CHURCH OF ALL WORLDS - Basic Bibliography Hundreds of books have contributed to the conste

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CHURCH OF ALL WORLDS - Basic Bibliography Hundreds of books have contributed to the constellation of ideas and world-view that is the CAW. Of these, the following bibliography includes the most vital, essential, basic, challenging, and revolutionary. We have organized the list into a number of topics, which are here presented in order of essential relevance to our present gestalt. Within each category, individual books are listed in what we consider the ideal order in which they should be read for the most coherent presentation of the ideas involved, as in a course of study. ref: Mircea Ellade, SHAMANISM I. THE VISION 1. Paul Williams, DAS ENERGI 2. Robert Heinlein, STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND 3. Mack Renolds, EARTH UNAWARES (OF GODLIKE POWER, previous title) 4. Tom Robbins, ANOTHER ROADSIDE ATTRACTION ref: Joe Pintauro & Alicia Bay Laurel, EARTH MASS ref: Ramon Sender & Alicia Bay Laurel, BEING OF THE SUN II. THE PARADISAL COMMUNITY 1. Aldous Huxley, ISLAND 2. Robert Graves, WATCH THE NORTH WIND RISE 3. D. M. Bryant, THE COMFORTER ref: John h. Noyes, HISTORY OF AMERICAN SOCIALISMS III. SUPPRESSED HISTORY 1. Elizabeth Gould Davis, THE FIRST SEX 2. Immanuel Velikosky, WORLDS IN COLLISION ref: THE EMERGENCE OF MAN (Time Life Books) IV. HUMAN SEXUALITY 1. Ursula LeGuin, THE LEFT HAND OF DARKNESS 2. Robert Rimmer, THE HARRAD EXPERIMENT ref: G. Ratray Taylor, SEX IN HISTORY V. TRANSPERSONAL PSYCOLOGY APPLIED 1. Abraham Maslow, MOTIVATION AND PERSONALITY 2.Louis Savary & Marianne Andersen, PASSAGES ref: Christopher Hills & Robert d. Stone, CONDUCT YOUR OWN AWARENESS SESSIONS VI. ACTUALIZATION ETHICS 1. Erich Fromm, MAN FOR HIMSELF 2. Bertrand Russell, WHY I AM NOT A CHRISTIAN 3. Bertrand Russell, MARRIAGE AND MORALS VII. THE OLD RELIGION: PALEO-PAGANISM 1. Erick Neumann, THE GREAT MOTHER 2. Clide Keeler, SECRETS OF CUNA EARTH MOTHER 3. Desmond & Ramona Morris, MEN AND SNAKES ref: Doreen Valiente, AN ABC OF WITCHCRAFT ref: Richard Cavendish, ed., MAN, MYTH & MAGIC: ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE SUPERNATURAL ref: Carl Jung, Man AND HIS SYMBOLS VIII. SHAMANISM 1. Carlos Castaneda, THE TEACHINGS OF DON JUAN Carlos Castaneda, A SEPERATE REALITY Carlos Castaneda, JOURNEY TO IXTLAN Carlos Castaneda, TALES OF POWER 2. Michael J. Harner, ed., HALLUCINOGENS AND SHAMANISM 3. Brad Steiger, SECRETS OF KAHUNA MAGIC ref: Mircea Ellade, SHAMANISM IX. MONISM AND EVOLUTION 1. Lewis Thomas, LIVES OF A CELL 2. N.M. Wilders, AN INTRODUCTION TO TEIHARD DE CHARDIN X. PERCEPTION AND REALITY 1. J.C. Pearce, THE CRACK IN THE COSMIC EGG 2. Andrew Well, THE NATURAL MIND XI. PLANETARY ECOLOGY 1. Rene Dubos, THE GOD WITHIN 2. Garrett de Cell, THE ENVIRONMENTAL HANDBOOK ref: TIME-LIFE NATURE LIBRARY ref: MOTHER EARTH NEWS (magazine) XII. "SO HUMAN AN ANIMAL" 1. Robert Ardrey, AFRICAN GENESIS 2. Elaine Morgan, THE DESENT OF WOMAN ref: THE EMERGENCE OF MAN (Time Life Books) XIII. HOMO NOVUS 1. Robert Heinlien, ASSIGNMENT IN ETERNITY 2. Zenna Morgan, THE PILGRIMAGE 3. Theodore Sturgeon, MORE THAN HUMAN XIV. NATIVE AMERICAN RELIGION 1. T.C. McLuhan, ed. TOUCH THE EARTH 2. Hyemeyohsts Storm SEVEN ARROWS XV. COMPARATIVE RELIGION 1. Robert Ellwood, RELIGIOUS AND SPIRITUAL GROUPS IN MODERN AMERICA 2. Arkon Daraul, A HISTORY OF SECRET SOCIETIES ref: Herbert Robinson & Knox Wilson, MYTHS AND LEGENDS OF ALL NATIONS XVI. PSYCHIC PHENOMENA 1. Sheila Ostrander & Lynne Schroeder, PSYCHIC DISCOVERIES BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN 2. Nandor Fodor, THE HAUNTED MIND XVII. OCCULT PRACTICES 1. P.E.I. Bonewits, REAL MAGIC 2. Paul Huson, MASTERING WITCHCRAFT 3. Helen Chappell, THE WAXING MOON XVIII. CULTURAL MYTHOLOGY 1. Joseph Campbell, MYTHS TO LIVE BY 2. J.R.r. Tolkien, LORD OF THE RINGS (Trilogy) XIX. SOCIAL REVOLUTION 1. R.J. Shea & R.A. Wilson, LEVIATHON R.J. Shea & R.A. Wilson, THE GOLDEN APPLE 2. R.A. Heinlien, THE MOON IS A HARSH MISTRESS 3. Phillip Slater, THE PURSUIT OF LONELINESS


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