7 December 1988 Hi all you out there in Modem land! This is Michelle Klein-Hss with yet a

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7 December 1988 Hi all you out there in Modem land! This is Michelle Klein-Hss with yet another of the X-Hate series. Many have wondered where I have gone in recent months, having ceased my modeming quite abruptly. My husband and I have been in a state of flux regarding living arrangements and phones. We have moved twice in as many months, and at this writing do not have a phone. This will change quite soon, I hope. I am sorry if my absence has damaged either Magicknet or EarthLink, I imagine that EarthLink especially is dying on the vine if it isn't dead already. Unfortunately my husband and I are not wealthy people or our living and phone situation would have been more stable. Anyhow, here it is--the sixth X-Hate. Much has happened since the last one came out. Christian anti-Paganism has come out of the closet and into media big time with the Geraldo Rivera "Satanism" special, the highest rated special that NBC has ever had. Rivera himself made no connection between Wiccan or Shamanic Paganism and so-called "Satanic" practice, but others on his panel made that connection. Allegations straight out of Vile 18 of baby-farming for sacrifice, child abuse, and ritual murder and mutilation were trotted out and given the stamp of "fact". An investigation, on a whim, at a local Christian bookstore yielded approximately 40-50 titles of trade paperbacks and hardcover books ALONE on the "New Age", "Occult" and "Witchcraft" as works of the Devil, not to mention pamphlets and tracts galore. I am going on an expedition today to find out exactly how many of these books are in the Christian stores, and to get a booklist together. It should be here in this "issue" if I am successful. If I can find some anti-Pagan tracts there too I will transcribe them verbatim and include them too. I am sorry about my absense, but will be returning soon to active participation on the Net. You are all in my thoughts and are included in my prayers to Great Spirit Lifegiver Usen'. Walk in beauty and balance on Our Mother The Earth, Michelle Chihacou White Puma Klein-Hss.


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