[Please keep in mind that the author of this document is only offering her or his _opinion

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[Please keep in mind that the author of this document is only offering her or his _opinion_, and this sould not be considered or taken as fact in any way. If you want to know about the Jehova Witnesses, and what they "believe" in, then ask ONE OF THEM: Do not listen to someone like the author of this diatrib, who's sole intent is to JW-bash. -- DMR] filename : JEHOWIT4 added : June 6, 1988 Christian Information Exchange 714-531-3834 Fountain Valley, CA Sysop : Mike Wallace "P" = PAUSE, SPACEBAR = EXIT THE WORLDS MOST DANGEROUS BOOK!! Would you place you trust in a surgeon who was about to perform a major operation on you, if he refused to give you his name or credentials? OR.... Would you place your faith in an attorney, who was defending you against false accusations of felony charges, if he also refused to give you his name or credentials? We can see how important it is that we rely on the names and credentials of those who serve us in the important aspects of our life. As in the case of the lawyer, it is essential to know these things, for without knowledge, we would have no assurance that he would truly and honestly represent you. It is therefore of the utmost importance to know the men, the credentials and the qualifications of those who we entrust our spiritual lives!! The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society has failed the public at this most crucial point, as they refuse to give their followers the names and credentials of the Translation Committee of their Bible, The New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures (see pg. 258 of Jehovah's Witnesses in the Divine Purpose). This is more important than the Watchtower Society will admit since the New World Translation Committee has deceived many in their translation of the Bible in the following ways: 1. They have invented non-existent rules of Greek grammar and then proceeded to follow these rules only when necessary to support their peculiar theology. A clear example of this is John 1:1, where the Translation Committee has rendered the Greek "and the Word was a god". We cite the appendix of another Watchtower publication (The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures, page 1158), for their footnote concerning John 1:1: "The reason for their rendering the Greek word Divine and not God is that it is the Greek noun Theos without the definite article..." May we call the Watchtower Society's attention to verses 6, 12 and 13 (also found in the first chapter of the Gospel of John). Here the Greek noun Theos appears without the definite article (as in John 1:1) and yet the Translating Committee has translated each verse as (Jehovah) God. Another example of non-existent rules followed only when needed to support their theology is found in the forward of the afore mentioned Kingdom Interlinear Translation (pg. 18). Here we are taught how to restore the Divine name. We are instructed that we can render the Greek words "Kyrios" (Lord) and "Theos" (God) into Divine name by determining if the Christian (Greek) writers have quoted from the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament). If so, we can render "Kyrios" (Lord) and "Theos" (God) as Jehovah God. Once again, the Watchtower "rule" is avoided by the Translation Committee as they translate Philippians 2:11. The Apostle Paul quotes Isaiah 45:23 as he states that "every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Jehovah God (Kyrios) to the glory of God the Father. 2. The Translation Committee has made up a Greek tense that is non-existent. We cite the 1950 edition of their "New World Translation of the Christian Greek Scriptures" rendering of John 8:58 where they have translated "ego eimi" as "I have been" and state that it is "properly rendered in the perfect indefinite tense" in the Greek language. There is NO "perfect indefinite sense" in any language! After the Watchtower Society was informed of this fact, they made the change to the "perfect tense indicative" but as the Greek student knows, it is present tense and is correctly translated "I AM" (see Exodus 3:14). 3. They have added words to Scripture which changes the meaning of the texts to agree with their theology. Notice the Watchtower's rendering of Colossians 1:16,17, where the word "other" has been added four times to the text, completely changing its meaning. When Paul wrote those passages that the Son created all things, it is obvious that the Son was not himself created. The Watchtower, however, believes that the Son is also a created being and has therefore added "other" - not found in the Greek Biblical text at all - to make it appear that the Son is also a creature. As mentioned before, the Translation Committee has added the word "a" to John 1:1 to make the Son a creature rather than God Himself. Take note also of the same deceitfulness displayed in Philippians 2:9 where the word "other" is again added, when it is not found or even suggested in the original Greek. 4. The men who comprised the Translation Committee had no adequate schooling or background to function as critical Bible translators. The self-appointed "scholars" who made up this Translation Committee were: N.H. Knorr, F.W. Franz, A.D. Schroeder, G.D. Gangas and M. Henschel. Aside from the current President Franz, none of the Translation Committee members knew Biblical Greek or Hebrew and Franz's ability is open to serious question. This came out in the Scottish Court Sessions in November, 1954 (just four years after the release of the Watchtower Scriptures). The following exchange of question and answers between the attorney and Franz is taken from the trial transcript: Q. Have you also made yourself familiar with Hebrew? A. Yes.... Q. So that you have substantial linguistic apparatus at your command? A. Yes, for use in my biblical work. Q. I think you are able to read and follow the Bible in Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Spanish, Portuguese, German and French? A. Yes.....(Pursuer's Proof, pg. 7) Q. You, yourself, read and speak Hebrew, do you? A. I do not speak speak Hebrew. Q. You do not? A. No Q. Can you, yourself, translate that into Hebrew? A. Which? Q. That fourth verse of the second chapter of Genesis. A. You mean here? Q. Yes. A. No, I wouldn't attempt to do that. (Pursuer's Proof, pgs. 102,103). What Franz failed to do was a simple exercise which an average first or second year Hebrew student in any seminary would have no difficulty (see further, "We left Jehovah's Witnesses - A non-Prophet Organization" - Edmond C. Gruss, pg. 59-101). It is also interesting to note that no Greek scholar with andy credentials will ednores the New World Translation. Bill Centnar, in 1954 (while still a Jehovah's Witness working at Bethel), was assigned to interview a well known Bible translator, Dr. Edgar J. Goodspeed, asking him for his evaluation and recommendation of the New World Translation of the Hebrew Scriptures. Dr. Goodspeed replied: "No, I'm afraid that I could not do that. The grammar is regrettable...". We agree with Dr. Goodspeed and go a step further and state that the theology brought forth in this translation is a fatal distortion of Biblical truth. We ask you not to put your trust in such a bias translation of Holy Scripture or in the Society that has deceived many in the writing of it; we ask that your faith and trust be placed in the Lord Jesus Christ who said that unless you believe that HE IS the Eternal God (Ego Eimi - "I AM"), you will die in your sins (John 8:24). It is because of the danger of the perversion of the New World Translation of Holy Scriptures that this warning has been written. 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