XIANHATE.ARC What this is is a condensation of a very large group of files uploaded to Mys

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XIANHATE.ARC ~~~~~~~~~~~~ What this is is a condensation of a very large group of files uploaded to Mysteria BBS. It was compiled by someone who seems to be a very concerned Pagan who read these files and compiled them into one file in order for more of us to hear exactly what these people are talking about "behind our backs" and sometimes to our faces. The files I have chosen are a cross-section of the archive's contents. They are: BIBLE.TXT An exposition on the Bible that sounds suspiciously like Gematrian analysis. You will find that Qabala is badmouthed in several other places in this compilation. CULT.TXT Which is a summation of the things the Fundies believe are earmarks of cults. Some of these points are actually valid, some are downright BS. MASON.TXT So this is what Uncle Harry does every Tuesday at the Lodge! Seriously, this file manages to also condemn Qabala and Buddhism at the same time as it attacks Freemasonry. While you're at it, why not throw in George Washington, too? He was a Freemason by admission! NEWAGE.TXT A file that generalizes that a) all people in the New Age movement support Benjamin Creme's "Reappearance of the Christ" assertions, and that b) all people in the New Age movement are into Alice Bailey. NEWAGEB.TXT A continuation of the same train of thought. OTHERJUS.TXT A tirade about how all non-Christians follow Satan (really? That's news to me!) README.TXT The original README file from the archive ROMCH.TXT A condemnation of Roman Catholicism, including an attack on any concept of a female side of the Deity ROSC.TXT A condemnation of Rosicrucianism, occultism and alchemical philosophy. SRF-CT.TXT A tirade against Hinduism in all forms. Imagine how this would play in New Delhi? I have added two files: this file that you are reading now, and a file which includes a "cult evaluation frame", originally published in Isaac Bonewitz's "Real Magic". I have not gotten permission from him for use of this, but since I have seen this in similar form other places, primarily in a Sociology textbook I used once in a class I took in College, this is probably safe to use. It seems to be founded on psychological, objective principles, although some of the criteria are subjective in nature. This file is called CULTDANG.FRM, and is also published separately from the Archive. I suggest that none of these files save for CULTDANG.FRM be run outside this archive. They are too loaded with bigotry to be anything other than a hindrance. Read these well, and use these as a jumping-off point to foster understanding and dialogue between Pagan and Christian, not as a rationale to escalate this unfortunate situation by taking revenge on these people yourself. Revenge belongs to Earth Mother and Sky Father, not to you. Beauty Before you-Beauty Behind you-Bright Blessings! Michelle Klein-Hass SysOp, Shaman's Soup BBS


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