Public #1891 BURNING_TIME ECHO Entered 0826 Tuesday 24-Dec-91 To All Re Merry Christmas He

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Public #1891 BURNING_TIME ECHO Entered 08:26 Tuesday 24-Dec-91 From: Cheryl Mathison To: All Re: Merry Christmas Hello Everyone. Mr. Germer has decided to out-do himself this time, and sent me legitimate harrassing NetMail. I'm sure the Fundies might think this poem is "cute", but to anyone familiar with the inquisition and other items in his message, it is a letter of religious persecution, a Federal Crime since it was committed across state lines. I have made a formal Policy Complaint against him on those grounds (letter in next message), and will get the FBI involved if I have to. His NC has 30 days to reply. Blessed Be! Cheryl * Originally by Bob Germer, 1:266/21@fidonet * Originally to Cheryl Mathison, 8:914/169 * Originally dated 24 Dec 1991, 7:09 On the first day of Christmas, My true love sent to me A Spanish Inquisition [.....] On the twelfth day of Christmas, My true love sent to me Twelve Christian crosses Eleven witches dying Ten Saints apraying Nine Stars of David Eight stakes awaiting Seven cauldrons boiling Six hexing signs Five Jesuits Four triangles Three broom sticks Two Voodoo dolls And a Spanish Inquisition --- # Origin: (1:215/69) * Origin: PODS->GateNet Gate 510-481-0961 14.4/HST/V32b/V42b (93:9300/0.0) Public #1892 BURNING_TIME ECHO Entered 08:19 Tuesday 24-Dec-91 From: Cheryl Mathison To: All Next: 1908 Re: Formal Complaint * Originally by Cheryl Mathison, 1:215/69@Fidonet * Originally to Barry Geller, 1:266/0 * Originally dated 24 Dec 1991, 8:17 * Original to: Barry Geller cc: John Nobriga Hello Barry. I have received yet another harrassing letter from Mr. Germer. I have continually told him in the ZEC echo to leave me alone, yet he has refused. As long as he kept it to the ZEC echo, I was not going to do anything about it. However, this NetMail is a definate case of religious harrassment. You received my last letter telling you to do something about him. Now I am making a FORMAL POLICY COMPLAINT about him on the grounds that sending religious harrassment letters accross state lines is a FELONY. The last letter was merely persecution. This one is harrassment and is threatening in its intent. Therefore, I hereby request that his node number be pulled from Fido. I am not the only person receiving these letters: Jonny Vee of 1:215/606 has also received a hate-letter, though it was not religiously bent. However, he would not have sent one to anyone but a Pagan. I am getting sick of his persecution and harrassment and demand justice. You have 30 days to respond to this matter as of Fido Policy 4.07. This is NOT an "Excessively Annoying" complaint. He has performed ILLEGAL ACTIONS against me. If something is not done on the Fido level about him, I will go to the FBI with the letter, as he has kindly left his address in the ZEC echo for me to give them. I will expect your reply by January 23rd. Blessed Be! Cheryl (55) 24 Dec 91 07:09:42 Rcvd: Tue 24 Dec 7:46 By: Bob Germer, Capital City BBS (1:266/21@fidonet) To: Cheryl Mathison, Yellow Submarine (8:914/169) Re: Merry Christmas St: Pvt Crash Rcvd From: Cheryl Mathison Prev: 1908 To: Thomas Blackwolfe Next: 1945 Re: Formal Complaint > Hiya, if ya' don't mind my asking, would you share some more of > the intent of the letter. More specifically what entailed the > threats and the violation of federal law. That's easy. This was the second netmail I've received from him. The first went through and claimed that Pagans were devil worshippers, etc., and that we should basically not be allowed to have Pagan echos on the Fido Backbone. Then came his responses to a post I made on the ZEC echo, which attacked me outright. This last was after a request to his NC to talk to him about sending harrassing netmail. He blatantly ignored the warning not to send hate-mail through the Nets. He *KNOWS* that his mail does "interesting" things to my blood pressure, so his provocations in the ZEC echo were bad enough to have me needing to rest as much as possible. Then, Christmas Eve, he sends a "Christmas Card" so filled with hate that it gave me the shakes. My question is simple: Will it stop with NetMail, or will he actually try to sabotage my system or worse, attack my family in some way? A quick call to Family Services has ruined more than one family... The man is dangerous because he is irrationally filled with hate. I haven't been well since my dad died in October, and was just starting to "come out of it" when his netmail arrived. He was specifically harrassing me because of my post on the ZEC echo. Religious Harrassment has been declared against the law in several states, California is one of them. I will be looking into the New Jersey version of it. In the mean time, hopefully he will learn that it does not pay to send religious harrassment through the Net. BTW, I've spoken to some Xtians about his actions, and they were appaulled at what he did, and hope I win my complaint. I hope this helps to answer your question. "Gay Bashing" is in roughly the same category as "Religious Harrassment", and recently a guy was convicted on the Gay Bashing issue. Blessed Be! Cheryl


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