A PAGAN/WICCAN RESOURCE GUIDE By Gary Ross Note: No rights reserved, this document may be

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A PAGAN/WICCAN RESOURCE GUIDE By Gary Ross Note: No rights reserved, this document may be freely distributed and added to, provided no charge is made for the information. This list is by no means complete, I apologize for any omissions. TRADATIONS/GROUPS: Amber Web Men's network c/o Raven and Mateo P.O. Box 5128 Laurel, MD 20707-0984 Aquarian Tabernacle Church English traditional Wicca P.O. Box 85507 Publishes "Panegyria" Seattle, WA 98145 Arachne Women's network P.O. Box 5128 Laurel, MD 20707-0984 Ar nDraiocht Fein Druid Fellowship P.O. Box 9398 Publishes "The Druid's Progress" Berkeley, CA 94709 Asatru Free Assembly Scandanavian/German Paganism P.O. Box 1754 Publishes "The Runestone" Breckenridge, TX 76024 Association of Cymmry Wicca Various Wiccan traditions P.O. Box 1866 Athens, GA 30603 Athanor Fellowship Shamanic Witchcraft P.O. Box 365 Medford, MA 02155 Avalon Pagan group P.O. Box 18423 Milwaukee, WI 53218 CASHEW Pagan/Wiccan network P.O. Box 26414 Alberquerque, NM 87125 Center for Shamanic Studies Shamanism P.O. Box 673, Belden Station Norwalk, CT 06852 Center for the Divine Ishtar Goddess religion P.O. Box 9494 San Jose, CA 95157 Church of All Worlds Formerly published "Green Egg" P.O. 212 Redwood Valley, CA 95470 Church of the Eternal Source Association of Egyptian God/dess P.O. Box 7091 religions Burbank, CA 91510-7091 Circle Pagan resource center P.O. Box 219 Publishes "Circle Network News" Mt. Horeb, WI 53572 Clan of Y Tylwyth Teg Welsh traditional Witchcraft P.O. Box 1866 Athens, GA 30603 The Council of Isis - The Witches of Salem c/o Crow Haven Corner 125 Essex St. Salem, MA 01970 Covenant of the Goddess Cross traditional Wiccan P.O. Box 1226 association Berkeley, CA 94704 Daughters of the New Moon Women's group P.O. Box 65 1525 Sherman St. Denver, CO 80203 Earth Song Community Pagan networking organization P.O. Box 16251 Baltimore, MD 21210 Eleusis Foundation Shamanic traditions and ritual c/o Phyllis Curott & art Rodger Parsons 85 Eastern Parkway #2E Brooklyn, NY 11238 Elf Lore Family "A practical Craft organization" P.O. Box 1082 Bloomington, IN 47402 Fellowship of Isis Goddess religion Clonegal Castle Publishes "Isian News" Enniscorty, Eire Free Spirit Alliance Alliance of covens and Witches P.O. Box 25242 Publishes "Free Spirit Rising" Baltimore, MD 21229 Goddess Rising Feminist Witchcraft organization 2441 Cordova St. Oakland, CA 94602 Grove of the Unicorn American Eclectic trad. Wicca P.O. Box 13384 Atlanta, GA 30324 Heartland Pagan Association Association of Pagan groups 2237 West Morse Avenue Chicago, IL 60645-4850 Hernesgaard Pagan Circle Gardnerian tradition P.O. Box 620604 especially for teenagers Littleton, CO 80162 The Institute for the Study Extensive Pagan library of American Religion P. O. Box 90709 Santa Barbara, CA 93190-0709 Maidenspirit Pagan group c/o Eridani Productions P.O. Box 47111 Seattle, WA 98146 Midwest Pagan Council Association of Pagan groups P.O. Box 313 Matteson, IL 60443-0313 Moonweb Network of Pagans and Witches c/o Bone Blossom for peace and healing 983 Haven Avenue Redwood City, CA 94063 New Wiccan Church British traditional Wicca National Office Chapters in OR, WA, CA and WI P.O. Box 162046 Sacramento, CA 95816 NEXUS International Pagan/Wiccan P.O. Box 532256 networking organization Grand Prairie, TX 75053 Northern Way, Inc. Norse Pagan organization 45 S. LaVergne Publishes "Pagan Unity News" Northlake, IL 60164 The Oaken Door English tradionalist Wicca P.O. Box 31250 Publishes "The Vigil," and Omaha, NE 68132 "Moonkind" The Order of Osiris Egyptian God/dess religion P.O. Box 4084 Rochelle Park, NJ 07204 Oregon Pagan Association Organization for Pagans at c/o ERB Memorial Union University of Oregon at Eugene University of Oregon Eugene, OR 97402 Our Lady of Enchantment Wiccan seminary P.O. Box 1366 Nashua, NH 03061 Our Lady of the Woods A National Wiccan Ministry P.O. Box 176 and Resource Center Blue Mounds, WI 53517 Pagan Anti-Defamation League Group protective of Pagan BM Box 7097 interests London WC1N 3XX, England Pagan Counseling Network Pagan correspondence network c/o Ginny Brubaker 1532 West Victoria Chicago, IL 60660 Pagan Federation Craft organization BM Box 7097 London WC1N 3XX, England Pagans for Peace Politically active Pagan group P.O. Box 6531 Station A Toronto, Canada M5W 1X4 Reclaiming - A Center for A feminist Goddess group Feminist Spirituality A drug/alcohol free group P.O. Box 14404 San Francisco, CA 94114 Re-formed Congregation of A women's Goddess religion the Goddess P.O. Box 6021 Madison, WI 53716 Reformed Druids of North Publishes "A Druid Missal-Any" America Also, Post Oak Proto Grove in TX c/o Bodfish Birch Grove in NH, and Greenwood Box 142 Grove in WA. Orinda, CA 94563 Rowan Tree "A Mystery School" P.O. Box 8814 Publishes "The Unicorn," and Minneapolis, MN 55408 "The Littlest Unicorn" Silver Web Shamanic Witchcraft P.O. Box 5628 Publishes "EarthSong" Baltimore, MD 21210 Southwest Earth Festival Puts on Pagan festivals in Association the Southwest P.O. BOx 26414 Alberquerque, NM 87125 Temple of the Elder Gods Shamanic Old Religion P.O. Box 4172 Publishes "The Waxing Moon" Sunland, CA 91040 Temple of the Silver Crescent Organization of Shamanic/ P.O. Box 5128 Ritualistic covens Laurel, MD 20707-0984 The Wiccan Church of Vermont A Wiccan umbrella group RR1 Box 239 Bethel, VT 05032 Women In Constant Creative A women's spirituality group Action (W.I.C.C.A.) Publishes "On Wings" P.O. Box 201 Monmouth, OR 97361 ===> Blessed Be, Gary - January 6, 1988


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