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CULT 003A THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH or THE ROMAN ROAD TO SALVATION The Roman Catholic Church maintains as irreversible and mandatory doctrine (we will use their term "DOGMA" in the remainder of this writing) that they, and ONLY they, are the church that was started by Jesus Christ. They claim to have been the "church of stability" since Christ created it in his discourse with Peter as described in Matthew 16:18 and 19. By claiming to be the ONLY church started by Christ, it also purports to be the ONLY vehicle to the SALVATION of Christ. You MUST be Catholic to be saved, according to the Baltimore Catechism #2, page 73. Before we look at the books of John and Matthew, where the Roman church claims as its authority. I believe that it is important to look at the FACTS of recorded history. Let's look AT THE RECORD OF HISTORY, and see how "stable" the Roman Catholic church has really been. We must bear in mind that the word "church" does not occur in the Greek text of the New Testament. The Greek word "Ekklesia" was translated into our word "church". The word's true transla tion means "called out assembly" (Wescott and Hort). The true meaning, then as now, refers to all believers in the "GOSPEL" of Jesus Christ. It does not refer to any reli gious organization. There are a number of DOGMATIC doctrines of the Roman Catholic church that were NOT part of the original church. The Roman Catholic Church continues to make the claim that "the Church has always taught (????????)!" You can fill in the blank with EACH and EVERY dogma listed below. Look up the scriptures under the dates of certain doctrines. THE DATES AND DOGMAS ARE: DOGMA YEAR INSTITUTED _______________________________________________________ o BAPTISM BY AFFUSION (Sprinkle) 300 o PRAYERS FOR THE DEAD 300 o MAKING THE SIGN OF THE CROSS 310 o ANATHEMA DECREED TO ANYONE WHO ADDS OR 325 CHANGES THE CREED OF FAITH OF NICE (see year 1546) o COUNCIL OF LAODICEA REJECTS APOCRYPHA 370 o VENERATION OF ANGELS AND DEAD SAINTS 375 o THE SACRAMENT OF THE MASS 394 Missa Recitata (Low Mass-Priest +1) Missa Cantata (Singing Mass-") Missa Solemnis (High Mass-Priest +2) Missa Pontificalis (Bishop + Priest+?) o THE WORSHIP OF MARY 431 Mary, QUEEN OF HEAVEN 431 (Jeremiah 7:18, 44:17 & 25) Mary, MEDIATRIX 431 (I Tim 2:5, Mt 11:28, Ecc 9:6) Mary, EVER-VIRGIN 431 (Mt 1:25, Mk 6:3, Jn 2:2-4) Mary, CO-REDEMPTRIX 785 (Acts 4:12, Ps 146:5, Heb 7:25) Mary, WORSHIP 788 (Romans 1:25,Is 42:8, John 7:10) Mary's HOUSE MOVED BY ANGEL TO LORENTO,ITALY 1265 Mary, MOTHER OF GOD 1508 (Mt 12:46-50, Mark 8;19-21, Acts 1:14) Mary, SINLESS 1864 (Luke 1:46-47, Romans 3:10-19 & 23) o PRIESTS BEGAN TO DRESS IN "PRIESTLY" GARB 500 o SACRAMENT OF EXTREME UNCTION 526 DOCTRINE OF PURGATORY (Gregory) 593 (I John 1:7-9;2:1-2, John 5:24, Rom 8:1) o LATIN LANGUAGE AS ONLY LANGUAGE OF PRAYER 600 (I Corinthians 14:9) o PRAYERS TO BE DIRECTED TO MARY ORDERED 600 (Matt 11:28,Luke 1:46,Acts 10:25 & 14:14) o TITLE OF POPE DECLARED FORE-RUNNER OF THE 600 ANTI-CHRIST (Gregory, Bishop of Rome) o TITLE OF POPE USED FOR THE FIRST TIME 610 (Luke 22:24-26)**** o KISSING THE FEET OF POPE ORDERED 709 (Acts 10:25-26 & Rev 19:10, 22:9) o TEMPORAL POWER OF THE POPE DECLARED 750 (Matt 4:8-9, 20:25-26, John 18:38) o COUNCIL OF CONSTANTINOPLE ORDERED REMOVAL 754 OF ALL IMAGES AND ABOLITION OF IMAGE WORSHIP o WORSHIP OF CROSS, RELICS AND IMAGES AUTHORIZED 788 (Exodus 20:4,Deut 27:15,Psalms 115) o FABRICATION AND USE OF HOLY WATER 850 o VENERATION OF ST. JOSEPH, HUSBAND OF MARY 890 o BAPTISM OF THE BELLS 965 Ceremony of actually baptising bells to ward off demons and to call the elect to vespers when blessed bells are rung o CANONIZATION OF DEAD SAINTS 995 (RomanS 1:7, I Corinthians 1:2) o FASTING ON FRIDAYS & DURING LENT 998 (Matt 15:11,I Cor 10:25, I Tim 4:1-8) o CELIBACY OF PRIESTHOOD DECLARED 1079 Married Priest Ordered to cast off wives (I Tim 3:2-5 & 12, Matt 8:14-15) o INSTITUTION OF ROSARY PRAYER BEADS 1090 o INQUISITION OF HERETICS 1184 o SALE OF INDULGENCES 1190 o DOGMA OF TRANSUBSTANTIATION DECLARED 1215 (Luke 22:19-20, John 6:35, I Cor 11:26) o CONFESSION OF SINS TO PRIEST ORDERED 1215 (Ps 51:1-10, Luke 7:48 & 15:21, I John 1:8-9) o ADORATION OF THE WAFER OR HOST 1220 (John 4:24) o BIBLE FORBIDDEN TO LAYMEN 1229 (John 5:39, II Tim 3:15-17) o SCAPULAR PROTECTION DECREED 1287 (Brown cloth with picture of Virgin to contain supernatural virtues to protect wearers) --next section is CULT 003B


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