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[cross-posted from ANEWS Echo] [originally posted on 1:128/105] Via The NY Transfer News Service 718-448-2358, 718-448-2683 Subject: Fundies Mobilize Against Calif Gay Rights Bill Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1992 15:59:28 CDT Activists Mailing List From: Ron Buckmire [This is a letter received from Lou Sheldon ] b_blumberg@macsch.com writes: Traditional Values Coalition August 12, 1992 XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX Dear XXX: I have just returned from Sacramento where our office is conducting an all out lobbying campaign against AB 2601. I am writing to tell you about two things. First, to report a victory with the State Board of Education, and, second, to tell you the status of AB 2601 which is headed to the Governor's desk. Before I do that, let me thank you. You have been doing a great job. Assemblymen and State Senators tell me they are receiving letters and phone-calls from pro-family activists. We have to keep up the pressure and heat on these legislators. 1) Together, you and I were able to wage a 18-month campaign monitoring and tracking the new public school Health Framework. Last week the board voted 11 to 0 in our favor. We were successful in lobbying the State Board of Education to stop the proposed promotion of same-sex marriages, homosexuality, condoms, etc., in our public schools (K-12). It is nice to see our side fight back and win a battle for faith and family. Our work is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Traditional Values Coalition is there to provide leadership and a "let's get it done" attitude. I thank the Lord for this victory. 2) There are three homosexual special rights bills in the State Legislature heading for Governor Wilson's desk. A. AB 2601 B. AB 3019 C. AB 3825 However, we must direct all our attention to stopping AB 2601. If we can convince the Governor to veto AB 2601, he will veto the other two bills. Therefore, we are putting all our energy behind stopping AB 2601. By the time you read this letter AB 2601 should be on Governor Wilson's desk awaiting his decision. AB 2601 HAS DIRECT IMPLICATIONS ON CALIFORNIA AND OUR NATION. America is in a clash over her national identity. The battle in Sacramento over special rights for homosexuals is indicative of the national battle in society for the soul of America. AB 2601 is a surrogate battleground for societal acceptance, tolerance and eventual promotion of the homosexual agenda. The advocacy of the homosexual agenda in mainstream America reached new heights when Joan Lunden and Mike Schneider of ABC's "Good Morning America" promoted and applauded a new homosexual character on the daily soap opera "Days of Our Lives." "Days of Our Lives" soap opera is using the new homosexual character to promote the homosexual lifestyle. Written into the script are parts which call anyone who opposes homosexuality a homophobe, a bigot, etc. THE PASSAGE OF AB 2601 WILL HAVE A DIRECT EFFECT ON OUR NATIONS MORAL CODE Historians do go back and look at things in society as turning points for movements, wars, campaigns, etc. The homosexuals battle to enact special homosexual laws is one of those "indicator" points that will shape the values and beliefs of our nation. That is why it is so important to stop AB 2601. THE PASSAGE OF AB 2601 WILL HAVE A DIRECT EFFECT ON CHRISTIANS The following Christian businesses and organizations are NOT exempt from AB 2601: * Church support staff, * Christian bookstores, * Christian recording companies, * Christian radio stations, * Christian television stations, * Doctor's offices, * Dentist's offices, * Day Care Centers AB 2601 WILL AFFECT RELIGIOUS INSTITUTIONS AND CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS. The modern trend in the courts and governmental agencies is to exempt from these kinds of bills ONLY the ordained clergy. That means churches could be forced to employ homosexuals in positions such as: secretaries, administrators, janitors, etc. Additionally, no non-ordained volunteer is exempt, thus forcing churches to employ homosexual Sunday School teachers. Just look at the lawsuit against the Boy Scouts of America, another non- profit organization being sued for not allowing a homosexual to be a scout master. AB 2601 WILL INCREASE THE COST OF DOING BUSINESS IN CALIFORNIA AND DRIVE AWAY BUSINESS THUS INCREASING UNEMPLOYMENT. The direct costs to California businesses of complying with AB 2601 regulations, going to court, or of avoiding potential litigation is a very real threat to their competitiveness and viability. AB 2601 COULD TURN INTO A QUOTA BILL FOR HOMOSEXUALS. As California businesses struggle for survival, decreasing profits, rising unemployment, increased dependence on state services, and the inevitable reduction of the state's tax base will undoubtedly perpetuate the state's current economic and financial troubles. And now the liberals in Sacramento want to pass AB 2601 which will further exacerbate the already wounded California economy. AB 2601 MAKES "SEXUAL ORIENTATION" THE ONLY CLASSIFICATION LISTED IN THE LABOR CODE THEREBY GIVING HOMOSEXUALITY AND BISEXUALITY SUPERIOR RIGHTS AND CREATING INEQUITIES FOR OTHER GROUPS. This bill effectively provides homosexuals and bisexual with greater protections and greater abilities for redress than are enjoyed by any other individual. AB 2601 is patently unfair. Average people who classify themselves as pro-life, anti-ware, etc., will have the same avenues for protection under the law that homosexuals will receive with AB 2601. But, homosexuals need only state that they are homosexual to receive protection. AB 2601 IS SIMPLY UNFAIR TO ANY OTHER PERSON WHO HOLDS A POLITICAL BELIEF AND WHO MUST ACT UPON THOSE BELIEFS IN ORDER TO BE PROTECTED. THE TERM "SEXUAL ORIENTATION" WHICH IS THE BASIS OF AB 2601, POTENTIAL APPLIES TO ANY FORM OF SEXUAL ORIENTATION. This bill paves the way for the protection of all forms of sexual orientation. Are not people who merely classify themselves as believers in pedophilia, bestiality and incest also participating in political activity? For example, pedophiles believe that their sexual preferences is an "orientation." If a prospective employee of a day care center espouses his belief in pedophilia during an interview and is turned down because of that statement, the day care center will have violated the provision proposed in AB 2601. Something has to break. Liberals and secular humanists are essentially calling Bible believing Protestants, Roman Catholics, and Orthodox Jews evil people. Many homosexual activists are saying that the government must stop Christians from refusing to accept and tolerate the homosexual lifestyle. This is very scary. WE NEED TO CREATE AN EARTHQUAKE UNDER PETE WILSON'S DESK TO GET HIM TO VETO AB 2601 HERE'S HOW YOU CAN HELP, * Redouble your prayers for the Governor's heart. Ask the Lord to give Gov. Wilson wisdom and confidence. * Tell as many of your friends, bible study partners, civic club members and family about AB 2601. * Make sure your pastor knows about AB 2601. We can provide Action Alerts and other literature for your church. Call the Anaheim TVC office for materials (714) 520-0300. * Call and write Governor Wilson. Tell him that homosexual orientation should not be considered political activity and that he should veto AB 2601. The Governor's phone number is (916) 445-2841. Address letters to: Governor Pete Wilson State Capitol Sacramento, CA 95814 * Financially support our work. We operate month to month. It is your donations and love gifts that sustain our work. Daniel 11:32 states, "But the people who know their God shall stand firm and take action." Here at TVC action begins with education. We have educated you on AB 2601. Now it's up to you to take action. Contact Governor Wilson and prayerfully consider financially supporting this effort. With Godspeed please act today. May the Lord bless you and your family. Sincerely, Rev. Louis P. Sheldon Chairman P.S. Please help us so we can have 2 great victories...The Health Framework and getting Gov. Wilson to VETO AB 2601 RON BUCKMIRE, 11 Colvin Circle, Troy, NY 12180-3735. "D.C. in 93!" uunet!rpi.edu!buckmr||buckmr@rpitsmts.bitnet||buckmr@rpi.edu||1 518 276 8910


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