To Joe Larabell Msg #54, 03-Sep-88 0853pm Subject fidonews article * Religious Ignorance.

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From: David Rice To: Joe Larabell Msg #54, 03-Sep-88 08:53pm Subject: fidonews article * Religious Ignorance. Is It Too Late? I am a Pagan. This is my humble opinion only, and does not relect in any way anyone elses opinion, including the editor of Fido News, or any group other than me, myself, and I. They are NOT the opinions of the author of the Christian Hate Series. Hi! I would like to mimic, perhaps at the expense of sounding argumentive, the concern some have expressed regarding the Christian Hate Series. Some have said that such a project shows those who would condemn us that we are truly out to get them after all, and thus their exertions against us are justified. Still others opinion that such a collection of religious intolerances is valueless because those who follow such Paths care little for what we think of them (save that we fear them in some cases). And still more could say that the Series is nothing more than name-calling, though since the files are for the most part written by those who wish individual thought and expression ill, this stance I cannot see being a valid one. I spent may hours going through the collection, and my mind reels with the vast fusion of incredulity, disbelief, grief, and, above all, a great deal of, well, staggering disappointment. What has happened to the basic, mortal, human capacity for compassion and courtesy? I read and am dismayed! Such base, malignant hate, fear, and contriving force pointed, aimed, like a pistol at the heart of all that should, must, be held inviolate! The hate that darkens the mind and makes it slave to Despite. Worse, the cancerous growth of such execrate grows deep within those who are powerless to beat against such strong a wind as religious intolerance, growing there like a child got by rape, deep within their belly. They have no idea they've been sorely violated by those who would use them, like the pawns they are, for their own ends. I feel powerless, impotent, in the face of such ignorance. I do fear. . . greatly fear. . . that the battle is already lost. Such ill Power walks unhindered, untouched, through our towns, cities, and even our own hearts, and we must keep silent or get stepped on. Panic threatens to choke me, vowing pain and grief in the place of resolution. I think of what we could become. As human beings, we are capable of so much love, warmth, passion, affection. Then I think of what we might allow us to become. And I weep. If nothing more, the Christain Hate Series has pointed out to me that what we value most can so easily be rended from us. This is why I feel this Series has value. It seeks not to call Others Than Us nasty names. It does not demand Others Than Us to treat us with the respect due any thinking, living, being-- To demand that which is already ours by Right. It's basic Function, rather, is to hold up and display, to all who would see, the Great Enemy that faces not only us, but the very same people who would take from us the freedom to choose, think, be, and become, what we would, unfettered by constraints of what others would have us be. Is it too late? Read the Christian Hate Series, and then tell me. David Rice, 09/03/88 Sysop, (1:103/503.0) From: Michelle Hass To: David Rice Msg #57, 06-Sep-88 12:13pm Subject: Re: fidonews article Yes...this is why I have been compiling the archives. As the moderator/facilitator of the EARTHLINK Echo and a concerned pagan myself, I feel that there is a crying need for us to face what our enemies say about us, and deal with it. However, there is no need to just bury yourself in hopelessness and say that nothing can be done. There ARE things people can do to counter these lies, and they can be summed up in two words: GO PUBLIC. The Windfire Coven in Colorado has done some very good things towards this, so have people such as Michael Harismades and others who have stood up for us and shown the world that we are not babykillers and "satanists". The only way we are going to be able to be fully protected by the Free Exercise clause of the Constitution (there is a complete text of the Constitution here on this board as CONSTITU.ARC) is to go out there and actively CLAIM our rights. Our secretiveness is the very thing that makes us targets, makes us ripe for the Christian Hysterics who attack us and say we are in league with their Christian Devil. We must all step out of the "broom closet" and show our presence and our pride. It was only when gays stood up against their attackers in the riot at Stonewall that they got final acknowledgement of their individual rights. Moslems and Sikhs are going through the same thing in this country as we are, with bigotry and scorn heaped upon them at every turn. Our brothers and sisters in the Neo-African Shamanic Pagan religion of Santeria as well as those Africans who choose to follow the beliefs of their ancestors are having an important part of their ritual taken away from them. We must fight for ALL who are under religious persecution here, and the best place to start is with our own beliefs. Instead of being cowed by these horrible bigots, we must fight back. NEVER AGAIN ANOTHER AUSCHWITZ! NEVER AGAIN THE BURNING TIMES! It's time we stepped out from the shadows and showed the world who we REALLY are. If any would be interested in organizing some sort of lobbying group to protect our interests as Pagans, please let me know either here or on any EARTHLINK BBSes. Thank you for your support, MK-H


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