Well, our very own Jackassville BaptiNazis are on their bookburning march here again. They

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Well, our very own Jackassville BaptiNazis are on their bookburning march here again. They have even removed the evil children's books of Shel Silverstein from the school shelves. Now, I happen to have read many of Shel's books since, unlike Baptist pablum and crap, they are so deep and wise and well written that even adults can profit from them - they are reminiscent of Sufi teaching tales. Now I could see some parent being worried about a book like "Naked Whip Frenzy" but Silverstein's books are completely innocuous. They contain no violence, sex, or paganism. Their message largely seems to be for children to practice tolerance, fairness, and to see the other persons viewpoint. Their major quality is to expand the mind and widen the viewpoint. Ah, now I see why the BaptiNazis hate them. They teach TOLERANCE, OPENMINDEDNESS, FAIRNESS, EMPATHY, EXAND THE MIND, AND WIDEN THE VIEWPOINT. They also teach children to think and question for themselves and apply the scientific method by verifying a truth by observing its real world results. Well, we certainly can't have good mental and emotional balance interfering with the Bible. Better a small mind and a closed heart lest ye offend Jeezus. now that they've invaded the libraries, I suppose the next thing the BaptiNazis will do is come knocking on my door some fine Sunday to see why I'm not down listning to old Homer (our local BigBap Preacher) Drone. Thus is freedom lost. By a thousand small cuts in a thosand small minded towns. By way of the local school board, not the FedGov, which everyone watches. Creeping Jeezus, Nazi Jeezus Crawls into the schools And burns the thinking Children's books So that they'll grow up Fools --- Jim Mooney


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