SERMONETTE #20 09 June 1985 Rainbow Revelations Fellowship +quot;The Devil's Playground+qu

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SERMONETTE #20 09 June 1985 Rainbow Revelations Fellowship "The Devil's Playground" While passing through the Mojave Desert on the way to Las Vegas there is a town called Baker just past Barstow. A breath taking sight catches the eye of the traveler at this point called Soda Lake. Although it is a dry lake there is the illusion of water. This mirage is created by the sun's reflection off the flat bed of this barren plain as is common in desert regions. This phenomenon can usually be seen during certain periods of the day depending on the angle of view and the lighting from the sun. This plain stretches for miles with sinister looking mountains in the background like unto 'sentinels'. Furthur into the background is an extension called 'The Devil's Playground'. It is very beautiful to behold but dangerously deadly if one ever strays out there alone. The Indians who inhabited this region were very superstitous of this area. They claimed that spirits of the departed roamed this plane at night and the cryes of these could could be heard echoing through out the night. On nights of the full moon, appiritions were a common occurance. This place was labeled 'taboo'. As being strictly off limits, those who wandered off into this area and managed to return were never the same. They were labeled as 'loco' by the tribe. They were excommunicated for violating the 'taboo' and were forced, with a few provisions, to wander in to the desert. Death was imminent for these souls. This was the penalty for treading on dangerous ground. Today there still exists reports from the locals and travelers at night of seeing strange lights in this area. The point of this little tale has a counter-part. The counter-part is this whole world which is labeled by St. John in I John 5:19 as "the whole world lieth in wickedness". This "spirit of the air" now permeates the whole atmosphere of space. (EPH 2:2) All the drugs illicit sex, satanic music, occult practices, witch craft, violence, TV and movies that program all these satanic "toys" are labeled as 'Lucifer's territory' or "the devil's playground". The only excape from this dangerous plane of existance is th take refuge in the Word of God. This Word educates us to see through all the deceptions of the 'god of this world'. The strange lights seen by the minds eye are the deceptions of Lucifer who comes as an 'angel of light' with glorious promises to all who will fall down and worship him. He knows the weakness of man and that almost all will sell their souls to enter his playground. We are all under the influence of this powerful vicious entity. Only one has withstood his test and that is Jesus the Master. He refused to gaze into the 'brillant light' or bend a knee to this master sorceror. If we follow the directions of this same Jesus who is the God that all men ingrorantly worship under various names, He will deliver all who are weak and we shall triumph over the world. (I JOH 2:15-17) We will hear the 'voices of sin' calling to us in the darkness of the plane of ignorance which is this present evil world, but we shall know them for exactly what they are. (REV 13:13) Our playground is the 'Paradise of the Mind' for we who have escaped the dry areas where there is no water. In our playground there is a never ending water supply that springs up out of our innermost being into eternal life. (REV 2:17, JOH 4:13- 14) Unlike the devil's playground where there is a price to pay in the end, God's playround is open to all and the admittance is free. When those in error see their plight and come to Jesus, He does not cast them out to die or suffer in the wilderness of sin, but welcomes all with open arms and the angels rejoice in heaven. They are fed and clothed like kings and a party is given in their honor. Their names are written in Heaven's great infallable computer and listed in the 'Book of Life'. Those who refuse God's provision receive nothing more than the 'mark of the beast' and are cast into outer darkness being stars that wander for ever.(JUD :13) AFFIRMATION : I can see through the waste land of evil and all it's illusions for what they really are; illusions that fade in the light of Christ. I now behold the overall error in a panoramic view and thank the Lord that the old simple direction sign inscribed with these words 'Jesus Saves' is really true and a sure direction to someday meeting Him who is the Great Spirit in the 'playground of God at the end of the rainbow. COPYRIGHT (c) 1985 by Michael A. Tanous


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