Message #5794 - Burning Times (Pagan) Date 24-Aug-92 1714 From Paul Seymour To ALL Subject

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Message #5794 - Burning Times (Pagan) Date : 24-Aug-92 17:14 From : Paul Seymour To : ALL Subject : Rick Savage * Originally by Jason Steck, 1:104/901 * Originally to Paul Seymour, 93:9500/0 * Originally dated 24 Aug 1992, 16:41 * Forwarded from 1:104/901, The Rain Forest BBS in Denver Co * Originally to All in the FIDOSYSP echo. * Crossposted in SERIOUS_SIDE * Crossposted in FIDOSYSP * Crossposted in D_SYSOP * Crossposted in CHRISTIAN_ISSUES Some information I ran into today -- Rick Savage has revealed himself on other BBSes as a TRUE neo-nazi DIRECTLY affiliated with violent racist groups. As he and his cronies seem to target local Denver-area echos, I refer the messages for your consideration below. Other names used by Rick Savage and/or affiliated people include: Rick Savagen, Rick Savagem, Richard Savage, Michael Malek, Robert Shae, Robert Shane. My encouragement is to lock these people out of our BBSes and our echos (that we may moderate). Don't allow ourselves to be used for this repugnant (and ILLEGAL!) activity. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The following messages were passed on to me from another network and was uploaded by a man calling himself Rick Savage from a Denver area bbs... I am posting this to Alert any and all who may be in danger from this White Supremicist threat.... WE MAY NEED TO ROUND THEM UP SOON Because of the terrible crisis this nation faces over the AIDS epidemic there can be no doubt that in a short time it will become necessary to round up all the queers in America for internment and quarantine. The Liberty Net has ordered and will soon take delivery of a new advanced computer program that will allow online acquisition of data via modem survey of callers. Please call the ARYAN NATION LIBERTY NET 214-263-3109 300-N-7-1 Or send donations to P.O.BOX 746 Hurst,TX 76053 The new modem program will allow us to compile the names and address of homo- sexuals into a single data base that can be acted upon when deemed expedient. We advise all callers to start collecting the names and addresses of queers in their local area for entry into this online data base. You should also include in your list the addresses of all known deviant establishments where sodmites are know to congregate, as well as the names of restaurants where they work. The data base once created will be an online nationwide hot line that allows any person to call up and see if someone he knows or works with is listed as a potential carrier of AIDS. Information that will be needed on individual queers is as follows: 1. Full Name 2. Address 3. Age 4. The names of all family members and close associates 5. Occupation if known Start gathering this vital information now in anticipation of the Liberty Net going online with the new program. Remember, your health, the health of your children, and Americas future may very well depend on this information. If you have not yet read the artile AIDS.TXT "Aids Plague" on this board, please do so. Let's wipe out AIDS in our lifetime... QUEER WATCH ARYAN NATION LIBERTY NET 214-263-3109 300-N-7-1 P.O. BOX 746 HURST, TX. 76053


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