Propagana piece from an occult Christian organization. It is your regular, run-of-the-mill

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Propagana piece from an occult Christian organization. It is your regular, run-of-the-mill hate literature we're all familure with. Have fun reading it! ---------------------------------------------------------------- The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor January 1993 In this issue: I. To control the people II. Toward a cashless society: the war on cash and privacy III. Asset forfeiture: How the government plunders people via seizure laws IV. Specific cases of government persecution of innocent American citizens V. Preview of coming attractions: the next five to seven years VI. What you can do THE FOURTH REICH: TOWARD AN AMERICAN POLICE STATE [ED. NOTE: This writer apologizes for the length of this issue of MIA--It is more like a book than a newsletter. It will consume more of your time to read it, as it consumed more of MIA's funds to produce it. You are encouraged to read it several times and think deeply about its implications for all of us, our finances, our future, and our children.] "When plunder has become a way of life for a group of people living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it, and a moral code that glorifies it." Frederich Bastiat "Socialism, once a reality, destroys the moral fiber which is the creation of freedom. It breeds every device which produces totalitarian rule." General Douglas MacArthur, who was wrong. "The individual's freedom and choice will be controlled within very narrow alternatives, by the fact that he will be numbered from birth...and followed as a number, through his educational training, his required military or other service, his tax contributions, his health and medical requirements, and his final retirement and death benefits." Carroll Quigley (Bill Clinton's mentor), Tragedy and Hope, (page 950). "America is great, because America is good. If America ever ceases to be good, she will cease to be great." Alexis de Toqueville INTRODUCTION America, in 1993 (and for the balance of the decade), is plunging toward becoming a socialist police state, remarkably similar to Nazi Germany in the 1930s or the Soviet Union from the '20s through the '80s. America, over the past few decades, has seen its traditional values turned upside down in almost every area, to the extent that the killing of 28 million babies is simply "free choice"; homosexuality is simply an "alternate lifestyle" (officially sanctioned and pushed by the liberal establishment and its media); the family is now under attack from the government, the media, the schools, the homosexuals, and the environmentalists. Pornography is now the norm on television, in movies, in books, magazines, and more and more in the classroom as students down to kindergarten level are taught how to have "safe sex" or enjoy "alternate sexual lifestyles"; spiritual values, Christian leaders, organizations, and individuals are denigrated and discriminated against more and more by a government, media, and culture that rejects our traditional Biblical foundations and (as in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union) will soon persecute the Christian church in America. True criminals (murderers, rapists, burglars, robbers, etc.) are given light (or negligible) jail sentences, while the government is now reclassifying honest law abiding Americans as criminals, and giving them severe jail sentences or confiscating their assets or property via Draconian Nazi/Marxist-Leninist-style seizure laws. The legal system and government now allow the "have nots" to plunder the assets of the "haves"; and a gargantuan U.S. government passes tens of thousands of new regulations each year (i.e., over 67,000 pages of fine print) to control every aspect of Americans' lives. The Socialists (calling themselves liberals, secular humanists, environmentalists, gay rights activists, women's rights activists, civil rights activists, New Agers, etc.) now completely control the U.S. Administrative branch of government, the media, and the educational system; have effective control of the Legislative branch; and partial (but growing) control of the U.S. Judiciary. The Socialist agenda (now to be accelerated under Bill and Hillary Clinton and Al Gore) calls for the nationalization of children, the abolition of the family, the promotion of promiscuity, and Orwellian-type controls over every aspect of our lives. Has the incredible transformation of American traditions and values, of our government, and our whole way of life over the past two decades happened spontaneously, or by accident? No! There have been powerful forces behind the scenes orchestrating and manipulating the transformation of America according to a well laid out plan that has been in operation for many decades, if not centuries. As Igor Shafarevich wrote in his excellent essay "Socialism In Our Past And Future" and Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote in "From Under the Rubble," the destruction of religion and the family are central to socialist ideology. The socialists, internationalists, and communists of the world (they no longer call themselves communists) are now following the revolutionary strategy of Antonio Gramsci, the late founder of the Italian Communist Party and a Marxist theoretician who died in 1937. (Franklin Sanders wrote in detail recently about Gramsci's strategy in his "Moneychanger Newsletter" (P.O. Box 341753, Memphis, TN 38184.) After spending time in the Soviet Union in the 1920s, Gramsci concluded that the clenched fist revolutionary approach of the Bolsheviks was not a winning strategy, but that socialism (i.e., communism) would triumph through the "reshaping of consciousness" in society. Gramsci, concluding that "the cultural superstructure determines the political and economic base, and not the other way around," wrote: "In a developed society, the passage to socialism occurs neither by putsch [ED. NOTE: A sudden revolt or uprising] nor by direct confrontation, but by the transformation of ideas, which is to say, a slow reshaping of consciousness. At stake in this war of positions is the culture (i.e., the source of values and ideas). The seizure of political power is not possible until after the seizure of cultural power. Culture is transformed through government (and its agencies), schools, universities, social sciences, trade unions, churches, and the print and broadcast media." In essence, Gramsci said the socialist revolution would be brought about by the transformation of a society's culture and values, not through political or military power. By changing the values and very mode of thinking of the enemies of socialism without their conscious knowledge, they would become socialism's allies. We are not talking about a communist revolution or military takeover in the traditional sense, but a wholly different danger: the establishment of radical socialism by the undermining and transformation of traditional Western values. [ED. NOTE: And that is precisely what the socialists in the American government, universities (and lower schools), media, Hollywood, churches, etc. have systematically done over the past two to three decades. They have been preparing Americans for acceptance of a socialist/Nazi/Marxist-Leninist-style police state and to willingly become slaves by undermining our culture from top to bottom. And this is the great danger of the Clinton Administration. It is likely to continue the Bush/Wall Street economic policies, but is rapidly going to culturally transform America and its values to conform to the Gramsci strategy. The whole process took only about 14 years in South Africa--which now stands on the brink of a socialist/communist abyss.] Gramsci articulated the importance of Lenin's "Long march through the institutions" (i.e., the penetration of the media, the universities, public interest groups, churches, and cultural institutions)--stressing that by working through such institutions, cultural values could be altered and morals softened "irreversibly," setting the stage for political and economic power to drop into the hands of the Left (as it has done over the past decade or so, and will do like an avalanche under Bill and Hillary Clinton and Al Gore). According to Gramsci, once socialism dominates the cultural and ideological scene, revolutionary power and control by the state will quickly follow in one short easy step. The strategy of the socialists then, is to change what the society thinks about problems--to gain control over the minds of the population. An essential element of Gramsci's strategy was to replace the religious (or Christian) inclinations in a targeted society with a social gospel (i.e., a Marxist-Christian dialogue, liberation theology, etc.) which is totally devoid of all supernatural content. Gramsci did not want to destroy religion, but rather to neutralize all spiritual aspects and use what remains as a vehicle for the political struggle and socialism. Worship, faith, prayer, the sacraments would be replaced with what Gorbachev calls human values, human solidarity, abolition of social injustice, and the end to oppression of women, children, blacks, native peoples, homosexuals, the disabled, etc. Gramsci therefore strategized a "convergence" of religion and socialism and a takeover of the entire field where culture is elaborated and diffused (i.e., schools, universities, the media, Hollywood, etc.). Following Gramsci's strategy, the socialists of our day (in America, Europe, South Africa, and throughout the West) have developed a superstructure reflecting a socialist culture--replete with socialist literature, films, plays, poetry, and various forms of art and music. The stage is now set in America (and throughout much of the West) where the closet communists are ready to build more openly upon this well-established superstructure. It is important to note that the "new thinking" in the "old Soviet Union" (CIS); the "New South Africa" of F.W. de Klerk and Pik Botha; the "New Covenant" of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, and their entourage of socialist advisors and staffers, is based either directly or indirectly on the writings and strategies of Antonio Gramsci. [ED. NOTE: It should be remembered that Bill Clinton has studied under and highly praised Italian socialists and communists. (See the November '92 MIA for details); and it should also be remembered that many of Clinton's top advisors come from the Institute for Policy Study, an influential socialist group which follows the agenda of the Marxists and Gramscians.] This writer is reminded of a quote by John Stratchey, the former head of the British Labor Socialist Party and a communist, who said in the 1930s: "There cannot be a direct transition from capitalism to communism. First we must move to socialism, as a necessary stepping stone to communism." Sun Tsu, the Chinese military strategist, wrote in 500 B.C. that "to conquer your enemy, you must destroy their will to resist." Of course, that will is destroyed if you can convert your enemy without him ever knowing it. Eventually, it becomes impossible to oppose socialism. In 1984, Orwell said that the purpose of the new language, Newspeak, was to make opposition to Big Brother impossible to even conceive. Anyone who failed to embrace the "politically correct" socialist mentality was, by definition, mentally ill. It was not enough to destroy Winston Smith. It was necessary to turn him to the point where he would love Big Brother. So, in the 1990s, America is plunging rapidly into Antonio Gramsci's socialist quagmire--not by accident--but by clever, well-orchestrated and well-financed design. Behind this socialist transformation of America (culturally, socially, politically, and economically) is the Liberal Eastern Establishment (epitomized by the socialist/globalist Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Club of Rome, Bilderbergers, Fabian Socialists, Socialist International, etc. Behind these groups is probably the centuries old Illuminati, with its occultic/Luciferian substructure. The Clinton Administration, the Bush Administration, and the Carter Administration are (or were) wholly owned by these socialist/globalist groups, and the Nixon, Ford, and Reagan Administrations were partially owned by same. Their goal: the emersion of America (and the West) into a socialist world government called the New World Order, on or before the year 2000. It will be replete with a "convergence" of the common interests of America and Russia; three major regional governments: 1) Europe (the U.S. of Europe--which came into being 12/31/92); 2) NACOM, the North American Common Market (the U.S., Canada, and Mexico)--which was launched by George Bush in 1992; and 3) a Japanese/Pacific Rim regional government. Elements of this socialist New World Order include a global financial system (replete with a one world Central Bank and currency, global currency controls, and eventually a cashless, computerized society); one world environmental control (replete with a global Environmental Protection Agency which can track down and punish corporate or individual "environmental criminals"); a one world educational system (to prepare the citizens of the world to think "politically correct"--i.e., as socialists, slaves, and citizens of the New World Order); a one world economic system; one world population control (which will be anti-family, anti-reproduction, anti-children, and pro-homosexual, and which will lead the charge globally for abortion, euthanasia, and other population control measures). America is to be divided into ten regions (see map) under the New World Order (as per Richard Nixon's Government Reorganization Act (3/27/69) and Executive Order 11649 (2/12/72). Also included is a one world police force, now called the New World Army (under the control of the United Nations), designed to keep the peace globally, eliminate global dictators (or resisters to the New World Order), and enforce global socialism and world government. The U.N.'s New World Army (pushed so hard by George Bush over the past two years) is establishing itself as the world police force, first in Operation Desert Storm, next in Somalia, next back in Iraq, and next in Serbia/Croatia/Bosnia and/or South Africa (where it is likely to be sent to install the communist ANC in power). Eventually, it is envisioned that New World Army (U.N.) troops will be sent anywhere in the world (even into America) to stamp out resistance to the New World Order. There is a supernatural (occultic) dimension to the New World Order, called by some the New Age Movement (and epitomized by Maurice Strong, Shirley MacLaine, Jane Fonda, Ted Turner, John Denver, Zbigniew Brezezinski, George "Thousand Points of Light" Bush, Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, the Dahli Lama, and a cast of millions worldwide), which also promises world government and sharp population reduction by the year 2000--the "Dawning of the Age of Aquarius." Herein lies an interesting parallel to the supernatural, occultic underpinnings of the Nazi Third Reich, which also aspired to global government and had the same occultic/Eastern religious dynamic behind it, as the New World Order/New Age axis. [--ED. NOTE: This writer has long felt that the global convulsions of the '80s and '90s were not just political or economic, but also spiritual (or supernatural). Some Bible scholars even feel that the present rise of socialism on a global scale and the rise of the New World Order/New Age axis could be setting the stage for the rise of the Biblical anti-Christ. Indeed the New Agers call their Christ, Lord Maitreya.] This issue of MIA (for which your editor has been gathering research for about a year) will analyze within the context of the above-described American plunge into socialism, the New World Order, and New Age: 1) the accelerating thrust to control the American people (via gun control, environmental and tens of thousands of other government regulations, electronic surveillance and computerization of all aspects of Americans' lives, a national police force, and various Nazi/Fascist/Communist-style police state tactics); 2) The plunge toward a cashless society and the government war against cash and privacy (via money laundering and structuring laws, the new money, and foreign exchange controls); 3) The government's campaign to seize property and assets of U.S. citizens via unconstitutional forfeiture laws and regulations; 4) Specific cases of government attacks against innocent citizens; and 5) What to do financially and politically to oppose America's plunge into a socialist police state. If some of the examples of the U.S. government attacks against its citizens seem shocking or unbelievable to you (as they were to this writer), remember they are only a few examples of what has been happening to tens of thousands of U.S. citizens across America. This issue of MIA will not be funny or entertaining. It will be sobering and frightening, but hopefully it will pull together a myriad of seemingly unrelated incidents and give the reader a perspective on the trends and threats to our families, our freedoms, our traditional way of life, and our future as a free people, as we move toward an American Socialist Police State. I. TO CONTROL THE PEOPLE "Either some Caesar or Napoleon will seize the reins of government with a strong hand or your republic (America) will be as fearfully plundered and laid waste by barbarians in the Twentieth Century as the Roman Empire was in the Fifth; with the difference that the Huns and Vandals who ravaged the Roman Empire came from without, and your Huns and Vandals will have been engendered within your own country by your own institutions." Thomas Macawley writing to H.S. Randall--1857. People control is essential to any totalitarian state, whether in Nazi Germany, the former Soviet Union, Cuba, or perhaps even in the socialist America of the 1990s, or in the emerging New World Order. A. THE EXPLOSION OF GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS Congress passed almost 2,500 new laws in 1992. Most of these laws carry both criminal and civil penalties for violations. These laws are then turned over to any of several dozen applicable federal agencies (i.e., FDA, EPA, BATF, SEC, IRS, OSHA, FCC, FAA, DEA, etc.) which write tens of thousands of federal regulations each year to implement and enforce these new laws. These agencies employ close to 121,000 faceless bureaucrats to write the new regulations and enforce these laws and regulations. There were 67,715 pages of new regulations written and published (in fine print) in the Federal Register in 1992 and that suffices as legal public notice of the new laws and regulations. You are responsible for following every one of those. It would take a large battery of Philadelphia lawyers to interpret and keep up with this avalanche of new regulations; but each U.S. citizen is considered to be responsible to know, understand, and abide by these new laws and regulations. Ignorance of the law in America is no excuse. Heavy fines and/or jail sentences are associated with violation of many of these laws and regulations, and tens of thousands of Americans are now sitting in jail, or have been heavily fined, or had their businesses closed for violation of these new laws and regulations. In many instances, agents from the various agencies run stings against unsuspecting citizens or businesses, and entrap them into violating the new law or regulation. A high profile example is then made of the new criminal, or violation, along with fines, prison sentences, and media publicity, to intimidate the public, or other related busi- nesses into going along with the regulations. [ED. NOTE: Incredibly, the government has created a situation in which you are almost certain to be a "criminal." You are breaking one or more of these regulations right now, and don't even know it--there is no way to know and keep all of these rules and regulations. We have more people in prison per capita today than South Africa, Albania (and most of Eastern Europe), or even Red China. We jail 6 times as many people per capita as Denmark, and almost 11 times as many per capita as Japan.] These dictatorial new laws and regulations are costing Americans literally hundreds of billions of dollars per year, and are hamstringing tens of thousands of small businesses which literally cannot afford the paperwork, red tape, and expenses of compliance, and are therefore forced out of business. One small example: The Agriculture Department has made it a crime to sell peaches or nectarines which do not meet the minimum size of 2-7/16" and 2-3/8" in diameter respectively. This new regulation (passed in 1992) will condemn to rot over 500 million perfectly edible peaches and nectarines per year (worth over $50 million at the grocery store). The U.S. Attorney General has already filed for a federal injunction and a $100 per box fine against California's largest nectarine and peach farmer, who was selling the forbidden fruit at a bargain price of under $10 per box to thankful inner-city residents. The farmer is now a criminal who will be fined heavily for his crime. But meanwhile, the Agriculture Department has asked the California Nectarine Administrative Committee to undertake market research to determine the effect of fruit size on consumer preferences. B. ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATIONS These may be the most dangerous of all, because the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, and a host of other environmental laws and regulations passed in recent years give the government Draconian, dictatorial controls over virtually every business and person, over every piece of private property, every car, and every action of every American in the U.S. (The July and September '92 issues of MIA described this socialist juggernaut in detail.) Environmental laws and regulations (both domestic and international) will be the one vehicle for moving us into socialism and the New World Order. Seventy percent of private property in America is already considered by the government as "wetlands" (whether there is surface water on it or not) and under their control (i.e., half of Vermont, 40% of Maryland's eastern shore, 40% of drought-stricken California, and much of suburban Houston are classified as "wetlands"). Environmentalists are pushing to make that 100%. (The Clinton Administration is likely to comply.) Then are also pushing to have private land adjacent to government land (i.e., national forest, BLM or wilderness areas) under the same government controls as the government land. Even as thousands of murderers and rapists are turned loose by our justice system each year on technicalities, room is being made in our jails for honest law abiding citizens who have run afoul of environmental fanatics. A case in point is a Vietnam vet and environmental consultant, Bill Ellen, who is now serving a six month prison sentence for a "wetlands" violation. (The U.S. attorney had pushed for a three year sentence but the judge was more lenient.) What was Ellen's crime? In 1987, Ellen, who had a strong background as a conservationist, agreed to do a project to construct 10 ponds for migrating geese and wildlife on the Eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. Ellen was to build the $7 million, 103 acre wildlife sanctuary on a 2,000 acre private estate. Ellen, who knew environmental laws well, got all the proper permits, and complied with all those laws and regulations as written in 1987. However, in 1988, the definition of "wetland" was expanded to include potholes that collect water during rains. Ellen, who already had permits, was unconcerned with the new regulations because the land was so dry that workers had to wear dust masks. However, Ellen was indicted for "wetlands" violations after one government agency told him he could continue landfill work and another told him he could not. Acting on the former, he hauled in two more loads of landfill (i.e., dirt). Angry federal environmental bureaucrats toured the land after three days of heavy rains and indicted Ellen for "desecration of wetlands." He was sentenced to six months in jail where he now sits. The owner of the estate escaped jail as an accomplice to an environmental ("wetlands") crime by paying a $1 million fine and making another $1 million donation to the National Fish and Wildlife Federation. [ED. NOTE: This and hundreds of similar travesties of justice happened under the Bush Administration. How much worse are things going to be under Bill, Hillary, and Al and their entourage of environmental radicals (called by Walter Williams "enviro-Nazis")? What has happened to Americans' constitutional protections such as the Fifth Amendment, and Article I, Section 9 which says: "No bill of attainer or expost facto law shall be passed"?] C. TOWARD A NATIONAL (AND INTERNATIONAL) POLICE FORCE The socialists believe in crisis management to solve crises (real or manufactured) in order to greatly expand their power, authority, and control over the people. The war on drugs, the environmental crisis, the war on crime, discrimination against minorities, "hate crimes," etc. are all "crises" which supposedly justify the passage of new laws and regulations, expansion of bureaucratic agencies, and the installation of police state powers over the people. Bill Clinton and Al Gore have already called (in their new book) for installation of a national police force in America, numbering 100,000 police (made up of former or retired local police, retired military personnel, other government employees, etc.) to fight the crime war and America's other crises. CIA director Robert Gates has called for the CIA to be given the power to spy on American businesses and individuals and to help support the Justice Department and other federal agencies in enforcing the myriad of new governmental laws and regulations. (This is supposed to keep tens of thousands of CIA agents busy, since "communism is no longer considered to be an external threat.") If criminal enforcement agents of the DEA, FBI, CIA, BATF, EPA, FDA, IRS, and various other government agencies and departments are included, the U.S. could soon have a national police force of 200-300,000 people spying on the public and enforcing new laws and regulations. Shades of the Gestapo in Nazi Germany or the KGB in Russia! The New World Order crowd are also talking about an international police force made up of U.N. troops from member countries to police and control internal crises such as the present famine and civil unrest in Somalia, the emerging civil wars in South Africa and the former Yugoslavia, environmental abuses, and eventually, opponents of the New World Order. In May of '92, an extensive training course called Police 2000 was taught at the First International Crime Conference in Fairbanks, Alaska, and was attended by law enforcement officials and government agents from America, Canada, and Russia. One of the Police 2000 goals is for the creation of a "transnational police organization for the coming 'global village.'" There is growing cooperation between international police organizations such as the CIA, KGB, Interpol, etc. The New World Army police force will soon reach 100,000, and could well grow to 250,000 or more over the next five years. An undisclosed number of U.N. troops are now training on U.S. soil, and could be used in America in some future State of National Emergency, civil unrest such as the Los Angeles riots, or other upheaval. D. POLICE STATE TACTICS U.S. military and National Guard personnel have been undergoing training and exercises for several years for house-to-house searches (presumably for drugs or guns), for crowd control, and for domestic "counter-terrorism measures." Roadblocks are being randomly set up on highways around America by local, state, or federal officials to conduct drivers license checks or warrantless spot checks of cars or their occupants for drugs, liquor, or firearms; local or state police or military helicopters are, with greatly increased frequency, overflying cities, towns, neighborhoods, and individual houses at low levels (looking for drugs, for surveillance, or for intimidation purposes). In late '91, an "urban warfare training exercise" by the U.S. Marines brought a dozen military helicopters swooping low over San Francisco roof tops, prompting hundreds of frightened calls to radio stations and the local police, who denied any knowledge of the exercise. Hundreds of military vehicles (black and with no markings) are being observed in various parts of the U.S., in many instances manned by personnel in black uniforms (with no insignias). Denial of any knowledge of these helicopters, vehicles or personnel from local, state, and federal officials almost always follows frightened inquiries from citizens. Over the past two years, as training and enforcement exercises have increased, SWAT teams in black Ninja suits and other government marshals and enforcement teams have had an increasing number of shoot-outs with innocent victims--who are characterized by the government as "religious fundamentalists," "white supremacists," "left or right wing extremists," "tax protestors," etc. In August '92, a mob of Federal agents surrounded the remote Idaho home of Randy Weaver (wanted on a misdemeanor warrant) and his family, and in a ten-day siege shot and killed his wife and 14 year old son. In October '92, a "drug raid" against a 61-year old wealthy, partially blind Ventura County, California resident, Donald P. Scott, resulted in Scott being shot dead by Los Angeles County Sheriffs deputies. No drugs were found, nor did Scott resist arrest. [ED. NOTE: Details of these two cases will be described in Section IV below.] The general tactic (whether used by local or federal police officials, or both) is to overwhelm (and intimidate) the "suspected" money launderer, environmental or financial "criminal," gun law violator, etc. by invading his home or business with a SWAT team and/or federal marshals or agents numbering 10 to 20 to 30 people. Guns are often drawn and if the "victim" of the attack makes any sudden move, he is often shot. This writer personally knows of at least a dozen individuals (none ever convicted of a traditional crime such as murder, rape, robbery, etc.) that have had their homes or businesses invaded by local, state or federal law enforcement SWAT teams in this manner. The experience is terrifying for the individual, families, or employees involved. Shades of Nazi Germany, Red China, or the old Soviet Union! E. TOWARD A STATE OF NATIONAL EMERGENCY Over the past few years, a number of references to a State of National Emergency (or martial law) have been hinted at or suggested by government officials, congressmen, etc.--usually to fight the drug war, crime, etc. Indeed martial law was imposed in Los Angeles (and was begged for by the public) to quell the massive riots in the spring of '92, and could have been declared nationally had the riots continued to spread during the summer of '92. [ED. NOTE: They did spread to 166 other cities--but not as severe as in Los Angeles.] MARTIAL LAW, by definition, is: "A system of government under the direction of military authority. It is an arbitrary kind of law, preceding directly from military power and having no immediate constitutional or legislative sanction. It is only justified by necessity, and supersedes all civil government...Martial law is built on no settled principle, but is arbitrary and in truth no law." Suspension of the writ of habeas corpus (i.e., right to trial by judge and jury and protection from illegal imprisonment) is a major element of martial law. As Justice Blackstone wrote: "In this case, the nation parts with a portion of its liberty and suspected persons may then be arrested without cause assigned." The potential for a State of National Emergency or martial law in America over the next three to five to seven years (perhaps to deal with riots, the war on crime or drugs, a financial/banking crisis or some manufactured crisis is a very real possibility, as the Establishment moves to install a socialist America and the New World Order. Indeed aspects of a state of emergency (or martial law) and the suspension of constitutional rights already exist in America today! Over a dozen Executive Orders have been passed by Congress over the past few decades (analyzed in prior issues of MIA) giving the President total dictatorial control over every aspect of American life if the president (or his Establishment bosses) decide to trigger and implement same. FEMA would then go into action, firearms would be confiscated, and many (if not all) constitutional rights and guarantees would be suspended. Under a full state of emergency, tens or hundreds of thousands of Americans (guilty of hate, environmental, financial, or gun control "crimes"; or "criminal" violation of any of tens of thousands of new government regulations; or resistance to the New World Order or a socialist America) are likely to be imprisoned. Perhaps this is why George Bush moved in recent years to double U.S. prison capacity, and why under a national security directive called "Rex 84," signed in 1984 by President Reagan, eleven huge federal detention centers were activated in California, Arizona, Arkansas, Wisconsin, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Georgia, and Florida. [ED. NOTE: As part of this whole trend, Draconian laws registering firearms and outlawing many kinds of guns will begin to be passed in 1993 (and beyond), turning hundreds of thousands (or millions) of honest freedom loving U.S. gun owners, who refuse to comply, into "instant criminals."] F. ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE AND COMPUTERIZATION OF THE PUBLIC Computers and other high tech breakthroughs over the past few years have given the U.S. (and other governments) the ability to listen to, monitor, track, and keep citizens under surveillance (from the cradle to the grave) that were not available to Hitler in Nazi Germany or to the communists in Russia, China, or the East bloc until very recently. In 1974, the government had 3.9 billion records on individuals stored in the personal data systems of 97 federal agencies. The Department of Health, Education and Welfare had 693 separate data systems with 130 million personal records including marital, financial, health, etc. data stored. The Treasury Department had 910 data systems with 853 million records; the Justice Department 175 data systems with 181 million records; the Defense Department 2,219 data systems with 312 million records stored, etc. These numbers (from US. News and World Report) are 20 years old. The computer files on Americans today are probably ten times larger and are linked together between most government agencies. Like it or not, your life is now an open book. Using your Social Security number, any government agency, or agent (local, state, or federal) can now tap into dozens (or hundreds) of computer data bases on every American. A total and comprehensive computer profile exists on virtually every adult American. Now the government has developed a DNA (genetic) data base on 1.5 million U.S. military servicemen and is experimenting with same on federal prisoners. Eventually it is intended that the whole U.S. population will be placed in such a data base. Most Americans are not aware that their phone calls, telexes, faxes and certain U.S. mail are regularly monitored by federal agencies. The federal government is now purchasing hundreds of portable fax tapping machines at $30,000 per copy. The U.S. Air Force alone recently purchased 40 of these devices. Phones can now be made "hot on the hook" (i.e., turned into microphones even when hung up and not in use). According to a 1992 report by the (general Accounting Office entitled "FBI Advanced Communication Technologies Pose Wiretapping Challenges," it is the intention of the FBI to tap all phones in America. Every square inch of the earth's surface can now be monitored by satellite so that all persons and activities can now be watched. The government, in conjunction with AT&T, has developed computerized voice recognition on phones and also picks up and records (through the National Security Agency) key words from conversations, which trigger the NSA tape recorders. Several years ago, U.S. passports were made computer readable. Now, U.S., Canadian, Australian, German and other European authorities are installing computers in airports which will not only read passports, but also hand prints via infrared security readers. This means data banks of computerized hand prints will be developed over the next few years and linked to other governmental data bases, so that an instant computer record of an individual will be flashed on a screen simply by waving a person's hand over a grocery store-type infrared scanner. Does this sound farfetched? This system is being set up at the Kennedy and Newark airports and airports in the aforementioned countries at this writing. Biometric identification systems are now exploding onto the scene with computerized fingerprint comparisons, identification cards, debit and smart cards, drivers licenses, proposals for a biometric national ID card, a biometric card to replace welfare checks and food stamps, biometric passports, and biometric booking of prisoners by law enforcement officers. Biometric technologies include fingerprint comparison, retina scanning, DNA analysis, voice recognition, hand geometry, body odor, body heat patterns and brain wave analysis. In other words, 1001 ways of tracking the earth's inhabitants are emerging via new high technology. [ED. NOTE: Does this sound like George Orwell's 1984, or the Biblical "mark of the Beast"?] As MIA has previously written, cars can be tracked via small implanted computerized receiving devices linked with government satellites. (The experiments on this technology were done in Singapore for several years.) The U.S. government has actually spent $3 billion over the past 15 years to develop this people/vehicle tracking system. Now the exact location of trucks, police cars, and other vehicles is beginning to be tracked in the U.S. via this method. The Detroit Police Department is presently installing this system to track its squad cars, and a number of trucking companies are doing the same to track their fleets. Perhaps in the not too distant future, these computerized tracking devices will be standard (or even mandatory) equipment on new cars and trucks--like seat belts and air bags. So, in an era where Big Brother (now represented by Bill, Hillary, and Al and their legion of socialist bureaucrats) wants to track, monitor and control every aspect of our lives, as he ushers in a socialist America and the New World Order, the emerging high technology in the hands of socialist bureaucrats will simply help to lock on the chains that much more quickly and efficiently. II. TOWARD A CASHLESS SOCIETY: THE WAR ON CASH AND PRIVACY The socialist bureaucrats running America and most of the western world today hate privacy and they hate cash. Anyone who is a staunch advocate of privacy, or uses much cash, is considered by these government bureaucrats and law enforcement officials to be a criminal. If they are going to install a socialist America and New World Order (ala George Orwell's 1984) they must be able to track, monitor, and control every aspect of a person's life. Cash is trackless and difficult to trace, so it must be eliminated. Hence, the goal is to ultimately do away with currency and to force every American into the computerized credit card and banking system. Present U.S. government attitudes toward cash and people who use it are reminiscent of Nazi Germany. Police agencies nationwide consider anyone carrying a large quantity of cash to be involved in criminal activity unless they can prove otherwise. For example, an Iowa man stopped for a traffic ticket pulled his driver's license out of his wallet, which also contained $7,000 in cash. He was on his way to a sale that required cash--much like the government's own auctions of seized property. The policeman confiscated the cash because he didn't think that a man dressed in overalls should be carrying that much cash. An MIA subscriber from New Jersey recently described the following incident in a letter to your editor. He was recently driving down the New Jersey Turnpike in an 18 foot Hertz rental truck. He stopped at the last toll booth at the end of the Turnpike near Wilmington, Delaware, and paid the toll with a $50 bill--the only cash he had on him. The attendant told him to wait a minute and then went to the front of the truck and wrote down the license plate number, a description of the subscriber (who was driving) and his son (a passenger in the truck). While the driver asked about this, the attendant stapled the $50 bill to the government form and told him that this was the procedure for anyone paying with a $50 or $100 bill. In Florida, the Orlando Sentinel recently carried a series entitled: "Highway Robbery on I-95," which described how police seize your cash for even minor traffic violations on the basis that the cash is "probable proceeds of drug transactions." At airports, ticket agents and security personnel are alert to anyone carrying large quantities of cash. Why? Because if their tip-off leads to a seizure, they get a finder's fee of 10-25%. In a seizure recently described on 60 Minutes, a DEA agent testified in court that the person he seized cash from was carrying $100s, $50s, $20s, and $10s, "which were all widely used in the drug trade." Of course, this only leaves $1s and $5s for everyone else. Drug residue on your cash provides "probable cause" for its seizure. Tens of thousands of cash seizures are made each year because dogs allegedly identified the cash as containing drug residue. And yet, according to the DEA's own lab studies, it is the government itself (i.e., the Federal Reserve) that contaminates most cash in its currency sorting operations. Rollers on the Fed's cash sorting machines are contaminated with cocaine residue (20 to 100 times higher than those found on the average bill). Various studies dating back to 1985 show that anywhere between 80% and 97% of cash circulating has drug residue on it. What happens to the seized cash? It's deposited into a government bank account to be recirculated. No effort is made to take it out of circulation, according to affidavits from 21 agencies that participate in cash seizures. If you want your cash back, you must go to court to prove that the funds were earned legitimately. If you win, the government always appeals under the strategy that they will litigate until you run out of money. So, does this make carrying cash illegal? In effect it does! Illustrative of the government attitude toward cash was the November '92 article by David Warwick in The Futurist magazine, entitled "The Cash Free Society." The article claims that "cash has been the root of much of the social and economic evil...Ridding society of its cash could make most criminal activity disappear, from purse snatching to drug trafficking. Electronic money systems promise to lead the way to a cash-free, crime free society." The article admits that there are $300 billion in legitimate cash transactions in America each year, but argues that the 40 million Americans who primarily use cash must adjust. Warwick recommends the instituting of a federal debit card system for all transactions, down to buying gum or a newspaper, paying for a parking meter or toll phone call, or even leaving a tip. Electronic transfers would "constitute legal tender." There would be no such thing as a "withdrawal"--only a "transfer." A recent trial run was the government use of debit cards for food stamps and the paying of Marines at Paris Island via debit cards. [ED. NOTE: If one questions a government official or law enforcement officer about their hatred of cash or their heavy-handed seizure techniques, they will simply argue that cash is the "mother's milk" of drug traffickers and money launderers and, therefore, "if we wish to stop drugs, we must make a small sacrifice, and stop cash." But we're not talking about a small sacrifice here. We are talking about the Constitution and Bill of Rights being dismantled one piece at a time. The incredible range of searches, seizures, and violations of due process that happen daily in America at present would make our founding fathers turn over in their graves.] A. MONEY LAUNDERING LAWS In the former Soviet Union, if the government wanted to apprehend and imprison someone who had committed no crime, they charged him with the catchall crime of "hooliganism." In America, the catchall crime used against organized crime figures or other Americans has for years been RICO statutes or simply "conspiracy." But in recent years the government has created a new catchall crime, punishable by imprisonment, confiscation of property, heavy fines, or all of them. It is called "money laundering." Most Americans suppose "money laundering" refers primarily to the hidden, laundered, movement of cash profits from drug deals. Wrong! It refers today to almost any "financial crime," broken financial regulation, use of cash, avoidance of government cash reporting laws, unreported foreign bank accounts, unreported transfer of funds, or virtually anything the government bureaucrats want it to mean. The definition is vague and ever-expanding. IRS agents are greatly accelerating money laundering cases in situations where there is obviously no criminal intent, and certainly no involvement whatsoever with drugs or drug money. Remember, the IRS considers money laundering to be any effort you make to disguise your assets or avoid completing a federal currency transaction or border crossing form. If a tax case can be called "money laundering," it is no longer civil, but criminal, with large potential criminal sentences and fines. The government's growing and expanding money laundering laws are becoming the basis for a total financial dictatorship in America--all under the guise of fighting the drug war. The first thing the Nazis did in the 1930s to establish control over their population was to establish "money crimes" that were punishable by forfeiture and imprisonment. Half a century later, the same thing is happening here. The war on drugs is a classic government power grab. The Treasury Department has published a booklet entitled: "Money Laundering: A Banker's Guide To Avoiding Problems," which contains a list of suspicious activities that the Treasury Department says fit the profile of a "money launderer." These activities include: 1) Paying off a delinquent loan all at once; 2) Changing currency from small to large denominations; 3) Buying cashiers checks, money orders, or travelers checks for less than the reporting limit (i.e., under $10,000); 4) Acting nervous while making large transactions with cash or monetary instruments; 5) opening an account and using it as collateral for a loan; 6) Presenting a transaction that involves a large number of $50s and $100 bills; and 7) Presenting a transaction without counting the cash first. Any non-reporting of cash transactions over $10,000 on a form 8300 (THAT NOW INCLUDES CASHIERS CHECKS, MONEY ORDERS OF ANY KIND AND TRAVELERS CHECKS) by a banker, stock broker, car dealer, jeweler, coin dealer, or any business accepting cash (or the above listed cash equivalents) is considered a money laundering violation and can result in heavy fines, and even imprisonment. Personal checks, money market fund checks and bank wires are not presently reportable on form 8300s. [ED. NOTE: Murder, rape, and armed robbery now result in smaller and less frequent jail terms or fines than the new federal crime of money laundering. In fact, the penalties for money laundering are 10 times more severe than the same crime prosecuted as tax evasion.] BUSH'S INTERNATIONAL STRUCTURING AND EXPANDED FORFEITURE LAW--The November '92 issue of 'Low Profile' written by Mark Nestmann (P.O. Box 84910, Phoenix, AZ 85071) carried an ominous article on America's latest money laundering legislation. On 10/29/92, George Bush, who pushed through more money laundering anti-currency, and anti-privacy legislation in his single term than any other U.S. president, signed the "Annunzio-Wylie Anti-Money Laundering Act" which: 1) Prohibits a bank or financial institution from disclosing to a depositor the fact that their account is the subject of a money laundering operation; 2) Requires all financial institutions or others who sell or redeem monetary instruments (cash, cashiers checks, money orders, or travelers checks) or transmit funds by wire, to maintain records of any international transactions, and make them available for warrantless inspection; 3) Permits the Treasury to require financial institutions to report "suspicious transactions" that could involve a violation of any law or regulation. The institution is not allowed to notify the "suspect" of the report; 4) Permits the government to seize monetary instruments or financial accounts even if it cannot specifically identify the property allegedly subject to forfeiture (in other words, any other property of the "accused" can be seized); 5) Prohibits any action to structure or assist in structuring the transfer of monetary assets across U.S. borders in any effort to avoid reporting the transfer. Any property involved in any structured transaction is subject to forfeiture; 6) Applies the weight of the anti-money laundering laws to those who conspire to violate them, even if no violation takes place; 7) Permits any federal agency to share any data it holds with any other federal agency; 8) Permits the government to confiscate the assets of people even if they are held in foreign countries (this is the culmination of years of negotiations with other countries); 9) It allows the U.S. government to prosecute foreign banks who use U.S. banks to launder money; and 10) It empowers banking regulators to revoke the charter of institutions convicted of money laundering. [ED. NOTE: These provisions are designed to terrorize bankers and force them to become the money police for the government.] As Mark Nestmann wrote in his 10/92 Low Profile newsletter: "This bill greatly strengthens the government's hand in money laundering and forfeiture cases. The 'vague' international structuring ban is particularly frightening. In theory, anyone transferring more than $10,000 in monetary instruments in installments below that amount across a U.S. border without notifying the Customs Service could be illegally structuring their transactions. They would then be subject to criminal penalties and forfeiture." WHEN MONEY LAUNDERING MEETS THE ENVIRONMENTAL POLICE--Mark Nestmann wrote in a recent Low Profile newsletter: "The July 1992 ABA Banking Journal describes how the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can use money laundering laws against lenders that provide money to corporate polluters. "The Crime Control Act of 1990 permits the EPA to apply money laundering laws in criminal violations of most federal air and water pollution legislation. A lender may be convicted of money laundering if it advances more than $10,000 to a company that it knows or has reason to believe has violated environmental laws. Violators may be fined $500,000 or twice the value of the property involved, whichever is greater. A maximum 20-year prison sentence also may apply to the individual(s) approving the loan. "The courts have defined 'proceeds' as moneys that may have been co-mingled with other, legitimate funds. As a result, all receipts coming from a facility violating environmental laws, property, acquired from such receipts and perhaps even the company controlling the facility, may be 'proceeds.' All are subject to forfeiture under federal law. "The article suggests that lenders should adopt 'due diligence' measures to avoid lending to companies in violation of environmental laws; make personnel aware of environmental and money laundering laws." B. STRUCTURING LAWS "Structuring" is defined by the IRS as any effort to avoid reporting cash or other monetary transactions over $10,000 by breaking them down into smaller "related" transactions over any 12 month period (defined by USC 31, Sec. 5322-5324--Money Laundering Control Act of 1986, as amended). A structuring violation carries with it a criminal penalty with a mandatory prison term, heavy fines, and confiscation of structured funds and money "connected" to them. (A civil penalty of a $25,000 fine with confiscation of structured funds also exists.) Monetary instruments included in structuring are cash, cashiers checks, money orders, and travelers checks. "Structuring" is now defined as money laundering, and is a criminal offense. You can now go to jail for dealing in cash to protect your financial privacy, if the IRS thinks you're trying to hide or structure your transactions or monetary instruments. Furthermore, it's against the law for a bank or merchant to tell you that you might be violating the law. This can get him prosecuted as part of your structuring "conspiracy." If they think your behavior is suspicious, they may fill out a form on you without telling you and file it with the IRS who will promptly audit you, or begin a criminal investigation. A few examples of structuring violations include a series of "related" withdrawals or deposits over $10,000 (i.e., several in any 12 month period) in monetary instruments without filing a cash reporting report (CTR) to the government, or making payments of $10,000 or more in monetary instruments on an installment loan without filing a CTR. One illustration this writer is familiar with is a high school principal who lived in the South, with no criminal record, no history of drug usage or dealing, or even a speeding record--he simply believed in privacy. About two years ago, he purchased $62,000 worth of Krugerrands from a coin dealer and several days later mailed nine separate cashiers checks to the dealer, of sizes varying between $6,000 and $9,000. He had accumulated $62,000 in cash (after taxes) over a 15 or 20 year period, believing that privacy and Amendment IV of the U.S. Constitution were still in effect. He was wrong--they are not! The man went to nine separate banks to buy cashiers checks--three of them (33%) turned him in to the IRS, the man was indicted on 16 counts of criminal violation of Title 31 of the Bank Secrecy Act of 1986; was found guilty; fined $200,000; had his $62,000 forfeited to the IRS: and was sentenced to five years in the federal penitentiary--all for the new federal money laundering crime of buying nine cashiers checks with his own cash. That is structuring laws in action and that sounds more like Nazi Germany than the America most of us grew up in. If the government's case is shakier (or less clear cut) than the principal's case (which, unfortunately, was a classic textbook Title 31 violation), their ploy will be to drop the criminal charges if you allow your assets to be seized without going to trial, and/or pay a stiff fine. This is now very common in drug kingpin cases. The drug dealer goes free--the police keep his assets. "Structuring" is a strict liability statute. That means that even if there's no criminal intent, even if you earned the money legitimately, unless you can prove that the transactions were unrelated, the government keeps your assets. If the government decides to prosecute you criminally, in addition to the mandatory prison sentence and fine, they can legally confiscate not just the money involved in the transaction, but any assets associated with the "structured" funds. For example, if you "structure" a withdrawal of $10,000 in cash (over any 12 month period) from a $1 million bank account, the government can seize the entire $1 million. The seizure can proceed even without a criminal conviction or indictment--just like the forfeiture laws. (Reread this paragraph!) The average person might say, "well, the government would never come after anyone who was totally innocent." But that's not true--he misses the point! The IRS admits that 85% of the people accused of "structuring" committed no other crime than seeking to protect their privacy. The courts have upheld numerous criminal structuring convictions for violations that concealed no criminal activity. If the government wins the conviction, the judge must sentence the criminal "to a mandatory prison sentence." This gives the lie to the argument that money laundering/structuring laws are enforced to get drug dealers and fight the war on drugs. The fact is that it is far easier to convict an honest law abiding citizen and confiscate his property than to go after a real drug dealer who has a battery of high priced lawyers and accountants, and who might even shoot back. In U.S. vs. Aversa, a federal judge delivered a scathing critique of the government's use of the "structuring" statutes. Aversa's "crime" was initiating a secret loan to help keep information about his wife's infertility private. The loan triggered reports of "suspicious transactions" in his bank account. Aversa Judge Loughlin wrote that: "Defendants should never have been prosecuted for 'structuring' currency transactions...where evidence showed that defendants were not attempting to avoid paying tax on money or disguise where it came from...The evidence shows that [Aversa] did not believe that [he] was breaking any law...This is a case that was never contemplated by the drafters of the statute and that never should have been brought the U.S. Attorney. There is only one explanation for the bringing of these charges--it was easy. IN CONCLUSION, money laundering and "structuring" laws have little, if anything to do with the war on drugs. That is simply the excuse. They are a legal way for the socialist government bureaucrats to plunder and confiscate the peoples' assets (as in Nazi Germany or Russia), they are a way to enrich the government's debt ridden coffers, they are a way to drive us toward the cashless society, and they are a way to place Orwellian-type controls on the American people. This trend is likely to get worse under Bill Clinton, judging by a recent speech he gave in Michigan to a group of prosecutors (as reported by "Money Laundering Alert": "If we really want to get the big criminals, we can focus more on the money laundering aspects of their operations, and use the federal authorities to deal with financial transactions that cross state lines, that deal with federally insured institutions, that deal with those things that the states will never be competent to deal with. That is what the federal government ought to focus on--go after the money!" III. ASSET FORFEITURES: HOW THE GOVERNMENT PLUNDERS THE PEOPLE VIA SEIZURE LAWS George Orwell's 1984 has arrived in the U.S.S.A. Just as in Nazi Germany in the 1930s and in Russia from 1917 to 1990, any government agent or agency in America today can confiscate or seize almost any property from ANY American and there is very little the citizen can do to protect himself. We are witnessing the death of property rights in America--human rights and all other freedoms will follow. In 1984, government seizures of so-called "illegal assets" totaled $30 million. In 1991, these seizures totaled $644 million (not including lRS levies) for a net increase of 2047%. (Seizures in 1992 probably exceeded $750 million.) A total of $2.6 billion in U.S citizens' assets have been seized since 1985, the Government Asset Forfeiture Office proudly boasts. Eighty percent of these seizures never resulted in an arrest or conviction--indicating that most are being taken from innocent people. According to USA Today, there are now 1,000 forfeitures per week in the U.S., or 52,000 per year. Assets seized in order of frequency are: 1) cash or other monetary instruments; 2) vehicles, boats, planes; 3) bank and brokerage accounts; 4) real estate (including your home); and 5) pension and profit sharing plans. Police or government seizures now pose a seemingly random--but still, very real and terrifying--threat to everything we have worked so hard to earn and save over the years. It is frightening to realize that if your teenage son or daughter hosts a party at your house, and one of the guests brings a few joints of marijuana, that you can lose your entire house and everything in it under many local or state forfeiture laws. (Federal forfeiture laws will apply only if the substance is present in saleable quantities). Asset forfeiture is an unconstitutional process (though considered legal according to new socialist laws and regulations) which allows the government or any police agency to simply "accuse" or "suspect" you of a crime (but not formally charge you)--and then seize your property. In most instances there is no arrest, no trial and no conviction. You are presumed guilty until you can prove yourself innocent. The plain fact is that the great majority of people who have property seized from them by the police are innocent and law abiding. One study showed that in 80% of the seizures, the police never even filed charges against the victims of the seizures, or, in some cases, filed charges and then dropped them. The police need no warrant to seize your car, your cash, your business, your house, your bank account, your investments, your retirement plan, or your personal property--with no due process. They don't even have to formally charge you with a crime. There are hundreds of local, state and federal laws and thousands of regulations on the books under which the government can seize your property. Furthermore, as Financial Privacy Report, (P.O. Box 1277, Barnesville, MN 55337) says, there's no cap on the value of the seized assets. They can take expensive cars and homes for even the most minor "suspected" violation. You might be under suspicion of violating some statute for which the maximum penalty--if convicted criminally in a court of law might be a $500 or $1,000 fine. But under these laws, the police or government can seize your property worth 100 or even 1,000 times as much as the maximum fine--and they don't need to convict you to do it. Three fraternities on the University of Virginia campus found out the hard way when federal agents raided them and confiscated a small amount of marijuana worth, at most, a few hundred dollars. Criminally, this would have been treated as a youthful first transgression of a few teenagers. But under the seizure laws, the police took the fraternity houses themselves, which were worth about one million dollars. In Iowa, a woman accused (not convicted) of shoplifting a $25 sweater saw her $18,000 car (which had been specially equipped for her handicapped daughter) seized as the potential "getaway vehicle." In Portland, Oregon, the police raided a bar and arrested a bartender (not the owner) on suspicion of bookmaking. There was zero evidence pointing to the bar owner's involvement--the police documents didn't even mention him. But the police seized his business anyway. The deputy district attorney in charge said she didn't have evidence to press criminal charges against the owner "so we seized the business." [ED. NOTE: These seizures are legalized theft by those who are supposed to be upholding the law, and give you a hint at the mindset of government agents, bureaucrats, and the police today. Justice is out--plunder is in!] A. PROBABLE CAUSE The government or police do not have to show any more than "probable cause" that a crime has been committed--the same standard which for centuries has been applied to search warrants. So the police can now seize your home with no more evidence than it once took to search it. "Probable cause" can be when the police or government agency "suspects" racketeering (which is broadly defined--it can mean almost anything), drug possession, drug trafficking, money laundering (See Section IIA above), robbery, murder, tax evasion, extortion, environmental crimes, violation of the Trading with the Enemy Act, violation of the Emergency Economic Powers Act, gun control violations, and more than 100 suspected unlawful activities named in legislation. Some specific examples of "probable cause" in the current avalanche of government seizures: 1) a tip from a paid informant (with a finders fee of 10-25% of the value of the seized property paid); 2) a tip from an airline ticket sales person or airport security guard (with a finders fee paid of 10-25% of the value of the seized property); 3) any trace of any controlled substance (i.e., drugs) on any person or property (zero tolerance is allowed); 4) any trace of any controlled substance (i.e., drugs) on cash or other monetary instruments; ED: But most U.S. cash has traces of some drug residue on it). 5) any specified unlawful activity in which probable cause indicates you are guilty (i.e., firearms violations, unpaid speeding tickets, etc.); 6) making an effort to avoid filling out a cash reporting form at the bank; 7) innocently doing business with a person that the government believes you should have suspected of committing a crime. Bill and Karen Munnerlyn, recently profiled on 60 Minutes, are classic examples of (7) above. Bill Munnerlyn used to own a Las Vegas air freight service. But on 10/3/89, Bill flew an old man and four padlocked blue plastic boxes to a California airport. Unknown to Bill, his passenger was a convicted cocaine trafficker, and the boxes contained nearly $3 million in cash from a drug deal. An informant tipped off the DEA as to the nature of the cargo and passenger, and both the passenger and Bill were arrested upon arrival. The jet, the blue boxes, and even $8,500 in cash Bill's passenger had paid for the flight were seized. Bill was released three days later with no charges, but the DEA kept the plane, and the U.S. Attorney prosecuting the seizure said it was justifiable because the plane flew into the Los Angeles area, which is "known as a center of illegal drug activity" and that was sufficient "probable cause" to seize the plane. [ED. NOTE: Incredible! Several thousand planes a day fly into the Los Angeles area. Should they all be seized because L.A. is a drug zone?] In October, '90, Bill took the government to court and won a jury trial. But the judge overturned the jury's verdict. The DEA then demanded that Bill pay a $66,000 fine (which he did not have) to get the plane back. Meanwhile, the plane had incurred $50,000 in damage while in government custody. In the meantime, under DEA pressure, the FDA revoked Bill's flight certificate. Bill never got the plane back. His business is gone, and he now drives a truck to support his family. But, the informant who's tip led to Bill's jet being seized is eligible for a reward up to 25% of the value of the plane. [ED. NOTE: This sort of thing is an example of the "new American justice, and is now happening to thousands of Americans every year."] According to a recent article in USA Today, in 1992, 65 informants made over $100,000 each by simply alleging to police agencies that their friends, neighbors, and/or business associates had committed crimes. And no, when you go to trial, you don't have the right to confront the informant in court. The reason: it's a civil, not a criminal proceeding. To seize your property, the government need not accuse you of a crime. All that is necessary is that the judge agree with a prosecutor that "probable cause" indicates that a crime was committed in or on your property. Or a policeman, or sheriff, or federal drug agent can make that determination on the spot and seize your car, your boat, your home, your bank accounts, etc. According to the Pittsburgh Press, over 80% of the victims of 25,000 such seizures they analyzed were never accused of any crime. [ED. NOTE: This is simply legalized theft or plunder. How is this different from Nazi Germany?] B. LOOKING SUSPICIOUS CAN GET YOUR ASSETS SEIZED A "suspicious" customer or transaction at a bank or financial institution goes to the top of the seizure list. There is a box on the top of the CTR (cash reporting form) and if a person looks nervous, or protests having the form filled out, or is too inquisitive about the form, that box may be checked. The bank is supposed to notify the Treasury Department but cannot tell you--they're just supposed to spy. Should the Treasury Department find your actions suspicious, it can freeze your account and it's up to you to prove the seizure is improper. In the largest effort of this type, Operation Polar Cap, the Treasury froze more than 700 "suspicious" accounts. Ultimately only about 10% of these were shown to be possibly tied to illegal activity. The other 90% were erroneously (but "legally") confiscated. Yet each depositor whose account was wrongfully seized had to prove, at their own expense, that their assets had been earned by legitimate means. C. THE SEIZURE LAWS ARE STACKED TO MAKE IT ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO RECOVER YOUR PROPERTY As the Financial Privacy Report (P O Box 1277, Barnesville, MN 55337) writes: "Forfeiture laws were expanded in 1984 to allow the government to take possession without first charging the owner. The proceeds finance more investigations and are helping to finance the financial shortfall of local, state and federal governments. Eliminating the need to prove a crime has moved most action to civil court, when the government accuses the item, not the owner, of being tainted by crime. As a result, jury trials can be refused; illegal searches condoned; and rules of evidence ignored. "In up to 80% of the cases, no charges are ever filed. If they are filed, you have plenty of time to fight them. But you only have a very limited time to fight a seizure. In California, for example, you only have 10 days to file your challenge to seizure. There you are: you have been thrown out on the street, your home and bank accounts seized, no money to pay a lawyer, and you have to prepare your case. "You also usually have to file a bond with the court. That bond is about 10% of the value of the property seized. Where do you get the money for the bond, if they have seized all of your financial assets (as they did to a friend of this writer)? But if you don't come up with the money for the bond, your property is gone. And what is the bond for? It's hard to believe, but it's to cover THEIR cost of fighting YOU in court. They seize your property without a trial, and then force you to finance their case against you. It's like being sentenced to the firing squad, but your executioners make you pay for the bullets and the burial, and dig your own grave." YOUR RIGHTS IN A HEARING ABOUT A POLICE SEIZURE ARE VERY LIMITED As the Financial Privacy Report points out, "in some states, you have no right to trial by jury. Your case is heard by a judge who often has a direct financial stake in the seizure. If they take your assets, and you can't afford a lawyer, that's your tough luck. You don't have a right to a court-appointed attorney. In some cases you do not get to testify on your own behalf. Hearsay evidence, not admissible for criminal cases, can be used against you. You do not have the right to confront your accusers." "And worst of all, there is no presumption of innocence. These 'forfeiture' hearings, which harken back to the days of the Spanish Inquisition, work the other way--you are presumed guilty until you prove your innocence. There may have never been charges filed against you or they may have been filed and dropped for 'lack of evidence.' In a criminal trial, you simply have to raise 'reasonable doubt' as to your guilt. But in a police forfeiture hearing, you have a positive burden to prove your innocence. D. WHO PROFITS FROM THE PRESENT SEIZURE LAWS Certainly local, city and federal government(s) are helping to cover some of their financial shortfall from the loot they steal from their victims. Informers and spies are profiting handsomely from seizures with some airline ticket clerks, security guards, bank clerks, etc. comfortably supplementing their income with finders fees for tips leading to seizures. Typically, informants (snitches) get 10 to 25% off the top. There are some snitches with horrible criminal records who are now millionaires from these seizures and "snitch fees". You will be happy to know that no Form 1099's are issued on these fees, so the "snitches" are apparently enjoying tax-free income. Incredible! It is incredible that your government and police are encouraging the American people to spy on one another (just as in Nazi Germany and most communist countries) and to turn in our friends, neighbors, and families--for hefty commissions. (With Judas, it was 30 pieces of silver--today the finders fees are larger.) More than 90% of the search warrants granted to law enforcement agencies are based on information supplied by informants. The government pays out more than $60 million per year in finders fees to informants. One wonders who is more corrupt, the informant or the bribing officials? In 1984, "bounty hunter" provisions were added to the federal forfeiture laws that permit local police to keep most of the proceeds of the property they seize under federal authority. Since then, government seizures have soared 2047%, a Congressional report has noted (approvingly). The laws governing how the seizure booty is split up vary from state to state. A typical state split for the balance (after paying the informant's finders fee) might run 70% to the local police, with the district attorney's office, judges' chambers and the feds splitting the balance. In Louisiana, for example, every official involved in "justice" is given a direct financial stake in upholding the seizure. The police bringing the case get 60%; the prosecuting DA's office gets another 20%; and the judge signing the forfeiture order gets the remaining 20% for his or her court fund. The traditional American concept of the police and the courts is that justice is meant to be impartial. We all recoil at the thought of the police, prosecuting district attorneys, or judges having a direct financial stake in the outcome of a case. Yet under these police/government seizure laws, that is exactly what is beginning to happen. This is how Mexican and other Third World officials have been corrupted over the years, and how they have stolen from the people to enrich themselves. We are witnessing the Mexicanization of American justice. E. THE INNOCENT OWNER DEFENSE In a case now before the Supreme Court, the Justice Department is seeking to virtually eliminate what is called the "innocent owner defense" in federal forfeiture cases regarding seizures of real estate, cash, vehicles, bank accounts, etc.--allegedly tainted through drug activity or any of more than 100 other "crimes." A 1984 law states that federal ownership of property begins the instant an activity punishable by forfeiture takes place on it. Now, the Department of Justice interprets that wording as allowing it to deny the claim of any innocent owner to whom the property is later transferred. In other words, the alleged illegal act eliminates any subsequent rights to the property by any party other than the U.S. government. The Justice Department holds that once property is tainted by a crime, it is tainted forever. The implications of the elimination of the "innocent owner defense" are staggering. Example: A series of say 3, 4, or 5 owners of real estate, property, a vehicle, a plane, a boat, etc. have bought and paid for the property or item in good faith, and are unaware of any prior criminal activity related to that property. But if owner 1 or 2 dealt or kept drugs on that property (or did any other illegal activity) or even transported them in the car, boat, plane, etc., the Justice Department claims that it owns the property (via forfeiture/seizure laws) from the point in time it "became tainted with the crime" and that all subsequent owners have no rights. It also claims that it is entitled to all income from that property from the time it was "tainted with the crime" until the seizure and forfeiture--whether the lapse was a year, or ten years. The Department of Justice holds that buyers 3, 4, or 5, who legally paid for the property and hold title to it, can have it seized from them at any point in the future. Imagine how many of us own a home or vehicle which may have had a former owner who was a drug dealer (or who violated any one of the more than 100 laws for which forfeiture is permitted). The Department of Justice says that we do not have good title to that home or vehicle--that the government can seize it at any time. Mortgage lenders, real estate brokers (or investors), title companies, landlords, are going to freeze in their tracks when they begin to understand the implications of this. There may be no such thing as clear title in the U.S. as the Department of Justice declares literally millions of properties vulnerable to potential forfeiture. There is a five year statute of limitations in federal civil forfeitures (although the government is now arguing in a case before the Supreme Court that there is no statute of limitations, whatsoever). So, if the government gets the "innocent owner defense" thrown out, it has five years after the first alleged illegal use to make a claim against the property--no matter how many times the property has changed hands in the interim. The last owner gets burned, but he will sue all prior owners for not having gotten the good title he thought he got. Let's look at a large example. Let's say that in 1989, XYZ Company dealt drugs out of its offices on the 32nd floor of the Empire State Building, which is owned by R-Corporation. The Empire State Building is later sold in 1991 to Japanese interests (J-Corporation). XYZ company officials are arrested and indicted on drug charges in 1992. At that point who legally has title to the Empire State Building? According to the Justice Department, not R-Corporation and not J-Corporation. The government owns it from the time the crime occurred in 1989 and can seize it in forfeiture when it wishes. In short, the alleged illegal act eliminates any subsequent right to the property by any party or owner (present or future) other than the U.S. government. CONCLUSION: Reread this Section several times and let the implications sink in. We are entering an unconstitutional socialist quagmire of seizures, forfeitures, and lawsuits of incredible dimensions. It is almost beyond belief to this writer to see what is happening in America today. The government encourages Americans to spy on one another--for pay; the government and police unconstitutionally seize and confiscate private property of innocent American citizens as if we had no more property rights than the captive peoples in Russia, Red China, or Nazi Germany (of the '30s); Americans who believe in the Constitutional guarantees to privacy, or simply the use of cash, are impoverished, jailed, or both. A growing number of our police and government officials no longer necessarily represent justice and protection, but are being corrupted with their new found power and ability to share in the loot; and everyone is beginning to be suspicious of everyone else, and especially of the police and government officials--a growing number of whom are beginning to look and act more like their Gestapo and KGB counterparts every day. This is not the America this writer grew up in! Welcome to the U.S.S.A.--a branch of the New World Order! IV. SPECIFIC CASES OF GOVERNMENT PERSECUTION OF INNOCENT AMERICAN CITIZENS Paul Craig Roberts recently wrote the following in his nationally syndicated column: "The United States was once a proud country that protected its citizens from unjust prosecutions by maintaining an unbreachable barrier between politics and justice. But no more. "In recent cases, the Justice Department has withheld evidence or shaped it maliciously in order to falsely prosecute innocents. With their careers dependent on the number of convictions--and not dispensation of justice--U.S. Attorneys seek more notches on their guns. "Once government prosecutors were guided by a code of ethics and a sense of honor. However, today's prosecutors can find honesty to be disabling. Those who are encumbered by a sense of fair play, or are repelled by the tactics employed against U.S. citizens, end up resigning their positions. " The average American may see only a few isolated cases of government persecution of its citizens from time to time in the press, on 60 Minutes, etc. He is vaguely aware that seizures and forfeitures are going on, but he has no idea of the extent to which citizens are being fined, jailed, having their homes, businesses, bank accounts, and property seized for violations of unconstitutional rules and regulations related to drugs, money laundering, structuring, gun control and environment--none of which were even on the books or were ever conceived of by our founding fathers. Fifty-two thousand Americans, mostly honest law abiding citizens, have experienced seizures and forfeitures in the past year alone; thousands more have been jailed. Never say never--in 1993 (or beyond) it could be you or your family. Just a few of those cases are discussed below: A. A SMALL SAMPLING OF SEIZURE AND FORFEITURE ABUSES IN MARYLAND, a member of the Carroll County Narcotics Task Force disguised as a UPS driver delivered a parcel containing a small quantity of marijuana to the owner of a 54-acre estate. The county is now seeking to seize the entire estate. One task force member commented during the bust, that the property "would make a great police retreat." IN NEW JERSEY, forfeiture is permitted for property connected with any indictable offense. A New Jersey graduate medical student set up a counselling office in his parent's home in Monmouth County. He got prior approval from the local Mental Health Director that this was legal. But a few weeks later, police arrested him for "practicing psychiatry without a license," and seized the contents of the home. Under New Jersey law, his challenge of the seizure will be heard by a single judge. No jury trial is permitted. (In another New Jersey case, authorities seized a business because it submitted a defective bid for a state purchasing contract.) IN TENNESSEE, Willie Jones, a black gardening contractor from Nashville, who had bundled up $9,600 in cash from his prior year's profits and headed for Houston for his semi-annual trip to buy flowers and shrubs, was stopped by police on suspicion of money laundering. He had bought the round trip ticket to Houston (about $400) with cash and was turned in by the ticket agent. It was said that he fit the drug dealer profile--he was black and had cash. The police searched him, seized the $9,600, gave him a receipt and let him go. No evidence of wrongdoing was produced, and no charges were filed. The money was never returned. IN JEFFERSON DAVIS PARISH, LOUISIANA, in April 1989, deputies seized $23,000 in cash and a truck belonging to Johnny Sotello, saying a space in the truck could have been used to hide drugs. Sotello said he was carrying the cash because he was on his way to an auction. He was never charged. In a deal cut a year later, he got his truck and only half of the cash back. IN NEW YORK CITY, in March, 1991, some 20 armed sheriffs deputies entered Dan's Supreme Supermarket. Carrying guns and radios, they blocked all store exits and stationed themselves at the cash registers. Wearing bright bulletproof vests with "SHERIFF" written on their backs, they demanded $16,900 immediately in cash. They threatened to empty the cash registers and bust open the store safe if they were not given the money. What could the store manager do? He gave them the money. The reason for the seizure: Litter violations! IN SAN FRANCISCO, K.M. was on his way to run an errand, when a policeman stopped him and said: "Give me your keys. This is my car now." Accusing K.M. of money laundering, the police went on to seize his bank accounts, family heirlooms, and art collection. K.M. protested that he did not launder money and the police soon dropped the charges for "lack of evidence." But the police kept the property. K.M. never got it back. NEAR PHILADELPHIA, on Memorial Day, 1990, Mr. Tracy Thomas was visiting his godson, when local police entered without a search warrant. The police found nothing illegal, and filed no criminal charges, but they seized $13,000 of Thomas' cash. Thomas sued for a return of the money and showed a state judge a withdrawal slip proving he had removed cash from his account, and receipts from purchases he'd made prior to the seizure. The balance was $13,000. [ED. NOTE: Thomas' bank had probably reported him for the large cash withdrawal.] Outraged at this appalling abuse of power, the judge ordered the police to return Thomas' cash. They didn't. Instead, the police turned the cash over to the federal government, (who will give the police back a large chunk of the proceeds). Now Thomas must sue in federal court to recover his lawfully earned money. IN DENVER, at Stapleton International Airport, in 1989, a restaurateur who had about $10,000 in cash on him was stopped and searched by police, using a sniffer dog. The dog barked and wagged its tail when it sniffed the cash, and the police kept the cash. No arrest was made, no charges filed. A year and a half later, after the man had expended $5,000 in legal fees, he got $5,000 back. His net loss, including legal expenses: $10,000. IN THE DENVER AREA, in May, 1990, a small securities firm with 40 employees, which specialized in real estate limited partnerships, was raided by 28 armed sheriffs deputies and police. A former employee who had been fired for mishandling funds complained to police about "alleged" fraudulent activity. Seven or eight police cars pulled up in front of the security firm's office, but first they tipped off the local T.V. stations so they would have their camera crews on hand for footage for the 6:00 pm news. The sheriffs deputies then hauled out 110 boxes of records and computer tapes (all of the firm's records), immediately froze all of the firm's assets, and announced to the press that a massive securities fraud investigation was underway. This publicity caused cancellation of all the firm's credit lines. With no records to prove their innocence, and no funds for operations or attorneys, the firm had to terminate all 40 employees and shut its doors in less than one week. Over $15 million in real estate partnerships (which had not been in trouble prior to the raid) subsequently collapsed due to lack of debt servicing, management, etc. and the sheriffs department said that this "proved that the partnerships were fraudulent." The security firm's partners had all of their personal assets seized and had no money left to defend themselves. The county kept $350,000 in seized funds, over $15 million in partnership assets went up in smoke, and the firm and its partners were destroyed without ever having their day in court. A LETTER TO LOW PROFILE NEWSLETTER: "In 1991, I refinanced my home in New Jersey to raise money to help provide for a son's education and to pay some overdue bills. I received a $38,000 cashier's check which I deposited into my checking account. "I withdrew $15,000 cash from this account and purchased with these funds several money orders from post offices in my area. I deposited the funds in a custodial account set up in Maryland to pay for my son's education. Three weeks later, the Postal Inspection Service (PIS) seized this account on probable cause that a violation of USC 31 Secs. 5313(a) and 5324 had occurred. These regulations require customers to report same day money order transactions between $3,000 and $10,000, and prohibit structuring transactions to avoid any reporting requirements, respectively. "I was unaware of such requirements, nor did any of the post offices where I purchased the money orders have signs advising customers of them. No Postal Service employee notified me of the regulations. "in February 1992, my attorney filed a Petition for Remission or Mitigation of Forfeiture with the Postal Service. To receive remission, the petitioner must establish that he: 1) Has valid interest in the property; (2) Had no knowledge that the property was or would be involved in any violation of law; and (3) Had no knowledge of the violation which subjected the property to forfeiture. I established all three elements for remission of forfeiture. However, in April 1992, the PIS denied the petition, stating that I failed to provide sufficient evidence to support my claim. "Under this law, you are guilty until proven innocent. The appeal is decided by the same agency that seized your money. This is unjust, unfair and unreasonable--they still have my son's money."--Name withheld by request B. THE CASE OF DONALD P. SCOTT On October 2,1992, a task force consisting of more than two dozen officers and agents from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, DEA, National Park Service, California Bureau of Narcotics, and California National Guard conducted a drug raid against the home of wealthy millionaire, 61 year old Donald P. Scott, who lived on his Malibu ranch in Ventura County. The police broke into Scott's house at night, and Scott, who was half blind, grabbed a pistol in self defense. As Scott put his hands above his head with the pistol in his hand, he was ordered to drop the gun. Since guns dropped six feet or more can go off, he lowered his hands to drop the gun, and the sheriff's deputies shot and killed him in cold blood. The purpose of the drug bust was ostensibly to find marijuana which had reportedly been seen, in an aerial survey, growing on the ranch. Drug agents also said that they had received an informant's tip that Scott's wife of three months, Frances Plante, was seen in Malibu "flashing $100 bills." [ED. NOTE: That was justified as "probable cause" for the raid.] After the killing, the police officers were dumbfounded when they did not find a speck of marijuana, or any other drugs on Scott's ranch. Had any drugs (even a few ounces) been found, the entire ranch would have been seized and forfeited. There were some strange aspects to the raid and "murder" of Scott (which was the second shooting involving Southern California forfeiture squads within a month). First, Scott's 200-acre estate is located entirely in Ventura County, yet the Ventura Sheriff's Department was not notified of the raid. Second, Attorney Nick Gutsue, a long-time friend and executor of Scott's estate, contends that the lawmen were looking for a reason to seize the 200-acre ranch. Scott had refused on numerous occasions to sell his property to the federal government as part of the expansion of the adjacent Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. As Gutsue told the Santa Rosa Press Democrat (11/1/92): "This was not about drug seizure. This was about asset seizure. They went up there to seize property." Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Larry Longo, a long-time friend of Scott's, has demanded an investigation, claiming that the multi-agency drug operation was not only overkill, but it was designed to obtain Scott's multimillion dollar ranch through unconstitutional federal forfeiture laws. Longo claims that the raid was not a typical drug raid and that it was clearly designed to seize and keep the land through forfeiture. He argues that you don't need an army of police (i.e., 25-30 armed men in combat gear) to serve a search warrant on one half blind old man. [ED. NOTE: The local and federal police do believe in winning through intimidation (i.e., large numbers) and apparently in the Russian doctrine of preponderance (i.e., large numbers). This writer knows of at least a dozen government or police raids where 10-30 police or government agents were used, when one or two police officials with a search warrant would have easily sufficed.] C. THE PERSECUTION OF LEONA HELMSLEY Conservative columnist Paul Craig Roberts wrote recently: "Hotel queen Leona Helmsley is another victim. She was convicted on the basis of what court papers now show to be false testimony. She was the victim of the government's need for a high profile 'tax cheat' to lock up on April 15 in order to send the rest of us a message." As The New American wrote recently regarding Helmsley: "As the 'Queen of Mean,' hotel mogul Leona Helmsley is not the most sympathetic victim. The 'revenoors' know that. Nonetheless, as former Reagan official and syndicated columnist Paul Craig Roberts wrote in his column on April 3rd: 'It is difficult to understand the government's charge of tax evasion: the Helmsleys are a cash cow for the Internal Revenue Service. During the three years at issue (1983-85), the Helmsleys paid $53.7 million in federal income taxes on adjusted gross income of $103.6 million. That comes to 52 percent of their income-- hardly the profile of a tax evader.' "Roberts added: 'It is obvious that the 'greedy' Helmsleys had taken no steps at all to shelter their huge income from taxation. Indeed, unlike other hotel and real estate magnates, the Helmsleys' properties are not sheltered with depreciation and interest deductions. Asset-rich with no shelters, they pay high taxes. The government, which disallowed some business expense deductions, claims that the Helmsleys underreported their large income by $2.6 million in order to evade $1.7 million in taxes. However large this sum might seem to the average person, it is not even pocket change to billionaires. It is safe to say that the Helmsleys would not have noticed the difference between the $53.7 million they paid and the $55.4 million that the government claims they owed.' "Most importantly, the example of a jailed billionaire is handy for the Feds to intimidate the rest of us." Roberts added: "What is it to us, the envious might ask, if billionaires (like Helmsley and Michael Milken) are yanked from their limos and thrown into a dungeon? The answer is, that if the rich and powerful-- however unpopular--cannot protect themselves from malicious prosecutions, the rest of us cannot either." D. HOMESCHOOL FAMILY TERRORIZED BY FEDERAL AGENTS AFTER MALICIOUS GUN COMPLAINT This writer recently met a homeschool couple at a conference in the Pacific Northwest who told him a horror story which is becoming all too common across the United States in recent years. (The story was reprinted in the Midnight Messenger, 9205 S.E. Clackamas Road, Clackamas, Oregon, 97015, and in the American Information Newsletter, 2408 Main Street, Boise, Idaho 83702. "On April 1, a homeschool family in rural Washington state was terrorized for three hours on the basis of a spurious allegation that they possessed illegal weapons. The raid occurred after the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms received an unsubstantiated report--issued by a former mental patient--of illegal firearms allegedly possessed by a family which sought isolation in the mountains near Coleville for religious and moral reasons. Thirty agents descended upon the home in combat gear and handcuffed Mrs. MaLisa Knudson to a couch as she pleaded with agents to allow her to attend to her 21 month old baby she had left in the bath. Ultimately the child was brought to her. For three hours the home was ransacked by the agents but nothing was found. Significantly, the agents' interests extended beyond firearms. For the three hours, Mrs. Knudson was grilled about the Knudson's religion, homeschool and attitudes about home births. Every private paper was examined. The agents took a special interest in the Knudson attitude toward the Aryan Nation, a political/religious group often alleged to have a Neo-Nazi connection. The Knudsons were not members of the Aryan Nation and knew nothing about the group. The agents apparently believed the Knudson interest in homeschool, home birth and social isolation was sufficient to link them with the Aryans. Even though no illegal firearms were found, various personal items were confiscated. The items were later returned after BATF admitted they had no complaint against Knudsons. Mrs. Knudson said, "We believe that their motives were to uncover information about us since we are (well, were until all this happened) very private, Christian people." E. THE BIZARRE TRAGIC CASE OF RANDY WEAVER: MASSACRE AT RUBY CREEK One of the most frightening and tragic stories of government abuse of power in decades emerged in Idaho in August of '92. This writer prayerfully hopes that this does not become the wave of the future in the socialist America which is emerging in the 1990s. The following is a description of the siege by a man who was there: "A Christian family in North Idaho was terrorized in August, 1992 by over 400 Federal troops. Why? Because of a shotgun barrel that was allegedly 1/4" too short. Three American citizens were killed needlessly, including a 14 year old boy, a mother of 4, and a Marshal. "About two years ago, Federal government agents approached Randy Weaver (a former Green Beret, Vietnam vet, and candidate for county sheriff) with 'an offer he couldn't refuse': find Christian families who have guns and give us their names. Their exact words were, "Join our team." Mr. Weaver said, "No way." He felt it was dishonorable and unethical to spy on fellow citizens for the Federal authorities. The FBI told him if he didn't cooperate they would "set him up real good," put him in jail, and take his home. "Randy Weaver was guilty of no crime and hadn't hurt anyone. His was a wholesome family that tried to separate themselves from a world system they believed had abandoned true Christian values. They lived in the mountains of Idaho, grew their own food, homeschooled their children, and taught them the importance of keeping God's laws. They lived in peace and had many friends in the area. "But the government followed through with their threat. They hired informants to ask Randy to buy them shotguns. As a friend (he thought), Randy bought two shotguns for them, one at a gun shop and the other at a pawn shop. He handed over the guns to the 'friends,' thinking he had done nothing illegal. The shotguns in turn were handed over to the Feds, who Weaver claims shortened them 1/4" below the legal barrel length. "Randy was then arrested for this 'crime' and ordered to stand trial. But the Weaver family was convinced that Randy would not get a fair trial by a Federally-controlled court system, the same system that blackmailed him in the first place. They sent a letter to this effect to the courthouse, informing them that Randy would not go to the trial, but would stay in his home on the mountain. "An interview with Randy and Vicki Weaver revealed why they wouldn't come down from the mountain. 'All they have against us is government paid informants who can get on the stand and say anything they want, ' said Randy. 'I feel I have no choice but to stay here if I want to keep my family together.' Vicki revealingly said, 'We wouldn't let him play their game. He would have been railroaded through court, and once he was gone they would have come in, kicked us off the property and torn this place apart. We wouldn't let him go down. ' "Over a year and a half went by while the family remained, in effect, self-imprisoned in their mountain home. Needs which could not be met by their garden were supplied by friends. And then, on August 21,1992, an eight-man team of U.S. Marshals in black combat gear converged on the Weaver home for what they called 'surveillance.' The family dog got wind of something on their property and ran towards it. Randy, his son Samuel, 14, and friend Kevin Harris, 24, left the house with rifles hoping to shoot a deer to supply food for the family. But to their complete surprise, agents were in the woods with M-16's and other fully automatic weapons. "The agents shot the family dog while Samuel was watching. He yelled out to stop the shooting and was shot in the arm. He turned to run, and was shot four times in the back, killing him. Kevin returned fire in the general direction of the agents and ran for the house. Randy, having taken a different path, was not in the same area. Upon hearing the gunfire, he fired his own weapon into the air as a signal for all of them to return to the house. He did not fire at any agents. During the attack, a Marshal was killed by a single armor-piercing bullet through his bullet proof vest. (Kevin Harris has since been charged with the 'murder' of the Marshal, but many people believe the Marshal was most likely hit by one of the barrage of bullets fired by his own team during the attack.) "Thus began the siege of the Weaver home in North Idaho. Martial law was put into effect in two counties. Well over 400 Federal troops were sent to the mountain and over 100 State Police were called into the area. Here is a partial list of the military equipment brought in to surround the Weaver home: 2 military Apache helicopters, 1 HUEY troop transport helicopter, 1 LOH observation helicopter, tanks, armored personnel carriers, Heckler and Koch-94 fully automatic 9mm's, fully automatic M-16's, 12-gauge shotguns, mini-14's and a large assortment of explosives. "Families living on the road to the Weaver home and surrounding areas were forced to evacuate by the FBI. The road was barricaded at the Ruby Creek bridge and guarded by BATF, FBI, various Federal troops and State Police. Friends and concerned citizens began protesting at the bridge in view of the invading Federal troops. Friends, relatives, and ministers pleaded with the FBI and police to let them go up and negotiate with the family to avoid any further bloodshed. All requests were flatly refused. "On Saturday morning, Randy, his 16 year old daughter, Sara, and Kevin went to an outbuilding where they had placed Samuel's body the night before, to say good-bye one last time to Randy's only son. Randy, who was unarmed, was shot in the back, below his right shoulder, the bullet exiting out his armpit. Vicki Weaver holding 10 month old baby Elisheba in her arm, held the door open for the three as they ran back to the safety of the house. Vicki was struck in the head with a .308 caliber sniper's bullet. The bullet entered her right temple and exited on the left, literally blowing half her head off. Miraculously, the baby survived unharmed as Vicki dropped to the floor. But fragments from that bullet and Vicki's skull hit Kevin in the arm and chest, puncturing his lung and breaking a rib. Randy slammed the door and refused to open it again. "The public was not to learn of Samuel's death for three days, and nothing was said of Vicki's death for seven days. "The FBI placed explosives around the house. A helicopter loaded with diesel was seen flying towards the house. It was apparent to witnesses that the intent was to drop the diesel on the roof, set off the explosives and burn the house to the ground, leaving no survivors. Realizing this, a cameraman from a local newspaper jumped out from under cover and began waving his camera in the air until the pilot spotted him. The helicopter returned immediately to the Army staging area and landed. The diesel was not dumped, but the cameraman was arrested by the Feds for 'obstruction.' "The standoff continued another week with more protestors arriving from all over the nation. By Friday 250 people, men, women and children, were camped at the Ruby Creek bridge as a vigil for justice. Friday, August 28, 1992, Third Party Presidential Candidate Colonel 'Bo' Gritz was allowed up the mountain to negotiate with the Weavers. He returned to the protest line that night with the tragic news of Vicki's death. The crowd was in mortal shock. Prayers were made as they held hands in a circle in front of the barricade. "After several days, a dialogue of trust was established between Randy and Colonel 'Bo' Gritz. Randy was finally convinced by supporters and 'Bo' that the battle should be fought in the courts. As it stands now, Randy Weaver and Kevin Harris are in jail, charged with everything imaginable, from the ridiculous to the serious, including murder, and 'plotting to overthrow the government.' "This siege on a simple Christian family is such a travesty of justice that many people cannot imagine how it could happen in America. The main question they have is how could a small misdemeanor charge of 1/4" on a shotgun barrel cause the deaths of three people and the invasion of more than 400 soldiers plus the cost to taxpayers of $1 million a day for 11 days?" As a post script, Randy Weaver and Kevin Harris as well as Weaver's three daughters have been indicted. Sara (16), Rachel (11), and Elisheba (10 months) have been indicted on charges of murder or accomplices to murder. Could this, or any of the travesties described above in this issue of MIA happen to you or your family? In this writer's opinion, it could! V. PREVIEW OF COMING ATTRACTIONS: THE NEXT FIVE TO SEVEN YEARS America is about to undergo convulsive changes over the next five to seven years as we plunge into socialism and toward the New World Order and New Age, and as the power of the political left, the secular humanists, the New World Order/New Age crowd, the feminists, the environmentalists, and the homosexuals grows almost geometrically. Challenging days lie ahead for Constitutionalists, lovers of traditional American values, and Biblical Christians. From January 20 forward these trends will accelerate dramatically. A few developments to watch, as postulated by this writer's friend, writer/patriot Franklin Sanders: 1. THE LINE BETWEEN GOVERNMENT PRIVILEGES AND PRIVATE RIGHTS WILL BE FURTHER BLURRED--Administrators and courts will unlawfully extend jurisdiction from government to private lands. Expect, for example, administrative extension of forestry control from public lands to private lands. By this same strategy, governmental agencies and homosexual groups will force homosexual "rights" on "politically incorrect" holdouts such as churches and para-church groups, private businesses, and individuals. 2. THE LIGHTNING-BOLT THEORY OF LAW WILL STRIKE--New forfeiture laws are extending liability to anyone connected to the actual accused. Greedy for the loot, police and prosecutors at all levels have extended forfeiture to the property of associates and relatives of the defendant. They will next stretch forfeitures from drug-related crimes to all crimes (i.e., white collar, environmental, gun control, "child abuse," "hate crimes," etc.) and to the property of the children and families of the accused. 3. RIGHTS OF DUE PROCESS, PRIVACY, AND FREEDOM FROM UNREASONABLE SEARCHES AND SEIZURES WILL BE FURTHER WEAKENED--Expect police to increase warrantless searches with the approval of the courts. Just to "check their papers." [ED. NOTE: Sound like what happens in communist countries?] Police will stop cars without probable cause, set up road blocks, check every person in public places, or even detain selected persons which match government "profiles" of likely offenders. The U.S. Justice Department now has national jurisdiction over forfeitures, from Maine to Hawaii. Prosecutors don't have to prove the property is the fruit of any illegal activity. They merely need to allege illegality to the court to invoke forfeiture. 4. SPECTACULAR MAXIMUM RESPONSE, MILITARY-STYLE POLICE ACTIONS WILL INCREASE--As training exercises for law enforcement personnel and object lessons to the public, SWAT team shoot-outs will multiply. The media will routinely characterize the victims as "religious fundamentalists" or "left/right wing extremists." (And even if they are, is that any reason to shoot them??) 5. LOCAL POLICE FORCES WILL BE MILITARIZED AND NATIONALIZED--Control will become centralized and organization more military. The "us against them/police versus the public" mentality will be more sharply cultivated in law enforcement personnel. Clinton would further militarize this group by offering veterans and active military personnel a chance to become law enforcement officers. 6. PRIVATE OWNERSHIP OF FIREARMS WILL SUFFER WIDER ATTACK--The final stumbling block to totalitarianism in the U.S.A. is 200 million firearms in private hands. Frontal assaults on this right will not be easy to accomplish. Piecemeal attacks, however, (bans on assault rifles and cheap pistols, etc.) will be continuous, shrill, and well-supported by the media. Camouflaged by the war on drugs, these attacks may succeed. There's more than one way to skin a gun owner, by the way. In Chicago, clever gun-haters apply the new craze for forfeiture. If police stop your car in Chicago and find a gun in your trunk, your automobile is liable to seizure and forfeiture. 7. FEDERAL JURISDICTION WILL FURTHER USURP STATE AND LOCAL JURISDICTIONS--By complicity and ignorance, state and local authorities will hand over powers to federal agencies. States which refuse to grant federal jurisdiction in certain areas will be threatened with loss of federal funds. 8. FORMERLY LAWFUL ACTIVITIES WILL BE CRIMINALIZED--Activities formerly legal, lawful, and legitimate will become federal crimes. This especially applies to financial dealings designed to protect your privacy. Statutory crimes where no specific criminal intent need be proven will be multiplied. "Structuring" (arranging withdrawals or deposits of money in amounts too low to trigger the federal reporting requirement) is one such example. The element of "intent" and even "knowledge" will become less significant in all criminal prosecutions. These new crimes are exclusively "crimes against the state." They are not Biblical or common law offenses against any person, but infractions of statutes or regulations. We should not understand them solely as a convenient means to suppress those unruly souls not yet ready to march lockstep into the new order. They also punish blasphemy against the state-god. Government prosecutors are applying many of these new crimes ex post facto. Money laundering and S&L fraud, for example, are being charged for actions completed before these crimes were codified into laws and regulations. This illustrates the modern penchant for scapegoating by government bureaucracies and politicians. They must offer a blood sacrifice to the mob to satisfy its wrath. 9. ENFORCEMENT AND SENTENCING TOWARD DISSIDENTS ESPOUSING POLITICALLY INCORRECT VIEWS WILL BECOME MORE SEVERE--Enforcement and penalties for common law crimes will grow even more lax. On the other hand, the "politically incorrect" are in deep and boiling water. Do you oppose abortion, homosexual "rights," feminism, environmentalism, reverse racism, and other items on the humanist agenda? You may find yourself the object of vicious legal attacks employing maximum brutality and severity. If convicted, you will experience maximum sentencing. Home schoolers are at special risk because they are both "politically incorrect" and "religious fundamentalists." The threat of criminal prosecution will be more openly used to control political opponents and ruin political enemies. Overcrowded jails may lead to concentration camps. Recent examples of government savagery against dissidents abound. They include the convictions of Pastor Everett Sileven (who fought for the independence of the church and the rights of parents in Nebraska), Pastor Dan Gibson (who taught Rescuers how to defend themselves in court), and Pastor Hernman Fountain (who fought for the independence of church charitable ministries in Mississippi). 10. TO STRIP INDIVIDUALS OF THEIR RIGHTS, GOVERNMENT CREATES CLASSES OF LEGAL UNPERSONS--Statutes, regulations, administrative decisions, and judicial fiats create classes of unpersons stripped of all rights. Abortion created a class of human beings in America almost wholly without rights (although the unborn have no inalienable right to life, they may still inherit property). Statute law denies those accused of child abuse many rights crucial to criminal defense. RICO legislation creates another class of unpersons. Administrative classification ("tax protester," "environmental offender," "potentially violent") create others. Judicial fiat stripped Operation Rescue protesters of their rights in Wichita and elsewhere. The multiplication of spurious "rights" annihilates the genuine. There will be more celebrity prosecutions (remember Leona Helmsley and Willie Nelson) wherein the prosecution could not prevail unless the victim were a celebrity. The government didn't try Helmsley in the courtroom but in the newspapers. Envy is a powerful tool in the hands of tyrants. 11. THE NUMBER AND RANGE OF VICTIMS OF GOVERNMENT OPPRESSION WILL GROW --The government will bring it down to the man in the street. Bureaucrats will vigorously enforce the Clean Air Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act (among others) on smaller and smaller businesses. These laws alone will bankrupt many small businesses, from bakeries to garages to dry cleaners. Owners who stand on their former constitutional rights may be singled out as examples and prosecuted criminally. Ridiculous as it sounds, EPA is now talking about banning gas-powered lawn mowers. 12. THE CORPORATE VEIL WILL BE FURTHER SHREDDED--Decisions in environmental and tax cases have already damaged the screen of corporate limited liability. Increasingly, prosecutors will apply civil liabilities and criminal prosecutions to the owners and managers of corporations. 13. GOVERNMENT AGENTS WILL ENJOY MORE IMMUNITY FOR TORTS, WRONGFUL ACTS UNDER COLOR OF LAW, AND OFFICIAL OPPRESSION--Courts will continue to widen immunity from prosecution or civil suit for judges, investigators, prosecutors, and government agents of every stripe. This will embolden them in oppression, malicious prosecution, abuse of court and grand jury process, perjury, and all other means of legal terrorism. 14. INFORMED JURIES WILL OFFER THE ONLY HOPE OF DELIVERANCE FOR VICTIMS OF GOVERNMENT OPPRESSION--Countering the trends to increasing oppression is the growing awareness of the jury's power. When their consciences so require, jurymen have the right to acquit even in the teeth of the law. More jurymen will learn they can judge both the law and the facts and refuse to enforce unjust laws. 15. LOOK FOR END RUNS AROUND CONSTITUTIONAL PROTECTION BY CIVIL AND CRIMINAL ENFORCEMENT OF TREATIES--Like their Bushite predecessors, Clintonites will use treaties on environmentalism, political terrorism, the "war on drugs," and financial surveillance to circumvent domestic constitutional protection. Louder and louder, the media will beat the drums for an international criminal court with powers of enforcement ("real teeth," the One-Worldies would say). 16. SPURIOUS CHILDREN'S RIGHTS WILL BE USED TO DESTROY THE FAMILY-- The definitions of child abuse and children's rights will undergo a rapid, plastic, and vague expansion by the courts. Under these pretenses government will increasingly intervene administratively and judicially to destroy parental authority. The Biblically ordained concept of spanking (or corporal punishment) will increasingly be defined and prosecuted as "criminal child abuse". Homeschoolers and Christian parents, look out. 17. CHRISTIANS AND THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH IN AMERICA WILL COME UNDER FURTHER ATTACK, RIDICULE, DISCRIMINATION, AND FINALLY UNDER OUTRIGHT PERSECUTION--Christian pro-lifers will be more frequently jailed and for longer terms; Christians will be accused of "hate crimes" (especially against homosexuals) and may be fined or jailed for same; Christian churches, outreach groups and other para-church organizations and Christian schools will come under government pressure; many will lose their tax exempt status, and many will be shut down. Churches in America will begin to go underground, will meet more frequently in homes, and will look much more like the underground church in Romania over the past 30 years. VI. WHAT TO DO Unusual times call for unusual measures and preparations. In the periods of 1910-17 (as the Bolsheviks were coming to power in Russia) and in the 1930s (as the Nazis were coming to power in Germany), the great majority of people in Russia, Germany, and Europe treated the times as if they were normal and made no preparations. But a few (the remnant in every declining civilization) did see the handwriting on the wall, they did see the upheaval and tyranny which were coming, they did make adjustments in their own personal situations, and preparations, and many of those survived the carnage which followed when the spark was lit in Russia, and 20 years later in Germany. Some did not survive, no matter what they did, which is to say, the event (and our individual lives) is still in the hand of God. As a socialist America and the New World Order approach like a freight train out of control, replete with many of the things discussed in Sections I-V above, "how then should one live" (as Francis Schaeffer asked), "when the foundations are crumbling" (as King David also asked in Psalm 11 in a similar day)? A number of suggestions as to things to do will be made below. They will certainly not all fit for everyone, but at least a few will fit for most people. One caveat! Never break any laws, whether related to taxes (pay them!), privacy, money laundering, structuring, etc. This is becoming very difficult because of the explosion of new laws and regulations (many of which we have never heard of), but don't give the government any excuse to seize your property or lock you up. Do not take the government's money laundering/structuring laws lightly. They will jail you or take everything you have for violations. They are serious about their plans! A. DEVELOP A MINDSET OF SURVIVAL The November '91 issue of MIA gave a short list of mental attitude principles (reproduced below) which are worth pondering (or repondering) in light of recent past, present, and future developments discussed in this (and other) issues of MIA. You will survive, or perish, in difficult times based on how you think. The scriptures say: "As a man thinketh, so is he. " If you already think like a slave, and many Americans do, then you are already a slave. In North Korea, some U.S. POWs in the 1950s simply rolled over on their cots and gave up--they were dead (of natural causes) within 24 hours. In Vietnam, many of our POWs endured excruciating torture and deprivation--but survived. In their minds and spirits, they were survivors! MENTAL ATTITUDE, PRINCIPLES, AND DISCIPLINES OF PREPAREDNESS 1. CHANGE YOUR MINDSET--Begin to look at everything differently. 2. BEGIN TO DEVELOP DISCERNMENT ABOUT PEOPLE--Train yourself to watch what people do, not what they say. We live in a day of great deception and we need to become sensitive about what is true or false in people. 3. WHEN YOU INVEST, INVEST FIRST IN THE RIGHT PEOPLE--An investment can be (or appeared to be) great, and the people untrustworthy, or incompetent, and it will fail. Find like-minded, trustworthy people to invest in, or with. Invest with or in people who share your world view. 4. HONESTLY LOOK AT YOURSELF YOUR STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES--The Bible says to know yourself. Discover what in your life is not working. Work on, or moderate the weaknesses. 5. SEEK THE COUNSEL OF OTHERS YOU TRUST--Seek wise and Godly counsel of persons whose life is working well. 6. FIND LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE who understand where this country is going, who have the instincts for survival, and who are taking steps to get prepared for the difficult times which lie ahead. 7. FIND ALTERNATE METHODS OF DOING EVERYTHING--Develop other methods outside the system (i.e., bartering, growing your own food, swapping a product or service you have with a farmer for food he grows, etc.). 8. DEVELOP AN INSTINCT FOR WHAT DOESN'T FEEL RIGHT--Become sensitive to what you have a hesitation to doing. 9. BEGIN TO ELIMINATE NON-ESSENTIALS FROM YOUR LIFE--Eliminate time or money wasters. Buy only what you really need, not what you want. Live below your means. Develop habits of life to eliminate waste. 10. DEVELOP PHYSICAL, MENTAL, AND SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES before a crisis arrives--so they can be used naturally and without effort during the crisis. 11. LEARN TO TREAT EVERYTHING AS IF IT IS IRREPLACEABLE--Treat everything as if it is the last one you can ever get (i.e., your car, tools, boots, guns, etc.). 12. BUY THINGS THAT WILL LAST EVEN IF THEY COST MORE--Something mechanical that does not need power is better than something that needs power. B. UNDERSTAND THE PROBLEM Hosea 4:6 says, "My people perish for lack of knowledge." There are a number of excellent responsible publications and books which are available which can better help you to understand and keep abreast (on an ongoing basis) of the government/establishment attacks on our privacy, our money, money laundering, structuring, our plunge toward socialism and the New World Order. It is highly recommended that you subscribe to at least several of these publications, in addition to MIA. (Such publications may not always be available if present trends continue.) 1. LOW PROFILE - YOUR MONTHLY GUIDE TO PRIVACY AND ASSET PROTECTION - Mark Nestmann, Editor--A responsible monthly analysis of changes in seizure/forfeiture laws, money laundering, structuring, privacy laws, new changes in laws, and how to legally avoid serious mistakes. P.O. Box 84910, Phoenix, AZ 85071($99 per year). 2. THE FINANCIAL PRIVACY REPORT - Michael Ketcher, Editor--Another excellent monthly newsletter dealing with privacy issues, asset protection, and legal strategies for handling your finances. P.O. Box 1277, Barnesville, MN 55337 ($144 per year). 3. THE RON PAUL SURVIVAL REPORT - Ron Paul, Editor--An excellent political/financial letter with strong emphasis on government attacks on our freedoms, financial privacy, seizure/forfeiture laws, and money laundering--written by the ex-Congressional maverick/ex-U.S. presidential candidate. 18333 Egret Bay Blvd., Suite 265, Houston, TX 77058 ($99 per year). 4. HOWARD PHILLIPS' ISSUES AND STRATEGY BULLETIN - Howard Phillips, Editor--An excellent fortnightly analysis of Washington political machinations by one of America's leading conservative political thinkers, analysts, strategists, and leaders--U.S. Presidential Candidate Howard Phillips. 9520 Bent Creek Lane, Vienna, VA 22182 ($100 per year). 5. THE MONEYCHANGER - Franklin Sanders, Editor--A brilliant conservative analyst and an excellent monthly source of information on America's plunge to the New World Order and socialism by a Christian patriot who is on the front lines of the battle against socialism in America. P.O. Box 341753, Memphis, TN 38184 ($95 per year). 6. INSIDER REPORT - Larry Abraham, Editor--An excellent analysis of the New World Order, the Liberal Eastern Establishment and the push toward a socialist America by one of America's most brilliant conspiracy theorists and authors. P.O. Box 467939, Atlanta, GA 30346-7939 ($99 per year). [ED. NOTE: Excellent information from Nestmann, Ketcher, Paul, Phillips, Sanders, and Abraham was utilized extensively in this report and is greatly appreciated!] 7. THE REAPER - R.E. McMaster, Editor--An excellent fortnightly financial/commodities/political analysis by one of America's most brilliant thinkers. P.O. Box 84901, Phoenix, AZ 85071($195 per year). 8. STRAIGHT TALK - Tom Anderson, Editor--An excellent weekly compilation of articles of interest to conservative Christians and insightful analyses by former presidential candidate Tom Anderson. He will make you laugh, too--and God knows we all need a few laughs here and there. P.O. Box 60, Pigeon Forge, TN 37868 ($67 per year). 9. THE INTERNATIONAL HARRY SCHULTZ LETTER - Harry Schultz, Editor--An excellent monthly international financial/political/investment analysis by the father of the "hard money movement" and a brilliant analyst and patriot. Harry will help you to "think" beyond U.S. borders. P.O. Box 622, CH-1001, Lausanne, Switzerland ($275 per year). 10. THE NEW AMERICAN MAGAZINE--An excellent conservative monthly magazine giving in depth analysis and background on domestic and international political issues. Excellent analyses of America's plunge toward socialism and the New World Order. 770 Westhill Blvd., Appleton, WI 54915 ($39 per year). 11. REMNANT REVIEW - Dr. Gary North, Editor--Excellent fortnightly financial/political analysis from a conservative/Biblical perspective by one of America's most brilliant thinkers. P.O. Box 84906, Phoenix, AZ 85071 ($95 per year). There are several excellent international newsletters which do excellent global analyses on communism, the New World Order, South Africa, the Middle East, etc.: 1. THE AlDA PARKER NEWSLETTER - Ms. Aida Parker, Editor--Excellent in depth monthly analysis on South Africa and its revolution, and global geo-political developments. P.O. Box 91059, Auckland Park 2006, South Africa ($80 or 80 rand per year). 2. ROCA REPORT--An excellent confidential assessment of developments in Southern Africa, the ANC/SACP revolution, etc. Along with the Aida Parker Newsletter, this writer's best ongoing source of information on developments in the Republic of South Africa. P.O. Box 35225, Menlo Park, 0102, South Africa $69 or 59 rand per year). 3. FRONTLINE FELLOWSHIP NEWS - Peter Hammond, Editor--Excellent monthly analysis and action update on developments in Southern Africa by one of South Africa's leading conservative political/Christian activists, the Christian missionary "Indiana Jones of Southern Africa." P.O. Box 74, Newlands 7725, South Africa ($50 or 50 rand contribution per year). 4. INTELLIGENCE DIGEST - Joe de Courcy, Editor--Excellent (45 issues per year) international geo-political intelligence and analysis. 17 Rodney Road, Cheltenham, Glos. GLSO 1 HX, UK ($197 per year or UK L97). 5. MIDDLE EAST INTELLIGENCE DIGEST - Stan Goodenough, Editor--An excellent monthly analysis of the Middle East, published by the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem. P.O. Box 1192, Jerusalem 91010, Israel ($25 per year). [ED. NOTE: There are hundreds of other excellent newsletters (too numerous to mention here) around the world doing excellent analyses of current U.S. and global political/financial/geopolitical developments. These letters, plus the ones listed above, will be conservative patriots, lovers of freedom, and Christians' best sources of information over the next five to seven years). BOOKS PERTINENT TO THIS ISSUE OF MIA--There are hundreds of excellent new books available (obviously too numerous to mention here) dealing with the issues MIA analyzes each month. Three that are especially pertinent to this issue are: 1. HOW TO ACHIEVE PERSONAL AND FINANCIAL PRIVACY IN A PUBLIC AGE - By Mark Nestmann (editor of Low Profile Newsletter)--An excellent book which analyzes current trends in money laundering, structuring, privacy laws, etc. and offers legal suggestions for how to cope financially. Highly recommended! See the enclosed flyer (or write to P.O. Box 84910, Phoenix, AZ 85071). 2. ENROUTE TO GLOBAL OCCUPATION - By Gary Kah--(Hope For the World, P O Box 509283, Indianapolis, IN 46250 - $10) An excellent book on the New World Order, the coming socialist America and how to survive it. 3. TOWARD A NEW WORLD ORDER - COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON - By Don McAlvany--An updated, expanded new edition of the book first published by your editor about two years ago with foreword by Dr. Tim LaHaye. For a copy, write to: P.O. Box 5150, Durango, CO 81301 (Cost $14.95). C. SIMPLIFY AND STREAMLINE YOUR INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO In spite of the current euphoria (from Washington to Wall Street), we are still moving into very convulsive economic times, which will be compounded and exacerbated by the socialist political environment which is racing toward us. Reduction of debt, liquidity, monitoring of your banks, S&Ls and insurance companies (via a Weiss Research Report), avoidance of the stock market, and reduction of real estate holdings are still the order of the day. Up to 30% of your portfolio invested in fully paid, personally held semi-numismatic gold and silver coins (in light of all of the analysis above) makes more sense than ever. Switching from gold and silver bullion (or bullion coins), if you are an American living in America, into semi-numismatic U.S. gold and silver coins (in the opinion of this writer makes more sense than ever in light of the above analyses. (Some junk silver coins should be retained or acquired.) Collectible U.S. gold and silver coins (if the 1930s and '80s are any historical precedent--and this writer believes they are) are more likely to remain legally tradeable than bullion coins. Foreign government bonds (or bond funds) continue to return in the 9-11% (total return) range and seem appropriate for 30-40% (or more) of one's portfolio (particularly if you are pessimistic about the U.S. dollar--as this writer is). D. OTHER FINANCIAL CONSIDERATIONS 1. BEWARE OF GOING OVERBOARD TO ACHIEVE FINANCIAL PRIVACY - And don't break any laws. People who become fanatical about financial privacy usually set off a lot of red flags, bells, and whistles unnecessarily. One approach is to simply get lost in the crowd. The government is sitting on a backlog of 38 million CTRs (cash reporting forms). They are choking on them and may not process them for five years (if ever). Having a form sent in on you is not the end of the world. Having lots of forms sent could trigger an audit. Having a form sent in that is marked "suspicious transaction" "could" be the end of the world--or at least it may trigger a visit From "unfriendly people." 2. IT IS NOT ILLEGAL TO SET UP A FOREIGN BANK ACCOUNT - It simply must be reported if it exceeds $10,000. Foreign diversification into stocks, bonds, precious metals, real estate or annuities might make sense for some investors (especially if they have a large net worth). Diversification is always healthy. All interest or profits are taxable and should be reported to the IRS. Swiss insurance annuities and precious metals in safety deposit boxes are not presently considered to be reportable financial accounts. 3. MAINTAIN A LOW PROFILE - Don't flaunt your wealth. We live in a day of crime and envy, and our government employees or the police are not totally immune to the latter human frailty. If you crave luxury, purchase it so that it is not necessarily visible from the outside. Drive an old car--it will be good for your ego, it will probably run better, and you're less likely to be robbed. 4. FILE A TAX RETURN AND PAY WHATEVER TAXES YOU HAVE CALCULATED THAT YOU OWE - the IRS is rapidly expanding its computerized auditing capability which makes it increasingly likely that individuals who don't file tax returns will be caught. Non-filing or underpayment of taxes is an open invitation for the IRS to seize your assets, jail you, or both--under criminal money laundering, seizure, forfeiture statutes. Even taxpayers who have taxes withheld by their employer, and whose taxes are overpaid, are being fined for not filing returns. [ED. NOTE: This writer does not agree with the "untaxed" or tax revolt movement. Thousands of these people are already in jail--tens of thousand more will join them. If someone about to do a financial transaction with you uses the term "untaxed," stop. It could be an IRS sting! In any case, if you enter a transaction with "untaxed money" you have become a "money launderer" --subject to penalties described in Section II above.] 5. KEEP DETAILED RECORDS (VIA A JOURNAL AND RECEIPTS) SUBSTANTIATING THE INCOME AND DEDUCTIONS YOU CLAIM ON YOUR TAX RETURNS - And proof that you filed (i.e., a copy of the completed forms) indefinitely. There is no statute of limitations if you are accused of fraud, tax evasion, non-filing or money laundering. [ED. NOTE: Some say seven years is sufficient but play it safe and keep the records indefinitely.] [ED. NOTE: Neither MIA, nor its editor or related businesses are tax experts in any way. For tax-related questions, consult a tax accountant or attorney who is completely on top of current tax laws and related developments. Nor is MIA, its editor or related businesses an expert in any way or qualified to give advice in the very complex, rapidly changing area of privacy, money laundering, seizures, forfeitures, etc. For counsel in these latter areas, consult publishers such as Mark Nestmann or Mike Ketcher and/or your own accountant or attorney (preferably attorney).] 6. AVOID COMPLEX OFFSHORE TAX, INVESTMENT, TRUST, OR TAX SHELTER SCHEMES - Many (perhaps most) are scams. Apply the KISS principle--keep it simple, stupid! There are still many honest, legitimate, legal offshore investments in stocks, bonds, metals and banks. But, if you don't understand it, or if in doubt, don't do it. 7. AT PRESENT, CASH, CASHIERS CHECKS, MONEY ORDERS, AND TRAVELERS CHECKS ARE CONSIDERED TO BE REPORTABLE MONETARY INSTRUMENTS IN TRANSACTIONS - if in one, or multiple transactions (i.e., over 12 months) of $10,000 or more. Money orders appear to be reportable at $3,000. Personal checks, money market fund checks, and bank wires are not presently reportable monetary instruments. 8. IF YOU ARE AFRAID TO HAVE CASH ON HAND AT HOME, IN YOUR CAR, OR WHEN TRAVELING - cashiers checks are still very convenient, theft proof, and legal. Over $10,000, however, is reportable. 9. DO NOT "VOLUNTARILY" CONSENT TO A SEARCH BY STATE, LOCAL, OR FEDERAL AUTHORITIES - of, for instance, your vehicle, your luggage, your home, or your person. Ask if you are under arrest, or if they have a search warrant, or if you are under any legal obligation to consent to a search. If you are not, then do not consent to the search. If you are arrested, a seizure becomes criminal, not civil. The former is better, because the burden of proof of wrong-doing falls on the officials. A seizure is less likely. If the latter, the burden of proof falls on you, and a seizure is more likely. CAVEAT: In some states like Florida, it is now considered "probable cause" of illegal activity if you say no to a search. If in doubt, consult your attorney! 10. MINIMIZE YOUR USE OF CREDIT CARDS - Except where you want to leave a computerized paper trail (i.e., for business expense deductions). Minimize the use of your Social Security number--except where legally required to use it (i.e., opening a stock brokerage account, on tax forms, opening a bank account, etc.) Giving your Social Security number in every business, personal, and medical transaction is not only not usually required, but feeds reams of personal information on you into the government's data bases (as do your credit cards). 11. FAMILY LIMITED PARTNERSHIPS CAN GIVE SOME (THOUGH NOT TOTAL) PROTECTION AGAINST SEIZURE, FORFEITURE AND FRIVOLOUS LAWSUITS - They are tax neutral and will not protect from taxes, bankruptcy, or fraud. If this legal structure might fit for you, consult a trust attorney competent in that field. E. GET INVOLVED POLITICALLY Educate and inform your local police, National Guardsmen, local and state political officials, Congressperson and Senators as to the threat to our freedoms analyzed in this and other issues of MIA and other newsletters. Support Howard Phillips' third party movement (the U.S. Taxpayer's Party) as a viable alternative to the two mainline political parties. (USTPP, 450 Maple Ave. East, Vienna, VA 22180.) Work to reinstate our Christian foundation of constitutional government. Never pass up an opportunity to serve on a grand jury or a trial jury. These juries may be the last major barrier between us and the socialist police state which is coming. F. STRIVE FOR MORE INDEPENDENCE AND SELF-SUFFICIENCY FROM THE SYSTEM More rural or small town living, more self-sufficiency, acquisition of basic tools and skills for hunting, fishing, gardening, etc. will be very important in the period which lies ahead. Investigate and consider homeschooling (while it is still legal) as an alternative to the liberal government (New World Order) schools. Find like-minded friends who can support and multiply your efforts. G. AND FINALLY: Americans in general, and followers of the Bible in particular, are likely to be severely tested in the months and years immediately ahead. Perhaps this is God's judgment on a nation, which after almost 50 years of uninterrupted prosperity since the end of World War II, has forgotten God. Perhaps it is the natural consequence of years of abusing our financial and political system and our culture. In any case, this writer firmly believes that the "times that try the souls of men" lie immediately ahead. This writer believes that America's (and the Western world's) chief problem is not financial (i.e., depression or inflation), is not political (i.e., socialism or the New World Order) but is rather spiritual. The forces of light and darkness, of good and evil, of God and Satan are on a collision course over the next 3-5-7 years. Things could become very uncomfortable for lovers of freedom, lovers of the Constitution and our traditional way of life, and for lovers of God. It seems appropriate to this writer to study how lovers of freedom (and Christians) survived and functioned in Nazi Germany and in occupied Western Europe in the 30's and 40's and in Russia and the East bloc for the past 6 or 7 decades. We could be living like them over the next 5-10 years. This writer has gained useful insights from studying the book by Corrie Ten Boom, "The Hiding Place", and the film (at video stores) of the same name. And, also a book by Richard Wurmbrandt, "Tortured for Christ". Also, a book by a former Romanian pastor Dumitru Duduman (who was a Bible smuggler and functioned within the underground church in Romania for years) entitled "Through the Fire--Without Burning". These last two books describe the persecution (and victory) of Christians under communism. The latter takes a rather apocalyptic look into the future in America, and is available from Hand of Help, Inc., P.O. Box 3493, Fullerton, CA 92634 (cost $10.00). However, the greatest book with answers for preparing for the future (in the opinion of this writer) is still the Bible. It was the foundation and blueprint for our Constitution, Declaration of Independence, our educational system and our entire history, until the last 20 to 30 years. The answers to life and death, war and peace, prosperity and poverty, freedom and slavery, and eternal life are all found in that book. MIA refers to many resources in its various issues, but the greatest resource any of us can find is that all time best seller--the Bible. It (and its Author) hold the key to peace, wisdom, guidance, strength and everything we will need to take us through the tumultuous decade of the 90's. Your editor encourages you to begin to spend a great deal of time studying that Book and getting to know its Author in the days, weeks, and months which lie ahead. The Book is for winners! As Psalm 73:23-28 says: "Yet I am always with you; you hold me by my right hand. You guide me with your counsel, and afterward you will take me into glory. Whom have I in heaven but you? And earth has nothing I desire besides you. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. Those who are far from you will perish; you destroy all who are unfaithful to you. But as for me, it is good to be near God. I have made the Sovereign Lord my refuge; I will tell of all your deeds." As Isaiah 43:2 & 3 (KJV) says: "When thou passeth through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shall not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee. For I am the Lord thy God..." And that is the bottom line! --------- The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor editor by Donald S. McAlvany is a monthly analysis of global economic, monetary, and geo-political trends which impact the gold and precious metals markets and is explicitly Christian, conservative, and free-market in its perspective. Information contained herein has been carefully selected from sources believed reliable, but absolute accuracy cannot be guaranteed.


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