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Msg#: 3921 *SATANIC_RUMOR* 09/30/89 19:31:33 (Read 24 Times) From: ROWAN MOONSTONE To: JOE TOTARO (Rcvd) Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 3892 (QUESTION.....) Matamoros was NOT Satanic. It was a corruption of a religion called Palo Mayombe, which is of Afro-Caribbean extraction. This belief system doesn't recognise Satan. did you see the Geraldo show on this issue. Geraldo was basically following your line of reasoning, and the cops who investigated the incident were shooting him down left and right. I have in my files, clippings from an incident in Houston in which a woman was claiming to have been part of a Satanic cult said she witnessed a murder in Tomball Texas. The police wanted to talk to her, as she had admitted to being part of a Capital crime. She's gone underground and will not talk to the police at all. Further more, in Missouri just this last year, a woman led the police a merry chase trying to find the place the bodies were buried when she swore she had seen human sacrifices. After many police hours and much money was spent, the woman admitted she made it up to get attention. Then there was the case of the woman in Austin who claimed to have been abducted by a Satanic cult and held for I think it was 4 months. She supposedly escaped and called the police hysterically crying about the Satanists. The police bought her story until people began calling the police station saying they had seen her walking around free on the streets during the time she was supposedly being held captive.... VERY pregnant with a child that was NOT her husband's. Another fraud. I DO have the newspaper clippings to back this up. Furthermore, I have papers prepared by FBI agent Kenneth V. Lanning and Virginia Crime Consultant Robert B. Hicks that testify in greater depth about this kind of thing. I also have articles which speak of scare stories which were presented in newspapers and TV reports throughout the country, which were later disproved, and yet no retraction was ever printed. I would be happy to mail you this documentation should you desire. Just leave me a mailing address. Mine is kP O Box 1842, Colorado Springs, CO 80901. Blessed Be. Rowan


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