Sysop's Note: The following letter was received by a witch who wrote in (without identifyi

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Sysop's Note: The following letter was received by a witch who wrote in (without identifying herself) and asked Mike Warnke, the famous ex-Satanist Priest, if Witchcraft and Satanism were the same thing. All errors are preserved from the original. Notice that the official position of Warnke ministries is just what we'd hope for from a Christian organization: since they think that they're right, by definition they think we're wrong ... but they're not lumping us in with the Satanists any more. ______________________________________________________________________________ MIKE & ROSE WARNKE MINISTRIES International Headquarters 158 N. Third Street P.O. Box 1075 October 13, 1986 Danville, Kentucky 40422 (606) 238-7720 (name and address with- held by request) Dear (name), Please forgive us for the delay in answering your letter. Our shortness of the necessary staff workers has caused us to be unable to handle the mail as we would like. The following are the answers to your questions. (1) Concerning if satanism and witchcraft are the same thing. Satanists actually worship Satan. Witches do not; they worship their gods and goddesses of nature. (2) How to tell if someone is involved in the occult--by the out- ward signs, i.e. medals, medallions, pins, books, inverted crosses, pentagrams, etc. Also, by their activities that they may speak about or reveal for a specific reason. (3) Concerning all the other questions about specific cults or groups or specific occult happenings, we feel it is not so impor- tant about learning all about cults and occult because you have to be a research analyst just to keep up with everything. Also in studying the occult, one is in danger of opening oneself up for possible increased satanic attacks. It is better that you know and study the Scriptures and begin witnessing to a lost and dying world, and live a life that would draw people out of the darkness of satan and into the light of Christ! Yes, there are organizations made up of Christians from every walk of life that have been led by the Holy Spirit to work actively against the occult activities, but they are still far and few between. We feel each community needs to listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit in this area. It takes more than one individual to do this. In His Service, (signed "Rick") Rick Hackney Isaiah 41:10 RH:mnc Encl.


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