THE POOR LITTLE WITCH by Jack T. Chick adapted from comic form by J. Brad Hicks On a crowd

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THE POOR LITTLE WITCH by Jack T. Chick adapted from comic form by J. Brad Hicks On a crowded volleyball court, one girl lay dejected on the ground. Her classmates derided her: "@#*!! Mandy dropped the ball AGAIN!" "Of course!" "Mandy! ... Can't you do ANYTHING right?" "Why do we have to put up with HER?" Mandy could only sob, "I'm sorry!" That night, she went to her mom for sympathy, but her mother didn't even look up from the bills. "Don't talk to me now, Mandy! Can't you see I'm busy? Since your father left us I'm the only one to support this family ..." Alone in her room, Mandy was inconsolable. "I'd give anything to be like the other girls ... If only I could BE someone!" A passing demon smiled, and silently said, "You CAN be ... I'll see to that!" The next day in one of her classes, the pretty young teacher singled her out. "Mandy, could you stay after school please?" ("Oh. Oh. What did I do wrong?" worried Mandy.) But the teacher wanted to talk about something else. "Mandy, I know you're lonely, but you're such a sweet and talented girl ... You should have a lot of friends." Mandy was dumb-struck. "Me?" Later, she told her mother, "Mom, my teacher, Mrs. White, has invited me to a slumber party at her house this weekend. She's really nice. Can I go?" Her mother replied, "Sure, why not?" That weekend, as Mandy approached the house, Mrs. White warned the other girls. "We have a new girl ... Mandy! Go easy with her. She doesn't know!" That night, one of the girls said to her, "Hey, Mandy, do you want to learn some really neat new things?" "Sure," said Mandy. Another girl nudged her and said, "Watch this." In minutes, the coffee table was hovering several feet above the ground. Mandy was astonished! "WOW! Could I do that?" "It's easy," the girl replied, "we'll show you how." Two weeks later, one of the older girls in the group came to Mandy with a suggestion. "Hey, Mandy, how would you like to see the other girls drop the ball in P.E.?" Mandy didn't have to think twice. "I WISH! They're always putting me down. Is there a way?" The older girl nodded, and said, "Sure ... here's what you do. Before you go to school, light a candle, sit and stare into the light and ask Bruth to help you." "Who's Bruth?" Mandy wanted to know. "Oh ... he's just a friend," the other girl replied. "Just try it and you'll see." The next morning before school, Mandy sat on her bed and stared hard at the candle on the nightstand. "Oh, Bruth, you are my friend. Please help me in P.E. today! Make Cathy drop the ball!" she said. Feeling something more was required, she added, "I command you!" The half-visible demon hovering just outside her field of vision nodded. "Gotcha, Baby!" he silently replied. And that day in P.E., it was a different girl who crouched on the volleyball court after a painful stumble. A teammate berated her, "Cathy, you're screwing up today. That's the THIRD TIME ... even Mandy's playing better than you!" In the back, Mandy secretly smiled. "WOW!" she thought, "This is great!" Across town in the big new church building, a crowd gathers around the large and cheerful figure of the new pastor. "Pastor ... what a blessing to have you lead our congregation," one woman gushes. A balding gentleman held out a thick wad of bills, and said, "Here's a love gift, Reverend, go buy some new suits." Another man asked, "Do you find the parsonage comfortable, Rev. Chuckwyn?" Pastor Chuckwyn was enthusiastic. "Oh my yes, Mr. White ... It's a palace. Why, I've never been treated so well ... Praise the Lord!" A demon hidden at the back of the crowd had other thoughs. "We'll take good care of you, Chuckwyn!" he silently vowed. After the Pastor left, saying to himself, "They love me!", there was a meeting upstairs at the big new church. "What do you think of him?" "He's a JERK ... he doesn't believe the Bible ... so he's ours ... bought and paid for." "We'll use the same technique on him as we did with the others. Next month I'll ask him to join the lodge." "GOOD ... our church will grow fast because he won't offend anyone!" Meanwhile, Mrs. White had important news. "Mandy, you have grown so fast that we feel you should attend this meeting. You will really increase your powers." Flattered, Mandy replied, "That's great, Mrs. White!" In the car on their way to the "meeting," Mandy and Mrs. White happened to pass by a small downtown church. The hymn "Power in the Blood" filled the air, and filled Mrs. White with fear and rage. Mandy saw Mrs. White's reaction, and was concerned. "What's the matter, Mrs. White, are you sick? You're shaking!" Mrs. White glared at the simple, hand-painted sign that read "Gospel Hall" and obliquely replied, "Don't ever go in that place, Mandy, it's very evil ... One of our traitors goes there! Don't ever have anything to do with old Mrs. Grayson or that place ... You'll be sorry if you do." It was dark and the full moon was rising when the two women arrived at an old barn outside of town. "Gee, Mrs. White," said Mandy, "I've never seen any place like this ... What's going on?" Mrs. White was silent, but thought to herself, "You haven't seen nuthin' yet, kid!" Inside, everyone wore identical black robes. A sinister-looking man ascended the altar and addressed the crowd. "Welcome, beloved brothers and sisters. Tonight is a night of great celebration and sacrifice to our most Holy Father in order that he might poor out his his blessings upon us." A woman knelt before him and blindly offered up her baby. Candles flickered as the leader continued, "Sister Loraine has especially conceived this child for tonight." He laid the baby on the altar, and his dagger rose high as the crowd circled round and, over the baby's terrified cries, chanted, "HAIL SATAN!" [1] Within her hooded robe, Mandy gasped, dumb-struck and paralyzed with fear. "This can't be!" she thought to herself. But Mrs. White, robed like the rest, turned to her with a large chalice. "Here, Mandy, you MUST drink of the child's blood and our Father will bless you and give you increased powers." "No! ... No! I can't ... I'm sick," Mandy desperately cried. But Mrs. White was grimly determined. "Drink, Mandy! OR DIE!" Terrified, Mandy surrendered. "O.K., O.K. ... I'll do it." In the car driving away, Mrs. White was displeased, and Mandy was still horror-stricken. Mrs. White grimly said, "Mandy, I see you were quite upset tonight ... Don't even THINK of going to the police! Our High Priest IS the Chief of Police! ... There's no way out!" Alone in her room, Mandy sobbed hysterically. "I had no idea what I was getting into ... There MUST be a way out," she moaned. "I've never been so scared in my life ... what am I going to do?" In her desperation, Mandy went to the big Christian church looking for help, unaware that Mr. And Mrs. White are members. The pastor enthusiastically proclaimed, "Welcome to God's house!" and Mandy thought, "Maybe he can help me," but in the choir loft, Mrs. White had other thoughts. "Surprise, surprise. There's little Mandy ... When I tell the High Priest ... she's dead!" After church, it was an angry crowd of adults who approached Reverend Chuckwyn. A tall woman started off with strong words. "Pastor, a witch visited our church this morning. If she joins our church, she'll destroy our children! You MUST speak out against witchcraft or we leave!" A grim look swept across the pastor's face, and he said, "This is most distressing." The tall woman's balding husband handed the pastor another wad of money and said, "Pastor, here's another little gift showing our appreciation ... Just get rid of the witch, O.K.?" That evening, Reverend Chuckwyn's demeanor was less cheerful. Angrily, he shouted, "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live[2] ... We will NOT tolerate witches here! They are reprobate! (Fore-ordained to damnation.)"[3] As the choir shouted, "AMEN!", Mandy gasped. "He's speaking about me! What am I going to do?" she thought to herself. On the night of the next full moon, she nerved herself up to visit a house on the edge of town. "Mrs. White said that Mrs. Grayson was a traitor," Mandy worried aloud. "I've got nothing to lose ... I've GOT to take the chance! Oh God ... help me!" As the rising moon looked on, Mandy knocked on the door. The door opened, and a woman looked out and gently said, "Come in, my dear. May I help you?" At her kindness, Mandy began to sob again. "I'm in such trouble," Mandy began. "Mrs. White said there's no way out." Recognition spread across Mrs. Grayson's face. "Oh, yes there is ... I know Mrs. White and she's a liar." After they went in and sat down, Mrs. White asked, "You got into Satanism, didn't you, dear?" Still sobbing, Mandy choked out, "Yes, and they killed a baby and ... and ..." She gasped for breath and continued on another tack. "How can I get out? Even that pastor said there's no hope for me." Mrs. White asked, "The church on Maple Road?" "Yes," Mandy replied. Mrs. White helped her up and led her out to the car. "I was in the craft once and I know these people mean business. They WILL kill you if they can. Come with me now, sweetie. I was just on my way to church. These people are TRUE servants of God ... We'll show you how you can be set free." And at the Gospel Hall, after the service, the pastor spoke privately with Mandy and Mrs. Grayson. "Mandy," he said, "Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins.[4] His precious blood cancels any contract you've made with Satan and it washes away your sins.[5] All you have to do is pray and ask Jesus Christ to save you[6] and become your Lord and Master ... Then you can use His power to get rid of the demons.[7]" The three of them knelt, and Mandy quietly prayed. "Lord Jesus, please forgive me and wash me clean. I want you as my Lord and personal Savior .. I want to serve YOU instead of Satan." The pastor gently interrupted, "Now Mandy, you must rebuke Satan and his demons in the name of Jesus." Determined, Mandy prayed on. "Satan, I will no longer serve you. Jesus is now my Savior, Lord and Master ... Bruth, you and all you demons in my body, soul and spirit ... I command you now to leave me at once in the name of Jesus Christ[8] my Lord!" And several ghostly demons came out of her body and fled screaming into the moonlit night.[9] As they rose from their knees, Mrs. Grayson said to Mandy, "You must not go home alone tonight, dear ... This is the full moon ... It's too dangerous." "Yes, Mandy," the pastor agreed, "Stay with us for awhile ... They'll try to kill you." "Please, Mandy!" Mrs. Grayson pleaded. But Mandy smiled confidently and said, "Oh ... No thank you! I'll be alright." But as Mandy walked home alone, a black van with a pentacle in the rear window pulled up beside her, and two thugs jumped out and grabbed her. "It's party time, kid," said one of them as they shoved her into the back. Mandy was murdered by the satanists, but she stood firm and didn't deny Jesus. That same night, Pastor Chuckwyn died in his sleep. As Mandy knelt before the throne of God, the Figure on the throne proclaimed, "Well done thou good and faithful servant ... you did not deny my name[10] ... therefore I am not ashamed of you, Mandy. Enter thou into the joy of the Lord." Then Pastor Chuckwyn stood before the throne, waving his hands and shouting, "Here I am, Lord." But Jesus said to him, "Chuckwyn, you worker of iniquity (evil). The blood of Mandy and many others is on your hands. You called on my name but did not follow my commands. You worked for money and the praise of men ... and you despised the word of God. NOW, DEPART FROM ME INTO HELL."[11] ______________________________________________________________________________ 1. Note: Police estimate between 40,000 to 60,000 ritual homicides per year occur in the U.S. (Dr. A. Carlisle - Homocide Investigation Seminar, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1986) 2. Ex. 22:18 3. But: "The Lord is ... not willing that ANY should perish, but that all should come to repentance." II Peter 3:9 4. I Cor. 15:3-4 5. Rev. 1:5 6. Rom. 10:13 7. Luke 10:19-20 8. Acts 16:16-18 9. For an in-depth expose of the occult, send for _He Came to Set the Captives Free_ and _Prepare for War_, by Rebecca Brown, M.D., Published by Chick Publications, Inc. 10. Matt. 10:32,33 11. Matt. 7:21-23, John 14:15 THE BIBLE SAYS THERE'S ONLY ONE WAY TO HEAVEN. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." (John 14:6) NOBODY ELSE CAN HELP YOU. "For there is one God, and one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus." (I Timothy 2:5) "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: not of works, lest any man should boast." (Ephesians 2:8-9) WHAT YOU MUST DO: PRAY TO GOD IN YOUR OWN WORDS: 1. ADMIT that you are a sinner, and that only the Lord Jesus can save you. (Romans 3:23) 2. REPENT: be willing to turn away from sin and submit to God. (See Luke 13:5) 3. BELIEVE that the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross and shed his blood to pay the price for your sins, and that he rose again. (See Romans 10:9) 4. ASK God to save you. (See Romans 10:13) 5. ASK Jesus Christ to be the Lord (take control) of your life. (See Romans 12:1-2) IF YOU REALLY MADE JESUS YOUR LORD (KING), THEN ACT LIKE IT! 1. Read your Bible every day to get to know Christ better. 2. Talk to God in prayer every day. 3. Find a church where the Bible is taught as the complete Word of God and is the final authority. 4. Obey Christ's command and be baptized. (See Matthew 28:19) ______________________________________________________________________________ brought to you by CHICK PUBLICATIONS P. O. Box 662, Chino, Calif. 91710 U.S.A. Telephone: (714) 987-0771 Send $5.00 for Sample Assortment and Price List adapted from the comic version by J. Brad Hicks 3900 Roland, Apt. B St. Louis, MO 63121 USA FidoNet... 1:100/523, Brad Hicks CompuServe Brad Hicks [76012,300] GEnie..... BRADHICKS Adapter's notes: Strong words from the only man who still defends John W. "Lance Collins" Todd (from whose testimony most of this is derived). Here are a few facts to ward off hysteria: * That levitating table at the beginning is a thigh-slapper. Considering what witches have to spend every year in legal fees just to be allowed to hold jobs in this so-called "land of the free," if magic on that scale were so easy, do you really think that the hundreds of thousands of dollars that have been put up as prizes to anyone who can reliable demonstrate ANY ONE psychic ability would still be unclaimed? Follow this rule-of-thumb and you'll seldom go wrong: the more extravagant someone claims their powers are (or their enemies' power is), the more likely it is that that person is a charlatan. * The entire Viet Nam war killed about 20,000 Americans. Yet Jack Chick and Dr. Carlisle would have you believe that TWO to THREE TIMES that many people are ritually murdered EVERY YEAR. * According to the National Safety Council, about 46,000 Americans die in automobile accidents every year. How many people that you knew were killed in automobile accidents? By Satanists? * In the same year that Dr. Carlisle made that incredible claim, the FBI reported ... not 53,000 ... not 5300 ... but only 53 unsolved disappearances of children. * The original Church of Satan, in southern California, has closed due to a lack of members. Its largest surviving splinter, the Temple of Set, has not millions ... not tens of thousands ... but a few dozen members. At its largest, the Satanic Church of the Process (and various groups related to it) numbered a few dozen churches, with less than a thousand members - and they have since mostly faded out. Not counting drugged-out kooks and lone psychopaths (who will latch onto any excuse for their mayhem), and ignorant and rebellious kids, there are probably less than 200 real Satanic witches in the entire U.S., and only one known Satanic church. That's less than one Satanist per MILLION people; most people have probably never MET one. (And NONE of them have been charged with any crime.) * On the other hand, NON-Satanic witches, such as the Fam-Trads, Dianics, and Neo-Pagans, number into the tens of thousands or more. They don't kill animals, let alone children; theirs is a religion that worships life and whose Goddess told them, "Nor do I demand any sacrifice, for behold, I am the Mother of all things, and my love is poured forth upon the Earth." * Here's a Scripture for Jack Chick and the other witch-hunters, from their own Bible: "Do not pervert justice; do not show partiality to the poor or favoritism to the great, but judge your neighbor fairly. Do not go about spreading slander among your people. Do not do anything which endangers your neighbor's life." (Lev. 19:15-16 NIV) And another: "Do not follow the crowd in doing wrong. When you give testimony in a lawsuit, do not pervert justice by siding with the crowd. ... Have nothing to do with a false charge and do not put an innocent or honest person to death, for I will not acquit the guilty. ... Do not oppress an alien (someone not of your people); you yourselves know how it feels to be aliens, because you were aliens in Egypt." (Ex. 23:2-9 NIV) And if that's too hard, let's try one of the Ten Commandments: "You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor." (Ex. 20:16 NIV)


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