Date: Fri 04 Nov 88 01:40:26 To: All Subj: Ayisha's Letter re occult crime resolution at P

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Date: Fri 04 Nov 88 01:40:26 From: Zhahai Stewart (on 104/93) To: All Subj: Ayisha's Letter re occult crime resolution at PSG From: Ayisha Homolka, Box 693, Ukiah, CA., 95482 To: All Re: J. Brad "Tailspinner" Hicks' letter entitled "The Church of All Worlds is Lying". Date: September 20, l988 On August 18, I received a call from Don Frew, PR officer for COG, and was informed of the unfortunate situation that has developed regarding the resolution concerning our position on ritual abuse and occult crime. At that time he told me about Brad Hick's letter which originated on this network. This was the first that I had heard of it. Brad Hicks had not contacted me or the Church of All Worlds (CAW) to confirm his accusations. The Church and myself are being accused of purposely lying about the validity of the endorsements that are attached to the resolution. Brad also accused me of altering or rewriting sections of the resolution in an attempt to falsely get people to support this document. In this letter I am speaking for myself, Ayisha Homolka, and not for the CAW as a whole or for the Green Egg. At the time of Pagan Spirit Gathering (PSG), my understanding regarding the orgin of this resolution was that it was collectively written/created at the Ancient Ways Festival at the Northern California Local COG meeting that occurred there. Until I talked to Don Frew, I had been under the impression that the meeting had been a legal one and that the resoluton had been adopted. In fact, it was not a legal meeting and the text had been written by two individuals, Morning Glory and Tanith. I had not been at the meeting until Tanith began speaking about the File18 reports. She was from the United Wicccan Church (UWC). From Ancient Ways the resolution was taken by Morning Glory of CAW and to my understanding by Tanith of UWC to be distributed more widely. I did not think about it again until shortly before I left to attend PSG. Otter and Morning Glory asked me to take it to the gathering and see if it could be endorsed. They had just returned from Heartland Gathering and had said it had passed there--that there was much support for it. I was finishing up my semester of school until right before I left for Wisconsin and was quite preoccupied. I picked up the resolution without much discussion regarding it and took off for PSG. When there I presented it, first to the Wiccan leadership gathering and then at the general village meeting. At the meeting, a few people had concerns/questions regarding the document and indeed, Brad Hicks was vocal in his opposition to it. Due to the time constraints of the meeting there was not time to process these concerns. Because the majority of people did agree with it, it was considered passed. In hindsight, I can see that the word unanimously should have been overwhelmingly and in reality that it was not the proper forum to have tried to get passage of such a resolution. It was premature and ineffective process. As far as the other endorsements on the resolution: I assumed that since Tanith was from the UWC and she was also distributing this resolution, that that endorsement was legitimate. Even though we (CAW) had not had an official meeting, I am informed that a quorum of the board members did agree to it at Ancient Ways. It is true that it was not brought up before the entire Ancient Ways Gathering and I was not at Heartland. The way that the resolution had been presented to me was that it was a draft and that these were groups and gatherings that either had or would be asked to endorse it. Because of this understanding, when Anna Korn mentioned to me that National COG had not yet met and could not be included officially, it really didn't register. I was not regarding this as an official copy. I see now, however, that reading the resolution with the names attached was misleading, as also when I sent the form out to people. It gave it the feeling of being official. As far as the publishing of it in Green Egg, I will need to let the editorial staff respond. All of this thought concerning this matter is in hindsight. At the time I must admit to being unconscious in my dealing with this issue. I did not really think the situation through. As soon as PSG was over I spent a month at my mothers in Wisconsin and during that time I went into a state of regression, caught in the grips of old habits and television, continuing to be unconscious. I completely forgot about my promise to send out a copy of the resolution to the 8 people who had requested it at PSG. When I finally got it together to do so, I just sent them out not yet aware of the mistaken endorsements. In fact, it was not until Don Frew called me to tell me of these latest developments that I woke up to the situation. And once awake, I am extremely embarassed by my lack of presence and thought concerning this matter. I also feel regretful for the misrepresentation of any information on this document and for the way in which I handled it. I apologize for any and all inconvience that this has caused anyone or group. In the handling of this matter, there was absolutely no intention on my part of purposely misleading or misrepresenting anyone. I did not read the document at PSG and then change it to try and pull the wool over anyone's eyes or try to ram rod it down anyone's throat. My intention was coming from a genuine feeling that it is necessary for us as a Pagan/Wiccan conmunity to deal with this issue in some way. I believe that this is one of the most important issues confronting us today and it is a very fragile and dangerous one. Perhaps this document is not the most effective way to go about it and maybe the wording of it is not what we can all agree to, I don't know. I do hope, however, that we can spend our energy working for a constructive solution through dialoguing and sharing our differing points of view, rather than attacking one another for those disagreements. I regret that Brad Hicks didn't spend any of his energy on contacting me or the CAW to find out what was going on. And I also regret that my unconsciousness added fuel to the fire. This had been an incredible learning experience for me, as I look at my process and work on ways to improve effective communication between myself and the community around me. I for one will be much more aware and respectful of honoring the due process that needs to occur between the germination of an idea or project and its manifestation. After the call from Don Frew, I wrote a similar letter to be taken to the COG Grand Council. Since then I have had to deal with many personal and family changes in my life and I have not been able to respond on this network until now. Once again, I apologize for any inconvience and upset that my actions may have caused. Sincerely, Ayisha Homolka P.S. Since the time that I wrote the above there has been another time delay due to miscommunication as to how it was going to get put on the network. I had thought it was being taken care of and in fact it wasn't; I just found out and so here it finally is. It appears that the universe is colluding with my own problem of procrastination and really letting me see the results of it fully. While I do have trouble with Brad Hicks attitude and methods, I would like to thank him for being a catalyst for all of the lessons that this has brought into my life. I have had a good chance to look at my intentions and how I may unconsciously misrepresent something and at the importance of clear communcication, among others. I have also been told that Brad mentioned his intentions to someone from the Church. If it was me, I have no recollection of it. Ayisha P.P.S. In addition to the delays mentioned above, this arrived from Ayisha while I was on vacation, and I did not get it until I returned in late October; then it took a while longer while I found somebody to convert it from Macintosh to IBM formats. Here it is at last. zhahai --- * Origin: Adelante - 300 meters above Boulder, CO (Opus 1:104/93)


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