[Note. Since there was no copyright attached to this file, I'm appending this paragraph to

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[Note. Since there was no copyright attached to this file, I'm appending this paragraph to it: This represents censorship at it's worst. While I am gladden that yet more pornographic material was made less available, it's a shame other folks were denighed the right to choose for themselves. Those who censor feel it's their duty to protect those too stupid to choose for themselves. Read this carefuly, and then tell me if this author has any idea what Jesus tried to teach. . . . DMR] filename : 7-11.TXT Christian Information Exchange 714-531-3834 Fountain Valley, CA Sysop : Mike PORN GETS STRIPPED BY 7-ELEVEN As of May 1986, 7-Eleven cleaned house by dropping all pornographic magazines. Owned by the Southland Corp. of Dallas, Texas, 7-Eleven was the nation's largest retailer of pornography, with annual pornographic sales of $30 million. 7-Eleven had been under a growing national boycott and letter-writing campaign. The National Federation for Decency intensified the pressure on Sept. 2, 1985, with a Dallas anti-pornography rally and march to the Southland headquarters. Speakers included Jerry Falwell, Melody Green, Tim and Beverly LaHaye, Donnie Swaggart, and others. The prayers and efforts of thousands have paid off with a new trend in family stores. Even though Southland didn't acknowledge that the boycott and public pressure affected their decision, be assured your influence has had a major impact. It's important to express our gratitude and support when a company changes for the better. Please thank Southland: Chrm. John P. Thompson, The Southland Corporation, 2828 N. Haskell, Dallas, Texas 75204. From Americans Against Abortion, Summer 1986 (Courtesy of the Manna System)


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