Fetishist Admits Kidnapping MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - A man described as having an ankle fetish p

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Fetishist Admits Kidnapping MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - A man described as having an ankle fetish pleaded guilty to kidnapping a Bible student in a nine-hour ordeal in which prosecutors said he tried to cut off her feet and eat her flesh during a satanic ritual. John William Doughty, 38, entered his plea Thursday as his trial was about to begin and after prosecutors agreed to drop charges of attempted murder and first-degree assault. Doughty admitted during court proceedings to abducting the woman Nov. 13. He did not say why he abducted her, but maintained he was mentally competent at the time. Doughty has three prior felony convictions in Florida involving a burglary and rape, the kidnapping of a 12-year-old child and the slashing of a 16-year-old girl's ankles with razor blades, said Assistant Hennepin County Attorney Kevin Johnson after the court session. "Doughty has an ankle fetish," Johnson said. Doughty had corresponded with a Minneapolis woman while serving the rape sentence in a Florida prison. He later moved to Minnesota and stayed with the woman and her family and began attending their church, the Faith Assembly of God in St. Louis Park, said Johnson. Two months later, he lured an 18-year-old woman to the church parking lot, clubbed her over the head, put her in the trunk and drove to a park in Minneapolis, Johnson said. He tried to kill the woman as a sacrifice to Satan, Johnson claimed. In the nine-hour ordeal, Doughty tried to cut off the woman's feet and said he had planned to eat her flesh and throw her body into the Mississippi River, court documents said. He cut tendons in the woman's legs, but was unable to sever her feet and yielded to her pleas to take her to a hospital after she promised she would not identify him. The victim, a student at North Central Bible College, has regained her ability to walk normally, Johnson said. Doughty is to be sentenced Dec. 28. He faces a maximum term of 40 years. AP-NY-10-20-89 1114EDT (C) Copyright 1989, Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.


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