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From: Sysgod To: All Re: IDENTITY NAZIS * Original: FROM.....Rick Savage. (114/17) * Original: TO.......Jason Steck (114/29) * Forwarded by.......OPUS 114/29 You have been watching too much T.V. The "race war" is not caused by anyone but the Jews, who are the only ones who have an interest in seeing Americans fight amongst themselves for their own purposes. Why do you think the U.N. resolved the Zionism is racism? Zionism is the radical racist political head of the Jewish world. The Zionists are the ones who hold power in Israel and unfortunatly in our own Congress as well. So much so that they have the gall to DEMAND $10 Billion from the United STates taxpayer. They do not ask, but demand! Unleash your common sense for a moment Jason and think about the significance of that. Did you ever have a kid on the playground who would demand your lunch money? What was he called? A bully, was he not? How can the Zionist Jews of Israel get away with bullying the U.S. government? Here is a little parable that might give you a better idea of what Chrisitianity is all about, specifically those of Idenity. It is called "The White Cell" Western Society is like the human body. The life is in the blood. The blood cells are its peoples. There are two kinds. Red blood cells, whose primary job is work, and white blood cells whose job is defense. There are about 740 red blood cells for each white one. Red blood cells seldom recognize an invading foreign substance. It's not their job. On the other hand, white cells go snooping in closets and around corners looking for alien bodies to attack. The attack itself causes heat; the heat causes the body to manufacture additional white cells. The infected combat zone rises to a head as white cells are killed in the conflict. The head discharges pus along with the alien invader as the body cleanses itself. The pus is dead white cells. They have done their job and paid the price. If they fail, all is lost, the body will sicken and die. A healthy body will quickly recognize and destroy an invading alien body. To remain in the body, invading alien bodies must first neutralize the body's defenses. The only way to do this and not be destroyed in the process is to beguile and infect the governing brain - the king. Once this major obstacle is passed other defenses can be infected one by one. Then, the diseased defenses, infected by the aliens invaders, can lead the defenses in full cry after the white cells. A diseased body's defenses are naturally the most outspoken against invading aliens. They are supposed to be and it is expected of them. But, the defenses are infected, which means that the anti-aliens are aliens themselves. Aliens must control the defenses, even doing great damaage to their own kind at times, or they will not survive. This is why crusades against communism, drugs, pornography, immigration, and abortion come to nothing. They are led by aliens, or by body cells infected and financed by them. It is catastrophe for themselves if invading alien microbes lose control of the defenses. It is the only way they can prevent the body from instantly destroying them. This is why an infected body does not mount a proper defense, and why there are seemingly patriotic leaders who cheer the flag and claim to love their nation and hate evil, but who don't know the basic Ten Commandments, with their allied statutes and judgements, which are essential for successful defense. The infected defenses must divert attention from themselves. They are active. The body cells are constantly told that there is a crisis. The true virus that has invaded is not identified, but is said to be something else - from acid rain, to bad food, to terrorists from abroad or harmless foreign nations painted as hostile. The aliens lead the body to prepare its defenses to fight this 'great' peril. The body is then led in unprovoked attacks against its own self, or bodies just like itself, killing tens of millions of healthy red and white cells in the process. These abortive efforts exhaust the body and make room for additional invaders to occupy the space vacated. Numerous efforts are made by the body to organize an internal defense. Almost all these efforts are initiated by the disease itself. These efforts boast prominent names, are adequately financed, and given publicity. Healthy white cells who respond are neutralized by expending their energy chasing a false prey, or are led to prison where they can do nothing. The body is told that its ancient laws are void. It becomes muddled in its thinking. It has forgotten the laws established long ago to direct its thinking and actions. There is no shining knight who stays on his knees until he is wise enough to rise. Through the weakened and exhausted body the infection spreads demanding that the body stockpile tanks, ships, and planes for another abortive defensive effort against a victim who is not an enemy. Bloodstream infection become obvious when alien bodies boldly enter and are actually seen traveling along the same blood vessels with the red and white cells while the infected defenses will not allow any defensive acts by the white cells against them, or even allow them to be identified, or even spoken against. The illness has reached its crisis. The body must now overcome the disease or die. In the hour of absolute desperation the formerly wooden and useless white cells reject all slogans, all leaders, all abortive movements, and return to their own Leader, the Leader whose ancient Word gave the body life in the beginning. When they do this they become immune to false friends, renegade leaders, planted dead-end organizations. They have everything they need. They pour over the Word seeking instruction. Humbled, a new being rises. His sword is The Word. Wise, he can identify the sins of his people. Survival depends on the regenerated white blood cell, a cell rigidly judging everything and everyone by the ancient rules that ensure survival, a cell no longer misled, wooden, and ineffective. It is the day of the Phineas priest. This was an excerpt taken from Richard Kelly Hoskins new book, "Vigilantes of Christiandom" The story of the "Phineas Priesthood" As the Kamikaze is to the Japanese As the Shiite is to Islam As the Zionist is to the Jew So the Phineas priest is to Christiandom Published by- The Virginian Publishing Company, Box 997, Lynchburg, VA 24505, Phone 804-845-1335 --- TBBS v2.1/NM * Origin: Sound Doctrine BBS (303) 680-7209 Aurora, CO (104/514)


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