Hi all, and welcome to the fourth in what is an unfortunately long series of Christian hat

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Hi all, and welcome to the fourth in what is an unfortunately long series of Christian hate articles and posts on various BBSes. This is the largest X-Hate I have ever compiled, for one very good reason: It includes RITCRIME.TXT, which is a summary of presentations at a law-enforcement symposium on "satanic" crime sponsored by the same folks that bring you File18. The speakers are all biased by a Christian world-view, and rag on everything from the O.T.O. to AD&D, to SCA, to anything that doesn't fall into the category of Born-again Christianity. It's a huge file, and it's shocking, because the attendees at the conference may very well have included law enforcement officers from YOUR TOWN. Read it well. It's downright appaling, but this is what we apparently must face nowadays. Other stuff within include a series of dumps taken from Magicknet and Cult Watch chronicling the maltreatment that one Wiccan, Rowan Moonstone, received at the hands of the Moderator of Cult Watch Echo, Matthew Dunham. Dunham is a real live little Hitler, and I have been challenging him at every turn for the sake of all other beliefs than the Christian Hysteric one he professes, especially Paganism of both the Wiccan and Native-Shamanic kind. I also include a little file which has guidelines for Wiccan contacts with the media, either to debunk Christian Hysterics or to do a little positive PR of their own. I know some Wiccans hate publicity, but it's the only way we can stop the attacks long enough to make people realize that we AREN'T killing babies, that these Blood Libels are untrue, and we are as deserving of protection under the 1st Amendment right of Free Exercise of Faith as anyone else is. Oh well...dig in, and Courage. Walk In Beauty and Balance...MK-H


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