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Msg#: 2630 *CULT_WATCH* 10/03/88 18:43:00 (Read 4 Times) From: JAMES FETTERS To: ALL Subj: WHICH BIBLE? PT-1 WHICH BIBLE? In this day of Apostasy, we are being bombarded with not only the false teachings by the sons of perdition, but we have their False Bibles which are counterfits of the True Word of God. There is only ONE TRUE WORD OF GOD and this is the reason for this Text File. There's been a Bloody battle going on for the minds of men from the beginning. It started in the Garden of Eden. The first four words Satan said are what destroyed mans Faith! Remember back in the Garden of Eden, God gave a command by saying: "Of every tree of the garden thou matest freely eat: But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it:...for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die." Genesis 2:16,17 Now watch how Satan cast doubt on God's Word. In Chapter 3 of Genesis, while tempting Eve, Satan says: "Yea, hath God said...?" The Devil tricked her by questioning what God said. Those four word's pushed Eve into disobeying God's command, and Mankind has been paying for it ever since with sickness, wars, pain, disease and death. Satan has been using those same four words to distroy faith in the word of God throughout history. When the Lord Jesus was on earth, he said to his followers: "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away." Matthew 24:35. God promised us that we would have His Word, even today, and He does not lie to us. We have the TRUE WORD of GOD with us today, and Satan hates it! It is the ONE Bible he hasn't been able to get his slimy hands on and mess up like he did the other versions. The words of the Bible did NOT begin in the *Minds of the Apostles. Every Word of the Orginal Manuscripts came from **God through men. *1 Corinthians 2:9-13 **2 Peter 1:21 There was no way God would allow these priceless words be lost. Even while the apostle Paul was writing, men were at work trying to corrupt (mess up) God's Word. (See 2 Corinthians 2:17) Most of the Apostles had been put to death. The only one left was John, and he had been put in exile on the Island of Patmos. *While he was there he was showing the believers which manuscripts were of God. *See "Which Bible?" By David Otis Fuller, Grand Rapids Int'l Publications, Grand Rapids, MI 49501, Page 107, 2nd Edition. --- * Origin: Morning Star BBS -Walk in Christ- (619) 575-3310 (Opus 1:202/111) Msg#: 2631 *CULT_WATCH* 10/03/88 18:44:00 (Read 3 Times) From: JAMES FETTERS To: ALL Subj: WHICH BIBLE? PT-2 The TRUE Manuscripts were now safely in the hands of TRUE followers of Christ. As time passed, they made exact copies with fear and trembling knowing full well what God *promised to do to those who changed the scriptures. *"...If any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book." Revelations 22:19 .......AND THE WORD OF GOD SPREAD. Mighty Rome ruled the world. Their *Religion was a form of Baal worship that had come from Babylon and Egypt. Nero thought he was Divine (like a god). *"The Two Babylons" By Hislop, Published By Louiseaux Bros., Neptune, N.J. 07753, Pages 74 & 75, Sec. III, The Mother of the Child. So he said, those who follow Jesus will not worship me. I want them killed! AND THE BLOOD BATH BEGAN! The Lord Jesus had given warning to his Disciples, knowing full well the suffering, reproach (disgrace) and humiliation his followers would face in the centuries to follow..."Then shall they deliever you up to be afflicted, (TO BE TORTURED) and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake." Matthew 24:9. If the Gospel of Christ should triumph, the Pagan (worshippers of false gods) temples and alters of Rome would disappear. The Christians were blamed for everything!...Earthquakes, Famine, or Disease. Rome had to turn everyone against the Christians and they paid great sums of money to anyone who would tell them where the traitors were. The Christians were thrown to wild animals; they were crucified. Others, covered by skins of wild animals, were pushed into the arena to be torn by dogs. This was the highlight of entertainment for the public. Big crowds came to watch the Christians being put to death. Their dying groans and suffering were joyfully received with laughter and applause. It became open season on the Christians. Soldiers were looking for these traitors everywhere. Under the hills outside the city of Rome were dark tunnels in a network of secret passage ways that went on for miles. These gloomy caves became home for thousands of believers. Here they worshipped God and buried their dead. The area was known as the Catacombs. The suffering they endured brought Christians closer to one another and their precious Lord. They had guts. The bloodier the persecution, the bolder the Christians became. The love of Christ kept spreading. It meant more to them than their own lives. As thousands were put in prison and killed, it seemed others sprang up to take their places. Instead of wiping out Christianity, persecution made it grow. --- * Origin: Morning Star BBS -Walk in Christ- (619) 575-3310 (Opus 1:202/111) Msg#: 2632 *CULT_WATCH* 10/03/88 18:45:00 (Read 3 Times) From: JAMES FETTERS To: ALL Subj: WHICH BIBLE? PT-3 At last Satan hit on a way to stop the spread of Christianity and bring it to a grinding halt. And it worked like a charm, and is still working today. First of all, he stopped the persecution. This took place in 313 A.D. Then he almost completely destroyed the message that Christ gave us by mixing it with HIS own Religion. He did it with Baal worship. To understand this let's start from the beginning. In the Bible, in Genesis, Chapters 6 through 9 we saw where God destroyed the earth with a Great Flood because the people had become so rotten. God found only one man He could trust. His name was Noah. So God had Noah build an Ark. When the flood hit, Noah, his wife, his 3 sons, Ham, Shem and Japheth and their wives, and the animals were safely inside. They were the only survivors. After the flood, Noah died and the people started spreading across the earth. The man who stood for God was one of Noah's sons, Shem. Shem lived through the flood. He saw God's awful judgement and would not put up with SIN! It wasn't long until Cush came along. He was Noah's grandson. This was the guy Satan was waiting for. Cush married the most beautiful woman on earth. Her name was Semiramis. She became the Queen of Babylon. She was the pits. No woman ever was more rotten than she was! Later in Rome, they called her Venus (the mother of all evil). Cush and Semiramis had a son and they named him Nimrod. He was just as evil as his mother. When he grew up he married his mother. Satan used Nimrod and his mother to set up his Occult Religion called *Baal Worship. *(See Judges 2:13) NOTE: All of the False Religions of the world today can be traced back to Baal Worship. This Satanic Religion began in secret with the most terrible of Occult practices, the sacrificing of *babies. (*See 2 Chronicles 33:6) When Shem, who was Nimrod's great uncle, got wind of what Nimrod was doing, he killed Nimrod for his crimes against God. Shem then cut Nimrod's body into pieces and sent them to different cities as a warning to others messing with the Occult. Semiramis had a brainstorm. If she played it right, she could brainwash the people into believing Nimrod was a god they should love, instead of remembering him as a monster. Semiramis was also crafty. Satan worship went underground. But there was a price to pay for joining it. The followers had to tell her priests everything they ever did wrong. It was called the Confessional. After telling all, the people were scared to death that the Priest might expose them. This way, Semiramis controlled them with an iron fist. --- * Origin: Morning Star BBS -Walk in Christ- (619) 575-3310 (Opus 1:202/111) Msg#: 2633 *CULT_WATCH* 10/03/88 18:47:00 (Read 2 Times) From: JAMES FETTERS To: ALL Subj: WHICH BIBLE? PT-4 Semiramis gave the word that Nimrod was now a god, The Sun God, "Baal." They bought it! Then she became "The Queen of Heaven." She won the hearts of the people. Soon, statues appeared of Semiramis holding her husband/son, Nimrod, The Sun God. She had pulled it off, Baal worship was off and running! (See 1 Kings Chapter 18) (Baal is another name for Satan, or the Devil) In Egypt, Semiramis was called "Isis", The Queen of Heaven. Her Husband/Son, "O Siris," most frequently called "Horus", was the sun God. The Religion spread worldwide. In China she was called "Shing Moo" (Holy Mother of China)...In ancient Phoenecia she was called "Ashtoreth". She was known as "Diana" in Asia Minor. NOTE: All the above information is found in "The Two Babylons" By Alexander Hislop, Published By Loizeaux Bros., Neptune, N.J. Now that we have the background of Baal worship, let's cut back to Rome when persecutions of the Christians had stopped. The Roman Empire was ready to fall apart. The Caesars were smart enough to figure if they lost their armies they could always switch jobs and become Religious Leaders and continue to rule the people. Constantine was the son of a Roman Emperor. After his father, he felt he was the rightful heir to the throne, so he took his army and marched against Rome. Constantine was a smart politician. How could he gain support of both the Christians and the Pagans (The worshippers of Baal)? *Constantine worshipped "Sol" (The Sun God) and he already had the backing of the Pagans. Here's how he pulled it off. NOTE:*"Constantine", By Ramsay Mac Mullen, Page 112 At the Stone Milvian Bridge at the Tiber River on October 28th, 312 A.D., His enemy, Maxentius, with his army stood between Constantine and the throne. Constantine and his troops were vastly outnumbered, and then it happened (so says tradition)! Tradition tells us Constantine and his troops saw a sign in the sky. The sign of the cross! If the God of the Christians would help him win this important battle, Constantine would become a Christian. Constantine carefully described the cross and ordered it placed on the shields of his soldiers. Here is where it becomes weird, the cross Constantine described was the symbol used in Egypt that was was called an "Ankh", A symbol for The Sun God. Do you smell a rat? I do. Constantine won the battle! He marched into Rome and shook the world by saying, "I AM A CHRISTIAN". --- * Origin: Morning Star BBS -Walk in Christ- (619) 575-3310 (Opus 1:202/111) Msg#: 2634 *CULT_WATCH* 10/03/88 18:48:00 (Read 4 Times) From: JAMES FETTERS To: ALL Subj: WHICH BIBLE? PT-5 His troops conquered the city and Constantine took over the Government in 312 A.D. In 313 A.D. Constantine issued a decree of tolerance (Edict of Milan) giving total religious freedom. At last the heat was off the followers of Christ. Constantine sprinkled his troops in Baptism. These roughnecks became instant Christians. They knew nothing of Repentance or of Christ and His love. It was a BIG joke. In 325 A.D. Constantine set up the "Council of Nicaea" and presided as "Summus Pontifex" (The Offical Title of a Pope). Historically speaking, Constantine was the "First Pope". As time went on the Catholic Church got almost everyone to believe it was really the Apostle Peter who was the first Pope. Peter could NEVER have been a Pope. Let me show you from the Bible. Mark 1:30 tells us Peter was married, also he was never in Rome. NOTE: (Peter was burried in Jerusalem. See: "Peter's Tomb Recently Discovered in Jerusalem", Pg. 3 Published By F. Paul Peterson, P.O. Box 7351, Ft. Wayne, IN. 46807, Copyright 1960.) The Apostle Paul told us in Galatians 2:8 that God chose Peter to go to the CIRCUMCISED (the Jew) and Paul to the Gentiles (anyone NOT a Jew). Paul wrote letters to the Christians in Rome and never once said anything about Peter being there. (See Paul's Salutation in Romans Chapter 16). Constantine wanted 50 Bibles made up and here is how Satan got into the act. In the city of Antioch, in Syria, where they were first called Christians, (See Acts 11:26 & 13:1-4) The TRUE believers were making exact copies of the orginal manuscripts. From Antioch the Christians sent missionaries down into Egypt to teach the people living in Alexandria, the second largest city in the world. NOTE: The city of Alexandria was Satan's territory. Egypt (a type of the world. SEE: Exodus 15 & Matthew 2) the land of Isis (Queen of Heaven) and Horus (The Sun God), at that time was the seat of Baal worship. NOTE:These symbols are important to those in the Occult...also found in Masonry; The Pyramid, The Ankh, All-Seeing Eye of Horus, Isis and the Sun God, and The Obelisk. Some of the world's greatest minds were living in Alexandria. These men were very proud of their Great Wisdom. They called themselves "Gnostics." (See Newman, Church History, Vol 1) Which means they were the only one's who had it upstairs. If you weren't in their club, You were OUT! (See Colossians 2:8 & 1 Tim. 6:20). --- * Origin: Morning Star BBS -Walk in Christ- (619) 575-3310 (Opus 1:202/111) Msg#: 2635 *CULT_WATCH* 10/03/88 18:49:00 (Read 4 Times) From: JAMES FETTERS To: ALL Subj: WHICH BIBLE? PT-6 As far as they were concerned, those soulwinning Christians up in Antioch were a bunch of nuts. These brains in Alexandria formed a school of Religion and Philosophy. (See Colossians 2:8) It became the "Center of Christian Learning and Culture." But they had a problem! They didn't believe in a real Heaven or Hell, nor did they believe the Bible was the Word of God. When they got hold of Bible Manuscripts they started making changes as they thought they were wiser than the Word of God. A great student named "Origen", became head of this school. He messed up the scriptures because he didn't believe Jesus was God Almighty, so he and others chopped this verse out of Scriptures: 1 John 5:7: "For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one." Origen was an Arian. Today he would be called a Jahovah's Witness. He believed Jesus was a lessor god. Origen, 184 A.D.-254 A.D. was mightily used by Satan to corrupt Bible manuscripts. Constantine (who secretly worshipped The Sun God, See: "Constatine", Published by Ramsay Mac Mullen, pg. 112) ordered a man named "Eusebius" (The Bishop of Caesarea) to make him 50 Bibles. Eusebius had a choice of using the Greek Manuscripts from Alexandria or from Antioch, to make up his 50 bibles. Eusebius was not a real Christian. He believed the same way Origen did. There was NO way he would touch those Manuscripts from Antioch, so he used the corrupted Manuscripts of Egypt to make his bibles for the Roman Catholic Church. NOTE: Anyone interested in seeing what was done to the manuscripts or for an in-depth study should read these books: 1). "Which Bible?" By David Otis Fuller, D.D., Grand Rapids Int'l. Publications, Grand Rapids, MI 49507 2). "God Only Wrote One Bible" By J.J. Ray The Eye Poener Publishers, P.O. Box 7944 Eugene, OR 97401 3). "Manuscript Evidence" By P.S. Ruckman Pensacola Bible Inst., P.O. Box 6235 Pensacola ,FL 32503 4). "The King James Version Defended" By Edward F. Hills, TH.D. ORDER FROM The Eye Opener Publishers, P.O. Box 7944 Eugene, OR 97401 The Roman Catholic Church slowly grew in Power. Out of the 50 "Bibles" made up by Eusebius came the Latin Vulgate. The Latin Vulgate Bible, written by Jerome, became the Official Bible for the Roman Catholics. ALL others were Outlawed. --- * Origin: Morning Star BBS -Walk in Christ- (619) 575-3310 (Opus 1:202/111) Msg#: 2636 *CULT_WATCH* 10/03/88 18:50:00 (Read 4 Times) From: JAMES FETTERS To: ALL Subj: WHICH BIBLE? PT-7 Some of the TRUE Christian Believers (called Waldensians) had copies of the Manuscripts from Antioch. They had to hide up in the Alps for protection. Rome would not put up with competition, especially from those pipsqueaks up in the mountains, who had copies of the Word of God. When they caught one of them they burned him to death! Great changes were taking place. The Pagans were allowed to bring their statues and idols of Semiramis (The Queen of Heaven) and Nimrod (Baal, The Sun God) into the church. The names were changed to the "VIRGIN MARY", (Queen of Heaven) and "LITTLE JESUS". Baal worship, started by Semiramis and Nimrod, had successfully moved into the Roman Catholic Institution. INTERRESTING NOTE: By 1950 the Roman Catholic Church had raised the Virgin Mary to a"GODDESS" with the power to be *Co-Savior and **Co-Redeemer with Christ....EXACTLY LIKE SEMIRAMIS. (See The Two Babylons, By Hislop) *The Dogma of the Immaculate Conception (says Mary was Born without ORGINAL SIN) 1854. **The Dogma of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven (which means she never died) 1950. Against Bible Teachings , The Roman Catholic Institution says this about Mary's Sovereignty: *"Mary is Queen of Heaven and Earth. As the Most Perfect Queen Conceivable, She must REIGN in full splendor. This she can do only because she is "WHOLLY in Heaven", Body and Soul." NOTE: *"Mary In Doctrine" By Father Emil Neubert, S.M.,S.T.D. Bruce Publishing Co., Milwaukee, WI, 1954 (Page 246). The Bible forbids the worship of the Queen of Heaven, in the 7th and 44th Chapters of Jeremiah. The "Confessionals" were again set up like they had in Babylon. The Priest had the people under their control again. The Word of God was kept from the people. The stronger the Popes became, the deeper the world sank into the Dark Ages. Millions went to Hell...Satan was delighted. The Waldenses were soulwinners. They came down from the Alps to show copies of the scriptures to Roman Catholics. The Roman Catholics were amazed to see that Jesus loved them after reading verses like John 3:16. By simply giving their hearts and lives to him by Faith, the Bible assured them they would go to heaven. --- * Origin: Morning Star BBS -Walk in Christ- (619) 575-3310 (Opus 1:202/111) Msg#: 2637 *CULT_WATCH* 10/03/88 18:51:00 (Read 3 Times) From: JAMES FETTERS To: ALL Subj: WHICH BIBLE? PT-8 Rome exploded in anger. She launched an all-out war to destroy the Waldenses and their scriptures. They were slaughtered, but some got away with their manuscripts. Other groups that suffered were the Montanists, Bogomiles, Donatists, Anabaptists, Albigenses, Etc. By now, nothing could stand before the powerful Popes and the Roman Catholics Institution. Even Kings shook in their boots. Then they invented *"The Inquisition" to strengthen their power over the People. *Inquisition: Questioning with torture until the person confesses to something he didn't do. The victims were tortured until they admitted being a Heretic (anyone who didn't go along with the Pope or Roman Catholic Church) and after confession they were usually burned to death for their crimes. Of course, the Church and State shared their property. Many including the Catholics died this way so the Pope could get their property. The inquisition also spread to Mexico and Latin America. When it almost stopped around 1800, the total victims had reached close to 68 million at the hands of the Roman Catholic Institution. The AMAZING thing is that no one talks about it. It has all been beautifully hushed up. The Pope represented Heaven on Earth and his voice was considered the voice of *God...No one questioned his authority. (*According to the Council of Trent, when the Pope speaks "Ex-Cathedra", he speaks as the voice of God.) In the **1500's Pope Leo X needed money to put up a new building (Basilica) so he sent preachers out (one of them was John Tetzel) to sell indulgences. Any Roman Catholic who was quilty of Sin or crime, even murder, could buy an indulgence, and be set free by the courts, be forgiven and guaranteed entrance into heaven. (**"The Reformation" Published By Time, Inc. 1966, Pgs. 38,39.) A young Augustinian Monk in Germany found a Bible and read these words, *"The just shall live by faith". (*From Romans 1:17 in a Syrian Greek Text from Antioch). He realized it wasn't the Roman Catholic Church that could get him into heaven. It was by trust in God through Christ. That verse changed his life. His name was Martin Luther. Luther exploded in anger when he saw John Tetzel selling indulgences, so he wrote a list of 95 arguments against indulgences and nailed it to the church door in Wittenberg, Germany, on October 31, 1517. The Pope wanted Luther's hide! The people that joined Luther were called "Protestants" because they protested (objected to) Rome's heavy hand and pulled away. This was called the "Reformation." It started spreading across Europe. --- * Origin: Morning Star BBS -Walk in Christ- (619) 575-3310 (Opus 1:202/111) Msg#: 2638 *CULT_WATCH* 10/03/88 18:52:00 (Read 4 Times) From: JAMES FETTERS To: ALL Subj: WHICH BIBLE? PT-9 The Roman Catholic Church was in deep trouble in 1534. (See Encyclopedia Americana, Vol. 17, 1957, Page 673). Pope Paul III ordered a Spaniard named Ignatius De Loyola to set up the "Order of the Jesuits." These were the Best minds of Rome. Their job was to stop the spread of Protestantism at all cost. Loyola became the founder and General of the Jesuits. The Jesuits secretly engineered the massacre of St. Bartholomew August 24, 1572. They used Roman Catholic troops and Dominican Monks for the job. Without warning thay slaughtered the unarmed Bible Believers (French Huguenots) in Paris. The Blood ran for a week and the Protestant Movement in France was destroyed. In celebration the Pope ordered the Rosary said in every Roman Catholic Church thanking the Virgin Mary for their victory. Their next target was England. The Roman Catholic struggle to win back England had gone on for years. Jesuits were sent undercover to capture key positions and to translate Origen's Alexandrian manuscripts into an English Bible in 1582. They hit England with Jesuits Bibles, but the English people rejected them. Rome was furious. In 1588 Spain sent her mighty Fleet (The Armada) to capture England, but English guns and storms at sea destroyed them. England was saved from becoming Roman Catholic. In 1603 James became King of England. He wanted a New Bible for the English people. King James assembled a group of 46 men that God had prepared for this work. They were the Greatest Scholars the world had ever seen. First they had to assemble manuscripts. So much material showed up that was exact copies of the manuscripts from Antioch that it became 98% of the evidence. They rejected both the Old and New Testaments that Origen worked on back in Egypt, because it was so corrupted. This included: Roman Catholic Latin Vulgate & Rheims (1952), Greek Septuagint (Old Testament). For the Old Testament, they decided to use the same manuscript that the Jews used. It was called the "Massoretic Text." Time proved this to be the right choice. When the "Dead Sea Scrolls" were found in 1947, they discovered that the book of Isaiah scroll was from the "Massoretic Text," The King James was right on target. When the King James Bible was prepared, everything was done in the open. After years of work the Masterpiece was finished in 1611. They HAD the Word of God. (Interresting NOTE: God Blessed England and America as long as they honored that Book. * Any questions or comments concerning Bible Manuscripts or * * Versions should be directed to "Which Bible? Society, Inc * * David Otis Fuller, D.D., P.O.Box 7096, Grand Rapids, MI 49510* --- * Origin: Morning Star BBS -Walk in Christ- (619) 575-3310 (Opus 1:202/111) Msg#: 2639 *CULT_WATCH* 10/03/88 18:54:00 (Read 4 Times) From: JAMES FETTERS To: ALL Subj: WHICH BIBLE? PT-10 END Around 1875 the popular cry in England was to "Update" some of the words of the King James Bible. The ones pushing this were the friends of England's Roman Catholic Cardinal Newman (Who was educated by Jesuits). A New committee was formed, but something weird went on, everything was top secret. They worked on the Old and New Testaments for 20 years. They weren't updating the King James Bible at all. They were changing it by using ANOTHER manuscript. Within the committee were two members, F.J.A. Hort (1828-1892) and B.F. Wescott (1825-1901) from the church of England, who secretly supported the Roman Catholic Chiurch. They really put the pressure on the other committee members. They convinced the committee that the Old Texts in the Vatican (Orginated by Origen in Egypt) were more reliable than the copies from Antioch. It was a beautiful doublecross! They shot down the WORD OF GOD and produced a New English Version of the Old Roman Catholic Latin Vulgate Bible. The Jesuits were thrilled and the World of Higher Education swallowed it. It took almost 250 years for Rome to really damage the King James Bible, but they pulled it off thanks to Hort and Wescott. Both men devoutly worshipped Mary (The Queen of Heaven). (See Which Bible). In the last 80 years we've had about 81 New English Bibles (ALL ROMAN CATHOLIC) based on Origen's CORRUPTED TEXT, ALL trying to push the King James Bible out of the picture. Soon there will be an Ecumenical Bible (One Common Bible for ALL Religions) preparing the way for the Antichrist. In prophecy, during the coming "Tribulation" (7 terrible years to come). ALL Religions unite into a Super ONE World Church. This is the "Whore" of Revelation Chapter 17. It comes through Satan's Masterpiece called the "Ecumenical Movement." One important sign is that the leaders of most of the Protestant Groups have already visited the Pope. The picture is beginning to take shape. During this terrible 7 years of Tribulation, the inquisition starts up again, killing the Tribulation Saints. The Anti-Christ uses the Super church to come into power as the World Leader. After 3 1/2 years he doesn't need the Church anymore, so he destroys Her. ALAS, Babylon, Ecclesiastical Babylon (The Big False World Church), is destroyed. (Revelations 18:10). Today in many Bible Colleges, Professors who are in the *Alexandrian Cult are constantly altering the King James Bible with the Greek and English Versions of the Roman Catholic Latin Vulgate Bible. (* Those who correct the God honored Text, The Authorized 1611 King James Bible, with the Alexandrian Greek Manuscripts. --- * Origin: Morning Star BBS -Walk in Christ- (619) 575-3310 (Opus 1:202/111)


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