[All well and good, but why then did God attempt to +quot;fool+quot; us by placing all tho

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[All well and good, but why then did God attempt to "fool" us by placing all those dirty, old bones everywhere? Is God such a trickster as to run around saying "Ha! Fooled yah! You go tah hell for believing these bones evolved naturaly! " God would make a great stand up commic, true, but also an outstanding Christian -- DMR] filename : EVOLUTN1.TXT added : 5-22-87 Christian Information Exchange 714-531-3834 Fountain Valley, CA Sysop : Mike "P" = PAUSE, SPACEBAR = EXIT ERRORS OF EVOLUTION - Part I Author: Jim Hodge It is a commonly accepted fact today that evolution is the means by which man exists today. High schools and colleges throughout the world teach evolution as a fact without any other possible explanation for man's existence. One popular high school text states, "All scientists at the present time agree that evolution is a fact." This statement is obviously false, yet many people are not aware of the overwhelming evidence in favor of another explanation for the origin of man, that being supernatural creation. In fact, there are well over 600 scientists today who are members of an organization known as the Creation Research Society. All of these men hold a master's degree or doctoral degree in some field of natural science and actively oppose the theory of evolution based on solid scientific data. Regardless of numerous uncovered facts refuting the theory of evolution, many scientists refuse to believe in any type of supernatural explanation for the existence of man and the universe. A prominent believer in evolution put it this way, "We might say that the term supernatural can be applied only to a set of conceptions that are held by minds which have not learned that all facts of human experience are natural." This is just not so. Man is not an infallible creature and never can be. He does, however, have a mind capable of rational decisions and the exercise of logic. If those who believe in evolution would examine all of the data available and approach it with an open and logical mind, it would become perfectly clear that evolution is impossible, while a supernatural creation is the only viable alternative. The theory of evolution states that life, in its most simple form, either developed on this earth spontaneously or was transplanted from some external source. Without any act of God, there developed from this extremely simple beginning all the forms of life, both plant and animal, which now inhabit our planet, or which did ever inhabit it. The first problem that we encounter with evolution is this origin of life. Evolutionists believe that the first living organisms were developed naturally, by innate processes, from non-living chemicals. Science deals with observable data, and in order for data to be confirmed, it must be observed in present processes. The origin of life is not occurring now, nor has it ever been observed in the history of man. Many scientists have attempted to create life in controlled laboratory experiments without success. According to the science of probability, calculations show that given ideal conditions of temperature and moisture, using all the raw materials available in the universe, and assuming that all the smallest components (electrons) could participate in one linking and unlinking, and reshuffling a billion times every second, 30 billion years would not suffice to produce a chance construction having the order and complexity of a one-celled organism. This only shows that the beginning of life by mere chance is not probable. The majority of evolutionists believe the earth to be only 4.5 billion years old based on radiometric dating methods. This is not nearly enough time for life to begin according to the science of probability, much less evolve to its present state. The Holy Bible has been proven to be historically and scientifically accurate. This fact is too lengthy to be dealt with here, but based on this presupposition, the evolutionist's claim to the origin of life is a direct contradiction to the Word of God. Colossians 1:16 states that all things were created by him, and for him (Christ). This is sufficient evidence alone to disprove the concept of evolution, but there are many other problems with this theory. One of the main ingredients involved for evolution to be possible is time. The great age of the earth according to evolutionists is based upon the theory of uniformitarianism. This concept says that present natural processes were operating in essentially the same manner in the past and account for the present condition of the universe. This view is commonly held by almost all geologists and evolutionists alike. It is this assumption that most radiometric dating is based on. However, many difficulties have been found concerning the methods used in this type of dating. For example, In the journal of Geophysical Research, July 15, 1968, an instance is cited where lava from Kaupuleho, Hualalai, Hawaii, which was known to be 168 years old, was predicted by the potassium-argon method to be 2.96 billion years old. There are other reasons to doubt the estimated 4.5 billion year life of the earth. An amazing proof for the relatively young age of the earth lies in what are known as polystrate fossils. These are fossils that are found extending through several layers of sediments. The most interesting of these are fossil tree trunks that extend upright through many feet of strata, including successive layers of coal. According to uniformitarianism interpretation, these trees would have been required to withstand several thousand years of decay and erosion, while slowly being covered with layers of sediments in which they were found. This becomes difficult for the evolutionist to explain. The rate of decay of the earth's magnetic field, the current population crisis, the lack of equilibrium between the specific production and decay rates of radiocarbon, and a host of physical processes not listed here all point to a recent creation of the universe, and a young earth. It should also be pointed out that the Bible clearly indicates that both man and his world were created only a few thousand years ago and the best scientific data are completely in harmony with this concept. (Cont. in ERRORS OF EVOLUTION - Part II) Compliments of the Manna System ERRORS OF EVOLUTION - Part II Author: Jim Hodge The greatest problem with the theory of evolution lies in the absence of transitional life forms among the fossil records. According to the evolutionary process, life began in the sea, then sea creatures moved to land by reason of necessity. Land animals then progressed to creatures of the air and through a series of changes over millions of years, man has become the end result. If this speculation is true, then there should be key transitional life forms between one species and the next. The only record we have of such transitional life forms would have to be found in the fossil record. The fossil record is the key test. Transitional series must have existed in the past if evolution is true, and the fossil record should reveal at least some of these. Even the most dogmatic evolutionists would agree that there are some serious problems with the missing links. R.S. Lull, a Professor of Paleontology at Yale University made this statement: The evidence afforded by the fossil record does not at first sight seem so convincing, for the absence of certain "missing links" in the chain of life is striking. Another prominent evolutionist, Professor J. LeConte of the University of California said: "The evidence of geology today is that species seem to come into existence suddenly and in full perfection, remain substantially unchanged during the term of their existence, and pass away in full perfection. Other species take their places apparently by substitution, not by transmutation." An interesting example of this absence of fossils deals with the protozoa or single-celled organism. This is the most basic stepping stone according to organic evolution. These organisms evolved into two-celled organisms, then four, then six and so on. But according to the fossil record, the next step in animal complexity, after protozoa, are the metazoa having over a thousand cells. There are no creatures, either living today, or in the fossil record, with two cells, or with four, or six, or eight cells. No organisms whatsoever having any number of cells between two and a thousand, and no evidence that they ever existed. In the first chapter of Genesis, nine times we find the expression "after his (their) kind." From this statement we can assume "like begets like," but the evolutionist says never exactly alike. This is true to an extent, there do exist changes within species, but never from one species to the next as the evolutionist would have us believe. Professor T. H. Morgan says, "Within the period of human history we do not know of a single instance of the transformation of one species into another." If evolution is true, there should be no gaps between species at all, whether in the fossil record, or in present observable living creatures. All creatures should be interconnected by slight variations. The fact of the matter is, however, that there is no such thing. There are no creatures between a cat and a dog, between apes and humans. This is a perplexing matter for most believers in the theory of organic evolution. Evolutionists have suggested various explanations; the inadequacy of the fossil record, explosive evolution in small populations, and others. All such explanations are based upon the absence of evidence. Actual fossils of transitional forms would be much better evidence of evolution than their absence. Evolutionists will continue to search for answers to these innumerable problems. Once again time becomes an important factor for evolution to work. Scientists continue to wait for new facts that they hope will substantiate their belief in this theory, as evidenced by this statement made by a believer in evolution: "To find serene security in our faith of continuity of life, we must still await discoveries that will bridge certain breaks." Fallen men will continue to search in vain for answers concerning their existence. It is man's pride that prevent him from acknowledging his true Creator as revealed in the Word of God. Man finds it difficult to believe in something that he cannot understand and the things of God are foolishness to him (1 Corinthians 2:14). The fallen, unregenerated man is biased to his own views because he refuses to realize the severe limitations of the human senses which operate within a very narrow spectrum. It is the humanistic belief in the infallibility of man. "The evolution-idea is a master key that opens all locks into which we can fit it, and that we do not know of a single fact that can be said to be in any way contradictory." As ridiculous as that may sound, many people believe exactly that. When one takes a closer look at the facts and examines the Scriptures, he cannot help but see the foolishness of such a statement. The theory of evolution contradicts the basic laws of nature and more importantly, it contradicts the Word of God. James Dwight Dana said, "I, an old man who has known only science all his life long, say to you, that there is nothing truer in all the universe than the scientific statements contained in the Word of God." Evolution is a dangerous doctrine because of what it teaches concerning the origin of man and the origin of the universe. Evolution is anti-Bible, and anything that is anti-Bible is harmful. One of the most notable evolutionist's ever is Thomas Huxley. Mr. Huxley once wrote, "These essays are for the most part intended to contribute to the process of destroying the infallibility of Scripture." Mr. Huxley and a host of other evolutionists believe that the proof of evolution will invalidate the Scriptures. The problem lies in their ignorance of the Word of God. The Bible cannot be invalidated and when it states that God created the universe, it is a fact. Nehemiah 9:6 reads: "Thou, even thou, art Lord alone; thou hast made heaven, the heaven of heavens, with all their host, the earth, and all things that are therein, the seas, and all that is therein, and thou preservest them all; and the host of heaven worshipeth thee. This verse testifies to the creation of the universe by God and also to the fact that He is responsible for the preservation of it. The evidence of a supernatural creation is set before all men to see if they so desire, but many people become wise in their own minds and refuse to acknowledge their Creator, thus becoming fools (Romans 1:19-22). Even those who do not accept the Bible as truth can witness to the foolishness of evolution if all of the scientific data will be examined. Unfortunately, many people would rather believe the lies and absurdity of evolution, rather than believe in a supernatural creation. False doctrines and philosophies shall pass away, but the Word of God will never change or pass away (Matthew 24:35). BIBLIOGRAPHY Duncan, Homer. Evolution: The Incredible Hoax. Lubbock, Texas: Missionary Crusader, 1978. Gish, Duane T. Evolution: The Fossils Say No. San Diego, California: Creation Life Publishers, 1979. Hiebert, Henry. Evolution: Its Collapse in View. Alberta, Canada: Horizon House Publishers, 1979. Morris, Henry M. Many Infallible Proofs. El Cajon, California: Master Books, 1974. Morris, Henry M. The Scientific Case for Creation. San Diego, California: C.L.P. Publishers, 1977. Stoner, Peter W. Science Speaks. Chicago: Moody Press, 1976. Compliments of the Manna System


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