CULT 002A THE OTHER JESUS of the CULTS SECTION A II Corinthians 114 Matthew 244,5,11 CULTS

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CULT 002A THE OTHER JESUS of the CULTS SECTION A II Corinthians 11:4 Matthew 24:4,5,11 CULTS 1. Defined: A group that follows a particular teaching or behavior practice. 2. Non-Christian Cult defined: a. Adherence to MAJOR doctrines which are pointedly contradictory to orthodox Christianity, while claiming origins or harmony with Christianity. b. Always built, not on what the Bible teaches, but upon what the FOUNDER(S) of the cult said the Bible teaches and thrives on ignorance and uncertainty. c. Use Bible quotations out of context. (The Bible says it is OK to disobey God - but the one in the Bible saying that is SATAN!) HOW DO YOU IDENTIFY THEM? 1. ONLY TRUE CHURCH a. "Do you represent the ONLY true church?" "Is yours the ONLY true Church?" b. If "Truth is Everywhere and ALL religions seek after truth!" c. If YES or they are EVASIVE - then WATCH OUT! 2. SHEEP STEALING a. Whom do they seek to convert? Do you see them on skid row or with the natives of Java or do you find them in established religious areas populated with Baptist or any other Christian members? If Not, then they are proselytizing and the Bible condemns this practice. 3. MORE THAN THE BIBLE REVELATIONS AND/OR SCRIPTURES a. THE BIBLE (God's INFALLIBLE Word to Mankind) has withstood the test of time and persecution and is the MOST Anti-Cult Manual you will ever find. [Kingdom of the Cults, Rise of the Cults, The New Cults, Where Does it Say That?, and others] b. The Leaders (Prophets) claim SECRET divine knowledge given ONLY to them and use this to drum up support as well as using an additional source for "better clarification of their beliefs. >. BOOK OF MORMON, PEARL OF GREAT PRICE >. WATCHTOWER MAGAZINE >. THE PLAIN TRUTH NEWSPAPER >. SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES >. DIVINE PRINCIPLES (Moon's) 4. THINKING HAS ALL BEEN DONE a. "When our Leaders (Prophets, Guru, "True Parents") propose a plan, when our leaders speak, the thinking has been done." There is no room to disagree or to "TEST ALL THINGS - HOLD FAST TO THAT WHICH IS TRUE. b. Extremes: JONESTOWN, MOONIES, or LOCAL CHURCH These "Divine" Leaders allowed no contention with their teachings and required that all did EXACTLY as told because "they were spokesmen for God". Brigham Young taught that the Sun was populated by people like ourselves! c. There is no such thing as a Mormon or a Moonie that "doesn't believe such and such" or a Krishna that does not sell flowers or a Jehovah's Witness that does not sell the Watchtower! It is required of these groups to believe ALL and to do ALL that is instructed from the leadership. 5. SALVATION BY GRACE ..... AND ...... A. Mormons - WORKS, APPROVAL BY JOSEPH SMITH,Jr(Eph 3:8-12) B. ARMSTRONG - Law of Moses (Acts 15:1) C. Jehovah's Witnesses - ATTEND ALL MEETINGS, SELL MAGAZINES (Awake, Watchtower etc) [Romans 11:6 and Ephesians 2:8- 10] 6. THE SIZZLE OR THE ATTRACTION TO "SELL" A. Cults appeal to "reason" and "rationality" 1. Hell is "unreasonable" 2. Eternal Punishment is "irrational" 3. Consciousness after death is "pagan" B. Cults prosper in direct ratio to the fluctuating emphasis which the Christian Church has placed on the teaching of Biblical doctrines to Christian Laymen. SPIRITUAL PRETZELS doctrines to Christian Laymen. on the teaching of Biblical the Christian Church has placed the fluctuating emphasis which B. Cults prosper in direct ratio to "pagan" 3. Consciousness C. Mormons - Perfect Welfare System: Politically Right Wing D. Witnesses - No political ties E. Moonies, Krishnas - Alternative to Drugs, etc. --next section is CULT 002B ----


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