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'RESTORING AMERICA'S ORIGINAL IDEALS' THE NEW FASHONED WAY From: THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC, Phoenix, AZ 3-26-89 By: William P. Cheshire Editor of the Editorial Pages, THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC Last fall the chairman of the American Freedom Coalition of Arizona, Eugene C. Hutloff, took the word to me in a letter for asserting that his organization was furthering the political agenda of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon. "We're not a Moonie front, or any other kind of front, for that matter," he wrote. "We're just a group of concerned Americans dedicated to restoring America's original ideals and helping our country recover her greatness and live up to her responsibilities in this world." I'm sure he thought he was telling the truth. In recruiting Mr. Hutloff, AFC operatives no doubt avoided the direct approach. They didn't say, "Hey, Hutloff, we've got this nifty Moonie front? Want to head it up?" Probably they told him they wanted him to join their world- beating organization to restore traditional American values. But the AFC of Arizona is a Moonie front just the same, and anyone who wants confirmation can read the current issue of U.S. NEWS AND WORLD REPORT.(3-27-89) "The initiative for starting the Unification Church's latest political venture, the American Freedom Coalition," writes John B. Judis, "came from Pak and from Gary Jarmin, a founder of the fundamentalist group Christian Voice." "Pak" is Col. Bo Hi Pak, Rev. Moon's principal henchman and a former assistant military attache at the South Korean Embassy in Washington. He runs most of Rev. Moon's political operations in this country, including my old newspaper the WASHINGTON TIMES, whos dust I shook from my feet two Passovers ago when the Moonies, going back on their word, seized editorial control. The colonel and Mr. Jarmin recruited the Rev. Robert Grant to run the AFC. then the colonel arranged, through Rev. Moon's Unification Church, a tidy $5 million in loans. "The church also contributed 60 members as full-time paid organizers, one for each state and one for each region," Mr. Judis reports, "and 10 or more staff members to coalition headquarters." Safely aboard, Dr. Grant hauled down the Moonie colors. In an unpublished response to CHRISTIANITY TODAY, he states "emphatically" that the AFC "is not connected in some secretive way with the Unification Church." Does this mean that the connection is non-secretive? No, it means that, like so many of Rev. Moon's beneficiaries, Dr. Grant finds it expedient to dissemble. Yet the Moonie stain is there for anyone to see. The AFC raises most of its money by peddling a videocassette biography of Oliver North donated by Global Images, a Moonie- affilitated production company. Ollie North once warned me that the Moonies were "dangerous." Last week, I see, he was a dinner speaker at Rev. Moon's Tenth World Media Conference at Washington's Shoreham Hotel. But I digress. Some right-wing stars have spurned Moonie advances. Former Alabama Sen. Jeremiah Denton, for example, is said to have turned down a six-figure salary to head the American Freedom Coalition. Other conservativees, however, have been less persnickety. Direct mail wizard Richard Viguerie was $1.5 million in debt when Rev. Moon's U.S. Property Development Corp. paid him $10.6 million for an office building he owned in Falls Church, VA. The suddenly solvent Mr. Viguerie then was enriched by business coming his way from the WASHINGTON TIMES and the AFC, both of which he's "proud to be associated" with, he says. Not so blessed was David Finzer, who used to run the Conservative Action Foundation. Promised money "with no strings attached." he found himself in debt and the target of a Moonie takeover. "Finzer says Pak told him that CAF would have to 'be subsumed under the American Freedom Coalition and that I would have to become its marketing director,' " Mr. Judis reports. "Pak also began hinting that Finzer, a Roman Catholic, should convert." These deceptions ought to be of great interest to non-Moonie members of the American Freedom Coalition of Arizona, who no longer need to take my word for it that they are being used.


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