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THE EMERGENCE OF RITUALISTIC CRIME IN TODAY'S SOCIETY Transcribed Notes from Speakers at the Seminar Hosted by the No. Colo.-So. Wyo Detectives Association 9-12 September 86 Ft. Collins, Colo. Compiled and Published by Larry M. Jones Cult Crime Impact Network 222 N. Latah St., Boise. Idaho 83706 SOURCE: N. Colo.-S. Wyo. Detectives Association Seminar LOCATION: Ft. Collins, Colo., Holiday Inn DATE: 9-12 September 1986 TOPIC: Notes concerning the Emergence of Ritualistic Crime in Today's Society EDITOR'S NOTE: The following text is a synopsis of eash speaker's statements which were reduced to notes, then transcribed in this form. I have tried to represent the speakers' content and intent as accurately as possible. Any misrepresentations included were unintentional and perhaps the product of the 'listener not hearing what the speaker thought he said!' These notes are available through the Cult Crime Impact Network/File 18 Newsletter. C.C.I.N. and File 18 are part of a nationwide network for law enforcement sharing cult/occult intelligence and investigative information, providing educational material and case histories, and heightening the awareness of police investigators and members of interested referral agencies. For further information, contact Larry M. Jones, Editor, 222 N. Latah St., Boise, Idaho, 83702, ph:208- 377-6606. I. SPEAKER: SANDI GALLANT, San Francisco P.D. Intelligence Officer, nationally recognized expert on occult crimes investigations. Perspective: The world of the occult is a phenominon most people think only occurred in the past. In the midst of today's technology, it is difficult to accept as reality. Human beings do not always develop to the same degree as machinery. In some individuals, the thin veneer of civilization does not develop as well as in the rest of society (cite: Theodore Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Charles Manson, etc.) Although these individuals' acts are well known, do not assume that they are only isolated cases. Regardless of your personal belief system, you must realize that there are people who wholeheartedly believe in satanism and the occult and victimize others accordingly. 'Heathens,' according to the Old Testament of the BIBLE, were those who did not believe in the Lord God Jehovah. Instead, they worshipped many gods in nature, such as the Earth Mother who they believed ruled the universe. Today, thousands of individuals believe in modern-day witchcraft and attempt to cause changes or obtain power in the earth system through ritually precise appeals to various deities. Some, believing themselves to be threatened by modern day 'witchhunts', have started to communicate together via occult group gossip networks or formalized organizations. Police investigators should be alert for information sources within such groups. 2. 'Heathens' or 'Pagans' as they are commonly called, follow various traditions--some of which are unique to themselves and others which are shared with adherents of Witchcraft and Satanism. The variety of traditions sort themselves out in a manner similar to denominations in orthodox religions. Because all occult practices stress the individual tastes, desires, and interests of the participants, variations on the central precepts are numerous. Pagan traditions include priests, priestesses, witches, and warlocks. These terms are common and are shared with Witchcraft and Satanism. Witchcraft normally includes followers who are more deeply involved than Pagans, but some crossover exists. Behavior here, too, is highly individualized with extensive 'specialty' areas to accomodate almost any fascination. Witchcraft is a participative religion which is close-knit and close-mouthed. A high degree of loyalty to local groups is common. Traits often encountered in Witchcraft are the worship of the Sun God (Horned God) and the Moon Goddess; inspiration is often sought through mythology and folklore; adherents describe themselves as White Witches--doing 'good' sorcery/magic only, Gray Witches--mixing 'good' and 'bad' magic, and Black Witches--practitioners in magic for evil purposes only. (Black Witches are most closely aligned with overt Satanism.) Note: Trying to draw a distinction between 'good' and 'bad' magic is a pointless exercise in semantics. They are both in the same evil, occultic camp...merely different degrees. All Satanists are sorcerers, however, not all sorcerers are Satanists. Satanism is believed to have been formed as a tradition in the 3rd century in opposition to Christianity. The antithesis of Biblical Christianity as a counter force, however, pre-dates the Fall of Man in the Garden of Eden and is personified as Lucifer, the created angel who was cast from Grace. The dynamics of 'counter-religion' are characterized as 'light' versus 'dark' sides. Satanism could not/would not exist without Christianity, but the converse is not true. Satanism is the worship of the Devil and of ones-self. It is a self-centered, self-gratifying religious system. The focus of Satanism is a fallen creature, the enemy of God and man, whose entire being is given over to evil. Satan's goal is to defeat God's plan of Grace and to establish his kingdom of evil in order to ruin man. Satan needs men and women alive to accomplish his work for him, because he is a disembodied spirit. His purposes are to destroy the good in and good spirit of mankind. Satan's followers must be predisposed to doing evil, i.e. enticed by their own lusts; he cannot 3. absolutely overcome a good person and cause him or her to do evil. Therefore, Satan's tactics are generally those of slow, bit-by-bit erosion of the good in man. People become involved in Satanism to acquire POWER and CONTROL. This religious system seemingly has no rules or laws--allowing them to justify many strange, abnormal actions while encouraging personal fulfillment of fantasies and urges not usually acceptable in civilized societies. Anton Zandor LaVey, organizer of the First Church of Satan in San Francisco, has popularized organized Satanic Worship in today's society. He has authored two books (The Satanic Bible and Satanic Rituals) which are available in most bookstores and many supermarkets. In these books, basic precepts of Satanism are explained along with beginning and intermediate rituals and ceremonies. However, the picture LaVey paints of the reality of Satan worship should be considered the abridged version! Followers of Satan generally sort themselves out into one of three basic levels. Traditional or 'orthodox' believers are structured, secretive, and dedicated to their beliefs. Members are often inducted from within family lines; recruits are seldom brought in from outside. Often the satanic line dates back for generations. Complex hierarchies of degree structures with explicit time limits and qualifications are involved. The groups enjoy 'congregational authority,' that is, they develope their own traditions and rules. Degree structures and rituals are usually very complex, requiring a high degree of dedication and intelligence from members. Prominent citizens can be expected to be involved. The second level is the 'Dabblers.' These groups have not developed the high degree of sophistication seen in the orthodox groups. They are self-styled, tending to meld satanic overtones into their otherwise bizarre tastes and behaviors. Dabblers, while potentially every bit as dangerous to the intended 'victim' of a ritual ceremony, can not boast a long historical tradition. They take bits and pieces from many sources and tend to use Satanism to justify their actions; they do not accept personal responsibility for their actions. (Richard Ramirez, the 'Night Stalker,' should be considered in the Dabbler category.) Dabblers tend to accumulate publicity to a greater extent than orthodox Satanists who abhor it. During the 1985 Summer Solstice ritual observance in San Francisco, the self-styled leader of a sado-masochistic gay group read up on Satanic rituals and determined to perform a human sacrifice. Members of the group procured and adult male victim from the 'Meat Rack' area of S.F., a derelict. He was kept in a cage for the week preceeding the intended sacrifice 4. and used for the sexual gratification of the group. During the ritual, he suffered a slashed throat, extreme sexual mutilation, and had a pentagram carved in his chest. Seeking an even bigger thrill, the leader intended to repeat the ceremony with a second derelict and invited another S/M group to participate. His best plans went awry when a drug snitch within the group helped the second victim escape and informed S.F.P.D. (Photographs of the corpse and crime scene were shown to seminar participants.) Youth Sub-culture Groups form the third level. Ages of members range from 8 yoa to the 20's. Youth generally become devil worshippers through external influencing factors such as a general interest in the occult, heavy metal-type rock music, fantasy role playing games, or the influence of deviant sub- culture peer groups and an interest in drugs. Youth Sub- culture Groups are often defiantly open about their beliefs and practices, displaying clothing and jewelry with blatant satanic, death, anarchy, and self-destructive themes. Training material in the form of easily obtainable books, video-tapes, music, and movies make Introduction to Sorcery, Magic, and Satanism-101 a popular extra-curricular course in many locations! In addition, certain Voodoo traditions--those with strong African or Carribean backgrounds such as Santeria--tend to surface where members of those ethnic cultures settle. Strong indications of Santeria include mutilated fowl, small artifacts (coins, threads, medallions, etc.) left lying around, multiples of the number seven, ritual homicides, repetitions of color combinations, and similarities to some statuary appearing to Roman Catholic Saints. A San Francisco murder case centered around the decapitated body of a black male whose head had been replaced with that of a chicken. Corn kernels had been left near the body. The ritual conducted indicated that the perpetrator was becoming a practitioner of Brujeria, the darkest form of Santeria worship. The victim's head was used for additional rituals for 21 days (note: 3 x 7); it was buried, dug up, used again, then discarded on the 42nd. (note: 6 x 7) day. A second Santeria-related crime involved a victim who was a female prostitute. She had the misfortune of falling into disfavor with her pimp's former 'main lady' whose boyfriend was a Cuban Santerian. They killed and mutilated the victim over a long period of time, kept her body on ice, skinned it, removed organs for further rituals, beheaded her, then set up a tent and stayed for 21 days watching the body. Specific colors were left with the corpse indicating which deity the suspect was worshipping; he had a Santerian altar in his house when arrested for the crime. 5. Ritual Dates: The following are some of the significant calendar dates which seem to be important to most occult practitioners: Feb. 2: Candlemas Mar. 21: Spring Equinox Apr. 30: Beltane or May Eve Jun. 22: Summer Solstice Aug. 1: Lammas (Feast of the Sun God) Sept. 21: Fall Equinox Oct. 31: Halloween (Celebration of Death)) Dec. 22: Winter Solstice In addition to the eight sabbats listed, birthdays of practitioners are high ritual holidays, as well as full moon dates. Since traditions vary, 48 hrs. should be allowed either way from these dates. Further Historical Notes: In 8th. Century Asia Minor the Greek magic theater majored in illusions. Participants dressed in animal skins, mutilated humans, engaged in sado- masochism, and stole infants from nearby villages. In 15th. Century France, Gilles de Rais, the protector of Joan of Arc, turned to Satanism. He was the suspect in the disappearance of children from surrounding areas. Rumors persisted, but official action did not commence until his death at which time the bodies of over 200 children--dismembered, disemboweled-- were recovered from beneath his castle's moat. Was there public denial even then? The Cathers, of gnostic background, openly practiced 'black masses' first in total opposition to Catholic high mass. They perverted traditional Catholic symbolism because they felt that Christian sacraments were themselves evil. Much of today's ritually significant acts stem from the Cather tradition. Medieval sorcerers made pacts with the devil, denied God, practiced blasphemous acts, consecrated and sacrificed children to Satan before they were baptised, commited incest, swore by the Devil's name, cannibalized sacrifice victims, destroyed livestock, and had carnal intercourse with Satan. Moving into the 20th. Century, these traditions took root in the German Nazi movement. Adolph Hitler studied the occult arts in Munich starting in 1913; within a few years he had become the leader of National Socialism in Germany, preaching Gnostic Racism via the Thule Society. Hitler conducted human sacrifices openly for the world to see. He was addicted to drugs, especially solutions of animal genitalia, human excrement, and bella donna. (The occultic aura of human and animal excrement is tracable to antiquity.) He suppressed other occult movements, but his S.S. held secret occult rituals at a mountain redoubt named Wewelsburg Castle. (Ed. Note: The Nazi S.S. adopted the 'lightning S.S.' symbol, the 6. death's head skull, black uniforms, and S.S. officers carried ritual daggers. The S.S. officiated over mass murders, torture, and genocide of the Jews.) Recent History: In 1966 Anton LaVey established the Church of Satan in San Francisco and obtained recognition as a church organization in California. In 1975 a rift developed and a number of followers splintered off. In 1983 Michael Acquino formed the Temple of Set from which the Order of the Trapezoid later broke off. Acquino is aligned with Neo (new)- Nazi movements and seems to want to believe that his father was an S.S. member, although this is not believed to be a fact. He has spent time at Wewelsburg Castle absorbing what he could from S.S. traditions. Acquino, a U.S. Army Officer, believes he is the Anti-Christ and has had '666' tattooed on his forehead. Michael Acquino seems to align himself with the Damien character of the movies; he draws young groupie females and kids via a post office box in San Francisco. The guiding force in American Satanism seems to stem directly from Aliester Crowley, born in England in 1875 to Quaker/Puritan parents who apparently were sadistic to him. He formed the Order of the Golden Dawn (O.G.D.), an occultic worship group, which he brought to the U.S. The O.G.D. threw Crowley out because of his homosexual perversion. Crowley formed the Order of the Silver Star in 1907, a very secret group which committed every perversion. He became known as the wickedest man in the world. Crowley formed the Ordo Templi Oreintis (O.T.O.), a group of practicing Pagans with strong satanic overtones. This sexually perverse group draws the outcasts of the Pagan movement. The O.T.O. is considered 'very bad'; in the last two years it has started recruiting teens through science fiction fairs or similar events associated with the Society for Creative Anachronism (S.C.A.), a legitimate group organized by Diane Paxton which unfortunately has attracted a following of occultic practitioners. (Note: Some information indicates that an S.C.A. sub-group called the 'Dark Horde' practices black magic and criminal this time this in unconfirmed.) The S.C.A. is part of the Medieval History Society. In the 1985 San Francisco missing persons investigation for Paul Casder, suspects Lake and Hg were allegedly responsible for the sexual abuse, torture, and mutilation of women in the Mendocino/Calaveras Co. area. More than 25 bodies were recovered from a ranch, with evidence of incinerations in an open oven. Lake had a cousin who was involved with the S.C.A. Lake had formerly lived on the property of "The Church of All Worlds" which supposedly raised "real unicorns" on their Mendocino farm. Rumor has it that while there, he had taken women to various areas of the farm 7. where black masses were conducted. Ritualized Abuse: The ritualized sexual abuse of children is sometimes thought to be a "new" phenomenon, but (as can be seen in the excerpts of occultic history, above) it is not new. The tradition of ritualized abuse is ancient and complex. Police investigators should not automatically assume that all ritualized abuse cases are Satanic...even though they may be bizarre and very perverted. Since 1982, many ritualized abuse cases have surfaced across our country. Statements made by unrelated victims and suspects from various locales are strikingly similar, indicating that the practice is widespread. Ritualized abusers are intentional abusers who often use their 'religion' to justify their own give them an excuse. Ritualized abuse cases commonly involve multiple victims and multiple suspects. Investigators must learn to differentiate ritualized from traditional abuse cases. Female juvenile victims describe mock marriage ceremonies to males who wear masks or goat heads, followed by sexual activities. Rituals are often video-taped. Participants wear robes, use candles, draw pentagrams, utilize inverted crosses and swasticas. Animal and human blood is ingested, as well as urine and feces. The victims are often forced to participate in the sacrifices of animals and/or humans. The practitioners place positive value on harming the victims, i.e. operate from twisted motives. The purpose of the abuse is to please Satan. Ritual abusers will generally appear as common, ordinary-- often outstanding--members of the community. Ritualized abuse victims may be the young children of these people, their neighbors, daycare kids, or even kidnapped children. Abuse locations have included homes, schools, churches, abandoned buildings, mortuaries, and cemetaries. Significant obstacles must be overcome to successfully prosecute ritualized abusers. Often a 1-to-25 year time lapse occurs in reporting. This problem is further aggravated by the naivete of investigators who have never before confronted similar cases and the young age of many of the victims who tell such bizarre stories that prosecutors, judges, and juries tend to discount their testimony. In order to obtain the truth, investigators must remain very persistent; many times they must obtain needed training in the occult as they progress through a case. Suggested Guidelines for Ritualized Abuse Investigations: 1. Document all information at the time you receive it. 2. Define the roles of investigators, therapists, clinicians, social service workers, etc. before starting an investigation. Don't muddy the roles. 8. 3. Electronically preserve every contact made by investigators and therapists. 4. Approach and educate prosecutors in the early stages; utilize their guidance throughout the investigation. 5. Maintain strict confidentiality until ALL suspects and victims have been identified. 6. Approach daycare investigations as if all children are victims and all workers are suspects until the scope of the investigation narrows. 7. Assign investigators to teams and allow them to work together throughout. 8. Appoint a liason officer who works directly with victims' parents. 9. Appoint a media liason who is not an investigative team member. 10. Use narrative interviews without leading questions. 11. Complete extensive background checks on all suspects, victims, and custodians of victims. 12. Serve search warrants as soon as possible to minimize destruction of evidence. 13. Avoid premature news releases or conclusions. 14. Always look for the organized ritual abuse networks behind those you are directly investigating, such as: family ties or organized groups. 15. Separate actual accounts from those based upon realistic, but illusionary, acts, i.e.: were the 'bodies' real or faked, alive or already dead? 16. Be alert for bizarre evidence and evidence destruction practices. Necklaces may be made from infants' finger bones; body fat may be rendered in to tallow for candles; human flesh may be eaten; body remains may be incinerated; and burials witnessed by victims may be unearthed and the bodies removed later unbeknownst to the victim. Our refusal or inability to believe in the ritualized abuse of children protects us from dealing with the reality, but it also protects the perpetrators from investigation and arrest. If we in law enforcement do not protect the children, who will? Does the right of free exercise of religion protect the perpetrators of ritualized abuse? Do government agencies drag their feet in such cases using the 1st. Amendment issues as an easy way out? Why are victims from all over telling us the same story? These are tough questions, but we must face them and give honest answers. We already touched briefly on the impact of the occult phenomina upon youth. The following case histories show the terrible impact such influences can have on young lives: 1. A sixteen year old boy killed himself with a gun, leaving his suicide note on top of a pile of Dungeons and Dragons manuals. 2. A seventeen year old medieval history buff was attracted to an older male mentor. In exchange for homosexual favors, 9. the older man taught the boy about Satanism. The boy started exibiting strange sexual behaviors and asked his Dad for sex. The boy's body was found in a San Francisco ravine seven blocks from the home of his mentor. 3. Three thirteen year old girls mutilated themselves with dozens of razor marks in their schoolyard. Investigators found Satanic graffitti in their notebooks. The school principal was furious that the police were involved. Police contact with the parents of the first girl showed that they knew their daughter was holding Satanic masses, but were afraid she would run away if they forbade such activity. The parents of girl #2 admitted that their daughter was obsessed with Satanism, but made no further contact with police. Parents #3 made no return contact with police. How are our children getting drawn into the occult arts? A small percentage of kids are introduced through Dungeons and Dragons and other occultic fantasy role playing games. Some are attracted through heavy metal music and musicians...many of whom deny direct ties to Satanism, but who nonetheless project the Satanism image to young people who idolize and financially support them. A few youths have an interest in supernatural or medieval things, their imaginations fed by popular and graphic representations in movies, videos, and books. Adolescents are ripe for occult involvement because of their transitioning, maturing nature and developing sexuality. They need to belong to a peer group structure, to be accepted, to be identified and 'stand out' among their associates and friends. Adolescence is a time of self- centeredness and peer group focus. Feeling one is 'special' is often a stronger attraction than whether the essence of being special is positive or very negative. Teens are impatient with the plodding and often hypocritic world of adults; they desire quick answers and the ability to cause instant changes. Rebellion against parents and institutions starts with the first hints of parental disapproval at emerging uniqueness. Walls of separation grow and communication stops. The parents' desire is to spare their child pain through repression of their individuality. The stage is set. On the surface occult traditions offer no rules, laws, or 'cants.' They offer instant gratification without moral judgements, total sexual freedom and acceptance. The decades of the 60's and 70's left today's youth with a fatalism that-- because of the ecological and nuclear threats--the worlld will probably not be here in 20 years, there is no future, so take what you want NOW! At a time when the family environment leaves the teen with a feeling of inhibition and lack of power and control, the occult offers instant Power and Control, seemingly with no paybacks. In actuality, occult involvment 10. plunges the convert into abject subservience to the leader or power structure; personal freedom is sacrificed. Compare this philosophy with that of Christian fundamentalist theology: GOD is power; LIFE is based on faith; REWARDS are largely realized in the afterlife. On 2 Feb. 86 (Candlemas) a teenage boy in Monroe, Michigam, killed his brother in bed with a shotgun blast-- supposedly to help him escape from a world he believed his brother hated and enter a better place. The surviving brother said he was a Satanist, and later a trunk full of his Satanic artifacts were found. He had sent money to a Satanic group in Toronto to 'join.' A fourteen year old boy in a straight, established San Francisco home, was found by his Dad in the process of self- mutilation in his room. The police were called and ascertained that the boy had been killing birds in the backyard, writing to his friends to introduce them to Satanism, and had formed a group with neighbor boys and girls who were all commiting self-mutilation. Further investigation uncovered numerous pictures the boy had drawn depicting murder, mutilation, and decapitation of his Dad, who had been uninvolved in the homelife of his family. The parents of the other children were not willing to be interviewed, because their children were holding them hostage with threats of suicide if they disclosed information to the police. Half of the kids involved are now in mental institutions. Behavior Modification: Fantasy role playing games have emerged as a dangerous source of negative behavior modification among the youths who regularly play the games. The danger is that a fixation on the characters and play in these games of mental imagery will cause the player to lose sight of reality and cause him/her to live in a fantasy world. Fantasy role playing games are mostly clones of the T.S.R. product called 'Dungeons and Dragons.' It is a game played entirely in the mind; there is no board or screen. Dr. Gary North, author of the book "None Dare Call It Witchcraft," states that D&D is the best introduction into the occult ever. So far, the deaths of more than 40 children are directly attributed to D&D involvement. Dr. John Holmes is quoted as saying that "...rape, torture, arson, and murder are involved in every D&D game..." Role playing, a recognized effective means to cause behavior modification, works whether the results desired are positive or negative. Excessive preoccupation with negative influences and environments (in this case imagined) will lead to negative behavior. Children mirror the images projected to them or within their own minds. The seductiveness of D&D and like games is enhanced by 11. the breakdown of family, lack of closeness, negative lifestyles, self-centeredness, and a 'me-oriented' society full of throw-away or latch-key kids. They give a way of temporary--and for some, permanent--escape. One out of ten adolescents is diagnosed as severely depressed. One out of five patients in mental institutions is under 18 years of age. Suicide is the third leading cause of teenage deaths. Challenge: We need to accept children's feelings of lack of acceptance and vulnerability, and we need to be willing to intervene, to get them help, to get help ourselves. Are we willing to rise to this challenge? 12. 11. SPEAKER: KEN WOODEN, author, producer of television documentaries, investigative reporter covering Jonestown and the People's Temple, advocate for children victimized by violent crimes. TOPIC: Legitimizing the issue of Satanism in America Jim Jones and the People's Temple phenominon are useful when used as a "blueprint of cults." 1. Cults must destroy the family unit, their biggest obstacle. Jones did this in the following ways: A. Separation of children from their parents. This was done initially by subtle means in socially acceptable formats. B. Depersonalization of the parent-child relationship. Children were told to call their parents by their first names instead of 'Mom' or 'Dad.' C. Legal guardianship and power of attorney over the children were turned over to Jones. D. Children were separated physically from their parents and housed in communal, cult-operated locations. 2. Jim Jones was sexually active with EVERYONE in the church. He did this under the guise of 'oneness' within the group. Jones wielded the 'club of sex' to smash every marital bond among couples within the church; he had sex with the wife in the husband's presence and sodomized the husband in front of the wife. This degradation did severe violence to the marriage relationships. 3. Jones collected all valuables belonging to the members. He melted down all gold rings and had private property liquidated and given to him. This amounted to more than $27 million. $1.4 million was reportedly on deposit in Jones' personal Swiss accounts. 4. Destruction of families and their economic structure forced Jones' followers under one roof and his control. In a restricted environment he was able to intensify his brainwashing bombardment. In private counseling sessions Jones got people to share their sexual fantasies. He blackmailed people with these fantasies, or supplied their fantasies and videotaped them for blackmail purposes. (Note: Near the end of his life Jim Jones was having sex with a goat to the accompanying amplified screams of tortured children.) 5. Brainwashing was facilitated by control of food (protein deprivation), interruption of normal sleep habits, and massive amounts of thorazine and other drugs. He manipulated compromised people in high places to become a political wheeler-dealer. Jones--by way of the almost slave labor of the People's Temple followers--supplied workers and political mailings for politicians on the right and on the left. He became friends with everyone...and they became indebted to 13. Jones. He reportedly supplied needs at no cost, allegedly including guns and ammo for John Birchers. He supported political groups ranging from the gays to the extreme right wing. In a surprisingly short time Jones manufactured a powerful political machine. 6. Jones used his political clout to maintain open pipelines of information from official channels directly to him. His man assigned in the county prosecutor's office diverted all inquiries concerning People's Temple from the criminal justice system directly to Jones. 7. Control of information equates to power. Jones infiltrated and controlled the flow of information and communications which could potentially cause him problems. He had key people in police dispatch and the media, effectively controlling an information network in Mendocino County, California. Jones had over 1000 people training and working for him. 8. People's Temple moved to San Francisco in a plan to take over control of that city by intelligence, infiltration and control. He again researched the sexual preferences of all area political leaders and proceeded to deliver their fantasies to them, video-taping as he went. A minister who could not be compromised in this way was publically smeared as a child molester, thus nullifying his effectiveness in the community. 9. Coercion, threats, and even murder were used to silence critics of People's Temple. 10. POWER and INFORMATION are the critical keys to satanic cults' influence. Modern groups are wired and plugged-in to what is happening using sophisticated, state-of-the-art technology. (Ken Wooden has access to 300 computer hackers who are targeting child molestation. He is attempting to use the same tactics of information and power against the cults focusing on the victimization of children that they use so effectively.) Of course, murmurings and discontent among Jones' followers as he blatantly alerted their minds and behavior. However, Jones was quoted as saying "I don't care who you talk to--police, press, politicians--what we are doing here is so bizarre no-one will believe you!" He was largely correct! 11. During the Temple's movement to Guyana, 300 children were shipped there first. Sending the children in the first wave to establish this alleged agricultural community was an obvious incongruity to the Guyanese government, but Jones' political favors had effectively short-circuited all official 14. inquiries. 12. Upon arrival in Guyana, Jones took away the passports of all the members. They were prisoners in the jungle. 13. Jones' grip upon his followers tightened as he established totalitarian control and isolation at Jonestown. Dissenters did speak forth, but their children were forced to perform oral sex on the oldest man in the community in front of the entire population. Jones enforced total silence in the jungle. 14. The vast majority of the deaths in Jonestown were not suicides as popularly believed. Only about 40, his elite guard, committed suicide. Hypodermic needles were found still inserted in the bodies of teens whose adolescent rebellion would not let them submit to Jones. Cults can never destroy strong families. 'Family' may be just a single strong source of love to tie one to another, but that is enough to defeat a cult's efforts. TOPIC: Violent Crimes Against Children In a national survey of reported crimes against children between 1975 and 1985, statistics showed that 65% of rape victims were less than 19 yoa. The greatest percentage of rape victims were between 14-17 yoa. Child molesters are organized, often using state-of-the- art, worldwide computer links. The following groups have organized to further their personal interests and political lobbying efforts: Rene Guyon Society, North American Man-Boy Association, Paedophile Information Exchange (U.K.), Childhood Sensuality Circle, P.A.M.-Netherlands, Young Lust, Kids Unlimited, and Kids Who Swing. There are others. Much emphasis is placed by these groups on changing all states' laws concerning sexual relations with children. Their tactics are to either: A. do away with these statutes, or B. to make the penalties so stringent that no judge would invoke them. Computer bulletin boards operated by brilliant, but perverted, people aid in rapid information exchange. (How many investigators does your agency have working the electronic bulletin boards?) Infiltration of the child's mind is done in small bits, gaining trust and acceptance along the way. Titillation of the child's interest lays the groundwork for later victimization. The Howard Nichols Society has published a perverted book detailing "How to Have Sex with Children." This book was composed on a word processor owned by the Austin, Texas, Public Schools--unbeknownst to school 15. officials. An X-Rated coloring book after the Crayola motif is available for $5.95. These are just two examples of many. Police tend to approach child molestation armed with outdated ideas and data. These crimes have often been relegated to low priority status; 2/3 were not reported or followed-up on. The conviction and incarceration rate is low; defense attorneys instruct their clients to show remorse and they get off. Gonhorrea of the throat and anal canal in children under 5 yoa is common in California. There is an increase in threats of death or dismemberment toward children who disclose sexual abuse. Only 30% of sexual molestation cases are incestual, not 80% as sometimes reported. What are the causal factors? Some, of course, are the commonly encountered 'dog in heat' syndrome. However, now over 50% of molestation cases go beyond incest into ritual, satanic abuse by a family member. This concerted satanic attack on the family leaves an aftermath of chaos, mental disharmony, grief, guilt, and sidetracked healthy sexual lives. Photography sessions are very common during sexual molestations. Investigators should always ask if pictures or videotapes were taken. Porno collections are no different than any other collections...they are never completed and require constant additions of new items. Therefore, the market for fresh pornography is always strong. Porno collectors tie their sexual urges to their collection urges...they require more and more and more of worse, worse, worse types. And porno is used to advertise kids who will be sold for molestation purposes. Child pornography usually starts off slowly by playing on a child's ego. Having one's picture taken is an ego- gratification event. Children are lured with favorite costumes, then less and less clothing in more compromising activities. When actual nudity and sexual contacts are photographed, the heavy weight of guilt and fear of disclosure tighten the pornographer's hold on the child. TOPIC: Brainwashing Techniques to Control Children in Daycare Centers. (Ken Wooden produced a "20/20" segment dealing with this topic. His research for that production provide the credibility for the following text.) 1. Mind control of young children in a daycare (out-of-home care) environment is accomplished by: 16. A. Enforced isolation in closets, refridgerators, boxes, or burial to the chin in sandboxes, etc. B. Drugs to blur the cognition and eliminate the will to resist. These may be injected, ingested, inserted, or administered in the form of eyedrops. Sometimes the terms "bad candy" or "magic punch" will be used to describe them. Lethargy or altered moods at the end of the day should be a tip-off for parents. Urine tests should be ordered by investigators working such cases. C. Physical torture to force compliance. Diabolical methods are used to conceal torture from parents. Toothpics, needles, and tacks are inserted inside body openings to induce pain to the inner body. Bondage is also used. The variations are endless. D. Psychological torture is accomplished by tearing apart beloved pets in front of the child; altering photographs to produce fear and guilt; showing the child pictures of burned houses and bodies; making threats of death against the child and his parents, siblings, and peers; sexual assaults while displaying photos of parents or Jesus; and on and on. E. Destruction of self-esteem is accomplished by many methods, such as: making the child lick the shoes of the tormentor, placing a child's head in the toilet, inducing defecation, smearing urine and feces all over the child and making him or her remain dirty, eating excrement an drinking urine. Much pshcological reinforcement is added to these physical acts to lessen the child's sence of self as a worthy person. F. Destruction of family values and identity is key to destroying the child's resistance. Parents are depicted as sex objects, children are told to seek sex with their parents, they witness adults in the act of sex on the floor, and are exposed in detail to taboo areas normally forbidden in the home. G. Religion and Patriotism are also areas of attack. Mock marriages to adults are carried out in real church buildings followed by sex with the adult 'husband'. The children are forced or tricked into urinating and defecating on the BIBLE and are raped and abused with the corner of a BIBLE or the pole of the American Flag. These acts teach the child to reject outside sources of control and guidance as the creed of 'No Family; No Religion; No Nationality!' is enforced. H. Personal heroes are attacked, demeaned, destroyed, or used as sources of abuse and perversion. Parents, brothers, sisters, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, God, and Jesus are used as persona who could not love such a child if they tell what they know occurred at the school. Threats of death against family, friends, and loved ones are common...many threaten death by fire, accompanied by actusl photographs of burned houses and bodies. 2. Clues for parents include: 17. A. Crying for no apparent reason. B. Inrodinate fear of adults. C. Nightmares. D. Appetite changes; conversation about bizarre foods. E. Acting out behavior which is not common. F. Strange language forms or content. Parents could not imagine that such bizarre, destructive things could occur, but in looking back, could recall that their victimized children had given clues which at the time were considered bizarre, unbelievable, or the product of some sort of imagination, fantasy, or mental disturbance. The McMartin Preschool Case in Manhattan Beach, California, has emerged as a landmark case, though prosecution will be very expensive. Over $4.5 Million was spent during the preliminary hearings alone. (Editor's Update: Though the judge ordered seven co-defendants to stand trial, charges have been dropped against five of them as of this writing. This is not due to lack of evidence as much as the political and financial aspects of such massive prosecution.) This case brings to focus the need for federal money for major trial needs...especially cases which set certain precedents. Canada is already taking steps toward such financial assistance to local jurisdictional prosecutions. TOPIC: Child Prostitution The going rate for a sexual encounter with an 11 year old child is $1000. As long as this business remains lucrative, it will continue to flourish. Child prostitution has become a major national industry. In a common sequence, the pimp sets about instilling control factors into the child, such as guilt, a feeling of rejection, control by drugs, terror, and fear of harm to parents and family members. The child's first arrest is set up by the pimp himself. He uses the law enforcement system to officially 'document' the child as a prostitute. This record is then used to lever the child into further compliance by the threat of telling Mom and Dad! The financial returns to a pimp for his initial trouble and investment are immense. At the rate of four tricks per night at $1000 each, the child's earnings are $4000 / night, $28,000 / week, $112,000 / month, etc. But pimps seem to be the sacred cows in this country. Pimps have said that for the price of a 'blow job', cops can be bought off! We currently have no national law enforcement computer system capable of tracking missing children. A state-of-the- art system should be able to compare the description of a 18. missing child from Milwaukee with the sighting of a child prostitute in Miami. Jurisdictional boundaries often prevent police from effectively locating missing and exploited children. TOPIC: Sado-Masochism Child prostitution is bad enough when accomplished with fairly 'striaght' pedophiles, but too often the twisted desires of the S/M perversion also include young children as sex objects. Sado-Masochism blends pain with sexual arousal for pleasure. Investigators should be aware of the following S/M terms: 1. Silver Bullet--chemical compound Amylnitrate which is used as an aphrodesiac drug; has detrimental effects on the brain; is highly flammable and causes fires. 2. Bolivian Rack--device to inflict specific pain and torture for sexual pleasure. 3. Mr. Right--available for $130 by mail-order, this wooden bench forces penetration of the anus by a wooden penis through mechanical leverage; very painful and destructive device. 4. Ballgag--a harness device which fits over the head positioning a hard ball in the mouth; keeps the person from yelling or pleading to stop; causes split lips, chipped teeth. 5. Parachute--aligator-type clips with attached weights which are clipped to tender parts of the anatomy to cause pain. 6. Whips/Chains--broad variety for punishment and bondage; allow orgasm for the whip-er or the whip-ee depending on their personal sickness. 7. Bondage--tying, chaining, or restraining to excite sexual pleasure through planned victimization and helplessness. 8. Five Gates of Hell--devices used to inflict pain. 9. Piercing--Sometimes advertised as 'Exotic Piercings;' this is a new fad, especially using children; the private parts are pierced and jewelry similar to pierced earrings is inserted. The end product of a sexually permissive society and S/M marketing is the destruction of those who cannot take care of themselves. As long as purveyors of S/M paraphernalia can reap fortunes selling the tools and techniques of torture, this perversion will continue to victimize the helpless. TOPIC: Ritualized Abuse of Children Our daycare centers are the soft underbelly of our society; they are undergoing a concerted attack. The character of a child is lagrely formed by age five. Whatever 19. influences the child during those years greatly influences his or her later life. If the primary influence is evil, the child will have a predisposition to continue in similar evil activities throughout later life. Working Definition of Ritual Abuse of Children: A bizarre, systematic and continuing mental, physical, and sexual abuse of children for the purpose of implanting evil and giving a form of sacrifice to a force or diety. The 'Bizarre Factor' is one which must be overcome in any investigation. Only solid documentation will accomplish it. Investigators must not let cases be isolated or nullified. They must go beyond the bizarre to get to the facts by establishing dates, times, facts, and patterns. 45% of all abductions and attempts occur during March and April. Statistics show this to be true across the nation. Why? Spring is the start of life, the Easter Season. To those who worship satan, the opposite is desirable, that is death, deflowering, and destruction. Satanism is a belief in evil, in hedonism, in receiving ultimate power. The key to understanding this religion is "reverse." Identify a 'good belief', then visualize the reverse or opposite...that will be consistant with satanism. (Mr. Wooden made a survey of Redding, California, teens concerning satanism. It is available by writing to him and requesting a copy.) Satanism is a game of human chess. Entry into satanism is accomplished by recruitment. Men's fantasies--usually sexual in nature--are appealed to, often in a discreet orgy setting. Second visits are almost guaranteed. A relationship with a desirable, alluring woman (or another man in the case of the recruited homosexual) is programmed. A touch of the unknown is thrown in through witchcraft. And clandestine photos or videotapes are taken of sexual encounters for blackmail and control purposes. Women are targeted in another manner. The poetic, romantic approach is stressed, often with offerings which appeal to the romanticized past. Sexual encounters and relationships are utilized as they are with men, inclusive of pictures and tapes for later use. The predictable 'club of sex' is used to use, abuse, and destroy. Satanism is a big extortion racket. Children are used to set up prominent people. One by one they chip away at the fiber of the foundation of society, morals, and decency; this is erosion of civilization. Bi-sexual orgies are organized for kids by kids in high schools as recruitment for satanism. The vicious circle of orgies, drugs, satanism, and sex is a proven enticement. 20. Eight major sabbats are dispersed throughout the satanic and witchcraft calendars. Police officials are encouraged to review past crime statistics by comparison to these ritual dates. An eye-opening experience is going to school and public libraries to see how many and how often occult books are checked out. In the human chess-game, police officials are aften set up as expendable pawns. Be careful not to be enticed by a small lead which doesn't pan out. Premature statements or inadvisable investigative avenues or techniques can cause you public crucifixion by the media. You adversaries in this chess game are experts in evil, greed, ego, and pride. TOPIC: Abduction, Murder, and Missing Kids The following should be adopted as criteria for classifying various types of missing children: 1. Runaways--this is the largest group; most return voluntarily; some are never heard from again; running away is often caused by factors in the home which should be investigated. 2. Throw-aways--children on whom parents (and sometimes state agencies) have given up. 3. Parental Abduction--children become the suffering ball in divorce ping-pong games. 4. Criminal Abduction--Statistics show that police agencies have from 14-48 hours to find the child before he is killed. Don't wait! (Some police agencies require a 48 hour waiting period before they will take official action on a missing child! Police agencies need definite criteria for handling criminal abductions. The preliminary investigation must answer the following questions: Was money taken? Personal belongings? Clothes? School-work taken? Were friends told? etc. If these questions indicate a non-voluntary disappearance, mobilize the whole country to find the child! (Ken Wooden has authored an abduction prevention booklet entitled "Child Lures" which is available from him. This work is based upon the statements of those who abuse and murder young children. It is an excellent crime prevention and education tool.) Prevention is necessary. We must break out of the mentality that merely 'carrying the wounded off the battlefield' is sufficient official response. It is possible and important to teach the concept of law to pre-schoolers, to educate them to what is proper and improper, to teach them what constitutes a violation of the law. An analogy to the weather is very helpful when dealing with young children. 21. Most people are like the weather--safe and nice. Some people are like bad weather system and do things which hurt others. Sex can be tactfully explained to youngsters, too. It is a bridge which unites two land masses, e.g.: Mom and Dad. On it things are transported, such as love and life. You (the child) crossed over that bridge. Other things which cross are genes which determine hair color, eyes, and whether you are a boy or a girl. Genes come from grandmother and granddad, too. But the bridge is for adults only. If someone tries to force you onto that bridge, you TALK TO SOMEONE about the attempt. Then, as the child's maturity dictates, you can discuss the 'human plumbing system,' too. TOPIC: Summarization The target of satanists if FAMILIES. The destruction of this stable societal unit guarantees the destruction of goodness, morality, and civilization. STATISTICS: 25% of all murders are termed bizarre or ritual in nature; victims of these are mostly females and children. 70% of murders are solved; this rate is decreasing. 55% of murder victims know the perpetrator. 22. III. SPEAKER: MIKE WARNKE, author, comedian, lecturer, ex-satanist priest, Christian evangelist, throuth Warnke Ministries provides counseling and referral for persons trying to come out of destructive cults, resource for law enforcement agencies investigating and prosecuting occult-motivation crimes. Spoke in conjunction with Rick Hackney and Larry Nelson, both of Warnke Ministries. TOPIC: The Philosophy and Practice of Satanism Satanists do not react to our beliefs, but according to their own belief structures which are very different from our own. Their arrogance toward the police is becoming more common, demonstrated in their increasing openness about their activities. Witchcraft and satanism books are readily available at bookstores nationwide, especially near university settings. These books are written by intelligent, committed people who sincerely believe in what they are writing. The books are not written as a lark or joke. Some commonly available resource books include: THE WITCHES' BIBLE; BLACK ARTS by Richard Cavendish; MAGICK by Aliester Crowley, hyped by Ozzie Osbourne; RITUAL MAGIC; HERTER'S SYMBOL DICTIONARY; and the NECRONOMICON. Because of the easy availability of these and other books, they are frequently read by teens as well as adults. Extensive bibliographies contained in each book give even the beginning reader all the resources he needs to become deeply involved. This is not a new phenominon; it has been going on since the beginning of human history. Much discussion has surfaced lately about ritual sacrifices of human beings. This does occur. Satanists will often keep a 'souvenir' (such as a small bone) of a sacrifice as a talisman. Blood shed by people, offered to a deity, binds the ritual group together. The death throes of a person in agony are believed by the satanists to release the most energy...the act of dying--not the actual death--releases this energy which the perpetrators believe they can absorb. The greater the horror involved in the death, the greater the power obtained. Youth, innocence, naivete, and virginity-- attributes sought after in sacrifice victims--produce more horror, therefore more energy, therefore more power. Fear and horror generated in children (even though it may be due to an illusion) generates the 'fuel' for the spell being cast. Death is not always the result of the ritual. Police should be alert for the 'charismatic Pied Piper' who attracts kids. When there is any hint of occult activity he should be closely watched. Such a 'pipeline' may be the source of kids for a larger group, or he may be the leader of a group of younger kids. Whenever adults and juveniles are 23. seen in the same satanic group, a great potential for abuse and violence exists to the children exists. There is always an identifiable leader and a number of followers in a satanic worship group. Investigators are usually intelligent, artistic, underachievers. They are the ones who ask questions and search for answers. Once they get the scent of power (over their circumstances or over other people) through occult tradition, they become a self-initiating danger to other people and to themselves. Mike Warnke distributed a discussion outline which is reproduced by permission, below: THE PHILOSOPHY AND PRACTICE OF SATANISM I. The past two decades have seen a renewed interest in occult philosophy and practice. Some of the factors that contribute to this interest are as follows: A. The death of rationalism which invites interest in the supernatural. B. The chaos and complexity of our society which causes many to look for "short-cut" thinking. C. A retreat to an irrational state in which a person rejects responsibility for decisions and consequences. D. The influence of Eastern religion with its "subjectivity of truth." E. Parapsychology and psychic research which SEEMS to lead to the idea that the occult is really a science. F. The prominence of supernatural / occult themes in the media. G. Disbelief in the supernatural in modern theology. H. The potential reality of the occult/satanism. II. Of particular concern here are philosophies and activities of satanism. Satanism is the worship of Satan, the "adversary" of God. There are several different beliefs about Satan's origin and character; some of them are: A. Satan is the god of evil and equal in status with the god of good. This belief is associated with the Cathers (among others), who were prominent in most of Europe in the 10th. to 14th. centuries. B. Satan and Jesus were both sons of God. This belief was widely taught by the Bogomiles, a Bulgarian sect that originated in the 10th. century. C. Satan was an angel (perhaps the highest ranking angel) who rebelled against God and was thrown out of heaven. This more or less coincides with traditional Christian beliefs. D. Satan is not a being at all, but a personification 24. of cosmic forces or of man's own baser nature. This type of belief has been popularized by Anton LaVey's SATANIC BIBLE. III. Some basic motivations for involvement in satanism include: A. Physical/mental motivations 1. Satanism claims to be able to provide: a. gratification of the flesh b. gratification of the ego c. power 2. "The Satanist mindset is not 'religion' in the regular sense of the word, but a 'mystification of the most corrupt secular passions and values. LaVey (author of THE SATANIC BIBLE), in his public pronouncements about 'Satanism', was merely presenting an artificial religious handle for good old-fashioned lust and libertinism." <1> B. Social/political motivations. Satanism sets itself up as an alternative to (or even an opponent of) our Judeo-Christian oriented society. For example, a form of the Black mass performed as early as the 14th. century was primarily a burlesque or parody of the Christian rite; it was attended by "the masses", by common people such as serfs. Its purpose was twofold: 1. It was a way to "let off steam" by ridiculing the religion of the landowners and priests who controlled them. 2. It was an appeal to "another god". Satan was often referred to as the "god of the serfs" and the "god of liberty." The Inquisition in its attempt to weed out "heretics" was as much an attempt to prevent revolution as it was to promote theological purity. Satanism for some people represents a way to show opposition to the "establishment." C. Spiritual motivations. "...some impulse, perhaps a sort of desperate impulse, drove men to the darkerpowers when dealing with practical problems. there was a sort of secret and perverse feeling that the darker powers would rally do things; that they had no nonsense about them...the higher deity is felt to be too far off for appeal in certain petty matters, and men invoke the spirits because they are in a more literal sense familiar spirits." <2> Some feel that Satanism is a viable way of getting supernatural help because: 1. They are too distant from the "good god" to have any hope of reaching him. 2. The "good god" and his virtues, such as beauty, joy, etc., are essentially impractical. 3. It would be easier to catch the notice of an evil god than a good god. IV. There are four main levels of involvement in satanism: A. The fun-and-games level. 1. Conversation 25. 2. Ego-boost 3. Initial interest B. The dabblers 1. Half-belief 2. Some serious interest 3. Initial involvement, perhaps superficial, but real C. Serious involvement 1. Convinced of supernatural reality 2. Serious attempt at learning 3. Probably joins a group D. Criminal involvement. People at this level tend to fall into two categories: 1. People who believe that criminal action is necessary to achieve their goals. 2. People who are already prone to violent crime; their involvement in satanism provides an excuse. V. It is not illegal to be a satanist, and not all satanists engage in illegal activities. However, many do and some of their illegal activities include: A. Trespassing B. Vandalism C. Cruelty to animal D. Kidnapping (could be either adults or children) E. Rape or sexual molestation. F. Child abuse, sexual or otherwise G. Murder Although THE SATANIC BIBLE disclaims such activity,<3> other sources verify that such things are in fact part of the "black magic" tradition. In THE BLACK ARTS, Richard Cavendish mentions two main reasons for a literal sacrifice: A. To provide energy. Blood is considered to be the source of life energy, and it is released in the sacrifice. B. To give a psycological charge or "kick" to the magician. He maintains that this is the most important reason for the sacrifice. <4> G.K. Chesterton gives some additional insight into the reasons for the brutal or shocking nature of some ritual activity. "Superstition of the lighter sort toys with the idea that some trifle, some small gesture such as throwing the salt, may touch the hidden spring that works the mysterious machinery of the world...But with the appeal to lower spirits comes the notion that the gesture must not only be very small but very low; that it must be a monkey trick of an utterly ugly and unworthy sort. Sooner or later a man deliberately sets himself to do the most disgusting thing he can think of." <5> VI. It is not always easy to detect whether a person is involved in satanic activity or to what level. Some indications that an individual is involved, however, are: A. The presecne of books about satanism or the 26. occult, including THE SATANIC BIBLE and/or THE SATANIC RITUALS. B. Paraphernalia for doing magic, THE SATANIC BIBLE lists these items: 1. Clothing or jewelry--this includes robes (usually black, but perhaps red or other colors) and amulets (usually with an occult or satanic symbol on them.) 2. The altar--traditionally a nude woman is the actual altar, but she would lie on a sort of table or a slab of stone or metal. Most anything could be used, but a recommended one is trapezoidal shaped, about 3 to 4 feet high and 5-1/2 to 6 feet long. 3. The symbol of Baphomet, as shown here. It also goes by other names. [ Illustration not reproduced ] 4. Candles--THE SATANIC BIBLE says only one white candle and the rest black. Some groups may use other colors, though. 5. Bell--a bell is used at the beginning and end of many satanic rituals; it will usually have a loud, penetrating sound. 6. Chalice--a goblet. Preferably silver, it could be made of anything but gold. 7. Elixer--THE SATANIC BIBLE suggests the use of any drink that is stimulating and pleasing to the palate. Other things may be used by various groups. 8. Sword--the sword is a symbol of aggressive force. A knife can be used in its place for private rituals. 9. Phallus--used only in organized group rituals; any phallic symbol that can sprinkle water will do. 10. Gong--a concert gong is considered best, but any gong with a good rich sound will do. 11. Parchment--requests for magical operation (blessings or curses, for instance) are written on parchment and burned. Other sources list five basic tools for witchcraft, which may also be used by satanists. They are as follows: 1. The witches' knife, or athame. 27. 2. The witches' cord, or girdle cord. This is a "rope" traditionally made from flax or river rushes and is approximately 6 feet long. 3. The witches' censer or thurible. This is a bowl-shaped object used to burn incense or mix potions. 4. The witches' cup, or chalice. 5. The grimoire, or Book of Shadows. The grimoire contains the spells compiled by an individual or group. C. Use of certain symbols, which include: 1. The upside-down cross [ Two illustrations not reproduced ] 2. 666--the "Number of the Beast" in the Book of Revelation. [ Illustration not reproduced ] 3. The inverted pentagram. [ Illustration not reproduced ] 4. The symbol of the Church of Satan. [ Illustration not reproduced ] FOOTNOTES: <1> Carl A. Rashcke, "Satanism and the Devolution of the 'New Religions'", "Spiritual Counterfeits Project Newsletter", Fall 1985, p. 26. <2> G.K. Chesterton, "The Unnaturalness of natural Religion", "Spiritual Counterfeits Project Newsletter", Fall 1985, p. 19. <3> In the chapter entitled "On the Choice of Human 28. Sacrifice", LaVey maintains that a true magician can get the energy he needs from his own emotions and does not need to shed the blood of another. "Under no circumstances would a satanist sacrifice any animal or baby!", p.89. <4> Richard Cavendish, THE BLACK ARTS (New York: Capricorn book, 1967), p. 247-249. <5> Chesterton, op. cit., p. 20. Warnke Ministries, P.O. Box 1075, Danville, Kentucky, 40422, (800) 345-0045, (606) 238-7720. 29. IV. SPEAKERS: PAT PULLING and ROSEMARY LOYACANO, representing the nationwide organization 'Bothered About Dungeons and Dragons Inc.' (B.A.D.D., Inc.); both are mothers of teenage boys who lost their lives as a direct result of deep involvement in the game Dungeons and Dragons; authorities who educate teens, parents, school officials, lawmakers, and the police about the dangers of fantasy role playing games, media depictions of violence, and other harmful influences which are negative to children. TOPIC: 'Dungeons and Dragons': The Prototype for Understanding All Other Role Playing Games. The so-called game 'Dungeons and Dragons' (referred to hereinafter as D&D) is the prototype for all other role playing games. To understand the others, you must understand D&D. This game fosters a love of violence and a love of sadism. Pat showed a composite of T.V. network news programs from the U.S. and Canada dealing with D&D and deaths attributable to involvement with it. A copy of this tape can be obtained by contacting Pat, sending a blank VHS tape, and providing postage. Fantasy role playing games (herinafter FRPG's) employ the following brainwashing techniques: 1. Fear is a major tool; it is contrived through spells for magic users. These spells require players to imagine emotions in there mind. Various player-characters are available which possess different attributes. Each player must choose which character he will assume. In order to succeed in D&D and similar FRPG's, players must align themselves with negative emotions. Most players begin in their early teens when many emotional changes are already taking place in their lives, when they are most vulnerable. 2. Isolation, another common brainwashing technique, occurs as the player is removed from normal support structures-- either physically, by spending an inordinate amount of time playing or preparing to play at an out-of-home location, or, psychologically because he is absorbed in the play, the characters, the other world in which the FRPG is played. Interaction in family and peer activities outside the realm of D&D diminishes. 3. Physical Torture and Killing, topics which are abhorrent for a well-adjusted, civilized teenager, become a primary focus as D&D involvement progresses. Those D&D players who irretrieveably cross the imaginary line between reality and fantasy sometimes act out torture and killing with deadly results. 4. Family Values are attacked. The leader of the game, the Dungeon Master (or DM) demands total loyalty from and control 30. of the players. He demands allegiance. He is the 'god' during play who determines life and death, success and defeat. Whatever his personal ethics and morals, those playing D&D must submit or be cast out of the group. 5. Situation Ethics in the fantasy world of D&D play, replace personal and societal absolutes. Whatever can be justified in one's own mind--contingent upon the unreal rules, forces, and loyalties artificially put in place in a make- believe world of play--is accepted. There are no evil, no good, no win-win situations. It is a survival game, without mercy or compassion, and little consideration for the rights or dignity of others. 6. Religion is directly eroded by D&D play. The restructured value and belief systems are directly opposite to traditional Judeo-Christian values. Instead, belief in multiple gods and dieties (which are directly attributable to ancient sorcery and mysticism) replace God. Each D&D player is urged to adopt a patron diety which is actually an occult personality straight out of sorsery and witchcraft. Defilement, excrement, and urination are stressed in one DM's Guide passage concerning "...defilement of fonts..." under a "...Cleric's spell..." 7. Loss of Self Control is a significant danger to young players as authority is increasingly given to the DM. This is done voluntarily by the players, but is not done advisedly. 8. Degradation is a common theme in D&D play. This includes emphasis on sex, sadism, torture, and pain. The degradation is graphically accomplished through visual imagery which is well into the realm of pornography and intentional defilement of innocence. Among slides shown by Pat Pulling was a graphic, demon- filled advertisement which appeared in BOY'S LIFE MAGAZINE, a publication of the Boy Scouts of America. The ad. enticed the reader to enter the world of D&D as a personal invitation to adventure. D&D, created by Mr. Gary Gigax, and produced through TSR, now grosses over $60 million per year. Spin-off games, cartoon series,, paraphernalia, and reference materials are avidly consumed by young persons who become one with their D&D characters. They vicariously act out heroic actions in surrealistic worlds of guided imagery in their minds which are far removed from the world of reality. There is a direct, undeniable theme of actual occult symbolism and usage in D&D materials and play. Page 86-7 of the Player's Handbook shows the pentagram, the thaumaturgic triangle, and magic circle, all of which are used in real sorcery and conjuration of demons, especially involving human sacrifices. The 'Cacho-demon' described in the book requires the tribute of fresh human blood. Demons are summoned using these signs to attract souls. See also pg. 43 of the DM's 31. Guide for symbols. Familiars (animals possessed by demons who consort with witches) are described in D&D literature. They can accompany players. A suggestive drawing and description of the Succubus, a feminine demon of seduction which comes to a man during his sleep to have intercourse so that he will do her bidding during the daytime, is just one of the occult persona represented in the voluminous literature surrounding D&D play. The monthly D&D periodical entitled "Dragon" is always full of new scenarios and D&D information. The "Circle Sanctuary" magazine is available which tells how to do satanic rituals. One D&D-related book, co-authored by Gigax and Blume, is entitled "Eldrich Wizardry," a true form of occultic tradition. Tlaloc, a true Indian god, requires the sacrifice of a baby once each year; in the Aztec culture babies were eaten by priests after sacrifice. The pertinent question arising from all this is: "Where is the 'fantasy' in this FRPG if all the characters, dieties, gods, spells, incantations, skills, and traditions are firmly embedded in actual occultism, demonology, sorcery, necromancy, and magic?" What D&D actually comprises is a crash course in sorcery which equips the avid player with the skills necessary to conjure demons and perform satanic rituals, yet does not protect him from the same evil forces he would try to control and direct! Beelzebul or Beelzebub, also known as the Lord of the Flies, is recognized in occultism as the high demon next to Satan. He is described in detail in D&D literature. Azmodeus, a powerful demon in the satanic hierarchy, is a character used in D&D play. Kali, the black earth mother from East Indian tradition, requires human sacrifice, blood rituals, and suicide. She is a key figure in D&D. These are not fantasy characters, yet the creator of D&D sees no connection with the 70-or-so suicides and homicides now directly linked to chronic D&D involvement. Much D&D source material is traceable to ancient writings which are no longer published. Someone did prodigious research to compile the D&D manuals which contain specific circle-magic instructions, witch's glyphs, descriptions of ritual paraphernalia and inscriptions, instructions on forming incantations, curses, and spells, and Nordic Runes used for spell-casting. Because most D&D players are boys--usually of above- average intellect--it is not surprising to learn that many budding DM's are using their home computers to facilitate play. The DM plays all demons and monsters in the game and must keep the powers and attributes of all players and the scenario in mind as he regulates the game. This can be so absorbing that parents of avid DM's and players have noted 32. drastic, rapid, changes in their child's personality, personal cleanliness, interests, and attitudes. Unfortunately, many parents have not recognized the danger signals of over- involvement until it was too late to save their child's life. Every character has a complex set of attributes and skills which interact with those of every other characters and of the demons and monsters manipulated by the DM. Detailed computations controlled by the roll of various die determine accumulation of power, wealth, and success in personal combat with others. The basic premise in the game is to sieze everything of value, regardless of who or what stands in your way and to survive at all costs. The skills of negotiation are not stressed in D&D! In fact, torture is part of the 'fun' of D&D...the slower and more exquisite the better. Rosemary Loyacano, B.A.D.D., Denver, told the story of her teenage son who committed suicide in 1982, the same year that Pat Pulling's son Bink died of an alleged suicide. Both boys had become overinvolved in D&D. Both had lost touch with the real world and become increasingly enmeshed in the make- believe--yet dangerously real--world in which their characters traveled. They became the characters which they played as they role modeled through a myriad of life-threatening encounters and strove to survive and gain in power and wealth. Steven Loyacano had over $150 worth of D&D manuals and occult books in his room, plus paraphernalia, including ritual candles, swords, knives, homemade weapons, animal bones, etc. The D&D group to which he belonged become involved in drug abuse and sales. The game was played in their Catholic school. A member of the group taught all the players about the occult. Mrs. Loyacano noted with irony that books written by Gary Gigax are now recommended for readers AGED 10 AND UP! As you can see, D&D's critically accurate information on sorcery and conjuration is being pipelined to impressionable and largely defenseless children using professional marketing expertise. Life, in D&D, has no value. Characters are listed as having 'lawful' or 'evil' traits, but good never triumphs over evil. The profession of 'thief' is seen as being neutral. These factors are representative of the confusing nature of the ethics-structure in D&D. Although proponents of D&D maintain that it is merely a game (Gigax holds that it is no more real than a bankruptcy in MONOPOLY), there is obvious pressure on the players to re- align their thinking and behavior which goes beyond mere fantasy flights of imagination. These include: 1. Stress on attaining (through works) godhood or diety status. 2. Memorization of real spells and incantations. 33. 3. Adherence to techniques actually found in occultic traditions. 4. Encouragement to do personal research and practice with occult or unlawful materials and skills. 5. Emphasis on necromancy, speaking with the spirits of the dead (actually demons masquerading as the dead departed.) 6. Astral-projection, that is, sending your spirit-self to other locations. 7. Stress and training about mortality, immortality, and reincarnation. 8. Introduction and use of psionic powers, including E.S.P. and magical ability. 9. Training and study about the methods of assassins, including various weapons and poisons. Collateral resource works are identified and available. 10. Study of masters of the occult and their works, such as those of Aliester Crowley, e.g.: the incantation used to open the gates of Hell. 11. Encouragement to accumulate the physical components of magic and spell-casting, i.e.: the ritual devices needed to complete actual rituals. 12. Mental imagery and focus on violence of a type not allowed on television--graphic, brutal, merciless in its completion, without regard to consequences. 13. Collection of weapons, either purchased or handmade. 14. Stress on ancient forms of speaking and writing often identified with curses, spells, and incantations. 15. Fixation on death, the dead, and on suicide (in the reincarnation philosophy, death is not to be feared, for it is merely a transition to another--hopefully better and more powerful--existence. It is also a supposedly welcome escape from the unbearable adolescent conflict between the world of reality and the conjured fantasy world of D&D.) The deaths of both the Loyacano and Pulling sons will not be in vain if we learn from them. Both speakers courageously told their stories. On June 9, 1982, Bink Pulling died by a single through-and-through gunshot to the chest at his Virginia home. His parents found him shortly after he died. He had been introduced to D&D as a creativity exercise in his high school 'talented and gifted' class. A male faculty member acted as the DM. At one point in the game the DM placed a suicide curse on Bink who took it literally and allegedly killed himself with a .38 caliber revolver within 24 hours of the time of the curse. According to his mother, Bink had become obsessed with the game and demonstrated many traits which belonged to his D&D character, a werewolf. His life centered around the game which he had played for only a few months. His mother recalls that near the end, he could make her blood run cold with his cold black stare of evil hatred. He had threatened to kill his sister if she told of his deep D&D involvement. 34. Steven Loyacono also died in 1982 of self-inflicted carbon monoxide poisoning in the garage of his family's home. The conflict between the evil urges brought forth by his character in D&D play and his forthright desire not to injure his family lead him to seek escape to a 'another world' through suicide. He left a final testimony to a D&D comrade which stated that he was going on his long journey to the underworld to meet his master. Steven was 16 when he died. Interestingly, he was an adopted child whose birthdate was 6- 6-66. The damage done by D&D and clone FRPG's extends far beyond the individual players. Although they commonly suffer from depression and nightmares caused by infiltration of their conscious and subconscious minds with evil, there is also mental torture of family and survivors. There is a real possibility that D&D allows demonic strongholds to be established in the lives of the players as they--under the guise of 'play'--unwittingly lower their spiritual defenses and invite powerful figures to reside within themselves. Bink Pulling, in his final weeks, displayed lycanthropic (were- beast) traits. He growled, screamed, walked on all fours, and clawed the ground. Nineteen rabbits raised by the Pullings were found torn to pieces in the last three weeks of his life, although stray dogs were never seen. A cat was found disemboweled with a knife. The internal torment which lead to his death was plain, yet he had been a normally-well-adjusted, gifted young man only a few months before. When did the old Bink transform into the new, sinister one?...When he began to play Dungeons and Dragons. 35. V. SPEAKER: DR. LAWRENCE PAZDER, psychiatrist, expert on the topic of ritualistic abuse of children, co-author of the book "Michelle Remembers" dealing with disclosures by adult survivor Michelle Smith of ritual abuse as a child. We [speaking to over 100 law enforcement professionals in Ft. Collins] are ahead of society and other professionals in the knowledge and understanding of satanic crimes. The ugly head has reared; there are few answers now, but more will come. If you are involved in a ritualistic abuse or other satanic crime case, don't work it alone. If you do, you'll 'get screwed' one way or another! Take a witness with you during contacts to give support both physically and spiritually. The police are the last line of defense for the kids, the intended victims of satanists. You must be prepared for the tasks and responsibilities that entails. 'Satanism,' the term, has become a catch-all for a lot of things, but it should only be used in correct perspective. The diversity of satanic involvement is endless, based upon the number of individuals involved who each form their own ideas about it. Substitute the term 'orthodox satanism' in its proper usage and appropriate place. Lumping all satanic- type things under the term 'satanism' will negatively affect your credibility. If we place 'orthodox satanism' on a continuum, it will be on the far left side. Nearer toward the center will be the devil worship cults of which we see occasional evidence. Farther to the right are the witches, pagans, and other occult groups. Finally, across the line of the far right, are the Christians. The pure group of 'orthodox satanists' is never seen or identified in public, yet it is this group of invisible satanists who plant the seeds and encourage all the other more visible satanic groups. In order to understand what belief in the devil means, we have to delve into the mindset of the worshipper. We have to lay our personal belief systems aside and try to determine what the belief system of the devil worshipper is. The Leader: Satan, also known as Lucifer, the fallen angel; who is brilliant and wants to be like God, to take power. Biblical accounts indicate that Satan was given legal dominion over this earth for a time. The Issues: Pertinent issues relate primarily to Jesus Christ in some fashion. Jesus is God incarnate who won the battle with Lucifer, freed and redeemed sinners, and was Himself resurrected from the dead. Satan has not accepted that he lost the battle...he is a poor sport. 36. The Authority: Unhappily for Satan, Jesus has authority over him. Jesus is Satan's arch-enemy. We must realize that Satan plays the numbers game; he goes for the 'body count,' that is, the number of souls in his camp at time of death. He uses every tool over which he has dominion to trick and trap men, including: materialism and material things, forces of nature, powers of science (the disciplines such as earth sciences, chemistry, numerology, astrology, etc.) Satanism is a belief system believing in the power of evil. There is no freedom in satanism; worshippers forfeit all freedom of choice. It is the antithesis of Christianity, working against every form possible. Orthodox satanism is a very involved system with intentional choices. The core group is too smart to assign a name or label. Their networking is extremely sophisticated and supremely secretive, a life-and- death commitment. The levels of orthodox satanism are like those encountered in an extensive drug ring...level upon level upon level...each knowing only what is necessary about the other, upper levels. There is a common thread running throughout the many manifestations of satanism. The high media impact 'helter skelter' manifestations are merely a facet of the core group's plan. This 'primary group' plants seeds, infiltrates, aids, encourages, directs, but very quietly, at low key. To visualize the satanist's mindset, we need to think in the negative or reverse. Think OPPOSITES. This is bizarre, but lends valuable insight. For instance, satanists don't love sex, they hate it, yet they use it ritually all the time. What is good, honorable, just, worthy to us is bad, despicable, foul and unworthy to the satanist. Be a skeptic when satanistic information comes your way. Always dig deeper. Look for the level beyond and above the one you are in contact with. don't take information at face value. The groups/persons you will encounter on the streets and involved in crimes are not the primary satanists. Find out who is supporting, directing these people...then who is behind the back-up level, etc. TOPIC: Ritualized Abuse It is impossible to deal with ritual crime without dealing with belief systems. You must acknowledge the spiritual belief system of your suspect without being judgemental. DON'T JUDGE. DON'T TRY TO CONVERT HIM. JUST LISTEN! Beliefs affect behavior. We live and die for our beliefs and ideals. Everything we do is controlled by our beliefs. 37. Police officers deal with some people who believe in evil...just as we may believe in good, or patriotism, or love. Society cannot accept every belief system. It rejects and tries to purge those which are harmful or destructive. Within each of us is deep symbolism such as this example: 'hooded figures dancing in circles around a fire.' We all have that particular symbol and the associated reactions to it. Some psycho-pathological disturbances may appear to be crimes, but are actual mental abberations...i.e.: dissociative splits in personalities. If you aren't looking for or listening for the clues, you'll miss them. You have to listen to hear. Keep your mind open. Don't judge them. Fear opens up the gate to Satan's power. He has no power over an individual unless that person opens up to him, invites him in, or caves in to his authority. Sometimes illusion and magic tricks seem to enhance satanic effects and hasten the capitulation to his power. Actual possession is very rare. Oppression is more common and dangerous. There is a difference between ritual abuse and sexual abuse. Treating both as sex abuse will severely damage the ritualistically abused child. Definition: 'Ritualized Abuse is repeated physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual assaults combined with a systemized use of symbols, ceremonies, and machinations designed and orchestrated to attain malevolent effects.' The abuses may be repeated 100-1000 times! The assaults target the physical level first, then the emotional, mental and spiritual levels of the child. They are a planned, detailed program designed to turn the victim against itself, society, and God. Every assault has a purpose. The sex-type assaults are not the 'dog in heat syndrome for sexual gratification,' but part of a process to degrade the child and produce guilt. Careful planning and execution is required by the perpetrators and the process takes a long time with repeated contacts. Every step is premeditated. The Motive: to remove the child from everything good, normal, healthy, Godly; to inculcate the child into the primary belief system of Satan. Ritualistic Abuse is an assault against innocence. Short-term motivation is to gain POWER over a child. This is not for sexual gratification...don't make that mistake! It is very difficult to 'capture a child,' to turn him or her against everything that God wants him/her to become. Ritualized Abuse is not for the purpose of destroying the child, but rather to gain access to that child later in society. The Ritualized Abuse process will warp the child totally, make it predisposed to accept the devil's philosophy 38. later in life. Another purpose is to inculcate the child into the primary Satanic group. These children are literally time bombs planted in society! Our courts and laws are not designed to operate in the realm of belief systems, only with some superficial physical and some emotional facets of the victimizations. Specific ritual abuse statutes are needed in every state in addition to the sexual abuse statutes. When confronted with a child who has undergone ritualized abuse, focus on the fact that the child is a SURVIVOR, not a victim. Stand up with him. Listen to him. Believe the bizarre things he tells have happened to him...AND THAT HE HAS SURVIVED! Top eschelon suspects will have nothing in their homes to tip off the police to their involvement. You might see a large gold ring...take it off and look through it backward...LOOK OPPOSITE! Your interview techniques must be reversed, planned out, and organized. You should develop resource teams to aid your investigation and the handling of your survivor(s). Include a knowledgeable-but-cool clergyman, an open-minded-but-stable psychologist, and a survivor who has lived through the experience and come successfully out the other side. Who are the victims/survivors? Where do they come from? Some are given by parents who are committed cult members. Look for prior ceremonies at the home to prepare the woman for pregnancy; there will be chanting; the pregnant mother will have patterned pin pricks on her abdomen. A supposedly upright doctor will always be at the hospital when she is. The doctor will be a high level member of the cult group. Often, the mother-to-be will be fearful; she may not be a very high-ranking member, but one who was brought in due to circumstances in her life. The mother may have had child- related trauma in her live previously. She may be bitter against God. She may be interested in dabbling in Satanism. The age 27-28 is very significant, as is the date of birth due to the importance of astrology to these practitioners. The mother may talk about giving the baby away, losing it, or may be getting lots of visitors...these are indicators. Often such babies are born in a private home by a participating doctor. The birth will not be recorded; there will be no official way to track the child. In this case, backtrack and see how often this family has moved. Plot their moves on a map of your city. Find out how long they stayed at each location. If their intent is to inculcate their child into the Satanic group, their moves will be counterclockwise around the compass, i.e.: in reverse. They will usually be seen as modest, good neighbors, but the rest of the neighbors 39. will not know too much about them. Your investigation may show a history of a child in the family who has been absent or sick for much of the time. This is an attempt to explain to neighbors why the child has not been seen for a long time. The parents will be very wary and protective of their children who may show terror when confronted with uniformed officers. Children marked for Ritualized Abuse will have been prepared for 2-4 years. Excessive use of enemas stretches and prepares the child for massive sex use of the rectum and to get control of the child. There will be a history of no child-mother contact for 6-12 months to eliminate parental bonding. A cover story on 'Mom has been sick' will probably be told. The child will not be bonded to the natural mother, but to some other 'family member' such as an 'uncle' or 'grandmother.' No-one will know much about the child who rarely is exposed in public. The mother's history may contain a few prior abortions, because her flesh has been 'collected' for ritual purposes. What do your hospitals do with still-births and abortion tissue? Usually, this flesh is just trash-canned which makes it easily available for a participating doctor or nurse to collect for use in important rituals. Three month fetuses are collected from the potential mother. A cult group seen abusing 2 year old children is just 'messing around.' Those children aren't ready for ritualized abuse leading to inculcation into the parent group. The targeted child is usually a male, but females are acceptable, too. They are usually named after someone important to the group, and often a name which is easily transferrable, such as Michael-Michelle. At age four, the child will be used in rituals. It will be pointed, turned, spun around, lifted, turned left and right, grabbed by the crotch, grabbed by the throat, passed from person to person...all to disorient the child. All levels of orientation are attacked. Little children who lose their sense of direction become fearful; fear opens the door. The child will be pointed in specific, reverse compass directions. Often, the ritual including chanting, will be masked by a 'normal looking' loud party upstairs. The rituals, which usually occur at night, are accompanied by early sexual assaults. Brutal grabbings lead to sexual assault. Pre-school youngsters may tell you of games involving losing their sense of direction. Listen to them! The victims can't make any sense of the goings-on at all. They tend to regress into immediate fantasy of escape, 40. becoming internally oblivious to what happens to them. Sodomy--in the mouth, in front, and in back--occurs often by many members of the group. It is brief, clinical, brutal to gain entry into the child's spirit. The only thing desired of the child is his/her co-operation. To insure this, punishment, disorientation, shock, and terror are the tools. When the ritual ends, the child is immediately abandoned and sent to bed without any outside contact. The same scene may be repeated in a short time or a few days to involve other cult members. The child is thrown back and forth between strangers. A child can only tell of being spun and hurt; he won't be able to describe anything else. These rituals are repeated at night, often on Saturday night between 1:00-3:00 A.M. The dates of the 13th. and (better) the 31st. are significant. If they fall on a weekend, the ritual will most likely be repeated then. Should that combination also fall on a major Catholic feast day, the likelihood of a ritual occurence is very high. The abusers try to make the child feel guilty for having done something seriously wrong. They trap the child into believing that he/she has commited a heinous act, or, into actually doing something awful, in order to insure the child's silence. You will have to overcome that fear and guilt in order to obtain disclosures from the child. All events are plotted out to coincide with significant dates so that the child will be ready for the major ritual on October 31st. The cults try to make the child feel guilty of murder. The victim is usually a cult member who is too old, sick, or useless, and who is usually very evil or close to possession, and who does not have high community profile. The victim may be the partner of a member who the group wants to get rid of. The victim will not be a co-operative one. The child-murderer scenario may be something like this: There is a light-hearted party atmosphere with the cult members present. It may be a birthday party for the child. The victim is murdered by cult members during the course of the playful party atmosphere--laughing, talking, etc. The child will be made to feel implicated in the death. It is staged so the child feels responsibility. The child is left around the situation with 'staged concern' that he/she won't get arrested for the murder. Discussion ensues about how to get rid of the body heaping levels of guilt, threats, fear of getting caught, and punishment of the child. Disposal of the body often adds to the child's guilt feeling. Sometimes traffic accidents are staged which are supposedly the fault of the child who 'caused' the accident to occur. Fire is often involved in the disposal of the body, which is reclaimed later for use in rituals by the cult group. This process attaches incredible guilt on the child. 41. In two to four weeks the rituals begin again. Concerted attacks on parent-child bonding are included. The child is taken from his natural parents and moved, often blindfolded and driven in bizarre fashion according to specific reverse compass directions. These groups believe in the natural forces, such as the laws of magnetism and directions. Of course, they reverse everything. The child is abandoned in a dark, closed place in a strange house. This isolation aids in rupturing the attachment to the biological mom and dad. Again, the cult's intent is to turn the child against everything normal, every healthy attachment. The child will tell bizarre stories about drowning (being rescued by the high priestess or priest), various threats and experiences of near-death circumstances. Instead of the biological mom coming to the rescue, the surrogate mother is the savior. The child will tell of isolation, hope then disappointment, fear, despair, replacement of natural affections. Sometimes the biological mom will call and get an answer from the child, then will leave without contact. This process is repeated for 2-4 weeks. Every familiar object which is precious to the child is taken away. Sometimes the family home bathroom is the location of much abuse. There is a great deal of stress to the child that its biological parents don't care, are ineffectual, are vulnerable...this breaks the parent-child trust relationship. The child must accept its 'new' or 'other' parents (the High Priest and Priestess) instead of its biological parents. To summarize Stage I. of the process: [1] Disorientation, [2] Rupture of Attachments, [3] Breaking of bonds with parents, and [4] Establishment of new bonds. Additional Rituals incorporate circles, gowns, chanting, candles, and sex activity of EVERY POSSIBLE BIZARRE, UNBELIEVABLE TYPE. Noting normal is done. Everything has a ritual significance. Sometimes the child is set right in the midst of the group, then tossed, turned, disoriented. The child must experience seeding from every male and secretions from the vagina of every female in the group before bonding to the satanic parent. An outside observer would think an orgy was taking place, but not so; this is very programmed, organized behavior with specific intents. The rituals use every and any part of animals, food, excrement, and articles for abuse. There is NO WAY the child is feeling anything good about itself. In one such ritual, a 'birthday party' for the child, at which all the 'ladies' of the cult are present, a coffee table is used as a minor altar. It is draped and has purple or black candles on it. The child, dressed in white, is laid on the table. Frenzied chanting begins, with dancing all around. The women use 42. colored sticks to poke into the vagina, rectum, and other body openings of the child. Ritual games with the sticks are completed. Each woman forces the child's face into her vagina, forcing upward in a 'reverse birth.' This is painful for the child who is passed around the group and forced to have oral sex with each. Excrement and urine are smeared on the child who is also made to eat and drink these. Ashes of a dead person are rubbed onto and eaten by the child who is then abandoned to contemplate the horror it has just lived through. Then, the men begin the same thing. Each member must perform acts upon the child. In the early stages, the child must spend the night with each female member of the group and then get involved in a sex triangle. There is a circle connection between the genitals of the participants. The child is again thrown into the air, spun around, and left on the ground, discarded, until the next night. In subsequent ceremonies, dead flesh or the flesh from a baby are smeared on the body of the child. This flesh is introduced into every opening of the child's body. The High Priest attacks the child in front of everyone, making sexual penetration in front and back, accompanied with disorientation. The purpose of the sex contacts is not pleasure, but to alter the sexual orientation of the child. These contacts are done in multiples and combinations to make the child as evil as possible. Frankly, Satan has no balls! Therefore, his followers are trying to break something in the child to allow procreation by Satan in the sexual realm. His entire focus is on procreating a Satanic child, an anti- messiah, so as to bargain his way back into heaven and out of eternal punishment. Evidence is sometimes present if you will look for it. The sheets on a large bed may be black or red. Thirteen candles (black or purple) may be present, as may be a large knife, a chalice, or ashes which are invaluable and are ingested or applied in various ways. Dead flesh and human ashes are used in an attempt to introduce something dead into the child. The victim child is usually kept in a low cage, making it impossible to stand erect. The child remains there, usually naked and surrounded by its own filth, in the middle of a dark, deserted room for a long time. Children retreat inwardly; they possess an incredible invulnerability to all of this, even though they are physically damaged. Satanists are looking for glimmers of light to rub out. Therapy for a child who has been misused so, involves also looking for glimmers of light and hope which remain. These must be reinforced to bring inner healing. The child will have focussed on something to hold on to--a kitten, a ray of light streaming 43. through a crack in a dark room--these should be used as pivotal points of reference until the child can progress in the healing process. Remind the child that love cannot be taken. Try to turn negatives into positives. Often the abused children are brought to a near-death state and show up in an E.R. There will always be close monitoring by adult group members at any outside facility. The child will be totally afraid, terrorized, especially with uniformed guards, gowned doctors, and physical examinations. Consider how a young, terror-stricken child will view a stranger in a gown who approaches with a tongue depressor and pokes it into a body opening. The child thinks that Ritualized Abuse is happening again. All medical examinations have similarities to cult abuse techniques. Therefore, when you observe extreme terror at normal procedures, consider it an indicator. There is a good chance that the adult abusers may themselves have been the victims of ritualized abuse as children. The practice has been on-going for a long time. This may explain why and how the Ritualized Abuse we have uncovered so far has been so diabolically and skillfully done. The ancient aspects of these activities are very secretive. The 'satanic rituals' seen published in any book or portrayed by the media are superficial window-dressing. The real rituals are secret, valuable, and not published. Ritualized Abusers are very normal-looking and carry on normal lives. They are members of every strata of society which they have carefully infiltrated. Any position of societal power or influence should be seen as a target for infiltration. The perpetrators have masses of money available. Many have impeccable credentials--doctors, ministers, professionals of every kind. However, their eyes often give them away...they appear dead and dark. Their love is feigned, not real. The Abuse progresses. The child is confronted with death and graves. The rituals now frequently involve graveyards, especially at certain times. Practitioners often take finger bones of deceased persons, not skulls as popularly portrayed. They will unearth the grave of saintly or 'good' persons. In their bone collections, the bones of the more saintly departed are the most valuable. Bones are the last things formed in the uterus and the last thing to decompose. Look for a 'bone bag' among the possessions of suspected perpetrators. If you find a collection of finger bones, you have something VERY HOT! There is stress placed on the celebration of death during the traditional Christian Christmas Season. They use an opened grave, into which the biological mother (or whoever is 44. most bonded to the child) lowers the child. Then dead animals (especially kittens) are thrown into the grave. Blood is smeared onto the child. Sometimes the child's body is covered with white on the left and black (or blood) on the right side. Then the child is left shivering and alone in a grave with a decomposed body, dead animals, and covered with filth. This ritual usually occurs at 1:00 A.M. The child is left to scream and cry in solitude until about 3:00 A.M. at which time the High Priestess rescues and lifts the child out of the grave. The child is left with an enormous burden. The child believes that "I must be really BAD for my Mom to do this to me!" Children totally accept guilt of their parents. Some variations of this occur. Sometimes a mausoleum to which the group has access is used. (The proprietor of a funeral home or operator of a mausoleum would be a prime candidate for recruitment into the group.) The grave may be that of a significant past member of the cult. Dead cats are significant because in these traditions they are important to the females. Dog is God spelled backwards and is also a symbol of the male. Horned animals are also important and may be seen. The date of the grave ceremony is critical to the child's 'rebirth' as a child of Satan. This ceremony occurs on October 31-November 1. After the grave ceremony, a whole new batch of ceremonies begins. A large effigy (often plaster) is introduced. This is an important symbol. It begins as white and is used in magic rituals. Then it develops eyes and sounds are heard from it, then they are gone. Much of this is contrived illusion. There is room for a person to enter inside the effigy. At age four years eight months, the child who had previously 'died' in the grave ceremony is taken to a different, larger location which has major ritual ceremonies. These involve calling forth spiritual powers in more intense 'power ceremonies.' Many spinning contraptions are used to which the child is strapped and spun. There are many more items of paraphernalia to aid in the rituals. The practitioners use illusion and trickery to try to show how magic can resurrect a body back to life. The child is placed into a coffin with a dead body. Sometimes dismembered body parts are combined and 'miraculously' the body starts to move and twitch. This is caused by a flow of electric current through the dead muscles. However, the child is convinced that the illusion is real, he or she sees magic and the power in magic as real. The use of mind-altering drugs such as methedrine, amphetamines, and sodium pentathol help with the illusory 45. effects. Combinations of 'driving drugs' and sedatives keep the child very vulnerable to suggestion. Some barbiturates are very short term and quickly disappear. Hypnosis is also used as mental combinations are implanted in the child's mind. Curses written on paper are inserted in the child's body openings. Curses have power and work if you believe in this point, the child does believe. Layer upon layer of abuse and manipulation occur with increasing complexity; these range from physical to spiritual assaults. Ideas in combinations are implanted which are very important for control of the child in later life. Psychological triggers are set to control when certain manifestations occur years later, or as a set-up for suicide. In therapy settings with survivors, if the therapist tries to use any technique used by the perpetrators he is on dangerous ground. He is literally disturbing a ticking time- bomb with a hair trigger. Do not use hypnosis or the lie detector...the survivor has been through everything available to the therapist. Every societal image of trust has been addressed during abuse and used to destroy faith in the child. The therapist must listen from a VERY NEUTRAL perspective...just listen and reinforce the positives. However, through all of the cult's manipulations, the victim-child is not under their control. There is a deep- seated 'God-spark' of life which is untouchable to the Satanist. It is a built-in survival mechanism; kids are powerful and cannot be controlled. Our view, as noted earlier, is often a 'victimized view.' This is a total insult to children. A child is protected by God until the age of six. They usually grow up to be incredible adults if they don't compromise themselves after age six. Kids know love inside. By regressing into themselves some victims never give any of their 'true selves' to their abusers. They learn to play the cultist's game outwardly, but their 'inside self' is someplace other than where or what the cultists are doing. This is a difficult concept to understand and deals with innate knowledge being different from information; spirit versus intellect. Unfortunately, victims of Ritualized Abuse are often stored by society in mental wards because we have not learned how to deal with them. Warning: Do not trust information and reasoning unless it is consistent with your spiritual, inside feelings. Test the spirits. The brainwashing techniques used by the abusers are carefully orchestrated so that they set the child up to emerge later, such as at age 13-14. The triggers are usually set for 46. two year combinations. At age 13-14 a girl may be impregnated by the cult and kept at the periphery of the cult. She will be brought into the primary cult at age 28. The cult organization keeps track of where these people are worldwide. They issue reminders to keep the person moving back toward the cult. By age 28, these people are usually hard-core cases-- though not hopeless. Multiples are important. Age 28, then age 56 are key ages for surfacing and resurfacing. The child is moved constantly while growing up. Even if they try to talk, no-one believes them. TOPIC: Summary from Michelle Smith, Ritualized Abuse Survivor. (Note: Michelle's therapy with Dr. Pazder is documented in the book MICHELLE REMEMBERS, Pocketbooks Publishers. The following notes are impressions and fragments of statements which Dr. Pazder recalled for the seminar participants.) Unusual events brought Michelle back to therapy with Dr. Pazder. On her 28th. birthday, memories started to resurface. At first she developed a physical rash and felt pressure inside. Body signs are the first clue of a survivor. There was no physical cause of the rash; it appeared to stem from psychological roots. The symptoms persisted. Michelle went to see Dr. Pazder and the internal pressure to tell him something increased. It felt like a life-or-death need to tell, but Michelle did not consciously know what burdened her. The manifestation was still totally subconscious, not conscious recollections. Things surface when a victim is ready and someone is present who is willing to listen. Michelle was deadly serious; there was no lightness in her. She had a feeling of terror, but did not know what she wanted to say. She had complete trust in Dr. Pazder. She wanted to lie down instead of sitting upright so that she would have total concentration. Michelle was reassured by Dr. Pazder that everything was going to be alright. He was prepared to go wherever Michelle needed to go to remember. They used the technique of relaxation toward the pressure building inside Michelle. This was initially terrifying as Michelle remembered backward to early memories of sexual abuse. The feeling was like tumbling backwards into an abyss. Terror. Feelings of insanity or death. At one point Michelle screamed terribly for half an hour...and that seemed to open the door to her memories. Dr. Pazder constantly reassured her that it was O.K. to cry, she was hurting, after all. He let her cry. Images of her past began to flash through her conscious mind. Strange images. Tiny bits of information. (People having been through a very severe experience will not sit down and calmly tell you all about it. Only lesser experiences can be so narrated.) 47. Do not judge the pieces of the puzzle as they surface. Wait for the entire picture. They will fall into place in time. Believe what the victim tells you is what they believe. The scenes usually opened up at the beginning for Michelle. Any hint of disapproval or concern on the Doctor's part would have shut off the flow. (Remember that the victim-survivor isn't going to pieces, but once again coming alive!) Listening is listening. Michelle began remembering a 14 month period of time from her childhood in sequential order. She recalled all she saw, heard, said using the mannerisms of a 4-5 year old child. She went through total reliving. She had physical body memories, including coughs, rashes, pain, pricks, etc. Every memory was tied to the next memory. She focused on the body memories. This process was relentless. Michelle was powerless to alter or control the remembering once it got started. She often was very cold, unable to get warm. She experienced wrenching in her stomach and chest, as well as other physical manifestations. Her memory caused her body senses to exist, that is, brought forth taste, sound, and feeling. Her various body parts remembered the sensations they experienced which were stored in her memory. Her fractured body memories had to be pieced together. Michelle's healing came when her entire body had its turn to remember. 'Imprints' were body experiences being recalled. This was a long (physically and emotionally) painful experience. After each memory, she felt peace and relief. She did not dwell on the memories between visits to the Doctor. They were separated from her normal home life which she maintained in balance, even though her own mother had given her over to an abusive cult when she was a small child. Michelle's life history is similar to the model for such groups: 1. 4-6 yoa Indoctrination 2. 6-8 yoa Normal life with biological parents. The abuse information is buried in the child's subconscious, is not known to the conscious mind. 3. 13-14 yoa Females are impregnated by the group. 4. Teens Usually stay away from the group. Have sharp perceptions; are time-bombs in society. 5. 28 yoa Re-introduction to the cult group to introduce same abuse and molestation to others. 6. 56 yoa Re-re-introduce to cult in upper eschelon status. Years are always fused together in two's. This is related to numerology and magnetism. Michelle was forced to participate in the Feast of the Beast, the highest Satanic celebration which occurs once each 48. 28 years. Her's occured in Victoria, B.C.; high-ranking satanists from all over the world arrived and participated. The symbol of the Horns of Death is tied to the Feast of the Beast, a ceremony at which Satan himself appears. Each part of the symbol is significant. It is displayed on floors and cloaks of those involved in the primary group's experience. This symbol is not seen in satanic groups of lesser, more superficial/visible degrees. HORNS OF DEATH [Illustration not reproduced] Summary: Knowledge is the most powerful tool. Stand up with the little ones. Have courage and believe them. They need us.


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