FBI Seeks Deaf Girl Teen's ID PORTLAND, Maine (AP) - A deaf teen-age girl who walked into

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FBI Seeks Deaf Girl Teen's ID PORTLAND, Maine (AP) - A deaf teen-age girl who walked into a school nervously seeking help was apparently kidnapped several years ago and moved around the country, possibly by satanists, an FBI agent said Wednesday. "From some of the drawings she was able to provide, it is believed that some of the people she was with since her abduction may have been tied to the occult," FBI Agent Paul Cavanagh said. Authorities have had a hard time gathering information from the frightened, confused girl, but she has given them drawings that include symbols associated with satanism and indicated she may have been abducted from a foster home in California, Cavanagh said. The girl showed up Sept. 18 at William B. Jack Elementary School in Portland, identifying herself in sign language as Toby Cole. "She just stopped at the counter. She walked in and signed a little bit," said Judi Fox, a teacher's aide who called in a teacher who speaks in sign language. The teacher realized the girl needed help and took her to the Governor Baxter School for the Deaf in nearby Falmouth, where authorities began questioning her. "Over the next few weeks, Toby provided information which leads us to believe that she is possibly the victim of a kidnapping abduction," the FBI said in a statement issued by its Boston office. "Toby has indicated that she is not sure Toby Cole is her real name, but is the name given to her by her abductors," the statement said. "She stated she believes she is 15 years of age and possibly was born on Dec. 25, 1974. Toby seems to possess a good vocabulary and is far ahead of children in her age bracket in intelligence and communication skills." Cavanagh said Wednesday from Boston that psychologists and child-care experts dealing with the girl have pieced together enough information to believe she was abducted from California about three years ago, then moved several times, possibly into Canada. "She claims to have been abducted by a male out there who was driving a van at the time," Cavanagh said. He said authorities had no reason to doubt the girl's story, but had found no missing person reports matching her. "We did receive a communication on it," Supervisory Special Agent Susan Schnitzer in San Francisco said Wednesday. "Anything we're requested by the Boston division to do, we'll be doing." Ms. Schnitzer declined further comment. Falmouth police Lt. Michael Bouchard said Wednesday that his department had received numerous calls, but had no immediate leads on the girl's family or any suspects in her abduction. Authorities said the girl was in the care of the Maine Department of Human Services. "She's in a safe place in the state," Bouchard said. "She's comfortable. She's being taken care of." AP-NY-10-25-89 1800EDT (C) Copyright 1989, Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.


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