SERMONETTE #24 23 June 1985 Rainbow Revelations Fellowship +quot;The Magic Lamp+quot; Ther

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SERMONETTE #24 23 June 1985 Rainbow Revelations Fellowship "The Magic Lamp" There is nothing hid that shall not be revealed. Jesus MATTHEW 10:26 There is a story of a poor boy that was guided to riches. It is the story told in the Arabian fable 'A Thousand And One Nights'. The name of it is Aladdin's Lamp. This little story is more than a fancy when the symbolism is deciphered. The magic lamp obtained by Aladdin represents valuable metaphysical information. This informa- tion is the means of releasing the Genie of the lamp. When the veil of ignorance is removed this servant becomes the sub-concious mind which contains the magical knowledge of the soul of the human race. This includes the past, present and future and to which nothing is impossible. The data it contains is referred to in the mystical terms 'akashic' records or psychic records of all things or persons who ever lived, are living and ever will live. This is the 'pearl of great price'. At one time philosophers sought after this wisdom which they termed the 'philosophers stone' which was the ultimate in understanding. The bible pinpoints the location of the seat of this knowledge which we term the sub-concious mind, it is referred to as the 'heart'(PRO 4:23). This is the higher self within all living creatures. It is located in the solar plexus. Of this sub-concious mind which remains a mystery to most individ- uals, is the Genie that becomes a servant for us either for our good or for our ill depending on how it is programmed. This explains why affirmation and prayers of repetition are so important on making a lasting impression on this servant. All 'psi' factor phenomena thought to originate outside of ones self actually originates in the sub-concious mind. Most persons ignorant of this, attribute any ESP phenomena as super natural rather than super normal of which they are. These are not attained only by a select few since every one has this gift whether they realize it or not. All life is a part of the Supreme Being in the same way as drops of the ocean are all part of it. We are all individualized expressions of the one universal Mind. We may tap into this Mind if we know the secret of entry. This is the 'Open Sesame' that unlocks the door to the understand- ing. Salvation through the ancient mystery religions and through the many doctrines propagated by the verious religions of the world, all boil down to the same principle that salvation lies within the reach of every man and is within his very being (God conciousness). All religions whether regarded as true or false culminate in Christ, the author of them all. The Master is the only person who wass able to express the full demonstration of the Supreme Being in all His glory. He, knowing that thoughts form the materialization of ideas. He demonstrated this fact in the miracles of changing water to wine, the multiplica- tion of the loaves and fishes and even his own bodily ressurection. The Master knew that all manifestations were created by the mind and by his awareness of this wonder working power caused this super normal phenomena that the uninitiated or 'unreborn' cannot or never will understand. Instead of looking at matter as a final evidence of life, the Master looked to Spirit in whom we all 'live and move and have our being' (ACT 17:28). In His higher Self the Master found the Father within which was the creator of all that exists that is real. 'In Him was Life and this Life was the light of men' (JOH 1:4). Jesus knew that the real man or cosmic man is the man of God's creation. The counterfeit man is the only man that is doomed to be the 'son of perdition' (JOH 17:12). As the car is not the driver, neither is the human body the ego. All animations of the body are under the direction of the mind. The id is the true sensor of the five physical senses. The Master referred to this in the following statements: 'He that has ears to hear, let him hear.' 'Blessed are your eyes for they see, for many men have desired to hear what you hear and see what you see but never attained.'(MAT 11:15,13:16) All dense matter when broken down will be found to untimately reveal it's true makeup, which is pure energy. The things we think about we absorb into our sub-conciou mind and this is what we bocome. 'As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he'. We must be careful of what we think for thoughts are living things. The result of our thoughts bring to us either good effects or bad effects depending on how we channel the programming to the sub- concious mind who is obligated to give us anything we wish. The full impact of this reprogramming 'knoweth no man, not the Son, neither the angels in heaven, only the Father'. Said Jesus 'no man hath ever ascended up to heaven, execpt He who came down from heaven, even the Son of a Man who is in heaven'.(JOH 3:13) (This is indeed bi-location at its best.) This is also indeed the Aladdin's Lamp that releases the Genie to make all our hopes and dreams a living reality. AFFIRMATION : I will be careful to reject all so called 'lamps of wisdom of men' regardless of how beautiful and shiney new they may appear. I will cling to the old Lamp that tells the old story of Jesus and His love. With the guidance of Jehovah, the 'Open Sesame', I will uncover the hidden resources residing within myself and realize that what I believe in my heart is what I shall become and I know that I can become what soever I choose according to my belief. COPYRIGHT (c) 1985 by Michael A. Tanous


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