----- SACRAMENTO (AP) -- Legislation to allow liquor sales at nudist colonies, with local

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----- SACRAMENTO (AP) -- Legislation to allow liquor sales at nudist colonies, with local approval, was approved Tuesday by a giggling Assembly committee. The vote was 10-2 for AB251 by Assemblyman Jerry Eaves, D-Rialto, sending it to the Assembly floor. Eaves is carrying the bill for the Tree House Fun Ranch, a nudist resort in San Bernardino. He said the "family-oriented resort," in operation since 1972, had over 10 years received 76 temporary licenses to sell alcoholic beverages for events and "had absolutely no reported problems." But in 1984, he said, the state Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control started applying to nudist resorts a regulation that prohibits nude persons from being in a place where liquor is sold. Eaves said the regulation is aimed at bars and restaurants that use nude women to attract patrons and not at nudist resorts. His bill states that regulation would not apply to nudist resorts as long as they were in existence before Jan. 1, 1977, and as long as the county supervisors have adopted a conforming ordinance and the sheriff says there would be no police problems. As Eaves tried seriously to present his bill, committee members made comments and laughed. "I promised I wouldn't laugh, but I broke my promise," guffawed the chairman, Assemblyman Gary Condit, D-Ceres. Assemblyman Dick Floyd, D-Hawthorne, joked that the committee should hold a long hearing at the resort. Eaves said he had several free passes for Tree House in his office for committee members. The only opponent was Art Croney of the Committee on Moral Concerns. In all seriousness, Croney said "it is not unreasonable that people be required to wear something while they purchase alcohol. If there were law enforcement problems, it would be difficult for undercover officers to perform investigations. They would have no badge, no weapon and no place to hide a microphone." Last page !


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