[ Note how this cultist doesn't name names, give dates, locations, times, police docket nu

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[ Note how this cultist doesn't name names, give dates, locations, times, police docket numbers, case histories, or ___anything___ that the cultist can claim can be verified in any way. This is a common practice to Christanic death cultists who pretend that lying for their deity constructs isn't lying. - flr] Public message # 5147 CULT_WATCH ECHO Entered 07:35 Saturday 6-Jul-91 From: B. Lyle on 1:104/18 To: All Re: Infanticide I am writing to address this problem of infant euthanasia. I understand that the pagans have been advocating the killing of infants who do not "measure up" to accepted standards of healthy "normal" babies. I have already heard of 23 children nationwide who have been killed in this manner. I must protest! This abuse of God's Law must cease immediately! I fail to understand why supposedly intelligent (even if seriously misled by Satan) people would go past even the so-called "abortion issue" (which is a non-issue; it is simply murder with a smiley face on it) to endorse such neo-nazi doctrines. I realize that most pagans don't think that killing deformed or mentally-retarded children is any worse than throwing away defective merchandise, but it is very, very different! Children are precious to God, and should be precious to us, as well. Remember that we were all once children. Would you wanted to be killed, Mister or Missus Pagan, just because you needed glasses or were dyslexic? I think not! I'll close now, but please, pagans, if you can't obey God's Law in any other respect, STOP KILLING BABIES! Certain damnation will follow if you do not stop this abominable practice and come to God! In His Service, B. Lyle -And please don't call me a liar.


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