Date: 11-28-88 12:14 To: Morgan Subj: Re: Tools M+gt;I just wanted to see how this group f

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Date: 11-28-88 12:14 From: Gary Dumbauld To: Morgan Subj: Re: Tools M>I just wanted to see how this group felt about the association of M>the different tools with the elements.... Hmmm. Not a small order. First, background: I have been involved in Ceremonial Magic and Wicca since 1965 (plus or minus a year). My High Priestess and companion has been actively Wiccan for fifteen years, a High Priestess for ten. Our coven members range in magical "age" from six month students to a lady who was raised Wiccan - this woman is a real joy to work with, as she has none of the bias many "converts" to the Craft seem to exhibit. The following is the collective opinion of our coven - here goes: Both the wand and the athame (substitute for dagger, ok?) are traditionally (Sez who? Oh, Tim, give me a break!) viewed as "male" [read patriarchal male - `power over'] tools, symbols of authority; the wand being the sceptre and the athame the conquering sword. If you identify the East and Air with inspiration and the intellect, and you identify the South and Fire with will-power, then the wand has got to be in the East, an air tool. The wand as the sceptre of authority loses out to the sword as an authority tool every time - I'd rather be swatted with a sceptre than sliced/diced any day! In the system we follow, willpower may overshadow the intellect, so it all dovetails nicely. From here on out is my opinion: I have a bit of trouble seeing anyone making an athame without the use of fire - and a wand exposed to lots of fire soon loses its "wand-ness" and takes on "ash-ness.";-) I make my own tools; I've forged lots of knives, damn few wands.... Maybe my bias comes from being a blacksmith by avocation? Another point - with a rock and a knife you can make fire - by rubbing two sticks you can also make fire, but the fire consumes the tool if you're using two sticks. Is this a valid argument? Beats me! Anyhow, I use the athame as the tool of my magical will. I feel more in control (more willful?) using the athame to _impose my will_ over time, space, and/or events. I'm sure the Ceremonial Magicians on the net will have much to say about the wand being the tool of fire, and the sword/knife/athame the tool of air. So be it. I was involved in Ceremonial Magic for a while years ago; I've brought lots of CM technique to our (coven's) Wiccan philosophy and practice- but even when I was a practicing Ceremonialist, the Lodge I was with used the Staff of Raphael in the East as the tool of air, and the Sword of Michael as the fire tool of the South. All the explanations and lectures I've heard over the years about wand-fire and knife-air associations seem to me to fly in the face of fact. In the final analysis, I suppose it makes sense to go with what works *best* for you. When doing healing in circle, we cast the circle with the wand if we're dealing with injuries, and use the sword to cast the circle if we're dealing with disease. There's a bit of my CM background influencing our Wiccan practice (Raphael heals injuries and Michael heals diseases). I have tried on several occasions to use the wand as a fire tool and the knife as an air tool, and for me, it just doesn't work. Like trying to use a wrench on a nail, or hammer in a bolt. But, that's *my* bias. --Garyd. * Origin: The Masterwork Opus * Aurora, CO (303) 341-6614 * (1:104/55)


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