BY MULLEN, DON DATELINE NEW YORK (UPI) October 30, 1989 TIME 0957ps CYCLE bc In their annu

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BY: MULLEN, DON DATELINE: NEW YORK (UPI) October 30, 1989 TIME: 09:57ps CYCLE: bc In their annual Halloween look at what's up next year, American witches Monday predicted that Donald Trump will lose most of his money in a rigged pinochle game and Roseanne Barr will become one of America's most beautiful women. In the 16th annual survey compiled by the New York Center for the Strange, the witches also forecast that 1990 is going to see major shortages of herring, banjos, billiard balls and Marilyn Quayle posters. Tammy Faye Bakker, they say, will change her last name, dropping one "k." And a book will be published claiming Zsa Zsa Gabor was really born and raised in Houston. The tongue-in-cheek predictions from the Center for the Strange "a non-profit organization involved basically in research" is also accompanied by a plea from Executive Director Richard Blaine for a better understanding of witches. He insists that the 330 American witches polled this year do not cackle, ride brooms or cast evil spells. Their ranks include a New York real estate tycoon, several members of Congress and the wife of a TV evangelist, he said but no names, please. "To millions of men and women the world over who practice the religion of witchcraft, Halloween is when they are most likely to be hapless victims of society's ignorance and prejudices," Blaine said. Some of the predictions: TV's Geraldo Rivera will claim to have been held captive by aliens from outer space. It will become fashionable for West Coast businessmen to wear non-matching shoes. New York Mayor Ed Koch will be appointed ambassador to the United Nations by President Bush. A Japanese corporation will launch a chain of "McSushi" restaurants in the United States. New fads will be pizza throwing, indoor kite flying, jazz square-dancing and competitive skipping. Viewers will claim that a national cable TV network test pattern acts as an aphrodisiac. Vice President Quayle will write a book of rhymes for pre-schoolers. Astonomers will discover a new planet no larger than Philadelphia. Ronald and Nancy Reagan will make cameo appearances in a new Woody Allen movie. Chicago will displace Paris as the fashion capital of the world.


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