SYSOP'S NOTE This article came from a 'Christian' bbs and is carried here for your interes

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SYSOP'S NOTE: This article came from a 'Christian' bbs and is carried here for your interest. It does not represent my views, or the views of this board... THE EFFECTS OF ROCK MUSIC A fifteen year old Tampa Bay boy filled his mouth with lighter fluid and blew it out of his mouth across a torch, like Gene Simmons of KISS, and the flame came back and burned over thirty-five percent of his upper body. Rock music has been around for quite a while. Everybody listens to it at least once in their life. A lot of people don't see anything wrong with it, but rock music can and does affect the minds and lives of teenagers. The teenagers of today have a choice of whether they want to listen to rock music or not, but rock music is everywhere. The average teenager listens to over six hours of rock music a day. This means that when their friends see them, they are more than likely going to be listening to rock music. There is even rock music in the schools. It is true that a band hall is a place for music, but not rock music played throughout the lunch shifts. Admittedly, rock music is a very good business as far as money is concerned. Rock musicians make millions of dollars every year, but what are they going to spend that much money on? After they buy all the houses and cars that they want, most of them buy and use drugs. The Rolling Stones, for instance, is into turning children onto heroin and cocaine. Keith Richards, of The Rolling Stones, had a drug habit that ran up to ten-thousand dollars a day. Rock music can also hurt a teenager physically. The volume of the music can hurt the ears of anyone who listens to it at a loud volume. Ted Nugent is deaf in one ear because of the volume of the music he has been playing. The Concord SSC has been prohibited from taking off and landing in many cities because it takes off and lands at one-hundred and forty db's of sound. The Rolling Stones have been recorded as the world's loudest concert at one-hundred and seventy six db's of sound. Most of the rock and roll superstars do use drugs. A person could walk into a concert and literally gag on the smoke that is in the air from all the marijuana that is being smoked. Grace Slick, formerly of Jefferson Starship, used alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and LSD when she played her music. She named her son God and tried to get into the White House to spike the tea with LSD. Linda Ronstadt has had her nose cauterized twice for snorting cocaine. This is a great shock to her fans because she is thought of as "sweet and innocent." Johnny Barnnetti shoveled fake cocaine to the crowd while singing about it. These are just a few examples, but there are thousands more that use and abuse drugs. Some rock musicians even glorify drugs in their songs as the Beatles did in their song, "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds." They are disguising it pretty well but it is plain to see that they are glorifying the drug LSD. A lot of rock musicians put evil things into their lyrics. Some musicians are in the occult and worship Satan himself. The Bible tells people to turn away from that which is evil and to have nothing to do with it. Some of the colleges and universities actually have classes about witchcraft. The Bible also says that those who use witchcraft or a person who is a witch will be driven away from the people by the Lord. A spokesman from a popular record label says that witchcraft is very popular and it makes the albums sell. Some acid rock artists even go to their occult priests and tell them to make one demon spirit go onto every record that comes off of the master record. Then, every time the needle touches the record, the demon will be released. A lot of the groups are evil themselves. Bob Ezrin, the producer of KISS, describes the group as "symbols of unfettered evil and sensuality." Gene Simmons, the lead singer of the group, has stated that he has always wanted to be God. KISS has a comic book out that is the best selling comic book ever. They had blood samples taken and put the blood on the printing plates so they could say the comic book was printed in the blood of KISS. Gene Simmons has often wondered what human flesh tastes like. Jimmy Page, from the group Led Zeppelin, is fascinated with black magic. Led Zeppelin's logo on their albums looks like Lucifer falling from heaven. Stevie Nicks, of Fleetwood Mac, is into the occult and she believes in spirits. She believes in reincarnation, she wants to talk to a ghost, and she wants to build her own pyramid and live in a witch house. She usually wears witches clothes when she is on stage. The rock group Queen is mostly made up of bisexuals, which their name suggests. In one of their more popular songs they sing the blasphemous chorus, "All going down to see the Lord Jesus!" This further proves the satanic world of this group. Also, lead singer Freddie Murcury says, "On stage, I am a devil." The group Styx does not really appear to be satanic, but their name refers to the first river the shadow of the dead come to in the underworld in Greek Mythology. The lyrics are what really affect the minds of teenagers because most people don't know very much about the groups they listen to. Here are some lyrics from one of KISS's songs called, "God of Thunder": "I was raised by demons. Trained to reign as Thor. God of Thunder, and rock and roll . . . The spell you're under will slowly rob you of your virgin soul." To say they were raised by demons is enough, but they say they will rob you of your virgin soul. A song by Rick Derringer says, "Take me to the bottom. Show me where to sell my soul. A promise sealed in blood . . . It doesn't feel so wrong, that sweet, sweet evil." The name of the song is "Sweet Evil" and proves that they are evil if they think it is sweet. Another group that shows they are evil is AC/DC. One of their most popular songs is entitled, "Hell's Bells." Some of the lyrics are, "If God is on the left, I'm on the right. If you're into evil, you're a friend of mine." The words of the song speak for themselves. A group called Blue Oyster Cult has a song called, "Divine Wind," which is a chant of ingredients for a potion which means they are into witchcraft. Some of the words are, "Blood of bat; Tail of newt; Wing of metal; Bone of steel; Vial of health; Flask of pain; Staff of life of poison rain; If he really thinks we're evil, then let's send him to Hell." Sex is more predominant than anything else in the lyrics and the groups themselves. Gene Simmons says that KISS is concerned with sex and very little else. Wendy O. Williams, lead singer of the Plasmatics, usually appears topless at some point in her concerts. Before she uses her trusty sledgehammer to destroy speakers and amplifiers, she uses it to masterbate in public and has been arrested in two major cities for doing so. She also has orgasms when she sings her songs, especially during one of her songs called, "Butcher Baby." David Lee Roth, lead singer for Van Halen, says he lives out one-hundred percent of his fantasies with pretty women that he meets on the road. Elton John says he can have sex with either male or female and thinks that people should be free with it. Alice Cooper makes love with a boa constrictor and a mannequin during some of his concerts. Daryl Hall, of Hall and Oates, says the idea of having sex with another man doesn't turn him off. The manager of Village People is trying to write songs that will make the gay people more acceptable. Rod Stewart has always wanted to be attractive to men because that's half the people that buy his records. Rob Halford has been known to "drop his leather drawers mid-concert." The reason for all the sex on stage is because it makes the records sell a lot better. Today's rock musicians put sex into their songs mainly to put sex into the minds of the teenager who listen to it. Just the titles of some of AC/DC's songs are bad enough, like "Big Balls, Love at First Feel, and Let me put my Love into You." Another song by AC/DC is, "Given the Dog a Bone," which goes like this: ". . . Goin' down to her knees, down, down to ninety degrees . . . I'm just givin' the dog a bone." This is obviously talking about a man having oral sex with a woman. Ted Nugent's song called, "Wango Tango," says "When I need some lubrication, baby, prop down, get a butt propped up. Now you're in the right position, baby." He talks about sadomasochism in his song, "Violent Love." Ted Nugent is not satisfied with that. He opened a concert with, "Wang Dang Sweetpoontang," which says, "Oh Madine, you're a teenage queen, so d----- clean, especially down in between." Pink Floyd says he needs a dirty woman and a dirty girl to make him feel like a man. The Cars say they want to melt inside of you. Dr. Hook gets very vulgar when he says, "Sometimes I dream of chicks, sometimes I dream of animals, sometimes I dream of boys." This is from a song called, "Get My Rocks Off." And finally, Alice Cooper describes having sex with a dead person in his song, "Cold Ethyl." Some people have tried to stop rock music from getting too powerful, but they all have failed. James Watt, formerly the Secretary of the Interior, tried to stop the Beach Boys from playing at the 1983 Fourth of July Celebration, but President and Mrs. Reagan told him that they were friends of theirs and that their kids grew up with them. After this, Watt decided to change his mind. Many more attempts have been made. Some have come closer than others, but they still can't stop rock music from being heard. Rock music can be heard everywhere. It's hurting teenagers every time they listen to it, but rock music has settled down in the past years, and more and more Christian radio stations are being started. Hopefully, this is a sign of what's to come in the future. Doug Reames, El Dorado, Arkansas


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