Date: Sat 26 Mar 88 16:32:34 From: Rowan Moonstone (on 1:147/4) Was born in spartanburg S.

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Date: Sat 26 Mar 88 16:32:34 From: Rowan Moonstone (on 1:147/4) Was born in spartanburg S.C, March 9, 1952. Parents were thrilled. Older sister was too....for about 24 hrs. Then she wanted to send me back!! Almost died of pneumonia at age 6 months and became a spoiled brat for years thereafter. We lived on 48 acres of farm owned by my Grandmother, who I adored and who lived next door. Used to go "tramping " in the woods with her from a VERY early age. My Dad taught me to love the Great Sm oky Mtns, and to this day, that is HOME. Attended Baptist church and "became saved" around age 12, because it was expected of me. From age 16 until I went away to college I taught pre teen girls Sunday school, and dated one of the local hoods with the hope of reforming him. When I was a senior, I decided he wasn't going to reform and broke up with him. Won a scholarship to Sullins College in Bristol Va. to study ballet. These were two of the greatest years of my life. LStudied dance( at least 4 hrs. a day. Back in m y "skinny days") and loved it. Roomed with Devin, and have been living with her off and on ever since. Graduated from Sullins with honors, and came to OU to continue studying ballet because at the time( 1972) it was one of the few colleges offering this course of study. Interdepartmental politics at OU, plus a disastrous marriage brought my hoped for career to a screeching halt. I stopped dancing in 1973 and have never resumed it since. It's one of the things I'm still working on trtying to tell myself it OK to do. Lots of trouble emotionally with that one. Met my current hubby in 1976, married in 1978.Did SCA for a few years until I got turned off by politics again, and left it . I've known the Lady all my life, but I learned not to talk too much about Her to others who didn't understand. First hubby was definitely NOT sympathetic, and at the time, I didn't know that anyone else ever felt or saw or heard the things I did. As a child, I continually talked about seeing into what I now know is "faerie", but everyone put it down to an overactive imagination. Back in about 1980, a friend brought me a copy of circle Network News, which she had sent for due to an ad in the "Last Whole Earth Catalogue". I read it cover to cover and was in shock. "My God, they're just like me" was the reaction. I bought "Drawing Down the Moon" and " The Spiral Dance" and read them cover to cover, and started researching. Subscribed to the Georgian Newsletter, and when I found out they had a HPS in OKla. I begged them to pass on my name and number to her. In the meantime, I had been studying such things as Egyptian Magick, Candle Magick, Tarot, Astrology, etc. with a couple of fam trad ladies here in OKC> Several of her students decided we'd get together and form a coven, and Silver Acorn Circle was born. I stayed with them for about 2 years, and then several of us broke off to form Amber Moon. By this time, the three women in the coven were in formal instruction with Lady Lathina of the Georgians. Received my first degree initiation on April 9, 1986, my second on Feb. 9, 1988, and am currently working on my third, and serving Amber Moon as Acting HPS, an d teaching a class of 5 pre-initiates. Discovered the Magick Conference when I read an ad in Circle about wierdbase. I had done no modeming except to use the direct computer ordering system at work to place orders. Tried to reach Wierdbase via that, and it worked!!! Got in the habit of borrowing a friends computer to BBS, and finally Devin got this system we have now this past fall. Primary interests right now are getting my 3rd. formulating our own tradition, cats, dance, Pagan Rights( as if you didn't know) . Favorite reading material includes Marion Zimmer Bradley, David Eddings, Katherine Kurtz, and Barbra Hambly. Music is Clannad, Alan Stivell, Sting, and most classical stuff from the Romantic period, (ie. Tchaikovsky, Rimski Korsakov, etc. ) --- ConfMail V3.3 * Origin: On The Edge BBS - Only source for MAGICKNET in OKC. (1:147/4)


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