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=-=-=-=-=-=-= To: All Message #: 2592 >2927 From: Dan Holdgreiwe Submitted: 14 Nov 91 13:08:00 Subject: The Pagan Invasion Status: Public Received: No Group: CULTINFO (13) From the "Resource Catalog" of the Omega Letter Publishing Group: ---------------------------------------------------------------- THE PAGAN INVASION An Exciting New 13 Part Video Series THE MOST STARTLING EXAMINATION OF AMERICA' OCCULT AND NEOPAGAN REVIVAL TO DATE! -Over 12 years in the making! -Exclusive interviews, analysis and commentaries by the world's foremost Christian leaders and authors! -Rare, behind-the-scenes footage from around the world, including leaders in the Pagan world! -State-of-the-art computer animantion! -Amazing scenes of Pagan rituals. Not reenactments! -Over 3 million dollars in production costs and special effects! -Biblical, in-depth examination of New Age Philosophy and Pagan Mysticism. A MESSAGE SO POWERFUL IT WILL ROCK THE FOUNDATION OF PAGAN INFLUENCE AND SUPERCHARGE THE CHURCH INTO ACTION! Narrated by Chuck Smith and Caryl Matrisciana TITLES IN THE PAGAN INVASION SERIES 1. HALLOWEEN: TRICK OR TREAT 2. INVASION OF THE GODMEN 3. MEDITATION: PATHWAY TO DECEPTION? 4. THE EAST SEDUCES THE WEST 5. DAWNING OF THE NEW AGE 6. EVOLUTION: HOAX OF THE CENTURY? 7. EVOLUTION: FROM PHYSICS TO METAPHYSICS 8. PREVIEW OF THE ANTI-CHRIST 9. SECRETS OF MIND CONTROL 10. THE LATTER DAY EMPIRE 11. JOSEPH SMITH'S TEMPLE OF DOOM 12. RELIGION VS. CHRISTIANITY 13. DOORWAYS TO SATAN (Individual tapes are $19.95, the complete 13 video set is only $199.00. To order call 1-800-PROPHECY) COMMENT: If you still don't think we're all in this together, read over that list of titles once again. Paganism, meditation, Eastern thought, New Age, mind-control, Joseph Smith -- we're all part of the same Satanic conspiracy. QUESTION: Will Harvey Smith or Ed Decker denounce this sleeze? Or do standards of fair play not apply to anyone who doesn't meet their narrow standard of Christian orthodoxy?


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