Best Political Erotica by William Lobdell, Editor-in-chief, The Metropolitan Journal *Cong

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Best Political Erotica by William Lobdell, Editor-in-chief, The Metropolitan Journal *Congressman William Dannemeyer's remarks in the Congressional Record, June 29, 1989. In the kind of elaborate detail that can only come from someone mesmerized by the subject, our Republican congressman from Fullerton tells members of the House exactly how some gay men perform their sexual acts. The descriptions are much too graphic to reveal in the "Metropolitan Journal," but we can tell you he says the "average" homosexual has at least 1,000 sexual partners in a lifetime. Dannemeyer, 60, goes on to detail at least seven sexual acts, including one that includes "certain vegetables or light bulbs." What's with the Representative's fascination with homosexuals? The purpose of his remarks, he says, is to answer this question: "How is it that over the course of this decade, undeniably conservative administrations have been used to promote homosexuality?" He then proceeds to ramble for the next four pages of the "Congressional Record," trying to paint homosexuals as a militant, pathological group bent on pushing through a political agenda that will "de-stigmatise, legitimize and gain privilege." He concludes his argument by saying, "We must either defeat militant homosexuality or it will defeat us." And in the last paragraph, he says, "I will continue to affirm the heterosexual ethic at every turn, with every subtlety, with every bit of imagery I can conjure, with the help of good people across this nation, as well as with the help of a majority of my colleagues in Congress, and also by the grace of god." Our tax dollars at work. (WL) (EOF)


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