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Msg#: 8478 *MAGICKNET* 06/28/88 18:12:00 (Read 2 Times) From: ROWAN MOONSTONE To: ALL Subj: HERE WE GO AGAIN The following messages are taken from 2 law enforcement magazines. The first one is from the May-Jun1988 issue of Police and Security News, Days Communications, 1690 quarry rd. P O Box 330, Kulpsville, Pa. 19443." Satanism and its relationship to Crime" LEditors note: because of the high degree of interest that law enforcement administrators and investigators have shown regarding Satanism and its relationship to crime, Police and Security News will be offering more detailed information on the subject in our next issue. SOUTH ORANGE, NJ tHE KIDNAPPING AND SACRIFICIAL MURDER OF UNBAPTIZED INFANTS, rape, sodomy, corpse theft, forced homosexuality, animal sacrifice, unlawful burial, dismembing and more crimes too heinous to describe are the elements of a new threat to modern law enforcement. These actions are the main ingredients of Satanism, devil worship, witchcraft, the occult, and related pagan religios lore. Although it has been common belief by most Americans that the practice of the "black arts" was a problem occurrioin Calirnia, these ritualistic practices have been revealed as widespread and occurring in many American cities and states. Participants ranging from every racial and ethnic group, and all ocupations from teachers to carpenters, factory workers to top level executives, law enforcement personnel to both enlisted and commissioned members of the armed forces, and ministers and priests, regard their practices of Satanism aerious". It must be noted that witchcraft exists as an alternative to the Christian fai, much as do Buddhism and Hinduism. Satanism is a direct adversary to Christianity and satanists continue to claim witchcraft as their own creation. They actively seek to recruit followers for their respective rituals as impressionable teens and adults whose religious beliefs have declined because of tragedy or religious dissatisfaction. These rituals and ceremonies include the consuming of flesh and human and animal blood, sometimes desecrated with wine, urine, and other foreign substances. The law enforcement community, when it refers to Satanism and crime, by the more than 3,000 active groups within the United States and Canada, can directly identify with the sexual assault of unwilling frmale altens, sodomy, and the murders by human sacrifice as statutory crimes. The additional factors that must be realized by all in law enforcement, are that these practices include other crimes such as theft, arson, drug trafficking, robbery, and pornography. These crimes account for the millions of dollars obtained and utilized to further the efforts of Satanists in their illicit and sacriligious activities. As in many crime-related activities, there are warning signs that are identifiable and that may prevent such lurid actions. These "Warning signs" include the dates of regularly scheduled events, called sabbats( and solstices) , dutifully held on Feb. 2, March 21, April 30, June 22, Aug. 1, Sept. 21, and the most clelebrated festival on Oct. 31, commonly referred to as All Hallow's Eve, or Halloween. Other warning signs include the theft of blessed bread and holy water from Catholic churches. Most of these thefts go unreported. It is important to note that Satanists believe that Catholic priests have the "power" to change the communion bread into the body of Christ. It is upon this fact that these articles are slen and used in non-religious fashions, during the rituals and ceremonies, which include their uses as sexual paraphernalia.embers of the American public and the law enforcement community remain bewildered to the strong draw of Satanism and occult worship on our modern society. Its overpowering influences , through rock music, which has engulfed and mesmerized wunwary populations, and the study of the literature of the supernatural, sometimes taught during English instruction to enhance student learning, is more evident of old and new activities of the historical problem that continues to plague our society today. --- * Origin: WeirdBase * St. Louis * 1-314-741-2231 * (Opus 1:100/523) Msg#: 8479 *MAGICKNET* 06/28/88 18:30:00 (Read 2 Times) From: ROWAN MOONSTONE To: ALL Subj: HERE WE GO AGAIN. PT. 2 Extensive reseaarch on the topic of Satanism, witchcraft, and the occult, has revealed an upward surge in the reading of satanic oriented literature by incarcerated inmates at penal and correctional facilities across the United States. It is evident that, in the near future, if not already a problem, penal authorities will be faced with the task of rendering vital decisions to inmates seeking to make Satanism a recognised religion. Many may attempt to use it to overcome court rulings. Extensive attempts to have Satanism and witchcraft accepted as a "religious preferen now underway by both enlisted and commissioned personnel of America's armed forces abroad" Through proper channels" In addition, efforts are being made to solicit the support of actively related groups accross Europe. Satanism and its relationship to crime are still often undetectable to modern law enforcement, corrections, and corporate security, as witnessed by countless hundreds of advisories. Education and enhand enforcement see|`{m to be the only"weapons" issued to combat the problem. The Constitution offers all Americans the freedom to practice their respective religion, but nowhere does tate that crimes, such as those evident in the practice of Satanism and related activities, shall be allowed to flourish as a result. Additional information of interest to law enforcement, related occupations and significant others, regarding education and training, seeking to better "arm" all American law enforcement in their battle against Satanism, witchcraft, and the occult is available by writing to Dr. A. Herbert Peterson, C.E.O. United states Citizens' Commission on Crime and Narcotice, P O Box 1092, South Orange,NJ. --- * Origin: WeirdBase * St. Louis * 1-314-741-2231 * (Opus 1:100/523) <*>Replies Msg#: 8567 *MAGICKNET* 06/30/88 18:19:11 (Read 1 Times) From: JOE TOTARO To: ROWAN MOONSTONE Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 8479 (HERE WE GO AGAIN. PT. 2) All of this proves my point that organized Satanism among criminals, convicts, psychopaths (and the perverse rich & gangsters/drug gangs) is a problem. You can skoff at Satanism in prisons but it's the most natural place for it to flourish & they're winning converts all the time. Scum like this are drawn to Satanism like vampires to a (flame? cow? anyway). The original Satanists were more Nazi-worshipers, bikers, homosexual types. Present ones have all the same character flaws but they don't have to be so far advanced for them to find a Master. They can find a Master next time they're in the Joint, no problem. Quality of Satanist recruits has suffered as the sickness has spread to these criminal dregs -- they got more committed people (though less-profess ional criminals) when they were poaching among Scientologists, etc. But dangerous? You had better believe it. The had no problem getting{someone "inside" to slice David Berkowitz's throat. Why close your eyes to this. You don't have anything in common with these lowlifes, do you? [I believe you do not] Msg#: 8480 *MAGICKNET* 06/28/88 18:38:00 (Read 2 Times) From: ROWAN MOONSTONE To: ALL Subj: ONE MORE TIME Satanic Groups Update by Herbert Peterson, from "Police Marksman Magazine, May/June, 1988 " There is increasing evidence revealing that the United States and Canada are facing a rise of criminal activity in an area that could be the most difficult to detect. It is a dubject brought to nationwide attention by ite recent fatal aftermaths, and it may be the most challenging activity that has ever plagued law enforcement agencies in American history. There are over 5,000 occult groups in the United States and Canada who have general interest in or acrively practice pagan religious lore, witchcraft, and Satanism. Many more are being formed on a regular basis throughour North America. further engaging and widening the scope of Satanic worship and crime. Recently, a number of related incidents have become evident, creating an awareness between law enforcement agencies and the genreal public. These incidents have shown what purported satanic influences can have on community health and safety. In Texas, an undercover police officer working on a drug distribution case at a high school was murdered by a number of students alleged to by involved in Satanism. In Rhode Island, a killer stated that Satan had forced him to beat, sexually assault, and kill two children. In Indiana, 15 corpses were reported stolen from area graves, and indications alleged that a number of area suicides appeared to have been satanic-related. In New Jersey, a young adolescent , who had been described as an outstanding studt and athlete, killed his mother and attempted to kill other members of his family by burning the family home. The act was attributed to his recent reading of books addressing the occult and satanic worship. These are only a few of many incidents that continue to plague our society in cities and across the nation. Recently released information has disclod similar activities occurring on military installations and involving military personnel of all ranks. It is vital that law enforcement agencies, military investigation divisions, educators, and accre members of the news media remain apprised of new publications, programs, technology, and the benefits of acquired intellligence, gathered to fight this new enemy of the American law enforcement effore, and all Americans. Additional information regarding Satanism, witchcraft, the occult, devil worship, ritualistic ceremonies, and the names and addresses of the more that 3,,, highly active occultic and satanic groups , by geographic area, in the United States and Canada, may be obtained by writing to Survival Associates, P O Box 403, Short Hills, NJ, 07078. Address for the Police Marksman mag. is P O Box 17690, Montgomery, Ala. 36117-0690. PLEASE write and do something about this vicious propaganda. This isn't some fringe nut like Vile 18, this is MAIN LINE cop publications here. We've got someone who's ordered the listing. It runs $300 I'll bet you, every group in the Circle guide is on that list. Nice thought Huh? BB Rowan --- * Origin: WeirdBase * St. Louis * 1-314-741-2231 * (Opus 1:100/523) <*>Replies Msg#: 8568 *MAGICKNET* 06/30/88 18:30:00 (Read 1 Times) From: JOE TOTARO To: ROWAN MOONSTONE Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 8480 (ONE MORE TIME) Last quote from Police Marksman magazine is over the top, even I will admit, but what do you expect? Best thing you could do is what you suggested -- enlighten publisher & these public-info groups about your true nature. I don't think you people have anything in{common with practicing Satanists IN FACT and they'd probably scare you half to death if you met more than two of them on a deserted street. So why allow this averse {ublicity affect you when its these nuts who are involved? Make people understand you're different. If you weren't so secretive in the first place people wouldn't be so inclined to believe this stuff. I mean the Jews kept their stuff to themselves in the Middle Ages and look what people said about THEM. And did to them. Just a suggestion. There are probably no more than 2000 active Satanists & acolytes/accomplices nationwide so TELL PEOPLE THIS. GT


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