RINKITINK IN OZ As well as being a master storyteller, L. Frank Baum was clearly a master

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RINKITINK IN OZ As well as being a master storyteller, L. Frank Baum was clearly a master of the arcane arts. It would be hard to accept that the divine secrets hidden in this story of Inga, Rinkitink and Bilbo could be purely accidental. This tome of occult gnosis deserves study by all interested in the Great Work. Like many of his stories, this one is an allegory of the journey into and out of the Abyss. These stories of the Dark Night has often been hidden in childrens literature by the Illuminated. Wonderland, Oz, and Never-Never land are only three examples of the many in print. The idea is to get the secrets into the unconscious of young people before social imprinting. Once we have been "programmed" by society it becomes very difficult to re-train ourselves. The descriptions of the nature of subjective reality in many childrens stories serve as portals in the stone walls of emotional armoring we project around ourselves. These portals give the few with the Will to grow the needed opening for the light of Gnosis to shine in. The story begins in the kingdom of Pingaree, a peaceful island of Emerald green grasses and arched trees. The canopy of the branches protects the people from the elements and provides a serene atmosphere when they come back from a hard day of pearl fishing. By Gematria however we find another story altogether. By dropping the vowels we are left with Pe, Nun, Gimel, and Resh. These add up to three hundred and thirty three. The number of the Abyss. By Tarot we have the Tower, Death, the Sun and the High Priestess (moon) This is the land of transformation. We enter through the gates of the Shadow, between the Sun and Moon, the time sacred to the Surrealists, Dusk. We are carried on the White Stallion of the higher consciousness, after the death of the lower self. The Guardian is Heru in his dark aspect, Set. He is the eye of Shiva that destroys all ignorance, through the dissolution of the old we transcend to the new. The king of this land, King Kitticut, is the ruler of the old Aeon. We find this in his name as K equals Kaph, the letter of Amoun-Ra and Zeus. In the story he passes on the secrets to the continued peace of the island, three magickal pearls, to his son Inga. Clearly a reference to the pearl of divine light in the Hermetic literature. The first pearl is white and offers wise advice. This is the Air, spirit element in manifestation, which occurs easily in the subjective realm. The second pearl is rose colored and confers protection. It is the shield, or Earth element and gives the magician protection to get through the Abyss. The third pearl is blue and gives great strength. It is the Wand, Fire element and is the Will fully expressed. Inga, the Prince, has been entrusted with the Sword of wisdom, Shield of protection and the Wand of Will, but not the Cup of Compassion.All four are necessary for survival in the Abyss and as one might expect, trouble comes. Inga is the representative of the new being, of the aspirant who would pass between the gates of the Shadow and become the Magus. By Gematria we have Nun, Gimel. The Death of the little self through the ordeal of the Desert. It also stands for fifty three, the number of the rock that slew Goliath, the paleo-primate mind. Like David, Inga must journey through the lands of Darkness and slay his lower self. From the islands of Regos and Coregos soldiers attack. Regos is the power between the Sun and Moon flowing through the power of Air, the arrow of the Centuar. It is the kingdom of Daath on the move. Coregos is the force of transmigration, Karma, united with the energies of the dark gate inherent in Regos. They both represent unsettled states, the lust for material gain that plagues the tyrant. These are the Black Brothers who feed on the uninitiated who enter the shadow realm without the proper magickal tools. Normally the King could drive them away with the magick pearls, but like most of the fallen kings he mistrusts his power and keeps it hidden away. There is not enough time to reach the pearls and save his kingdom. The only people left free are prince Inga, King Rinkitink and his goat Bilbo. Rinkitink is the ruler of a nearby country on the mainland that often trades with the island of Pingaree. Through hermetic investigation we find in his name the secret of the first death, the gaining of the kingdom of Tiphereth. His name contains both Death and the Wheel trice. For the uninitiated the Rota is the wheel of transmigration or Karma. It is the power of Zeus. For the initiate, however, it is the secret of the Hand energized. The Hand is one of hunamkinds oldest magickal symbols along with the cupule and the Yoni (the eye in the triangle).It was the source of great power to early humans, but much of the energy is unused in modern peoples. Kaph, the hand, is the eleventh letter of most alphabets, it unites the five of Babalon with the six of the Beast. Also we find in his name the Sun and Tau, the signs of the elite few who have died on the cross of the pleroma and been blessed with the true light. We find this in both his nature, which is the continuously joyful state of bliss consciousness, and in the secret text which he carries, a scroll called "How to be Good". This is a shallow ruse on the authors part to hide the true meaning of the book, "How to be GOD", and L. Frank Baum may have broken vows to print such secrets as "A good man is one who is never bad, therefore, in order to be good, you must avoid those things which are evil". The King is accompanied by his talking goat, Bilbo. We see in the name both the messenger and balance, and indeed Bilbo serves both these functions. Rinkitink is less than fully cognizant of the situations he is in, being in a continual state of bliss, so the goat, who is often rude but practical, keeps the king firmly in the material. When the enemy attacks Inga hides in a tree, the power of nature. Rinkintink hides in a well, the cup of compassion which seems to be his true Will. Bilbo mearly acts the part of the goat, and the soldiers ignore him. Using the power of the white pearl, Logos, Inga finds a boat and they go to the islands of Regos, and Coregos to rescue his parents and the other people of the kingdom. This is an Abyss myth within the greater context of the Abyss and is part of the convoluted nature of logic in the subjective realm. This is the holographic nature of Gnosis, "As above, so below". With the magick of the three pearls Inga drives away the soldiers, but lacking the forth pearl of compassion, he fails to rescue his father from the mines (Hades) where he and his people are enslaved. The deposed king of Regos (Gos) then uses Ingas' father as a hostage. In the meantime, Inga looses two of the pearls, and is captured by the evil queen of Coregos, Cor. The pearls make their way into the hands of a girl, Zella, who inadvertently brings them back to Inga. Once the powers of the initiate have been earned, they can't be lost for long. The girl is the Anima of the aspirant, Zayin, being the lovers who are the conscious and unconscious united. The double Lamed in her name is the exalted power of the female, perfect balance of the Yin which will unite with the Yang. She bravely travels on the island of Coregos through the woods filled with wild beasts (negative archetypes) to the evil queens' palace. Zella is so brave because this is her realm, the unconscious mind, though she isn't aware of this yet. With his pearls safely back in his hands, Inga easily defeats the evil Queen and King, but they take his parents hostage and bribe the Nome king, Kaliko, to keep them prisoner. This is a reflection of the Osiris/Heru and the Persephone/Hades myths. Once again L. Frank Baum has very thinly hidden the arcane knowledge as Kaliko is clearly a reference to the spouse of Kali; Shiva, who is also Set. The job of Shiva is to destroy ignorance. As the Nome king, Kaliko, he dissolves impairments in the subjective mind, his underground kingdom. Kaliko willingly takes the rulers of the old Aeons; King Kittucut (Osiris) and Queen Garee (Isis). He plays the part of Set-Heru perfectly. Inga, Rinkitink and Bilbo enter the realm of Nome king, Inga giving the rose pearl to Rinkitink to protect him. They are given a cordial welcome by Kaliko, allowed to stay as long as they wish and offered sleeping quarters. Kaliko claims to have no quarrel with the intrepid travellers. When Inga and Rinkitink awake they find they have been tricked as they must now face ordeals in order to get out. With his intellect and strength to protect him, Inga sets out. His first ordeal is capture by handcuffs and chains. This is the first of the tricks of the material world, Karma. Being enough of an initiate to escape Karmic slavery, Inga easily frees himself. His next ordeal is the giant, the paleo-primate, Goliath, the lower mind which must be conquered. With his staff of strength, an iron bar Inga took from the previous cavern, the giant is also easily dispatched. Inga is then enclosed in great darkness, and when he moves forward the floor gives way and falls into the Abyss below, despair. Inga jumps across the cavern and faces the last of his ordeals. The baptism by flame, Baphe- Metis. This is a cavern whose floor is molten rock. Inga throws larger rocks (earth,shield) into it and crosses, with only superficial burns. Being an initiate Rinkitink passes through the ordeals easily and with good cheer. He is subjected to falling rocks (oppression), a magic net (Maya, the illusion of duality), a yawning pit (despair), and flying knives (over rationalization), all of which fail to harm him due to the rose pearl he carries, the shield of Earth. Kaliko still refuses to release the king and queen, and since the underground kingdom is very large, Inga and Rinkitink are helpless. At this point another denizen of Oz, Dorothy, intervenes. She has been reading of the exploits of the Prince in the "Book of Records" that is in the possession of Glinda the Good . She set off for the Nome kingdom with the only thing that Kaliko fears, eggs. The universe was formed from the creative Chaos in the form of the primal Egg. This is the power of illusion that took the pure Satchidananda and divided it into the primal female-Shakti and the primal male-Shiva. Set, being the force that destroys the illusion of the primal creation, naturally battles the forces of duality. Kaliko, or Set, looses his eternal power (immortality) to the finite power of the weaver of illusion, represented by the Egg. Faced with the inevitable forces of Malkuth, Kaliko gives up his hostages. The story ends with the kingdom of Pingaree being restored, and Regos and Coregos being under the power of just rulers. Rinkitink eventually goes back to his own kingdom and Bilbo, who was actually a Prince under an enchantment, goes back to his. All is better than it was before the Black Brothers marched. Persona Navitae 353.


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