[ There was never any evidence of sexual molestation at McMartin. It came out later after

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[ There was never any evidence of sexual molestation at McMartin. It came out later after the trial that _one_ woman who didn't understand her child's normal biological reflexes attributed her ignorance to sexual molestation; another "expert witness" was has been locked up in mental wards off an on for decades was shown to have lied in this case. This was a prime example of Christians trying to pretend that there are huge cabals of "satanic" groups out mollesting children because they want to pretend their deity constructs are going to "return" according to their mythologies - flr] -=- Begin text -=- McMartin Med Evidence Made Up? LOS ANGELES (AP) - A defense lawyer in the 2 1/2-year-old McMartin Pre-School child molestation trial claims medical evidence that children were sexually abused by school personnel may have been fabricated. Attorney Danny Davis made the claim Monday, the fourth day of his closing arguments, as he urged jurors to acquit Raymond Buckey, 31, and his 62-year-old mother, Peggy McMartin Buckey. He accused prosecution medical experts of "trying to find molestation when they could." Davis was expected to conclude his statement Tuesday. Prosecutors then have 3 1/2 days to rebut defense arguments. The Buckeys face 64 counts of molestation and one count of conspiracy alleging that 11 children were molested at the now-closed McMartin Pre-School they ran in Manhattan Beach. They were among seven people arrested in 1983, when prosecutors contended scores of youngsters had been victimized. Charges against the other five were later dropped on grounds of insufficient evidence, although all had been bound over for trial after a lengthy preliminary hearing. The trial has cost taxpayers an estimated $15 million, making it the nation's most expensive and lengthy criminal proceeding. Because of illness and other problems, the original panel of 12 jurors and six alternates has dwindled to 12, the minimum required by law. Superior Court Judge William Pounders has expressed concern that loss of another juror would cause a mistrial if the case isn't concluded soon. AP-NY-10-24-89 1004EDT (C) Copyright 1989, Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.


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