1/9/175 080366 Probers Say Children Acted in 'Snuff' Film 5 Defendants in Molestation Case

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1/9/175 080366 Probers Say Children Acted in 'Snuff' Film 5 Defendants in Molestation Case Remain Under $500,000 Bail. The Washington Post, January 19, 1985, BY: From News Services SECTION: A, p. 05 LINE COUNT: 58 WORD COUNT: 638 SACRAMENTO, Calif., Jan. 18--Three children chopped up the bodies of two girls and a boy who were beaten with metal pipes during the filming of a "snuff" movie, a prosecutor says. The children are the victims of a child molestation ring, investigators say. "We do not have sufficient evidence at this point to file homicide charges," Deputy District Attorney Rick Lewkowitz said Thursday in Municipal Court. Investigators say five suspects, four of them employes of a suburban restaurant, forced children to participate in macabre sex rituals involving Satanism, "Witchcraft" and mock weddings. Lewkowitz said three girls told investigators they were present when the three children were fatally bludgeoned in the basement of a Sacramento house in 1982 during filming of a "snuff" movie--one that depicts a murder. "Three children are individually telling us they were taken to a basement of a house where three other children were present," Lewkowitz said. "The three children were given drugs. A metal pipe was taken to the heads of each of these three children. The blows were of sufficient force to have probably killed the children." He said that the three girls told of being given "cutting instruments while cameras were going" and that they described what "they had to do to these children, to the dead bodies . . . the cutting up of the bodies." Investigative reports quote a grandmother of some of the witnesses as saying the children described the victims as two girls about 7 or 8 years old and a boy of about 6. The disclosure came during a hearing in Municipal Court on whether to reduce the $500,000 bail for the five defendants, who are charged with 77 counts of child molestation. Judge John Stroud continued the bail, despite arguments from court-appointed defense lawyers. In Los Angeles, Municipal Court Judge Aviva Bobb ruled today that a hearing for seven defendants in the McMartin Pre-School molestation case will remain open to the public when children testify next week. Seven former teachers at the school are charged with 209 counts of molesting 42 of their pupils over a five-year period beginning in 1979. Bobb has ordered that the children testify from the witness stand in a closed courtroom, with the public and reporters viewing the proceedings on television monitors in an adjacent room. Child Molester Who Recanted Is Sentenced to 40 Years in Prison Associated Press SHAKOPEE, Minn., Jan. 18--A confessed child molester who recanted his stories of widespread sex abuse in the town of Jordan after implicating several other people was sentenced today to 40 years in prison. James Rud, 27, a trash collector, was the first of 24 adults and one juvenile arrested on Rud's allegations that they sexually abused more than 40 children. Rud later said much of his information was false. One couple was acquitted of charges stemming from an investigation of the alleged sex rings, and charges were dropped against the remaining defendants. In a plea-bargain agreement in August, Rud pleaded guilty to 10 counts of sexually abusing children and agreed to testify against others in return for having 98 charges dropped. Scott County District Judge Martin Mansur followed state sentencing guidelines in imposing terms that totaled just over 100 years. But under state law, the longest term that may be imposed under consecutive sentences is 40 years. Mansur also chastised Rud for discussing his case with reporters, saying he had warned Rud not to talk to the media. In a telephone interview Thursday, Rud told the Minneapolis Star and Tribune he is "extra scared" about being in prison with inmates who don't like child molesters. "They are not going to accept you as they would, say, a murderer or a bank robber or something," he said.


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