, Mother As I wail Mother Now...for my freedom...NOW From my Am I seeking...have I found another Another Mother In You Ancient Mother More implacable And full of a deeper More awesome sweetness Colder in cruelty Richer in incest What ancient needs drive me now to Wicca As her death draws nigh Do I enter Wisdom Or repeat Folly Cooly\Hugh Msg#: 3933 *BULLETIN BOARD* 08/30/88 09:25:00 (Read 0 Times) From: ROWAN MOONSTONE To: MICHELLE HASS Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 3509 (RE: TEENS & CULTS) There is an EXCELLENT book out about this right now, it's called "Satan Wants YOU" by arthur Lyons. Don't let the title throw you. Lyons investigates the phenomenon of Satan Worship and it's social applications. He also investigates a lot of the "urban legends" like cattle mutilations from actual public records of coroners, police, etc. and comes to the conclusion that except in the area of wacked out teens on drugs, the area of Satanic crime IS an Urban legend. This concurs exactly with my personal findings as well. BB Rowan --- ConfMail V3.31 * Origin: Rock Island Online (405) 391-xxxx (1:147/3) Msg#: 3935 *BULLETIN BOARD* 08/30/88 09:36:00 (Read 0 Times) From: ROWAN MOONSTONE To: JAMES MACCURDY Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 3933 (RE: TEENS & CULTS) Can you give me some idea of exctly what you're looking for? Are you interested in the philosophical beliefs of Satanists? if so, I'm afraid I can't help you much. Beyond La Vey's books, which I have not read, I don't know of any information available to the general public. If you're interested in the crime aspect, read "Satan Wants you" by Arthur Lyons and "Cults That Kill" by Larry Kahaner. These should give you a good general overview of the subject. BB Rowan --- ConfMail V3.31 * Origin: Rock Island Online (405) 391-xxxx (1:147/3) Msg#: 3945 *BULLETIN BOARD* 08/29/88 23:41:00 (Read 0 Times) From: DAVID FRITZ To: MICHELLE HASS Subj: (R)MOVIE WORTH SEEING, MA Christians everywhere have long been worried about the fascisti cults that infest this nation. They are not large, but they are dangerous. Although they may call themselves Christian, they are much more concerned about their hatred of men than about their love of God. About Satanists, it is just as easy to believe too little about their practices as it is to believe too much. Once again, if they don't do what they are reported to do, then what do they do? --- ECHOscan v2.10 * Origin: The_Word_RBBS - 24hrs. of Eternal Joy - Liberty, Mo. (RBBS-PC Msg#: 3948 *BULLETIN BOARD* 08/29/88 23:55:00 (Read 0 Times) From: DAVID FRITZ To: MICHELLE HASS Subj: (R)RE: WITCHCRAFT You are of course absolutely right that you have a right to believe what you will. We can of course do nothing to force you to believe (or say you believe) in the Christian "world view". We'd LIKE for you to, because we've found something that we think is just great and we want to share it. But you have free will, and you can believe what you want. Just remember that beliefs are important. Truth is important. We should not believe something because it is convenient, or interesting, or "cool", or fun to believe. This is dishonest. We should believe something because we think it is true. No other reason. I happen to think that Christianity is true. I would welcome any oppurtunities to discuss it with you or anyone else, but I will not force my views on you, nor condemn you for believing differently. Grace and peace. --- ECHOscan v2.10 * Origin: The_Word_RBBS - 24hrs. of Eternal Joy - Liberty, Mo. (RBBS-PC Msg#: 3956 *BULLETIN BOARD* 08/30/88 23:21:00 (Read 0 Times) From: LES WILCOX To: MICHELLE HASS Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 3728 (RE: BORING HUMANIST PROPAGANDA "TEMP) Tell me what you know about the Merivengien Blood Line? Remember almost always fiction has a little fact behind it! Les --- QuickBBS v2.03 * Origin: Software Exchange Harrah OK 405-391-7028 (1:147/24) Msg#: 3985 *BULLETIN BOARD* 08/31/88 06:37:08 (Read 0 Times) From: MICHELLE HASS To: DAVID FRITZ Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 3945 ((R)MOVIE WORTH SEEING, MA) Like I have said and others here too, Lyons' "Satan Wants You", and Kahaner's "Cults That Kill" are excellent books that look at the whole "satanic crime" phenomenon in a rather unbiased manner, without the hysteria of some Christian "guidebooks" and certainly without the bombastic lunatic-fringe of publications like File 18. Much seems to belong in the realm of "urban legend", in the same category as UFOs, Kentucky Fried Rats and Alligators in New York City's sewers. And what's incredibly fishy is the fact that these so-called ex-satanists that tell of participating in sacrifices have never been brought to a court of law to answer these claims. At the very least they could be brought in for being accessories to Murder One. And Warnke could also be hauled in for being a self-confessed rapist as well. Perhaps if law enforcement did its job and INVESTIGATED the claims of these people, you'd have a lot of 'ex-satanists' changing their tune all the sudden. Of what has been reliably dug up concerning Satanism, there seems to be three types...the Philosophical Satanist, which is a person that believes that Satan, rather than the Christian God, is the rightful creator and rightful object of worship, (much like the Cathar heresy) or that Satan embodies the concept of power and unmitigated sensuality that Christianity denies (Satan as Dionysius figure) and is worshipped for that reason. These are few and far between, and can be catagorized by their acceptance of a Christian world view as Christian Heretics. The second type, the Whacked Out Headbanger Stoner Satanist, (WOHSS) has picked up on the defiance angle of Satan and Satanism and participates primarily out of shock value and thrillseeking. Much of their concepts come from Heavy Metal music, which draws its primary inspiration from B-class British, (Hammer Studios) American and Italian horror films and such authors as HP Lovecraft, Stephen King, Michael Moorcock (British S-F and Fantasy author responsible for much of the "sword and sorcery" lit boom with his Elric and Corum series) and the self confessed carnival huckster Anton Szandor La Vey's 'Satanic Bible'. Many WOHSSes also have read books by said authors and are "into" satanism because it's "cool". Most also leak into the third category, that of Thrillseeker Dabbler. This category seems to cover all those that don't fit into the above two. The TD is into satanism the way some are into skydiving, river rafting and hang gliding. It has real and/or perceived dangers, it is "sexy" and it satisfies the lust some have for being on or over the "edge" of reality. Much of the TD's knowledge of Satanism also comes from the sources mentioned with the teenage WOHSS types, including La Vey and Horror Movies. It is no accident that the other most common "satanic" book used by the Dabblers and the WOHSSes is the "Necronomicon of Abdul Al'Hazrad, the Mad Arab", known in short as the Necronomicon, which was written by Science Fiction author HP Lovecraft as background to his horror magnum opus, the "Cthulhu" series. Orgies and the "Black Mass", a practice that first came about in the 1700s in the court of Louis Quatorze by bored courtiers looking for thrills, satisfy the sexual thrillseeking angle of the TD 'satanist'. Many of the "S&M Studios" that exist in Hollywood and other parts of LA use a religious exemption, usually connection with La Vey's Church of Satan or Aquino's Temple of Set because those will give them the religious status without question. So this is how the evidence stands. Whether or not there is a fourth category, a sub-branch of the first, of a 'Satanic Conspiracy', is completely unproven and riddled with conjecture. It is primarily the WOHSS and Thrillseeker types that may be responsible for a lot of the documented graveyard desecrations, animal mutilations, and the rare killing. Most Philosophical Satanists would not even bother with such things as blood sacrifice. There really should be some serious, unbiased investigation into the claims of mass satanic killing, and it is my guess that a lot of it will simply not wash. Lastly, I am not a Satanist of any of the three categories. I am a Shamanic Pagan, follower of the ancient Ways of the Native Americans of the Southwestern Tribes. This, I hope, should clear up some confusion...I hope. Peace...MK-H Msg#: 3987 *BULLETIN BOARD* 08/31/88 07:15:43 (Read 0 Times) From: MICHELLE HASS To: DAVID FRITZ Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 3948 ((R)RE: WITCHCRAFT) I happen to believe that the Ways of the Chiricahua Teneh, which are at least as old as Christianity, are Truth. Rowan believes that the Ways of the ancient Keltoi, known as Wicca, are Truth. You believe that Christianity is Truth. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. That's all I have been trying to say in the first place. I'll not try to convert you if you won't try to convert me. OK? MK-H Msg#: 3990 *BULLETIN BOARD* 08/31/88 21:38:37 (Read 1 Times) From: JOE TOTARO To: ROWAN MOONSTONE Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 3934 (RE: SATANISM) Dear Rowan: Please don't demean the Toledo evidence because the cult there was real and quite possibly of very long standing. The night videos of their sacrifices are revealing -- of license plate nos. and the snipers perched in trees. If it was up to me, yes ... I would have analysed the acid vat for human remains & fats in the acid, but the local police didn't even have it together to keep the scene from being disturbed. It WAS badly bungled. All that means is that it was badly bungled in the search. That is a fact I regret, but SOMETHING was going on there and it was going on for an extended period of time. I don't know what cattle mutilations have to do with all this -- Gray's Anatomy won't help you much if you're killing cows. And the acid vat wasn't big enough for bovines. If you have been researching satanists for years, how can you be ignorant of these persistant STORIES? Or to be more exact, how can you dismiss them out of hand?? Maybe if you looked for activities like this you'd see its disturbingly there -- sort of white noise on the police blotters of many suburbs and frankly very out-of-the-way little towns. Of course, Rowan, if you went LOOKING for this stuff, you could end up like the couple that turned up in West Patterson, N.J. Please tell me -- in email if you like -- whether you actually HAVEN'T heard about this stuff or alternatively WHY you think its impossible. I'm asking all this in a friendly way please understand. OK? Ciao GT --- TBBS v2.0 * Origin: Cult Monitor LA (818)985-2701 (102/744) Msg#: 4084 *BULLETIN BOARD* 09/01/88 17:07:44 (Read 2 Times) From: JOE TOTARO To: ROWAN MOONSTONE Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 3927 (RE: (R)RE: SATANISM, ET AL) {xDHear, hear Rowan! I'd like to see Warneke investigated, too. You touch o}in an interesting point -- several "satanists" have come forward over the years, not least of which is He{ry Lee Lucas, whos"H{nds{o f Death" cult seem}/7s to be a close parallel to the neo-Nazi/satanism describe{ by many sources{ {~rBut even though he's confessed to 5{ (or{more?) murders, he hasn't been charged with most of them{ A compulsive confessor? Or did they jus{ do a gon{d jo{ "cleaning up"? Ciao GT --- TBBS v2.0 * Origin: Cult Monitor LA (818)985-2701 (102/744) Msg#: 4089 *BULLETIN BOARD* 08/30/88 18:08:00 (Read 0 Times) From: JAMES FETTERS To: KEN ARBUCKLE Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 3937 (RE: FELLOWSHIP WITH UNBELIEVERS) Ken, I checked out the KJV, 1611 version, the KJV Open Bible and Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible. 1 Tim. 6:5 which says "Perverse disputings of men of corrupt minds, and destitute of truth, supposing that gain is godliness: from such withdraw thyself." "From such withdraw thyself" is found in all three. It is also found in The Scofield Reference Bible so that makes four different references. I might point out to you that while there are many, many, many different kinds of Bibles on the market today, I ONLY recongize the KJV 1611 as the only True Word of God. The other Bibles on the market I consider counterfits. This is my opinion from a study I did but it doesn't mean that all the others are completely bad. Several are Ok but they are only 96-98% correct. I find the KJV 1611 100% correct and since my soul depends on it, that is my final authority. --- * Origin: The Key of David*San Diego,CA*(619)479-2104 (Opus 1:202/113) Msg#: 4090 *BULLETIN BOARD* 08/30/88 14:34:00 (Read 0 Times) From: KEN ARBUCKLE To: LES WILCOX Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 3409 (RE: SATANSIM) Dear Les, The only common denomonator bvetween humanism and satanism is that both are not Christianity. After that the rest is only fundamental nonsense. Your logic escape you on this one, your emotions must be running the show. I scarcely endorse either the satanist or humanist position, but your equating the two is equally not endorsed. ken --- TBBS v2.0 * Origin: The Family - Pittsburgh Harvester (412) 344-1315 (7000/12) Msg#: 4091 *BULLETIN BOARD* 08/30/88 14:36:00 (Read 0 Times) From: KEN ARBUCKLE To: MATTHEW DUNHAM Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 3984 (RE: CONSULTATION) Dear Matthew, Totally agree with you re Rowan and paganism. I take it you have no problem with her explaining Wiccan beliefs to me? I shall ask her. BTW I hope you realize I am a long way from a neopagan. ken --- TBBS v2.0 * Origin: The Family - Pittsburgh Harvester (412) 344-1315 (7000/12) Msg#: 4098 *BULLETIN BOARD* 08/20/88 22:44:00 (Read 0 Times) From: MARIBETH DREHER To: PHIL POWELL Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 4093 (RE: WELCOME) Phil, that "getting stuck out of the body" story is just another folk tale, like the doberman that swallowed the burglar's fingers, and the vanishing hitch-hiker. If you know much about altered states, they are totally under your control. Astral projection isn't an uncontrollable experience! --- TBBS v2.0 * Origin: *Chrysalis* Multi-User (214) 985-9054 Dallas, Tx (124/214) Msg#: 4095 *BULLETIN BOARD* 08/20/88 21:30:00 (Read 0 Times) From: MARIBETH DREHER To: ROWAN MOONSTONE Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 3990 (RE: SATANISM) So are the pentagrams inverted? --- TBBS v2.0 * Origin: *Chrysalis* Multi-User (214) 985-9054 Dallas, Tx (124/214) Msg#: 4096 *BULLETIN BOARD* 08/20/88 22:30:00 (Read 0 Times) From: MARIBETH DREHER To: RYAN SMITHE Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 3926 (RE: WITCHCRAFT) So where is this festival? And when? --- TBBS v2.0 * Origin: *Chrysalis* Multi-User (214) 985-9054 Dallas, Tx (124/214) Msg#: 4097 *BULLETIN BOARD* 08/20/88 22:36:00 (Read 0 Times) From: MARIBETH DREHER To: ROWAN MOONSTONE Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 3323 (RE: MIKE WARNKE) I would like to read a confessional type book like these, except by someone who didn't get saved; i.e., without the viewpoint that Satan is evil, etc. I just wonder how differently the expereince would be portrayed. --- TBBS v2.0 * Origin: *Chrysalis* Multi-User (214) 985-9054 Dallas, Tx (124/214) Msg#: 4101 *BULLETIN BOARD* 09/02/88 06:35:07 (Read 0 Times) From: MICHELLE HASS To: JAMES FETTERS Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 4089 (RE: FELLOWSHIP WITH UNBELIEVERS) Question...why DO you believe that the 1611 King James translation of the Bible is the "true Word of God?" Would a modern translation like the NIV, which was put together by Evangelical biblical scholars from texts dating back (for the OT) as far as the time of the Macabees and the Dead Sea Scrolls, be any less inerrant? Or what about the translation that a Syrian Christian Scholar did from the Aramaic texts extant of both the Old and New Testament, some dating back as far as 75-80 CE and probably as close to the Autographia (the original texts written by the Evangelists and by Peter, Saul-Paulus, Jacob(James) and Yehuda(Jude)) that we'll probably ever get? Please explain logically and rationally, without heavy emotional outburst. OK? Msg. # 743 Dated: 09/05/88 ( ) Subj: I am a Christian To: All From: Jeff Cadieux R)ead, N)ext, P)revious, E)xit? Read Left 08:50:46, 09/05/88 Hello, I'm a Christian. (Gasp! Scream! Run for the hills! Women and children first! Boys, fetch your guns! We're being invaded!) albite (or crucify). All I want to do is clear the air between us in introducing myself. My name's Jeff Cadieux. I'm a sophomore at the biggest Baptist university in the world (Baylor U., Waco, TX "The Golden Buckle on the Bible Belt" Yeech!). I'm a BBA/Computers major with a vested interest in Philosophy. I consider myself a Philisophical Christian (Re: Message #290) and not a "Fundie" or Bobby Baylor Baptist Bible Beater. I used to (and to an extent, still am) involved in metaphysics. I used to read tarot cards and palms. I was a regular on all the Occult BBSs I could get my hands on (I wasn't PC Pursuiting then, so I was stuck to the Houston area) and I'm still Metaphysics Subop on the small C-Net BBS where I began my investigations into metaphysics (The Ethereal Plane 713/482-0673). I'd like to make one thing clear. You have been misled about the Christian Religion, who Christ was, and how Christ feels about you. I, like you, have also been victim of fundamentalists. At my school, there are thousands of fundies who, being fundies, are fairly intolerant of alternative views. I was peer pressured into Christianity and found myself one confused child. I piddled around with Christ for a year, and finally school got out. Once I was away from the fundamentalist absolutist idiots that we all know so well, I became closer to several Christians who (and I was amazed at this) did not pressure me. With them I began to heal those wounds that had been inflicted on me by the Fundies. I finally came to believe in Christ. I got rid of my tarot cards and bought a Bible. That is where I found salvation. I am now very close to several philosophy majors and professors here, who are also Christians. We examine Christ and His promise to us from a philisophic point of view. (Psalms 1:2 But his delight in the law off the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night). I have found (what I believe to be) the true Christian faith: Belief in the morals and philosophies of the Bible, rather than of other men. I respect the Bible as a book of faith and of philosophy (rather than biology or [a perfect account of] history) and I choose to accept it as the book of God's Law. Thus I stand before you, ready to be tested by you as I test my own faith. I am not overtly trying to convert you (ie. Bible beat you). I just hope that I can open your eyes to the fact that Christianity's not as bad as the fundamentalist churches makes it look. I hope that, maybe, by speaking to open minds, I can convince even one of you that Christ is the way of truth, peace and love that you've been looking for, just as I've found. I hope that you'll allow me to respond to the above "anti- Christian" posts point for point, clarifying how I see things. I'll also answer any questions that you have and confront any issues you may wish to bring up. I will not give this number to other Christians in fear that they may invite fundies to pester you. I also will try not to close my mind to any objection or issue. Remember: I'm reaffirming my faith in coming to you. I hope that this will be a growing experience for all of us. I'm going to read the above posts on Christianity and try to gather some sort of clarification for you. Also, I'll try to get you some of those "Christian Articles" the sysop mentioned. God Bless, --Jeff


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