Date: Sun 20 Mar 88 02:19:38 From: XAPON (on 1:139/640) Born: January 8th, 1968; 1:10 am C

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Date: Sun 20 Mar 88 02:19:38 From: XAPON (on 1:139/640) Born: January 8th, 1968; 1:10 am CST Kaukauna, Wi (pop. 7,000+) Notable events: None Religious background, etc.: Raised to a United Church of Chrst subsect that a local Unitarian has described as "Vapid, plastic and rich." After four years of Sunday School, decided that the whole mess was silly and stopped attending the classes. Instead, found position as usher in sanctuary, a job that continued off and on for about the next eight years. Also labored as a radio tech for the church's broadcast services upon occasion. The church as an organization simply provided a ready answer to the "What church do you go to?" question that seems to pop up the instant you're not ready to answer civily. Craft history: Discovered Alex Sander's biography _King of the Witches_ at local public library, and felt that there was a fair amount to what he was promoting. The guy himself seemed a bit of a clown, but that was a common perspective at the age (15). Dug a bit further into the library's meager selection of book, including _Drawing Down the Moon_, which had the biggest impact. Worked with two others at finding out what was actually involved in running a coven for a period of about a year, but H. Prsts fell for a Lutheran fellow and decided that she needed him more than Her. Soon after that, found _Stranger in a Strange Land_ and blended Wiccan concepts with CAW attitudes. For the past three years, have basically been putting religious aspects of life into a holding pattern on the faith that when it's time, it'll be back. Have also gathered a collection of close friends that take care of the human bonds that religious groups supply. --- * Origin: Fox Valley Technical College, Appleton, WI (414) 735-2513 (Opus 1:139/640)


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