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Public message # 2057 CULT_WATCH ECHO Entered 23:56 Friday 21-Dec-90 From: Scott Kephart on 124/4214 To: B. Lyle Re: ACCURACY OF SCRIPTURE >>We should not even be attempting to FIND OUT how old the earth is That's right! I'm with you, pal. The heck with sciences like Astronomy and Physics -- those humanists are just trying to avoid thinking about the JUDGEMENT! In fact ALL SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE IS A SIN FROM THE DEVIL! TV'S and VCR'S MUST BE BURNED!! Computers should be hacked to bits and credit cards are a tool of Satan HIMSELF! Destroy ALL BOOKS, except of course for the Bible and the Pat Robertson Story! Repent! Repent! O Ye Bipeds! AAAIIIEEEE!!!! Somebody help me -- I seen a vision... Jesus was a carpenter. HE didn't need any power tools, and neither do we! You there, you've got that craftsman circular saw set out in your garage. Did you know that every time you use it you are making a sacrifice to the devil. And what about CARS??? Does it say ANYTHING about CARS in the Bible? I think not, so they must ALL BE DESTROYED! Indeed, the very emotion of curiosity is SIN ITSELF as it could AND DOES lead people to attempt to find out how old the earth is and so on. The dark ages were a far holier time than these days... Help me somebody -- my LEGS are on FIRE!!! Sincerely, Scott --- TBBS v2.1/NM * Origin: Believe those seeking truth; doubt those who find it. (124/4214) From: B. Lyle on 1:104/18 To: Amy Gibson Re: Accuracy Of Scripture I don't have to "explain" how and why the earth was created; the bible does that for us quite well. It is blasphemers who continue to doubt God's Holy Word who are getting us into deep trouble with the Almighty. You should read the Bible, the answers to everything are right there for you. There is no need to look further, to do so is to call God a liar. --- QuickBBS 2.64 (Reg) * Origin: Watch the Cults as they watch us (1:104/18.0) Public message # 1893 CULT_WATCH ECHO Entered 15:49 Sunday 6-Jan-91 From: B. Lyle on 1:104/18 To: Scott Kephart Re: Accuracy Of Scripture Your ignorant response is beneath contempt. As a Christian, I am prepared to overlook your blasphemy. I will pray for your eternal soul. --- QuickBBS 2.64 (Reg) * Origin: Watch the Cults as they watch us (1:104/18.0)


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